Famed Italian pasta maker Barilla: Gays can eat someone else’s pasta

Barilla is a famous name in Italian pasta.  And it seems they don’t have a taste for gays.

If you check your local supermarket here in the states, or in Europe, you’re bound to see Barilla’s products with the familiar red label.  They’re a big, worldwide brand.

Well, the Chairman of the privately-owned company, Guido Barilla, got himself into some hot water yesterday when he told an Italian radio show that Barilla is a company that “likes the traditional family.”  And therefore, you’re not going to see any gays in Barilla’s advertising.  And if gays don’t like it, “they can always go eat someone else’s pasta.”

Already are, stronzo.

UPDATE: Barilla has apologized three different times today – and each time, getting itself into more and more hot water.

[UPDATE 2: Barilla has issued its 4th apology, this time via a video from CEO Guido Barilla.]


UPDATE: I’ve got the audio. Honestly, he sounds like a bigger jerk in the audio than he does in the written quotes.  It’s all in Italian, obviously.

Here are some of Barilla’s comments (my translation – at the time of publication, the English-language press had yet to pick up this story):

“Non faremo pubblicità con omosessuali, perché a noi piace la famiglia tradizionale. Se i gay non sono d’accordo, possono sempre mangiare la pasta di un’altra marca. Tutti sono liberi di fare ciò che vogliono purché non infastidiscano gli altri”.

“We won’t include gays in our ads, because we like the traditional family. If gays don’t like it, they can always eat another brand of pasta. Everyone is free to do what they want, provided it doesn’t bother anyone else.”

Consider me bothered, Guido.

After his comments caused a bit of outrage, Barilla is now trying to backtrack – kinda (agin my translation):

“With reference to statements made yesterday, I apologize if my words have generated controversy or misunderstanding, or if they have hurt the sensibilities of some people. In the interview I simply wanted to highlight the central role of the woman in the family.”

Right.  Because there’s nothing sexist about that.  The central role of women in the kitchen. (Like when she picks up a frying pan to slap your sexist ass.)

Barilla added that he has “the utmost respect for any person, without distinction of any kind,” and “the greatest respect for gays and for the freedom of expression of anyone.”

Yeah, freedom of expression.  Anti-gay bigots usually misunderstand the concept of freedom of expression to mean that they get to say any inanity with impunity.  Doesn’t work that way.  Barilla absolutely has the right to say that Barilla pasta is for straight people.  And we have the right to tell him to vaffanapoli.

UPDATE: Speaking of free expression, Italian gay rights advocates, including members of the Italian parliament, are now calling for a boycott of Barilla (#boicottabarilla #boycottbarilla).  Italian “family” advocates are, however, siding with Barilla over gay families, which they claim are not “natural.”  Those same family advocates claim that – get this – criticizing Barilla for its attack on gays is itself an attack on “civil liberties.”


Barilla added in his mea-kinda-sorta-culpa to the Italian press, “I repeat that I respect gay marriages.”

But not enough respect to include us in his ads, because Barilla is a company that likes “the traditional family.”

Oh, Barilla’s against gay adoption too.

How do you say “buh bye” in Italian?  Oh that’s right: Ciao, Barilla!

(Feel free to give Barilla a piece of your mind via their Web site or Twitter or Facebook.

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2,091 Responses to “Famed Italian pasta maker Barilla: Gays can eat someone else’s pasta”

  1. pasta eating queer says:

    Uhm… has like… no one thought about lesbians in the kitchen? Everything would be just fine for everyone if they had some big lezzies throwing spaghetti at each other… I mean at the wall… seeing if it sticks… <3 "pasta eating queer"

  2. blisterpeanuts says:

    Does she ejaculate? Does she give her hubbie diseases?

  3. vegasdude says:

    YES.. I’ve known several Hetero couples, where the wife wears a strap-on to fuck her husband, and he loves it… so dont’ go saying Anal sex is EVIL.. cuz LOTS of Hetero couples DO IT and LOVE IT…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. vegasdude says:

    Ancient Rome was a great culture… ALL Men and Warriors had young male lovers… wives were ONLY for reproduction…. FUCK BARILLA…. You can cross them OFF my grocery list….

  5. Tess says:

    You do realise that straight people do ‘that act’ too, don’t you?

  6. LiberalScumbags says:

    All you neo-liberal twats screaming ‘bigotry’ and ‘intolerance’ are COMMUNIST PIECES OF SH!T AND YOU DESERVE TO BE SHOT FOR SUPPORTING AIDS-SPREADING SODOMY. Suicidal white morons. Dislike this comment all you want, but truth isnt a popularity contest.

  7. Gi Morales says:

    i find that people with limited vocabulary love the word “troll”. SHUT UP YOU BIGOT.

  8. Gi Morales says:

    just because he disagrees with sodomy between males doesn’t mean he is fat. he can disagree. people get confused about why anxl sxx is dangerous. i am not anti-gay per se, but the tissues in that area are very sensitive and breakage of vessels easily occurs, therefore increases spread of disease. if gay people didn’t do that act, i wouldn’t much care. due to that, i do care.

  9. Cristacp25 says:


  10. cristacp25 says:

    Maybe the history buff can send him a bok on ancient Rome reminding him that it was gay central?

  11. Jozep says:

    Bravo! Bellissimo!

  12. Jozep says:

    Beautiful color photo of a “medieval” mass…do you have any photos of live dinosaurs too?

  13. Annette Rf says:

    You need to bone up on both medieval history and comparative religion. Why would a “fundie” feature an avatar of a medieval Catholic mass? Only a traditional Catholic or history buff would.

  14. Annette Rf says:

    And homosexuals are not mentally ill, just in denial. Of course its all coincidence that the vast majority of homosexuals either have addictive behaviors, were sexually molested as children or suffered some other similar trauma. That’s all coincidence of course…

  15. Annette Rf says:

    I’m a history buff.

  16. all for traditional families says:

    why should he have to apologize?

  17. Emma says:

    I’m not going to buy any more Barilla pasta and I don’t believe that the owner is sorry. There’s a parody of this whole thing at http://youtu.be/2y1l_OFOvyM and I think the guy in that video is just as sincere as Guido with his apology! lol

  18. karmanot says:

    You fought the good fight Thom A—-well done.

  19. karmanot says:

    Let us know when you auction your playground raincoat on E-Bay.

  20. karmanot says:

    Sorry honey but we have shitdar and pick you out in a crowd.

  21. karmanot says:

    Nazi’s made it legal to torture Jews. I don’t ask you to believe in gay humanity….just get the hell out of the way before you get run over.

  22. karmanot says:

    Nope, if your avatar is any indication you are a Catholic troll.

  23. karmanot says:

    Just yer head phobatina.

  24. karmanot says:

    No history, no profile….troll

  25. judybrowni says:

    He was a sweetheart about gay adoption, too, wasn’t he Mike?


    Several native Italian speakers downthread say the translations are accurate: so takthe your Barillo apology and dismissiveness elsewhere.

    But thanks for the page views!

  26. Mike says:

    “We won’t include gays in our ads, because we like the traditional family. If gays don’t like it, they can always eat another brand of pasta. Everyone is free to do what they want, provided it doesn’t bother anyone else.”

    These statements have been completely distorted. He did not say these words, this way and in this context. The translation has been altered to make it look and sound as it does in English: horrible. This is the typical case blown out of proportion. Do listen to the interview in italian and draw your own conclusions.

  27. Mike says:

    I’ve just heard the radio interview in Italian and I assure you that it wasn’t offensive in any way. Mr. Barilla actually said in the same conversation, that he has a great respect for gay people. The interviewer was continuously forcing questions on the issue, putting words in his mouth that he did not say. First he tried to get him on the racial issue, but it didn’t work, so right after that he moved on to a gay scenario. The interviewer was clearly trying to discredit Barilla.
    A few seconds ago ·

  28. Thom Allen says:

    “You people.” Phrase made famous by an elitist. Because all “you people” are asswipes.

  29. Thom Allen says:

    nettie, solely to piss you off. OF COURSE, you’re not fat, you’re just in denial.

  30. Thom Allen says:

    nettie, we didn’t intimidate anyone into silence. We just called a bigot a bigot. And bigots, like you just love to speak out. Can’t keep your mouths shut.

    Yeah, we can smell bigotry on you homophobes

  31. FieryLocks says:

    See, the problem with people like you that post shit like this is your brain is so small it would fit inside a mustard seed, and rattle around in that seed like a peanut in a boxcar.

  32. FieryLocks says:

    Ahh, now I get it. You were home schooled by a one watter right?

  33. FieryLocks says:

    What an idiotic post. You are a true two watter aren’t you?

  34. FieryLocks says:

    Too much drama…who cares? Obviously you cared enough to leave a stupid ass comment in all caps.

    Get a life.

  35. Jozep says:

    “Being gay was once thought of as immoral and unnatural and disgusting…” Yea..Till we found out there are people that are obsessed with ‘ man/dog sex, magical vaginas and rape, rape, rape”! They’re the NEW immoral, unnatural and disgusting!

  36. Jozep says:

    Someone got the memo on turning around the ‘racist card’! (I know you are, but what am I?, Repeat..defense) Just like Christians are now ‘victims’ because their homophobic rantings are considered ‘hate speech’!

  37. Jozep says:

    Yea, one noodle I’d like to ‘throw at the wall’…yea! IT’S DONE!

  38. Jozep says:

    Please google words like ‘bigot’ before you use them, especially in a sentence where you question how it’s expressed…

  39. Jozep says:

    And when Paula Deen was talking about having ‘n’s’ at her “plantation theme party” that was neither right or wrong? Christians have been stomping around for century’s deciding what’s right and wrong for all of us, and now that reason and science is exploding their myths and prejudices, “ultimately, neither is right or wrong”? Now, we’re all entitled to our opinions?

  40. Jozep says:

    Please enjoy a heaping bowl of ‘Va’a fare in culo’ made with Barrila pasta, now fortified with homophobic’s! I hope I spelled the dish’s name right…I’m new at Italian!

  41. Jozep says:

    Ha..ha…yea…it’s doesn’t have the zing of ‘fish tacos for Jesus!’ But even that fisherman would be a Ronzoni man now!

  42. Jozep says:

    Jozep 4:11. Thus, by your fruit we’ll know ya! :D

  43. Jozep says:

    Soooo….your avatar is of a ‘high mass’ but you’re not a Christian fundamentalist’, just a garden variety homophobe? You whine to Thom Allen..”why do you this…” And to me “why do you” that…meanwhile, never responding to either of us except to complain to “you people” about “stereotyping”… Stereotypically pathetic!

  44. Annette Rf says:

    One good thing about homosexuals trying to intimidate people into silence: we will STILL hold our views and act accordingly, but now, you won’t know who we are. ;)

  45. Annette Rf says:

    I’m not a fundie, why do you people always make such stereotypical ASSumptions?

  46. UncleWuggins says:

    I assumed he was being ironic.

  47. Jozep says:

    Nice try fundie! If he HAS TO BE homosexual just because he attacks homophobic remarks…then by YOUR logic I can say… ‘Shut yer pie-hole you FAT ASS homophobe!

  48. Jozep says:

    This isn’t about insulting employees…this is about a marketing strategy based on dismissing a group found in every area of this planet, if they take offense to his insults!

  49. The_Fixer says:

    No, no, no.

    As Thom Allen points out below, this is not the company policy.

