Gay parents adopt so they can rape kids, says hideous new Russian anti-gay video

UPDATE: A gay group, ASSOCIACIÓ DE FAMÍLIES LESBIANES I GAIS in Barcelona, Spain, just had YouTube take down the Russian video and hit me with a copyright complaint.  How incredibly counterproductive.  The Russians are hating on gay and trans people, and we are trying to expose the level of hate, to educate people about just how bad things are in Russia, so a gay group in Barcelona hits me with a copyright complaint because the hideously anti-gay Russians included something of theirs in the hideously anti-gay video.

The gay group’s actions remind me of people who get upset when we write about Fred Phelps.  They think we shouldn’t talk about Phelps at all.  On the contrary. We shouldn’t stop talking about Fred Phelps.  He is an embarrassment to even anti-gay bigots.  And he helps us win over the questioning middle that is unsure about our rights.  And the same thing goes for that Russian video.  There is hardly better propaganda to win someone over to our cause than that video.

The ASSOCIACIÓ DE FAMÍLIES LESBIANES I GAIS could have at least contacted me before filing a complaint against me that could help get my YouTube account closed.  This is really inappropriate and counterproductive.  And sadly typical of our community.  Our groups are as messed up abroad as they are at home.



A newly-discovered anti-gay video making the rounds in Russia (see the video below with subtitles) claims that gays adopt children so that they’ll have a readily available source of kids to rape.

Even more troubling, the video bases its adoption-child-rape assertion on a debunked faux-scientific “study” from Mark Regnerus, a religious right researcher whose “gay parenting” study was roundly rebuked for only including two kids who actually grew up with gay parents.  Yes, a whopping review of 2 children makes a scientific “study” of gay parenting.

The “study” was also called “bullsh*t” by an auditor after it was published.

Of course, what’s more, even the very anti-gay Regnerus “study” does not conclude that 1/3 of gay parents rape their own kids, which this new video claims. (See page 11, fn 8 of the study.)

Then again, no one should be surprised that Regnerus’ study is being used for such sick political purposes.  The study was funded by anti-gay activist groups.

What’s worse, even Regnerus himself was forced to admit that the study wasn’t about gay parenting, even though that’s how the entire religious right, and now foreign anti-gays in league with America’s religious right, are now using the study:

Q: So are gay parents worse than traditional parents?

A: The study is not about parenting per se. There are no doubt excellent gay parents and terrible straight parents. The study is, among other things, about outcome differences between young adults raised in households in which a parent had a same-sex relationship and those raised by their own parents in intact families. It’s not about sexual orientation, at least not overtly. There are many significant differences, but the study does not ascribe any causes for the differences. This can only be assessed with additional research. What is evident in the data, however, is above-average instability among households in which mom or dad had a same-sex relationship. For example, among the former only two respondents total said they lived with their mother and her partner nonstop from birth to age 18. [emphasis added]

So it’s not even about parenting per se, but somehow the story from day one was that this was a gay parenting study.

Of course that isn’t stopping lead Russian government bigots from using Regenerus’ study to justify passing a law removing children from gay parents.

What’s even sadder is that publications like Slate and the Atlantic are letting this anti-gay charlatan write for them. One wonders if Slate and the Atlantic would let a “purity of the races” geneticist pen pieces for them about the inferiority of the black race.  Actually, one doesn’t wonder at all.  They never would.  But somehow when gay people are the victims of such rank bigotry, astute progressive publications find it “only fair” to give “the other side” a chance to have its voice heard, when they’d never give column space to a racist or anti-Semite.

One more interesting point. Is it just a coincidence that, on the same day we’re debating a new Russian video claiming that gays rape kids, Russian President Vladimir Putin makes a sick comment about society letting gays get away with raping kids?

The Russians had better pay the Ketchum public relations firm another couple of million dollars for a bit more slick Madison-Avenue-dictator-friendly PR.  It seems the current lies about Vladimir Putin and Russia’s draconian disregard for human rights, be it for gays and lesbians or Syrian children gassed to death by a heartless tyrant, aren’t sticking well enough.

Then again, one has to feel for Ketchum.  Defending evil is hard work.

Here are some clips from the hideous Russian video – the full video follows the photos below. The six screen caps below happen in sequence in the video:







I do have to chuckle that the pedophile in the video above oddly looks a lot like anti-gay author Mark Regnerus himself.


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