Daily Show on Pope’s new pro-gay tone (video)

The Pope recently made some comments about gay people that, to many observers, sounded like a change in the Vatican’s virulently homophobic policies of the past.

“If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” Francis said in a wide-ranging news conference aboard the papal plane.


The Daily Show’s John Oliver discusses the Pope’s kind new words for gay people, and concludes thusly: “So the policy’s the same, but the tone has changed.”

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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5 Responses to “Daily Show on Pope’s new pro-gay tone (video)”

  1. karmanot says:

    “who am I to judge?” Francis said in a wide-ranging news conference aboard the papal plane.” As I recall, he said the very same thing when the Junta he supported dumped bound political prisoners out of their plane over the ocean.

  2. BeccaM says:

    Even if Pope Francis intends to soften the hateful anti-gay Catholic Church rhetoric of the last 20-odd years, his Archbishops and Cardinals — men like the pedophile-protecting Archbishop Dolan — will continue to ensure that gay people are blamed for the impending doom of the entire human race.

  3. Naja pallida says:

    I didn’t take his remarks as pro-gay at all, more like “I don’t really want to talk about that. Ask God.”

  4. nicho says:

    The pope says one thing and does another. Kind of like Obama in drag.

  5. Jim says:

    Very funny! What a curdled prune that Dolan is!

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