    This business of lionizing those who are, in your terms, not “Politically correct” should stop, I’m really tired of some half-baked wing nut coming out with an opinion based on false information, and being congratulated for it. There are some things that are just wrong – they don’t have a basis in fact or science.

    Human beings may have a right to express an opinion, this is true. But there really are wrong opinions because they are based on things that are not true. A pair of people may express a different opinion based on their interpretation of the same correct information. In the end, however, only one of them is deemed correct at some point. A correct opinion may also be unpopular. So that does not wash.

    I find it puzzling that a certain subset of the population seems to think that it’s OK to insult an entire class of people and that those people should just take it lying down. These same people are often the ones who scream the loudest whenever someone expresses an opinion that runs counter to theirs.

    And this is the problem that I find in a lot of the comments offered by the johnny-come-lately trolls that have appeared here in this blog post. They seem to think that 1) what he said isn’t all that bad, 2) all gay people are worthless, immoral and subject to punishment from a diety whose existence is unproven, and 3) we should all roll over an do nothing when we’re insulted. You don’t see that with Bill O’Donahue’s Catholic league or with any of the other organization with a far-right philosophy.

    I don’t think your comment is particularly well thought-out.

  50. Annette Rf says:

    LOL! Get it?

  51. Annette Rf says:

    Typical homosexual fatphobe. Why do you treat fat people the way you do not want to be treated? Typical superficiality, and no, I’m not fat.

  52. Annette Rf says:

    Being Italian, I should know good pasta. Sorry about you.

  53. karmanot says:

    Oh honey, if only you knew.

  54. karmanot says:

    A mom and a perv…..uckkk

  55. karmanot says:

    And mom witches were burned at the stake—-your point?

  56. karmanot says:

    “if I dislike the way a company chooses to portray itself (for instance Calvin Klein’s jeans’ ads)” Bet you buy your Mom jeans at Wal*Mart don’t you?

  57. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    I am more than just a little concerned about John Phillips “sexual” activities and desires. I think he needs to stay away from children and animals.

  58. Thom Allen says:

    People need to speak out when either occurs.

  59. Thom Allen says:

    We should thank Guido for making bigoted remarks? And giving gays his permission to be free as long as they don’t offend him? He was disrespectful to women, gays, men who cook, single-parent families and other groups. And you want everyone to be OK with that?

    Corporate idiots like Guido learn through a wave of bad PR and decreasing sales. Guido and Barilla have already apologizes four times. He’s obviously getting the message. How upset are you that Guido pays minimum wage to many of his employees, limited, if any benefits and is disrespectful of Barilla’s company policies? Some of Guido’s family (the other owners of Barilla) are really pissed at what he did.

  60. Thom Allen says:

    Good, wolf, and you eat all the Barilla you want and get even fatter than you already are.

  61. Thom Allen says:

    Thinking and speaking out are two different things. It’s good to know who the bigots are.

  62. karmanot says:

    You tell em pinhead!

  63. The_Fixer says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t quite get your comment. Could you elaborate, please?

  64. The_Fixer says:

    Thank you for the kind words, it’s appreciated.

    And I don’t know how I upvoted myself, thought I was just panning the mouse over to see who voted. Geez, must’ve bumped the mouse button. I’m not so desperate for upvotes that I give them to myself ;)

  65. Tim says:

    Certainly I can see the difference, unfortunately it is not logical. And as has been pointed out elsewhere in these comments, the dog might be the instigator. Who says it is necessarily painful and cruel to the dog? It certainly is a moral question and that is the point. If you want to argue that people are “born this way” and that makes their actions OK, then you have to accept that others are born with their innate desires as well and those must be OK also. If they are not then the argument for your particular group falls as well.

  66. noni says:

    Straight people aren’t threatened by gay people.
    It is people who have “chosen” to be straight who are threated by gay people.

  67. ThefabulousBettyT says:

    Yeah. You are. I have no truck with bigots.

  68. Pink Pamalamma says:

    Because raping the dog is cruel and abusive and causes pain to the animal, while the rabies shot is to protect the dog from contracting a deadly disease. You really can’t see a difference there?

  69. Pink Pamalamma says:

    A relationship/sex between two homosexual people is comprised of two consenting human beings who are of an age where they are able to make such a decision. A child or an animal is not a consenting individual. You seriously can’t even compare these things.

  70. Pink Pamalamma says:

    He can *think* whatever he wants, but it was a huge mistake business/PR wise to *say* those things publicly.

  71. Pink Pamalamma says:

    Like who?

  72. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Using the words “perverted” and “lifestyle” does make you a bigot.

  73. dirk van den broek says:

    Disagreement is fine, it gets problematic when people actively interfere with other peoples lifestyle. Why do some straight people feel so threatened by people that are different?

  74. Louise Johnston OBrien says:

    Why doesn’t everyone speak out about a company who abuses their employees every day…

    Which is worse… saying something bad….. or doing something bad…. But no one cares much about that now do they.

  75. Adam says:

    Why do people feel the need to attempt to take down an entire corporation because of one mans opinion? Barilla employs close to 8000 people! I highly doubt they share in that opinion.

    Lets try this approach “Hey man, thanks for your opinion. I disagree with you there and think you might be better off selling to everyone but its your company do what you think is best for you and your employees.”

  76. Adam says:

    well said!

  77. wolf says:

    I will make sure to buy only barilla pasta from now on.Way to stand up against this immoral lifestyle

  78. Joey Tranchina says:

    As a fourth generation CEO of a global enterprise, Guido Barilla made one of the most gratuitously stupid misstatements in corporate history, then he foolishly compounded his screw up with the absurd assumption that only gay and lesbian people would be offended by his bigotry — the same mistake that opponents of marriage pour touts made in France.

    Bigotry is bad business. Anti-democratic insults — even when cloaked in venerable arch-conservative theology — are repulsive to citizens of a secular, pluralistic society. For a man of such international experience, Guido Barilla, must have been very sheltered — dare I say “closeted” — not to understand that.

    Mr. Barilla should step down and let his brother attempt to clean up the potential billion euro cock-up that he created for no reason.

    PS. This boycott does offer an opportunity, for everyone who cooks, to explore the delightful superiority of fresh pasta. Fortunately for me, the only person, who makes pasta as good as my grandmother’s, is my son.

  79. wolf says:

    so if you disagree with the perverted gay lifestyle you are a bigot?

  80. Louise Johnston OBrien says:

    I think they should be able to do anything they want with their product…

    or… I think they should promote…. gays… Christianity… Muslims…..Catholics…Romanians…, Kiwanis…girl scouts….

    REally people? they should simply be able to promote their product, and be able to think how ever way they want about any subject, in the same way anyone can think what they want about all the above and more…I’m not against gays… but everyone has the right to think what they want… period…Or, no one should ever again say they are against anything at all.,

    What they can’t do, is hate crimes…etc… But they do have the right to whatever opinion they choose to have….

    No one has to believe in something… must because other people do…

  81. Thom Allen says:

    Another pasta heard from:

  82. Thom Allen says:

    Putin’s Pasta:

  83. Thom Allen says:

    Liz, I’ve read three different translations of his remarks, They all come up smelling of bigotry and sexism. Why don’t you provide your translation for us?

    BTW, his apology video has English subtitles that don’t seem to agree with what you said, either.

    So, as a culture you’re saying that the Italians are bigoted and sexist? Really? And, if true, that’s an excuse? Get real.

    And, just a little judgmental, aren’t we? How about you suck some Barilla for breakfast and get even fatter than you already are?

    And tell Guido we don’t buy his BS (or yours) OR his lousy pasta.

  84. liz says:

    this is just a cultural and translation mistake coz he says that he that he respects homosexual marriage but having an advertisement with a gay couple would not fit in their image since they stand for traditional italian way of life!!!

    so before blaming someone for something i think you should properly learn an other language to understand it properly!!!

  85. Thom Allen says:

    Additional response to Barilla (continued):

  86. Thom Allen says:

    Responses to Barilla (continued):

  87. Thom Allen says:

    Whoa, The_Fixer, that reply is perfect and brilliantly done!. Thank you.

  88. Thom Allen says:

    Those aren’t his company’s “values.” The Barilla website has a pdf file that states that they are anti-discrimination. His thoughts are not what the company says are its values and policy.
    It’s NOT HIS company. It belongs to the Barilla family, some of whom are really pissed at Guido. It’s a stupid business move that will cost the Barilla company.

  89. Me says:

    Thanks for reminding us about pedophiles. It is rarely mentioned in the media etc.
    We cannot seem to get away from our stereotypes

  90. MFlorian says:

    I wonder if you’d be willing to say the same thing about people who think interracial marriage is “wrong”. Or if they think women or minorities shouldn’t have the right to vote.

  91. The_Fixer says:

    Observe the edit I made to my above comment. Sorry, but Disqus gets a little wonky when there are a large number of comments, apparently. It attaches the wrong username to some comments.

    When I refreshed the page, the correct username appears with comments. So my confusion was due to a Disqus problem.

    In short, you’re good and I was confused for reasons beyond my control.

  92. Siigari says:

    You know, I respect the guy for standing up for his company’s values. I really do. It’s not every day you meet somebody that goes against the grain and it takes some gonads to do it. Minus points for the apology, he could have just left it at that.

    Believe it or not, some people don’t agree with what’s politically and socially “correct.” And when asked, if they lie just to save some face it can actually lose points towards a different target group (whatever the opinion may be.)

    Humans all have an opinion and they all have the right to express it. Whether it generates flak or not is up to society to decide, but ultimately their opinion is neither right, nor wrong. Popular or unpopular maybe, but that’s it.

  93. Gabriel says:

    I’m not sure what you are even talking about. When did I ever say being gay is a choice? I said I once believed that yes, but I know better now. I don’t understand your confusion.

  94. Don says:

    small percentage?…. uh… have you been living under a rock? There are A LOT more of us than i think you seem to know. lol

  95. Tim says:

    You honestly don’t see how illogical that statement is?

  96. Gabriel says:

    That’s the point moron. Consent is NOT needed nor CAN it even be given by an animal. So the dog will be getting a rabies shot whether he likes it or not. So if you choose to sexually be with an animal that can’t give consent (whether he likes it or not) … yeah that is called rape. The same way that it is called rape when it is with a child. Duh.

  97. Luigi Proud DemoCat! says:

    Russia claims their anti-GBTI laws aren’t anti-gay and Guido Barilla claims his hateful views aren’t homophobic. Boy, you nailed it on the head.

  98. BillFromDover says:

    And that is to be a gourmet cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom… yes; after all, is he not an Italian?

    Anyone ever wonder what happens to your pasta when she gets confused?

    Enjoy that new sauce, Vince!

  99. The_Fixer says:

    I am going to assume that your argument is reduced to reductio ad absurdum (argument of one absurd point to prove a different point).

    Therefore, we’ll talk some facts: the vast majority of pedophiles identify themselves as being heterosexual. A far lower percentage of offenders are homosexual, less than the presence of homosexual people in the general population.By heterosexual, we mean hose whose adult sex lives with their partners consists of heterosexual sex. A pedophile who has sex with a minor that is of the same gender is not homosexual if their adult sexual relationships are heterosexual in nature.

