Russian-Jew museum director fired for art criticizing Sochi Olympics

I wonder what the International Olympic Committee has to say about this latest Stalinesque tragedy taking place under the authority of its good name.

It seems the curator of a Russian museum, Marat Guelman, was fired from his job after he refused to censor an art exhibit that had the audacity to criticize the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

The exhibit was titled “Welcome Sochi 2014,” and was created by artist Vasily Slonov.

I also found a story showing that the same curator, Marat Guleman, has long been targeted by Russian nationalist groups who beat him, trashed his gallery, and deemed him “an enemy of Russia” because his last name is jewish. (Earlier, I’d linked to a site that mistakenly claimed the attack had just happened – in fact it happened in 2006.)

Any of this sounding familiar?

Here’s some of the exhibit that caused the furor:

Art Daily, in a story dated today, has more on the attack on Guelman:

Marat Guelman stated, “They stormed into the gallery, made the girls stand against the wall, began smashing everything down, then burst into my office and started beating me up and then they left. My face was smashed into meat. They chose the modern art and me as their enemy and they settled scores with me.”

A criminal investigation was opened by prosecutors. Several nationalist web sites list Guelman as an “enemy of Russia” for his Jewish last name.

So it’s no longer just gay and trans people who are being threatened in the name of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, and no longer Olympic athletes and guests who risk arrest and banishment during the Sochi Games, but now Russian Jews, who coincidentally have already been branded “enemies of the state,” are losing their jobs too.

But lest you think is just a Russian story, think again.

One of the reasons the Russians are using for going after Guelman? That he violated the copyright and/or trademark of the 2014 Winter Olympics. And that, my friends, directly involves the International Olympic Committee in Russia’s neo-stalinist attempt to clamp down on all human rights in that sadly deteriorating country.

From NBC:

Russian Internet portal Lifenews also reported that authorities had raided Guelman’s former offices at the museum. It added that officials had launched a legal case into Slonov’s works, alleging he had used Sochi 2014 symbols without permission.

That means this man – this Russian Jew – is being politically persecuted in the name of the Olympics.  What does the IOC have to say about that?

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