    Fact: Psychologists and psychiatrists have identified one key trait in pedophiles that has nothing to do with sexual orientation: Sexual immaturity. For one or more reasons, pedophiles have not sexually matured completely, therefore, they act on a desire for another sexually immature person. Fact: This is a mental disorder that has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

    Bestiality is somewhat less studied, probably because of its extreme stigma and the inability of the victims to talk about it. As others have ably stated below, one needs to have informed consent to have a legitimate (i.e. truly beneficial) sexual relationship. Those who are drugged, those that are animals, and those who are children cannot give informed consent.

    Your repeated mention of King Tutankhamen is not to be taken seriously for the same reason that your argument that “we did it that way in the old days, why not now” is invalid. We know now that people who have not reached age 25 do not have a fully-developed frontal lobe, the center of reasoning and judgment. Marriage is an adult thing; dealing with it and the potential of child rearing requires good judgment. You seriously think it is wise to make a 9 year-old boy a king? It’s reasonable for a 9 year-old to marry? That’s just plain stupid. We know that people that young are not ready for such things. We didn’t know that in ancient Egypt, but we also didn’t know that lead pipes would allow water to leach out some of that lead, and poison the water. The resultant brain damage probably prevented those people from knowing that, too. You see, there are a lot of reasons for not doing things as we did them in the past. good reasons.

    Your main argument seems to be that homosexual people who wish to have sex is on an equal footing with pedophilia and bestiality. I am surprised you didn’t throw polygamy in there for the trifecta. Again, you need to understand (yet again, as others have pointed out below) that homosexuals are involved in consensual relationships. That has been pointed out time and time again to you. Additionally, if you don’t like momosexual sex, you don’t have to participate in it. Therefore, it shouldn’t concern you.

    It’s time to retire your argument, it’s baseless, stupid and your reductio ad absurdum style of argument is as transparent as the protective plastic window on my computer monitor.

  100. Vince Stagbaugh says:

    He said the “central role of the woman in the FAMILY”, not in the kitchen.

  101. Dace Hawke says:

    Oh I am sorry, I forget that your comment WASN’T you just commenting about how much you have no relevant input to this article as a whole. Wait, oh yeah, that IS what you wrote in so many words. I wasn’t saying don’t have an opinion, or don’t comment, I was saying that when you CLEARLY were just pissed off the article existed in the first place the better point would be to idk, IGNORE it. Don’t start some stupid condescension rant because someone tells you that if you have no REAL comment other than the fact you have no real comment then just don’t comment.

  102. karmanot says:

    He’s a one trick flea dear Mod.

  103. karmanot says:

    If you have tats, a pierced ear, wear your baseball hat backwards or a mustache you have been corrupted beyond…..Hi Mr. gay!

  104. karmanot says:

    Aren’t you just a mutha!

  105. what? says:

    Besides the fact that he is unable to grasp the concepts…head like a rock, I think John needs to be reported to the police for investigation, personally.

  106. Chris says:

    Thank you.

  107. Chris says:

    You love to incite. Don’t you?

  108. Moderator3 says:

    You may want to take some time to think about your motivation for commenting 14 times in this thread.

  109. Shawn Neaverth says:

    Bestiality and pedophilia are mental disorders. Born that way or not there’s no debate anyone able to do such a thing as rape a child or animal definitely has some deficiencies. Homosexuality, is not a mental disease and it has been proven homosexuals do not have higher then average rates of mental disorder, in fact many are better balanced psychologically then lots of straight people. The attractions are sexual in nature, but the core in which said attractions derive from are from completely different ends of the spectrum. Same sex attraction derives from the heart and the need to love and be loved, while the predator sexual attractions derive from hate, shame and nightmarish memories of the past. Your comparisons sound like you’re either a predator who doesn’t understand why he’s not accepted, or you’re just an indifferent bigot.

  110. Jim Jordan says:

    You want to punish me by accusing me of the worst thing you can think of: being gay. I can see why the most appealing way for you to deal with social disapproval is to persuade yourself that only repressed homosexuals would have any problem with homosexuality itself. That’s why the term “homophobia” is so beloved by gay people and their advocates: it means FEAR of homosexuality, as if rational dislike or disapproval of homosexuality were impossible. If you dislike people who talk loudly in a movie theater, that doesn’t mean you’re afraid of them. It means you don’t like them and their unwelcome behavior.

  111. mildew says:

    thom…do you have a younger sister named milly?

  112. Nick Rowley says:

    I think Troll singular possibly…

  113. Nick Rowley says:


    …Laugh. :)

  114. Matt Rogers says:

    Most gay people don’t think that there’s no such thing as a straight guy. They think people who are homophobic have gay feelings that they’re having trouble dealing with. There are studies to back that up. For example, one experiment showed that 55% of homophobic men became aroused when showed photographs of naked men, and two men having sex. Only about 25% of less homophobic men had the same reaction. Your anti-gay posts suggest that you may be part of the 55%.

  115. ThefabulousBettyT says:

    Well, that’s their branded products off my shopping list. I won’t be supporting any company that promotes bigotry and intolerance. Shared the story on my Facebook page.

  116. blydie says:

    “central role of the woman in the family” – and what are lesbian? men?

  117. Matt Rogers says:

    True, he has a right to express his beliefs, but we also have the right to express ours by taking our business elsewhere. You’re defending his expression while calling ours “ridiculous.”

    Prejudice is also more than just beliefs. It leads to bullying, violence, and discrimination. For example, Barilla argued in the same interview that gay people shouldn’t be allowed to adopt children. Adoption bans not only hurt gay people, but more importantly, they deny many children the opportunity to be raised in a loving home. And gay couples are often willing to adopt hard-to-place children such as those with physical and behavioral disabilities.

  118. Matt Rogers says:

    Thank you, Moderator4.

  119. Jo says:

    You’re an idiot.You don’t have enough sense to even make a good argument.Go back to your pedophile and beastiality websites.

  120. Moderator4 says:

    No, you really don’t, HF. Trust us on this one.
    He didn’t delete his comment, by the way, we did. And we banned him.

  121. Tim says:

    Interesting first argument about your dog and the rabies shot. So can a dog give consent or not? Or is it needed? You claim he cannot consent to sex so that would be wrong but you can give your consent for his rabies shot. Is that not wrong since he has not given his consent for the shot? If consent is needed, why does it not cover both situations?

  122. Amanda B. says:

    The major difference between a homosexual relationship and a pediaphilic or beastial situation is the consent of both parties. Homosexual adults choose to be together, just like heterosexual adults do. When a pedophile has sex with a child, he is doing so without consent – either by flat out forcing himself on the child or by manipulating a child that does not have the age or maturity to give consent. As for beastiality, animals are also unable to guve consent as it is defined by the law. Both of these are situations of one-sided lust and intention. That’s why they are crimes – because they are rape! Homosexuality among two consenting adults is a completely different situation. Trying to draw a correlation between a crime and homosexuality just undermines your intelligence and makes your argument lack credibility.

  123. Tim says:

    I’m afraid you’d be mightily surprised at my knowledge of those subjects. And no, the comment you attributed to him is not in the blog post above. Perhaps it is somewhere else that you read, or in the Italian? (I will admit to not knowing Italian so if it’s in the audio clip I wouldn’t know, I’m basing my comments on the above blog post only). Also name-calling is the last resort of someone with no cogent argument left. You can call me a troll but that doesn’t make it true. Nor does it prove any point you are trying to make.

  124. LanceThruster says:

    It seems this limp noodle is doing quite a bit of projecting.


  125. Nick Rowley says:

    Why so desperate for acceptance of paedophillia John? Is there something you want to share with the group?

  126. Nick Rowley says:

    Like I said, you don’t know a thing about marketing or PR. :)

    You also don’t read the articles you’re commenting on, the quote is there, be a good troll and read it. :)

    I’m just going to point and laugh at you from now on.


  127. Thom Allen says:

    Barilla pasta partners with the Russian Repressive Olympics. Barilla, the “Pasta of Prejudice” will be supplying all of the Bigotoni to Sochi for the Olympics. Guido says that he is a big fan of Putin. But Guido isn’t as clever with propaganda as Vlad is.

  128. Thom Allen says:

    I don’t think his mamma considered the name “Guido” as being a racist one. Unless she dislikes him as much as I do. And, if it is racist to all Guido Guido, what shall we call him – douchebag?

  129. Thom Allen says:

    you seem like such a spiritual person, filled with all of that negative, judgmental energy.

  130. Thom Allen says:

    No, wrong again, moms.

  131. Thom Allen says:

    Unfortunately, Babs, you’re wrong on all counts.

  132. Mark Vincent says:

    “Consider me bothered, Guido.”

    I know his name is Guido, but nice double entendre there. I am sure someone as hypersensitive as yourself knows that Guido is also a racial slang towards Italians. I guess you are a closet racist?

  133. Thom Allen says:

    mom, you don’t HAVE to do anything. You don’t HAVE to boycott anyone.

  134. Thom Allen says:

    The company is NOT his, it belongs to the multi-generational Barilla family, some of whom disagree strongly with Guido. Did you read the direct quotes that he made? Bigoted and sexist.

  135. Thom Allen says:

    Jim, who the hell cares whether or not you, ot other bigoted straights like you are disgusted by anything. Deflate your ego a little, and then we can talk. I may be disgusted by your love of guns, your religion, the way you look. I deal with that, so can you.

  136. Thom Allen says:

    Oh, mom, you’re way off target.

  137. Thom Allen says:

    No, Jill, he said much more than that. You just missed the rest, or didn;t understand it.

  138. Thom Allen says:

    Animals can’t consent. When I take my dog to the vet, the vet doesn’t ask the dog if he wants to get his rabies shot.

    Vlad the Impaler used to have his captives impaled thru the anus on stakes in his courtyard. Polygamy was once almost the standard. Women were property. Slavery was common. We, mostly don’t do those things today. So your “arguments” have no weight.

  139. Thom Allen says:

    A child set upon by a pedophile cannot legally give consent. Nor is s/he emotionally or psychologically able to do so. The child is also most often at a physical disadvantage and may have been taken hostage psychologically.

    Much the same holds true in cases of bestiality, though it is legal in a number of states in the US.

    So take your bad examples elsewhere.

  140. Ninong says:

    Arrivederci, Barilla!

  141. ali says:

    His freedom of speech is not being challenged or withheld.
    There is no call for legal action against him.

    Consumer action or boycotts are a form of free speech.

    His free speech is being met with… more free speech.

  142. CHUCKEE says:


  143. ali says:

    that’s the point of the article… to inform people of what he said, so that if they don’t like it they can stop buying his products.

    They’re not calling for legal action to be taken against him…

  144. ali says:

    people do boycott those companies.

  145. Tim says:

    Good answer if you don’t mind dodging the question. Not sure that would not have been followed up by pressing for an answer, but OK. Apparently Barilla thought it would be better to give a straightforward answer. Unfortunately for him that backfired. Can you please point out the quote where he said that gays are icky? It’s always better to argue facts.

  146. Moderator4 says:

    John Phillips, you are banned.

  147. The_Fixer says:

    No, the “ex-gay” people all seem to ‘revert”. It don’t work.

  148. The_Fixer says:

    You are clearly an ill-informed person who has no idea of what they are speaking about. This is false equivalency.

    Your idiotic argument deserves no further comment.

  149. mom says:

    IF we had to boycott every company that indulged in ‘poor marketing strategy’, we would get nowhere. As for myself, I am not the Marketing Police; if I dislike the way a company chooses to portray itself (for instance Calvin Klein’s jeans’ ads), well then I just take my money elsewhere. Which is exactly what this CEO said to do.

  150. John Phillips says:

    So you can judge but can not be judged….I get it…look into history and find out that King Tut was married at 9 and a unmentionable prophet had a 9 year old wife…look at yourself as you pass judgement on others

  151. Try again says:

    In case you hadn’t been informed, you’re an idiot.

  152. John Phillips says:

    If the animal initiates the sex is it not consenting? Who are you to judge what is right or wrong…not to long ago in this country and still in some countries the age of consent didnt exist people were married at 13 or younger…now it is a crime…King Tutankamen was married at 9 or 10 years old and a certain prophet who is not allowed to be mentioned had a 9 year old wife…who decides what is right or wrong…you arer a hypocrite by saying your lifestyle is ok but others are not….you are exactly what you pretend to hate

  153. Try again says:

    Such an asinine argument I can’t even begin to tell you how ignorant you are. TWO CONSENTING adults having a relationship is such a far throw from having a CHILD or an animal, that it is SICKENING that you even have the audacity to compare the situations.

  154. Tim says:

    Are you reading the original comments by Barilla or the inflammatory comments by the blogger above? Barilla didn’t say gays shouldn’t buy, or are undesirable, nor that he would not sell to them, He simply acknowledged that there would be a certain number of people that would vote with their dollars elsewhere. The sense that he intended to exclude this group from their customer base is entirely a construct of the blogger and other commenters here.

  155. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Just think how boring their life must be, if this the way they entertain themselves.

  156. Kent Wright says:

    Oh so now you are calling for his resignation??? With your argument, one should sacrifice their own beliefs for the greater good of the corporation huh?? If that was the case then the LGBT community would be gagged as they are a huge minority in the great scheme of sales of corp crap!

  157. Jim Jordan says:

    “Love? His affections do not that way tend.” HAMLET Act 3, sc.1

  158. Nick Rowley says:

    Oh how to answer that were I a CEO, simple:

    “You bring up an interesting observation, I will have to look into that”

    There, bish, bosh, done.

    What you do not say is “Well if people don’t like it, they can buy from our competitors, and further more I find people who might not like it icky” which is what Guido did.

  159. Kent Wright says:

    No reply on that from Nick huh???

  160. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Legal, informed consent. A child or an animal cannot give legal, informed consent. Thus, if someone has sex with a child or an animal, they do not have consent to do so. I have been gay for a long, long time, and I never had sex with a man who was not in complete agreement with me. In fact, sometimes, I was the one giving consent.

  161. Jim Jordan says:

    most other mammals, including primates, eat it.

  162. Tim says:

    I never said the comments didn’t cause damage, however they probably would have never received much press if not for sites like this that are looking to invent problems.

    The bigger issue is that you can’t answer my question about how to answer successfully, which is my point. This guy was set up and as far as I can tell there was no answer that was going to both tell the truth and be “inclusive” enough to keep this site and others from calling him a bigot, etc.

  163. John Phillips says:

    Right on….you are born gay just as you are born to be attracted to children and/or animals….show your support for pedophiles and gays and transgenders and people who love animals….end the hate

  164. John Phillips says:

    Who is going to stand up for the Pedophiles who are “Born that way” it is not a choice why are they shunned and abused and incarcerated….Those who love non-humans are also singled out and abused do you really think someone chooses to love and be intimate with animals choose that if one is born gay then doesnt it stand to reason that all deviations from what you call the sexual norm should be welcomed and accepted and supported…it should be taught in schools that a relationship with a horse is a perfectly normal healthy experience and so is loving a child….why are people allowed to openly discriminate against one form of love and not another…Being gay was once thought of as immoral and unnatural and disgusting…think about it….let love rule

  165. Jim Jordan says:

    I just double checked my dictionary to be sure I was right about the definition of OBLOQUY: “strong public criticism or verbal abuse”. Stand by, Mr. Phillips, your share of obloquy from our homophiliac fellow commenters will be coming your way shortly. I have no doubt you can take it.

  166. ChrisFerrera says:

    Yup. You can say anything you want, have any opinion you want…but those of us on the right side of history reserve the right to publicly shame you. Get used to it.
    A straight guy

  167. John Phillips says:

    Are you born a pedophile? I think you must be because no one would “choose” to be one…I guess we should include them in advertising….Come to think of those who are into bestiality must be born that way as well so maybe an advertisement with a guy sharing some pasta in bed with his horse…You cant pick and chose what is acceptable and what is not …everyone should be accepted and supported….do the right thing and let your kids hang around pedos….they are born that way

  168. ChrisFerrera says:

    Nobody cares if you are ok with homosexuality. The thing that the anti-gay (or at least “not pro gay”) crowd fails to realize is that they (meaning YOU) have already lost the war in the US. The balance has shifted.

  169. karmanot says:

    The trolls that keep on giving.

  170. karmanot says:

    What to do with afterrbirth?

  171. ChrisFerrera says:

    Your freedom of speech protects you from government action, not individual citizens dummy. (Let’s leave aside the fact that this guy is not a US citizen.) Sure, he can express his views and opinions, but the public, or at least a portion of it, can also express themselves by boycotting the company and shaming him.

  172. Anonymous says:

    There has been a dramatic drop in self-identifying Christians in America over the past 15 years. Especially among young people
    “77% of Americans say religion is losing its influence. Since 1957, when
    the question was first asked, Americans’ perception of religion’s power
    has never been lower.”
    Christian leaders trying to gain political (read: financial) support is backfiring. People are not going to support churches on a compulsory level

  173. Jim Jordan says:

    I realize that the view is widespread among gay people and their straight supporters that the trend in public opinion towards ever greater acceptance of gay people is inevitable. But if I were you I wouldn’t be so sure of that. In 1972 the proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution passed both houses of the Congress by overwhelming majorities and had massive public support in opinion polls. But it died when it failed to win ratification by three quarters of the state legislatures after public support nosedived and has never been resurrected. If same-sex marriage required an amendment to the Constitution today it wouldn’t have a prayer. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equal_Rights_Amendment

  174. mom says:

    ‘I’m saying that we are tired of being denied the same rights and privileges that people in heterosexual relationships have.’
    I disagree. First of all, Mr Barilla CEO did not deny anyone any rights or privileges by choosing an ad picture of a traditional family. Second, I think that too many gays are pushing the envelope; no one is liked by everyone…there are many people who don’t believe gay behavior is ‘normal/natural/acceptable’ but they agree that consenting adults should have the right to live as they choose. Can you accept that without calling those folks haters & bigots? Name-calling has no place in grown up conversation, from either ‘side’. You don’t have to like them, they don’t have to like you, but you both have to just learn to peacefully co-exist.
    ps-and pick your battles better…as I said before, why not boycott products made by some whose religious creed calls for death to homos*xuals?

  175. jill colby says:

    He only said he will not use gay people in his commercials, big deal.

  176. jill colby says:

    You may be born with it, but you can be born again.

  177. The_Fixer says:

    Again, not much new here.

    Yes, the APA did remove the classification of homosexuality as being a mental illness (although I believe it was in 1973 – small quibble). Millions of people also used to believe that slavery was moral, and that lead in paint was a good thing. We’ve learned since then that these are no longer truisms.

    The exact biological cause of homosexuality is unknown at the present. But the science is settled – it is an innate characteristic.

    I’m not asking you to like same-sex relationships, I’m saying that we are tired of being denied the same rights and privileges that people in heterosexual relationships have.

    And you are the wrong side of public opinion. As more people become acquainted with gay people, their opinion of them changes. They come to understand that the false talking points that people of your ilk dream up are simply not true, and are more than willing to let us have our rights. I am not talking about those who are religious extremists, I am talking about average people who can think for themselves.

  178. Jim Jordan says:

    I often think you gay guys don’t believe that there really IS such a thing as a straight guy, that under the skin ALL people are gay or LBT or whichever letter we’re up to now. You’re a very tiny minority of people all over the world, and in my opinion you are doing damage to our culture far out of proportion to your numbers. I’m not at all “disgusted” or otherwise disconcerted by the thought of gay anal intercourse. But like many people, including quite a few gay people I suspect, I just wish you’d be a little less out and proud about it. There are many public issues far more important in my opinion.

  179. raz says:

    Judge and be judge. Even the Pope said he can’t judge a homosexual.

  180. NYChaseter says:

    De Cecco is WAYYYYY better pasta anyway.

  181. NYChaseter says:

    Jim, you sound like someone REALLY overcompensating. If you really are straight, and I’m in no way convinced you are, you shouldn’t give 2 sh**s what 2 grown a**, consenting adults do behind closed doors. It’s 2013…come out of the closet already.

  182. Jim Jordan says:

    it is very far from being settled science that same-sex attraction is innate. Until 1974 the American Psychological Association classified homosexuality as a “mental disorder”. Millions of your fellow citizens believe that the APA was correct BEFORE 1974. Don’t lull yourself into the delusion that you live in a country where most people approve of your sexual behavior. We don’t. We may believe that your sexual activity should not be criminalized in the U.S., as it was for centuries and still is in most parts of the world. But that doesn’t mean we like it. Nothing is inevitable. Be on the lookout for a backlash.

  183. 7otherpages says:

    Boring. Free advertising for Barilla. Outrage is the marketing scheme a la mode.

  184. The_Fixer says:

    Neither is being gay. It is something you are born with.

    I am getting sick and tired of this kind of idiocy – claiming that being gay is a behavior. Is being straight a behavior? No, it is something that you are born with.

    Unless and until you can come up with a more novel point with actual facts to back up your ridiculous assertion, I suggest you be quiet. This erroneous point has been made repeatedly on this thread, and it’s getting quite tiresome.

  185. Jim Jordan says:

    what is a human being anyway? are homophobic bigots human beings?

  186. Jim Jordan says:

    being “of color” is not a behavior.

  187. Nick Rowley says:

    You’ve obviously not tried my awesome puttanesca…

  188. Nick Rowley says:

    I don;t care if you agree or not, you’re wrong. :)

    The crux of this is the PR damage his comments caused, the fact you don;t think they did (which is disprove by the subsequent “clarification”) is immaterial and doesn’t change the fact that it very obviously did. It’s a marketing/PR thing, you very obviously wouldn’t understand. :)

    No, the people in the ads isn’t the PR problem, it’s the “people can buy from our competitors” that is.

  189. Tim says:

    I disagree. It seems he was honestly answering a question designed to make him look bad, which is exactly what is happening here with this blogger providing his interpretation of what the words meant. How would you respond in that situation? Remember that the honest answer is that you choose to advertise with a traditional family in your ads. How would you work in the truth and at the same time provide an answer that couldn’t be twisted by the asker?

  190. Schauermom says:

    Barilla is completely entitled to his opinion on gay families, gay marriage, etc. I am also completely entitled to choose another pasta to buy which I will be doing. As far as those who applaud this man’s opinion, I really hope you wake up someday and realize how wrong you are. I cannot understand how people think this is ok. If you replace the word “gay” with “people of color”, maybe that would help you realize why this opinion is discriminatory, hateful and wrong.

  191. gentlyson says:


  192. Steve Sarro says:

    I should be able to say wildly ignorant and offensive things about segments of the population without those people getting offended and wanting to stop buying my products :(

  193. Nick Rowley says:

    Not from a marketing perspective.

  194. Nick Rowley says:

    If they said “We like to focus just on Brunettes, if blondes and redheads don’t like it they can go buy from our competitors” then your analogy would be apt. :)

  195. Bree says:

    “Too Stupid”

  196. Word says:

    This shit is getting ridiculous. It’s every person’s right to love someone of the same sex, but it is also every person’s right to have their own personal set of beliefs and run their company and business on their beliefs. The way he explained it, he did nothing wrong, he just simply stated his beliefs, stated the guidelines for the ads of HIS company, and said that if you disagree, then you don’t have to buy my pasta. Seriously people, get over yourselves and stop trying to pick a fight.

  197. Elizabeth says:

    The point is not whether he has a target demographic. The point is that it is poor marketing strategy to exclude any potential consumers, whether they’re in your target demographic or not. And it is even WORSE marketing strategy to publicly disavow a sector of consumers — again, whether they’re part of your target demographic or not. This is an issue of business decision-making, not an issue of whether Guido Barilla is or is not a bigot.

    There’s an article in the recent issue of MIT Sloan Management Review that details very succinctly just why Mr. Barilla’s statement was problematic from a management perspective. Every time I comment on this thread regarding why his statement constitutes poor business judgment, it is this article that I am thinking about. The article is here: http://sloanreview.mit.edu/article/does-your-company-seem-socially-irresponsible/ and it discusses the factors that influence public perceptions of a business and how these can be used to manage reputation.

    Which, contrary to some of the comments here, is VERY important in the modern marketplace.

  198. Ted Malone says:

    Chunck, to have an opinion about any group of people is sort of stupid. No group of significant size has much in common beside a single trait. So if you have an opinion about “the gays”, it is almost certainly based on stereotype and ignorance, so yeah, we wish you would shut up. I am certain that most of the people who share characteristics with you are no where near as stupid.

  199. SCS says:

    Trust me, male or female, gay or strait, not one is going after your ‘noodles’

  200. Steven-X says:

    People in general are to stupid to get this point.

  201. Tim says:

    He never said they wouldn’t sell to anyone. He said customers could choose not to buy if they felt strongly. There’s a huge difference between those 2 stances.

  202. Tim says:

    This poor guy is being vilified for simply having a strategy for selling his goods. The blog above is snarky and obviously looking to pick a fight. Most brands have policies on how their goods are presented. It’s not really a surprise that a pasta maker chooses to accent the tradition of the big Italian family in their ads. He didn’t say gays SHOULD buy another pasta, he simply said they could if they so choose. This is all about appealing to your target demographic and has nothing to do with trying to exclude a certain group.

  203. Lindsay says:

    Wait a second, so if a company is looking for a brunette woman to star in their ads, are they being discriminatory against blondes and redheads? Come on. This is nitpicking and people are trying to look for a fight. Before you know it, every ad will be required to have every sex, orientation, hair color, eye color, skin color, age, etc. in every commercial so nobody cries discrimination.

  204. karmanot says:

    Ya fought the good fight Judy against a swarm of the most contemptible lot of pin head trolls I’ve ever seen on this site. One wonders from where these first time, drive by losers came—–all the way to AB to wage wag war over a bunch of B grade pasta.

  205. CB says:

    You, and people just like you, are exactly the reason why there is still such a negative stigma against the gay community. I don’t recall there being a protest of any kind demanding that gays be represented in Barilla’s ad campaigns before his comments were made. He aired this thoughtless personal view on his own. It’s not “polital correct gay bull crap” as you so eloquently put it, it’s the simple matter of treating people like human beings.

  206. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, my apologies. It wasn’t you who said that. It was the originator of the thread. So my point about the fact that such ads exist was really intended for him/her. But my point that the article contained content that was accurate and unbiased, in that it demonstrated the existence of ads in contrast to the thread originator’s denial, IS aimed at you — the Huffington Post article had value in that respect, even if I were to concede the presence of bias (which I don’t).

  207. HF says:

    That’s exactly right. These people truly don’t see how they are the same people from the sixties and seventies who wen ballistic about integrating schools and the entire civil rights movement. People would never admit, today, that they were one of those bigots. This is exactly what will happen in another 40 years with gay rights.

    Only this time…we have the Internet to prove just how disgusting all these assholes were.

  208. HF says:

    My mind is just blown by how many people in these comments don’t get it. My god.

  209. UncleBucky says:

    The Pope is not helping. In fact, with his chatter and pandering, he is making things worse. Better to deal with the RCC as corrupt as it is, rather than some candy-coated clown in a second hand car.

    Seriously, he excommunicated a priest who officiated the marriage of two people in love. I have no need for this Pope if he says one thing and then does another.

  210. The_Fixer says:

    I think the mods got to his comments, and banned him.

    I got a notification that he had replied to a couple of my comments, and they included a snippet of his comments. They were vile and disgusting. Believe me, you don’t want to read what he said. This is one sick puppy.

  211. HF says:

    Let me guess. You’re a white man who came from at least an upper-middle class family. You have never, once in your life, been discriminated against for any reason. Yet you think you get to have a say in whether or not people who truly ARE discriminated against should be bothered by it.

  212. Miss says:

    I agree!! What if some of his employees were gay…that’s just wrong..keep your opinions to yourself regarding other people’s sexuality!! Last time I checked SEX and PASTA are not related!!!

  213. HF says:

    FACT: Millions of people across the globe are infertile for some reason or another. They cannot procreate either, yet…THEY STILL EXIST! Isn’t that fucking amazing!

  214. Eduardo_R says:

    So, in other words, he is allowed freedom of speech, but we’re not? Please. That freedom of speech you claim to support means we damn sure do have the right to condemn someone for their double standards. And it’s not aggressive to stand up for equality and put your money where your mouth is.

  215. HF says:

    Just..wow. you have missed the entire point.

  216. HF says:

    Well, I guess it’s also MY right to then tell you that your marriage is DISGUSTING! I am DISGUSTED, and I demand that I, who has literally nothing to do with you at all, who is in NO FUCKING WAY affected by your marriage, am allowed to have any say whatsoever in YOUR personal life!

    God, what a moron.

  217. HF says:

    Facing extinction?! I don’t know where you live, but in America…

  218. JakeT says:

    No, of course EVERYONE does not have to agree with gay marriage…HOWEVER, just because some may disagree with gay marriage, that does NOT give them the right to prohibit gay marriage simply because they happen to disagree with it.

  219. HF says:

    YOU are tired of the bull crap? YOU, who has all your rights? Are you fucking kidding me?!

  220. HF says:

    I am just SO sick of this stupid argument. How can you possibly not get it?

  221. HF says:

    Disqus frequently screws up the posting of names.

  222. jahaja says:

    Ah yes, sorry, my bad. Not wearing my glasses today haha.
    You’re absolutely right.

  223. HF says:

    BIG. FAT. DIFFERENCE. between “embracing homosexuality” and just leaving us the fuck alone. Just leave us alone.

  224. The_Fixer says:

    Well, you said this:

    “Apart from in-your-face music videos and hipster-oriented fringe marketing, the mainstream is a white-bread feel-good advertising market that will never in our lifetimes feature same-sex couples.”

    Pretty much the same thing, paraphrased.

    By the way, you’re wrong.

  225. HF says:

    He absolutely did say that.

  226. HF says:

    If your “agenda” is to deny me the civil rights I’m entitled to and you ALREADY HAVE, then no, I most certainly do not have to “respect” that. My god, the ignorance.

  227. HF says:

    He deleted his comment and I am DYING to know what it said.

  228. HF says:

    And here’s someone who has completely missed the point.

  229. HF says:

    Please, please shut the fuck up. Literally every third comment is from you, and it’s getting really old.

  230. HF says:

    LMAO. You have more belligerent comments than anyone here and you’re telling Gwen that SHE has no life? That HER only job is to spread the hatred over the internet? Pot, kettle and all.

  231. Nick Rowley says:

    That’s OK you’ve done a pretty good job of providing that yourself. :)

    Now, toddle along, Tom’s waiting. ;)

  232. HF says:

    Do you have any idea of what HuffPo really is? How many people write for them? Literally THOUSANDS. You can’t be stupid enough to think they’re all liberal. Sigh.

  233. doughpro says:

    Oh goodness, you have gone from accusing me of being “very angry” to “impotent rage”. LOL. Hardly, and I challenge you to show me where I have exhibited either of those.

  234. HF says:


    Your caps lock key is located on the far left side of the keyboard.

  235. Ian says:

    Too bad. I’m a gay who eats a LOT of pasta. I’m just concerned how he can speak opinion on the entire behalf of the company, and not just his own personal views. This ostracizes anyone who now currently works for Barilla, and guaranteed they’re gonna get some flack for it, even though it wasn’t their own personal opinions expressed when this man so carelessly dismissed an entire group of people based on their beliefs. Have we…not gotten past that? He does realize that Italy is shaped like a thigh-high boot, right? He lives on what could be the gayest country on the planet. Dum-dum.

  236. doughpro says:

    “You said that there would ‘never’ be any gay couples feature in ‘ANY product advertisements anywhere'”

    Where did I say that?

  237. Elizabeth says:

    In today’s media environment, the rule of thumb is, “If you don’t want to see it on the cover of the New York Times, don’t say it.” There IS such a thing as bad publicity, and reputation is very important — not just in keeping customers, but also in hiring employees (particularly at the management/executive level).

  238. Elizabeth says:

    And, in answer to your question… yes, in fact, I have. But YOU should take into consideration that as the executive of an international company, he needs to be mindful of the fact that his company reaches myriad audiences, and that media transmission/translation is generally instantaneous. His comment might well have made nary a ripple in Italy, but he had to be aware that it would not play quite so well in other markets — the US and northern Europe, particularly. So again, while I do believe he is entitled to his opinion, what he is NOT entitled to do is express it in an expectation that it will have no effect on the brand that he represents — particularly given that the brand carries his own name! It was a very unfortunate and obvious misstep, bad for his business worldwide, and he should not have done it — but having done it, the obvious way to limit the damage is to retract it and state that he misspoke, and apologize. Because you do not, ever, come out against the participation of a segment of consumers. It’s a major image faux pas.

    If he cannot bring himself to apologize, then he should resign for the benefit of his company. Because his leadership is compromised by this appalling lack of business sense.

    Note: I am not criticizing his opinion here — I don’t agree with it, I would imagine that’s obvious, but as I have stated, he’s entitled to it. But unfortunately the context in which he expressed it has damaged his corporation’s image, and by extension the well-being of all the people who work for and with that corporation. So if he cares about it — and I should certainly hope he does — he should separate his opinion and its fallout from the business.

  239. Nick Rowley says:

    Well employees probably want to keep their jobs, something Guido hurt by his loose cannon comments.

    Maybe you should go have a nice wank over something wholesome like Tom of Finland, you know you have a copy secreted away. :D

  240. Nick Rowley says:

    And it is going both ways so why are you complaining?

    He freely expressed his opinion, and now others are expressing theirs and acting upon their reaction to what he said, his freedom of speech has in no way been infringed. :)

  241. Elizabeth says:

    If this is more to your liking… here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-7IA54-tmE

  242. Nick Rowley says:

    Nope, I find the topic interesting due to the fact that I work and have worked in it. You don’t find your job interesting? I mean not everyone does thing in a vocational way but ideally one should be interested in what one works in.

    It might explain your impotent rage at things though come to think of it….

  243. Elizabeth says:

    Did you even look at the article? It cited specific instances of advertising that showed gay couples. You said that there would “never” be any gay couples feature in “ANY product advertisements anywhere”, and I was attempting to show you that such ads do, in fact, exist. I’m sorry you aren’t open minded enough to even look at the YouTube video linked to the article, but the fact is, you’re wrong.

  244. jim says:

    Yeah for Barrilla. Many are tired of the polital correct gay bull crap. I hate seeing gays on everything and people are suppose to think that EVERYOUNE is ok with it. Well we’re not. Don’t want u around MY noodles.

  245. doughpro says:

    Uh oh….Huffpo. Sorry, you need to do better than that. Not a fan of bias.

    Have you taken into consideration his audience when he made the statement?

  246. mom says:

    Exactly!! ‘You’re allowed to have any opinion you like but you don’t have immunity from the reactions of others.’

    and it goes both ways.

  247. Elizabeth says:

    You’re making a few assumptions about the people who are “screeching”, aren’t you? A fair number of the folks I’ve heard “screeching” are not, in fact, homosexuals. Myself included. And quite a few of us are making well reasoned, logical arguments. You might try it sometime, instead of simply flinging insults.

    And, may I point out, that every 1 homosexual person on the planet has two parents. Many of them also have siblings. Nearly all of them also have a friend, or two, or twenty, or a hundred… not all of whom are likewise homosexual (I would hazard a guess that most are not, in fact). So it’s not just “5% of the total population” — it’s that 5% plus a very large cohort of the people who care about them.

  248. doughpro says:

    You claimed earlier that you had a lot of experience in marketing and PR. Were you being deceptive?

  249. Pastamaster says:

    Thanks mate. I will!!

  250. doughpro says:

    I am curious to know how many employees of Barilla will quit because of this. That would be a really telling sign of exactly who’s offended.

  251. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t know Italian. But I do know sheep. They aren’t nearly as passive or inclined to follow as you might think.

  252. LibertyDwells says:

    Amazing how the vocal and militant 10 or 20% of the 5% of the total population homosexuals comprise can get so much attention, isn’t it. But the reality is, say what you believe and then ignore them. If one refuses to engage in their screeching they simply lack the numbers to matter. The tempests in teapots they manage to create quickly blow over if one refuses to dignify them further.

  253. Nick Rowley says:

    The company disagrees with you.

  254. Barbara says:

    Like being gay has ANYTHING at all with eating spaghetti (LOL). Barilla certainly has the freedom to exclude anyone they want and so do we.

  255. Elizabeth says:

    One doesn’t have to hate heterosexuals to love one’s fellow humans, gay or straight. I am heterosexual, and I have gay people in my life whom I love dearly. And Nick here appears to be my philosophical man-twin, because this is not about hating gays or hating heteros, it’s about marketing stupidity — of which this man, Guido Barilla, is profoundly guilty.

    I gave my opinion of Kent Wright’s math elsewhere.

  256. doughpro says:

    Maybe one should look at the manner in which he made the comment. Wasn’t it a radio interview? Who made it go viral, and why? If anything, the company did get some free publicity, and even bad publicity is just that—publicity. Will it affect his sales, his company, or his employees? I highly doubt it.

  257. mom says:

    How uplifting these replies are! How tolerant & informative!

    I still believe that all this ‘persecution’ towards a businessman who has the right to decide on his product’s advertisements, is laughable. Put your money (or not, your choice) where it will do some REAL good: boycott goods made by followers of any religion which STONES, BEHEADS & GENITALLY MUTILATES folks who act in non-sanctioned ways (suppressing women & gays comes to mind). Now that will MAKE a difference; quit nitpicking about what is supposedly lacking in some ad campaign!

  258. Nick Rowley says:

    There you go again, failing to read for meaning, my reply was a response to your saying people are relying on the translation of the author. I’m telling you that I, at least though I suspect many others here as well, am not relying on the author’s translation.

    Do you act this way with all of those friends you claim to have? ;)

  259. doughpro says:

    And you are the only one here with the ability to understand Italian…more self-stroking behavior.

  260. Elizabeth says:

    Also, if this was a strategic impulse on his part to try to corner the evangelical Christian pasta-sales market, it has backfired, because he has created a negative image of his company that will be hard to shake. Take note of the @BarillaUS apology on Twitter. If this was strategy, he did not share it with his US execs, did he? And if it was strategy, it was a bad one. Because even if you’re targeting a bigger market share, you do yourself no favors when you diss any portion of your potential consumer base.

    The way to appeal to evangelicals is not to say “we don’t market to gays, let them eat Ronzoni” — the way to appeal to evangelicals is to keep your trap shut and make ads showing families eating pasta, perhaps saying grace first, with a cross on the wall in the background for subliminal ambience. Easy to do without openly scorning any group.

  261. Elizabeth says:

    A lot of it is just plain old common sense.

  262. Elizabeth says:

    But I do have a sub rosa affiliation with MIT Sloan.

  263. Nick Rowley says:

    I love you. :D

    Marketing background at all?

  264. Elizabeth says:

    He can say what he wants. But if he bluntly tells a huge segment of the population to stop buying his product, why should he be surprised or offended when they (and the myriad people who care about them) find his refusal of their business to be offensive and take it elsewhere, as he himself suggests?

    Bottom line is, he committed the major business sin of letting his personal views affect his company’s brand. When you’re speaking on behalf of your company, you ALWAYS invite ALL customers to partake. The money of gay customers is every bit as valuable as the money of straight customers, and he does his company and his employees a disservice by forgetting that.

    I feel horrible for the executives of branches outside Italy who are scrambling to do damage control because this dweezil doesn’t understand basic marketing concepts.

  265. Elizabeth says:

    AMEN. It is bad business to invite people to stop buying your product. Because they WILL.

  266. Elizabeth says:

    You can have any opinion you want — but you are not entitled to have it with an expectation that no one in the world will express disagreement. And you’re bound to get disagreement when your opinion categorizes thousands of individual human beings of varying skills, characteristics, and values by one facet of their personhood and dismisses all of their other myriad facets as not worth considering. Gay people can be loving, intelligent, witty, talented, conscientious, fun, hospitable, friendly, kind, and skilled at a great variety of jobs… so focusing in on their sexual orientation, which is really only relevant to people with whom they have sexual relations, is a curious form of bias. And you should expect people to question that position of yours because it is so very curious.

    Stick to it if you wish. But don’t expect everyone to agree with you, because most people do not, and some disagree emphatically.

  267. Denise Parker says:

    No my brother isn’t dating anyone….he’s in Florida. I’ll gladly set you up if you would like. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have told you to choke on your Barilla. This Barilla guy and you are entitled to your opinions. You have proven to me again that I shouldn’t read the comments people make. Just for the record, the people screaming “HATE” and such probably like themselves too. Not even you are better than anyone else. Although, I’m sure you are awesome….just like my brother, who I love dearly.

  268. Elizabeth says:

    It is also very bad marketing to tell ANY segment of the populace that would potentially buy your product not to buy it, for any reason. Always, always, ALWAYS deliver positive messages to the public — because the minute you start saying “we won’t sell to X or Y,” you’ve created an image of your company as discriminatory. And you’ll lose customers. No matter what.

    I really feel bad for the Barilla execs in the US, who have to do damage control because of one Italian exec’s thoughtlessness. They had nothing to do with the chairman’s opinion, but they’re the ones who are going to have to cope with the effects.

  269. heimaey says:

    Homosexuality was viewed very differently in Biblical times. The homosexual hate is more recent than that, at least in European culture. The Romans and Greeks, for one, had little issue with homosexuality.

  270. The_Fixer says:

    You’re full of something that comes out of the North end of a Southbound horse.


    “Since civilization began, homosexual behavior has been abhorred and
    punished; we have come a long way from a gay being drawn &
    quartered. However there will always be folks that do not agree that
    sodomy equates love. Don’t they have a right to their opinion?”

    First, you’re trying that old canard – homosexuality is a behavior that can be turned off through some magic switch. Read what social scientists have to say. You’re flat wrong when you say that.

    No, only since biblical times and in certain cultures has homosexuality been taboo. It has not historically always been this way. It comes from a lack of understanding that two people of the same gender can have romantic feelings for one another. You clearly want it to be all about sex and are obsessed about “sodomy”.

    And I’m gonna say this: No, you don’t have a right to a stupid opinion. You have a right to a well-informed opinion. If you know nothing about engineering a ship, I am not going to let you design one for me.

    And you know nothing about sexuality, so you don’t get to express an opinion about it. Now go away.

  271. Trezure Fenton-Cook says:

    A traditional family means man woman and kids. he should have left it at that. and been a good corporate monkey and evaded, politions are good at it, watch them. too bad the media cant find real news.

  272. Roxie Davis Guilbault says:


  273. Nick Rowley says:

    You’re allowed to have any opinion you like but you don’t have immunity from the reactions of others.

    It’s really not that difficult a concept, why do so many people have trouble with it?

  274. Nick Rowley says:

    I actually don’t care about his opinion, but I do find marketing and PR interesting and blunders like this one are fun to watch.

  275. Chunck Pearce says:

    silly,don’t you know you are not allowed to have an opinion about the gays,you are not allowed to say anything against the gays,if you do you will be hated and boycotted

  276. Nick Rowley says:

    And, as I’ve said a bunch of times here, you do not, under any circumstances say “people can buy other companies products”. That’s the crux of the matter, he failed in the central role a CEO should have, that of booster of his product.

  277. Nick Rowley says:

    I do, which is why I presented a critique of it. :)

  278. mom says:

    This boycott is only hurting gays. People are getting very tired of being told WHAT they can say & believe. Worse is being called ‘hater’ or ‘bigot’. Whining about the fact that a PASTA COMPANY does not use gay families in their advertising (oh the horrors!!) is ridiculous.

    Since civilization began, homosexual behavior has been abhorred and punished; we have come a long way from a gay being drawn & quartered. However there will always be folks that do not agree that sodomy equates love. Don’t they have a right to their opinion?

  279. glorrierose says:

    Oh good grief. The same old same old saw falsely reiterated.

    Criticism does not equal censorship. The man is free to say whatever he wants. I am free to criticize what he says.

    In your world apparently there is no freedom to criticize stupid ideas. Only the freedom to EXPRESS stupid ideas. Like yours, endlessly repeated.

  280. Kent Wright says:

    Why are you disapproving his opinion???

  281. glorrierose says:

    Here is the PR response that could have saved him from being boiled in all this hot water:

    “Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I will look into it.”

    That doesn’t commit him to doing anything about it. It also doesn’t get him into hot water with consumers of his pasta (which include not only gay people, but friends, family and supporters of gay people….a population that is more than 50% in most developed countries these days).

    Face it. The man committed a total PR blunder, no matter which side you are on with respect to gays. If you are an executive of a massive company dependent on worldwide distribution of your product, you simply DO NOT say anything to offend a large portion of your customers. That is not CENSORSHIP. That is recognition of economic realities.

    He is free to make his bigoted statements in private (though one must still be careful there as well — witness what happened to the Mittster after that surreptitiously filmed tape got out). But when he speaks as an executive to the press, he is speaking for the company, not as an individual. And the company has a vested interest in not losing a large portion of its customers.

    In your position of employment you do not have total freedom of speech. For instance, you absolutely do NOT have the freedom to disparage your own company in public. That will get you fired. By the same token you do NOT have the freedom as an executive to encourage a large population not to buy your product, because of the impact that will have upon the company, its shareholders, and its workers.

  282. Kent Wright says:

    OK …..I see your point. Do you see mine?

  283. Nick Rowley says:

    Nobody infringed his free speech, why are you trying to infringe on the speech of those who want to express disapproval of his opinion?

  284. Rico757 says:

    We want free speech… until we don’t agree with it … then we want to boycott companies because the head of the company expressed his freedom of speech.

  285. Matticus says:

    Oh goodness, it’s not as if they are giving money to anti-gay organizations or anything. So they won’t have gay people in their advertising. So he sounded arrogant/ abrasive in an interview. SO WHAT. There are plenty of things to be angry about, and plenty of companies that need to be called out for outright financing bigotry. This is chump change, and understandable, already-apologized-for chump change at that.

    Pick your battles son

  286. glorrierose says:

    What censorship? Who is stopping this man from saying stupid things? Has anyone deprived him of speaking, or even from having a platform in the media from which to speak (which is often denied to others)?

    YOU don’t know what censorship is. It is NOT censorship to criticize what someone else has said. It is NOT censorship to decide not purchase a product because you don’t like what the company exec is saying.

    We who oppose this man’s ridiculous bigotry have our OWN freedom of speech. We have the freedom to criticize him. We have the freedom to choose not to buy his products.

    You need to study your history books to find out what real censorship is.

  287. Nick Rowley says:

    Nah, I translated it myself since I can read Italian. The author’s point stands. :)

  288. Nick Rowley says:

    “Perhaps this is just a marketing ploy by the CEO…Chic file a had an increase of sales after their crisis.

    Do the math….”

    Chick Fil-A is a US specific company with market coverage in less than 2000 outlets mostly in the southern United States, Barilla is an international food company with a presence in many countries that have already legalized same-sex marriage.

    I can “do the math”, I don;t think you can…

  289. Rrrr says:

    Totally right. But no one’s got the right to condemn him and be aggressive.

  290. RRR says:

    Exactly. This is what I was talking about. He’s got the right to not include gays into his videos or whatever and you’ve got the right to disagree. As simple as that. Making the thing extreme is always bad. If someone doesn’t see homosexual people the way you do, leave them be, it’s their opinion. And the same goes for extreme anti-gay fighters.

  291. Nick Rowley says:

    Something tells me you don;t really have many friends; homosexual or otherwise. ;)

  292. blisterpeanuts says:

    “Everyone is free to do what they want, provided it doesn’t bother anyone else.”
    Based on the writer’s translation, this doesn’t sound all that intolerant to me. The CEO doesn’t want to feature gays in the company’s advertisements. So what? How often do you see gay couples featured in ANY product advertisements anywhere? I can confidently say: never. Apart from in-your-face music videos and hipster-oriented fringe marketing, the mainstream is a white-bread feel-good advertising market that will never in our lifetimes feature same-sex couples. Sorry but that’s reality. This all seems like an overreaction by people who seek drama and controversy.

  293. randgmom says:

    This is not about convincing everyone to think the same or think like “we” do. This is about CEOs of huge corporations that are bigots or mysoginists or homophobes realizing that THEY DO NOT HAVE TO TELL EVERYONE THEIR PERSONAL OPINIONS. Just shut up & run your company. You don’t have to like gays or women or whomever, but you also don’t need to share your personal beliefs with everyone. And if you decide to do that, don’t cry when people’s dislike of what you said is reflected in your sales. Just like he can say what he wants, so, too, are people free to respond with disgust, distate or by boycotting his products. That’s the way it goes.

  294. Nick Rowley says:

    You certainly sound amused….

  295. Nick Rowley says:

    Contrary to a popular truism, there is such a thing as bad publicity. :)

  296. doughpro says:

    You’re right. But trying to tell that to the heterophobes in here.

  297. doughpro says:

    Umm………no. In fact, I am amused by your silliness. You need to learn tolerance. That is what I tell all my homosexual friends who get offended at those who don’t give them special treatment because they are homosexual.

  298. Jerk Douglas says:

    The guy writing this is more interested in being angry than understanding that people have beliefs of their own. Sorry things don’t go your way right now, but this is not the way to change minds for lasting peace and understanding.

  299. Kent Wright says:

    And yet the Barilla name is all over the internet now…..

    The math….

    Gay percentage in US 1.7% maybe 5% max. – 5 million

    Catholic and Evangelical Protestants 50.2% – 156 million.

    Maybe he is not so dumb after all???

  300. glorrierose says:

    Ummm….that is what people are saying they will do. It was his recommendation (although he forgot to include friends, families, and supporters of the LGBT community…a much larger group with greater financial impact). So yeah, we don’t like his opinions, and yeah, we aren’t going to buy his products.

    Got that?

    Do I need to repeat it?

  301. glorrierose says:

    You just don’t get it, do you? You are absolutely correct, he can do all that. Although it ISN’T his company, he is only an executive. Still, he can say and do whatever he wants with regard to advertising or anything else that does not violate laws.

    He CANNOT do that without repercussions from customers. We are also free to have opinions and to stop purchasing or never purchase Barilla products. That is OUR CHOICE.

  302. glorrierose says:

    #1 The company is not his. He is only an executive hired by the company.

    #2 When you open your mouth in such a way as to disparage a portion of your customers and to discourage them from buying your product, you are risking company profits and also employment security of your workers. Acting willy nilly on your own like this can have a deep impact on others. So you need to be responsible and keep your bigoted opinions to yourself — both the bigoted opinion about gays and now his bigoted opinion about women (as queen of pasta in the family).

  303. doughpro says:

    Where is your source for the company’s loss of “millions of dollars”? Just because people like you (who have no life, and your only job is to spread hatred over the internet) say something is true, doesn’t automatically make it true.

  304. glorrierose says:

    He’s that stupid.

  305. doughpro says:

    Does it surprise you that so many people took the author’s translation of comments made in Italian as truth? So wrong on so many counts…..

  306. JakeT says:

    First of all, “freedom of speech” is not an absolute. This “freedom” does not give any individual the right to say anything and everything they damn well please. Second, this “freedom” does not prevent what a person says, especially publically, from being responded to by anyone and everyone if they so choose. There is no such “right” that says that a person can make a public statement and the rest of the world is expected, nay, required, to bite their tongues and say nothing in response. Finally, the “freedom of speech” described in the US Constitution protects speech from any GOVERNMENT retribution. It doesn’t refer to things said by, between and among various individuals.

  307. Nick Rowley says:

    You don’t know what you’re talking about. I do however. It makes you very angry doesn’t it? :)

  308. doughpro says:

    You can tout your credentials all you want, and continue to pat yourself on the back, but anyone with any experience in marketing and/or PR knows that there is no such thing as an “irrelevant opinion”. Everyone’s opinion is taken into consideration, which is why Barilla is making another statement. He’s not doing “damage control”, he is furthering his explanation for the ignorant masses who took offense to his honesty about his company’s advertising policy.

  309. StevesWeb says:

    One might argue that it was the Christians promoting laws to deny equal rights to gay couples who took sex into the political arena. It was only when ancient fairy tales were applied that gay sex became political.

  310. Kent Wright says:

    Google translate has this….

    “We will not be advertising with homosexuals, because we like the traditional family. If gays do not agree, they can always eat pasta from another manufacturer. All are free to do whatever they want provided it does not annoy others. ”

    A little different take on the translation, no?

    Perhaps this is just a marketing ploy by the CEO…Chic file a had an increase of sales after their crisis.

    Do the math….

    Gay percentage in US 1.7% maybe 5% max. – 5 million

    Catholic and Evangelical Protestants 50.2% – 156 million.

    Maybe he is not so dumb after all???

  311. StevesWeb says:

    ” All sin will be judged.” it seems your prophecy hath fulfilled itself.

  312. Gwen Drowne says:

    The word is DISCRIMINATION – whether the word was gay, black, Chinese, Spanish, etc., the affect would still be the same – its the context in
    which he made the statement. In this case, the CEO IS prejudiced against
    the Gay community and shows it in his statement. Now this CEO
    (aka JERK) is trying to “recant” his words – too late. Barilla has just
    lost millions of dollars with their so called “top management’s” razor tongue. Does the Gay community have the right to stand-up to Barilla? Damn right they do – kick his ass.

  313. doughpro says:

    Maybe your husband prefers Barilla. Are you saying that your husband is a spineless dweeb who is forced to share your opinion on matters such as this? Typical closed-minded, intolerant behavior. And you call Barilla “hateful”?

  314. didi says:

    I have more and more hateful comments on gays and will tell you that this literally made me sick. NO hope that everyone gay, straight, male or female stops eating your products.b remember they not only make pasta, they also make jarred sauce. I will even make sure that any restaurants that I eat in, do not serve your product before I order
    Oh, and when MY HUSBAND SHOPS AND MAKES DINNER. I will make sure HE doesn’t purchase Barilla any longer. So you bigot, Find your way out of this,

  315. Nick Rowley says:

    “What makes raven’s views on the matter “irrelevant”? Because you say so?”

    Nope, because the company has already instigated damage control measures showing that they, unlike Raven are very much bothered by the response to Guido’s comments. It’s right there in the article, which isn’t very long and can be read in its entirety in a fairly short time.

    As to my credentials for judging the matter, I happen to have a background in consumer product research and have worked in marketing and PR so yes I actually do know what I’m talking about. :)

  316. Art Vandelay says:

    Honestly, if some pasta CEO said he wouldn’t depict Christians in his ads, because he is an atheist, and that religious people who are offended by that could always buy other pasta, that would not offend me in the least. But even if the notion that he didn’t want Christians in his ads offended me, I would simply take his advice and buy other brands. I wouldn’t insult him personally and call him names and leave derogatory comments on websites and generally cry and hyperventilate like a little baby.

  317. Andoring says:

    Yes. He could have communicated that in a better way as to not offend anyone and he went out and apologized afterwards. People say stupid shit sometimes and regret it. There’s a time a place for forgiveness. Perhaps you don’t feel we’re there yet, but just ask yourself where you’re coming from. Is it justice and understanding, or revenge?

  318. doughpro says:

    Really? What makes raven’s views on the matter “irrelevant”? Because you say so? And for that you pat yourself on the back and insinuate that you are a much better “verbal jouster” than raven. Classic narcissistic, shallow-minded behavior.

  319. bwhite74 says:

    Are you kidding me? Do people have nothing better to do with their life than debate over pasta? People need to get a grip these days. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Weather gay or straight black or white. We spend so much time trying to convince other people who don’t share the same opinion as maybe we do that they are wrong. We have become a cry baby nation that no one is allowed to truly say how they feel because someone else might be offended by it. Agree to disagree people and move on. What bitter, angry people we have become by reading what some of these comments have said.

  320. Tommy Ferrugia says:

    Ummm, actually I, fortunately, have not contracted HIV through drug use or relations with a woman, so I really don’t know how you dreamt up such an idiotic remark. However, since I can already tell that you are a person of good breeding and CLEARLY not an ignorant, inbred loser who harbors pointless hate (due to a deep seated self-loathing), I will assume you made that remark out of concern for my well being. So, thank you!

  321. doughpro says:

    You must one of those running around screaming that they’re not going to buy any more Barilla pasta. Oh the inhumanity of it all…the owner of a company prefers to portray the traditional family in his commercials. Get over it.
    You missed the irony in Holly’s comment because you’re apparently blinded by your own bigotry. You think it’s okay to call a man an “anti-gay bigot” because he does not share your opinion? I hate to tell you, but THAT is bigotry.

  322. raven says:

    amen!!! preach on sistah man :)

  323. Nick Rowley says:

    And possibly glue to your rubber yes? You are quite the verbal jouster. Tee Hee.

    I however do actually know what I’m talking about and the facts have born me out.

  324. raven says:

    you’re irrelevant :)

  325. Nick Rowley says:

    Ah well the company however does care that Guido’s comments caused them trouble. Your views on the matter are irrelevant. :)

  326. curious says:

    There are boundaries my friend. I don’t think this is a matter of agreeing with every inane thing a CEO believes or prefers. The issue of equality on our planet for folks of all race, sexual preference etc. is not an inane issue. I’m sure if this CEO announced that their pasta is not appropriate for christians and that those religious people should eat something else we’d be reading comments from the likes of you of a different tone.

  327. raven says:

    I like barilla pasta I don’t really care what was said, it doesn’t change my opinion of the company. honestly who gives a shit, I’m so sick of hearing shit about gays, “don’t do that the gays might get offended, don’t say that it offends the gays” get the fuck over yourselves already lots of shit offends people your not special.

  328. Eileen Small says:

    It really is NOT any skin off my nose and that’s the truth!!. If a product uses only men or only dogs in their adds, it doesn’t offend me and I don’t feel that I’m discriminated on because I’m a woman. I guess i’m just not that insecure! And, no, before someone finds the need to ask, I don’t think homosexuals are a privileged minority except in their own minds and the minds of whomever they can manage to convince of such silliness. If gays don’t want to buy this product because their itty-bitty feelings are hurt, I certainly agree that they have every right not to do so. If I want to buy it– I will do so–period!. I am tired of all these different groups looking for ways that they can feel abused and that they hope will entitle them to some privileged status or to get some kind of cudo . Hint: nobody cares who I sleep with or want to hear about it–and I don’t care whom anyone else sleeps with or want to hear about it! And it certainly has no impact on what foods I buy! If it’s great pasta–and it is–I’ll definitely continue to buy it over others That’s my only point!

  329. curious says:

    oh….I see your point now. It took a couple of reads of your comment but now it makes sense. You’re delusional. Got it.

  330. Teddy Spaghetti says:

    Eh, they’ve got a right to advertise using whoever they want — the person, people, or family that they feel best represents their brand. That being said, don’t get all pissy and tell gays they can “go eat someone else’s pasta” if they don’t like it, because they probably will. I didn’t find anything offensive or wrong with his statement until that quote. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

  331. Nick Rowley says:

    Pretty homoerotic avatar there dudebro. :)

  332. Matt says:

    Vaffanapoli? Let’s not be bigoted against the south while writing an antibigot article please.

  333. Nick Rowley says:

    That’s odd, do you happen to speak Italian? If so please provide the translation as you read the original? The translation works fine as far as I’m concerned.

  334. Ann Heffner says:

    hey, there are a lot of pasta brands out there. I used to buy Barilla. Please note the past tense.

  335. Nick Rowley says:

    He said, whether intentionally or not, “go buy another company’s product” that’s a gaff no consumer product company should ever make, regardless of the foundation.

    That’s what’s funny in this situation. :)

  336. Nick Rowley says:

    Seeing a lot of “I’m gonna buy a bunch of packets of Barilla now” very edgy and delightful obviously. Except the company has already given him a bollocking and made him retract his statements.

    So, let’s assume all those comments are a plan of action and not simply impotent belligerence. A spike in sales (assuming it would be a spike) after the retraction sends the message that you approve of the retraction not the initial statements. So please, go buy as many packets as you like. :)

    I suppose you could somehow finagle your way onto a focus group where you could let the company know you were doing it because they were sticking it to teh gays or something but I’ll tell you what the marketing department’s reactions to verbatims like that would be: “Time to change our brand identity”

    You see, food companies, despite what loose cannon CEOs might say, actually want to sell product to as many consumers as possible; being associated with hateful homophobes isn’t a direction any brand wants to go down because it’s exclusionary and exclusionary means less sales. :)

  337. Holly says:

    So let me get this straight….you’re a proponent of boycotting a company because someone has a different viewpoint as you and calling them anti-gay bigots….that would be like a straight person boycotting {insert any number of companies here} and calling their leadership anti-heterosexual bigots… I’m not sure that I follow your logic….
    When does respect only work when it’s one-sided?
    Why throw something online to blast them, rather than engage in dialogue?
    and why is that anyone who supports or cooperates in a traditional family unit is called an “anti-gay bigot”? This is getting a little old.

  338. Kathy NeverSurrender Egan says:

    Brat, you are a troll who really needs to get a life.

  339. Nick Rowley says:

    Both of those companies have already caved and retracted the statements/pledged to not contribute to any gay causes. Your purchases are telling them you approve of the caving. :)

  340. Kent Van Heerden says:

    Barilla should market their pasta to the Russians, it seems like a good fit.

  341. Kent Van Heerden says:

    No more overpriced Barilla for me and my “gay family”
    I always encouraged my family to buy Barilla since I liked their product (even if it is overpriced as hell)

    I don’t care that they don’t have an advert featuring an lgbt individual, what I do care about is how they basically said that they WOULD NOT EVER do it as if that would be a problem in this era.

    Then to go on and say anyone who has a problem with that can go eat someone elses pasta, well I’m taking their suggestion and I think I’ll be supporting Riscossa Pasta from now on.

  342. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Love it!!!!

  343. Kent Van Heerden says:

    I agree completely.
    Since Barilla brand pasta is not gay friendly, I now have to go without eating pasta completely!
    I mean, seriously, it’s not like there are hundreds of other brands to choose from or anything.
    Barilla is the only producer of pasta and therefore we have no other options but to go a life free of pasta.

    Let’s imagine a brand of bread that comes out as openly racist, it’s completely understandable if people of color decide to go bread free for their entire lives, what with the limited options we have and the thousands of racist-free brands of bread on the shelves.

    I totally see your point, gay people should DEFINITELY support brands that are homophobic.
    Without Barilla, where would we get our pasta from? Oh good lord, the sacrifices I have to make, I will have to suffer a life free of pasta.

    I totally get you.

  344. Anna Green says:

    “So you think you are straight?
    So is spagetti until it is hot”

  345. Matt Rogers says:

    I’m pretty sure Naples isn’t the issue here.

  346. Matt Rogers says:

    I’m not convinced that the company supports traditional values. A lot of people say they’re supporting the traditional family, when they’re actually opposing gay people’s families.

  347. Matt Rogers says:

    If I understand your reasoning correctly, I don’t think it makes him a bigot because the word “bigot,” while unpleasant, isn’t a slur. It’s simply an accurate description of people who support discrimination. He’s suggesting that it would be difficult to be part of a bigot’s family, which seems pretty reasonable to me.

  348. Jon J Demko says:

    NO, Im saying stop calling it a boycott and organize your self for a fart in the woods. That man simply another opinion. I will still eat that pasta if its any good. If you want to be a “LOVE ME ALL AND EVERYWHERE FAG” please be a my guest ;-) Thats all I am saying. And you got me there with the slavery ;-) You know, you are starting a new term. TRADITIONAL FAG. No wonder there is such thing as gay agenda. It will be the new term for Stupid radical faqs. Im sorry. Could you please, take care of your I WANNA ME LOVED AND ACCEPTED BY EVERYONE AND EVERYWHERE…. just somewhere ELSE?

    Thats whats going on in Russia is diffferent story. Human being as being hurt. I hardly cant see how a homofamily not being in pasta commercials are hurting me. As a matter of fact. Im quite glad that someone just stands his ground, to this radicalism of gay extremism. AND IM GAY! just to set the record str8.

  349. goodgirlpuppy says:

    Supporting the traditional family and believing that is what God intended is different than being openly hateful to others that don’t agree with you.

  350. Justinius Phoenix says:

    You can be a Christian and support Traditional Family, Just don’t condemn or exclude those Christian Families or even none Christian Families of Unconventional styles, Remember Jesus said Love they neighbor as thy self, and he said…. well he said nothing about Unconventional families…. I mean Jesus came from the most famous not exactly traditional family, His father (God) and mother (Mary) were never married and was raised by his mother and step father (Joesph).

  351. KathyNYC2 says:

    Yeah just like haters. God asks us to love one another as we would ourselves…not just the people that agree with us. Do unto others as you would do unto you. And of course, Jesus said, “let he who is without sin, cast the first stone” when speaking of adultery which is also a “sin”. Personally I don’t have much respect for anyone that has less compassion and shows less respect than God.

  352. hiphip says:

    but doesnt this comment make u a bigot as well?

  353. Angel says:

    And you became God when? Because you just sinned too my dear. Thou Shalt Not Judge Others.

  354. Kat says:

    I’m sorry, just for clarification: We’re supposed to tell him to go f$€k … Naples? Am I missing something?

  355. ali says:

    Hi. You’ve misread what I wrote… I didn’t say ‘imaginary representative’.

    I said ‘IMAGERY that is representative’ … as in the images they use in their advertising does not represent the true diversity in the population of Italy (because it leaves out black people and other groups of people).

  356. Diedrich Pfizer says:

    Awesome choice Kayla! Barilla is delicious and supports traditional values.

  357. SMB52 says:

    No one cares about your religion here, nor should they when you are being hypocritical to your own faith rofl :P

  358. Zachary James says:

    And the bigots come out to play… I feel sorry for your said family!

  359. Marvin Ruffin says:

    What if you found out your favorite cereal company supported the Taliban? Would you give a fuck then? I’m thinking you might because that might affect you or someone you love in one way or another. Try seeing thing from outside your own perspective. Its not about “support”, its about not brushing away bigotry.

  360. jahaja says:

    OK, I see your point. Apart from the “imaginary representative”. There’s nothing imaginary about the black population of Italy. There’s more of them than gay Italians.

  361. Kayla says:

    Homosexuality is a sin not a sickness. Just like thieves or liars. All sin will be judged.

  362. Kayla says:

    Good for him!! Bout time people speak up. All I’m buying for my family from now on is BARILLA!!! Bon Appetito!! :)

  363. Jermy Stockwell says:

    Personally, I quite like gay pasta – Homocelli, Poofarooni, and Wriggletony are my favorites.
    My friend Tony is particularly fond of that last one. Perhaps Mr. Barilla ought to try them. Like many people, I find straight pasta too starchy and old fashioned: a bit like Mr. Barilla himself, perhaps? There’s no ‘give’ in it. There’s no fun it! Straight pasta is dull. It always was. As Leonardo de Vinci
    himself said, ‘There are no straight lines in nature. Everything is wiggly – including pasta.’ Surely Barilla should know that gay pasta is quite delicious and can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of race, colour, creed, or sexual proclivity. I am pleased to say, here in Britain, it is now completely legal to
    eat gay pasta. I’ve been eating gay pasta for years – quite openly – and it’s done me no harm – Ducky. Of course it is easy to joke about it. But Barilla’s surprisingly unintelligent remarks show just how limited, uneducated, and prejudice some people still can be. Having no doubt lost a great number of his hitherto
    loyal consumers, perhaps Mr. Barilla should think of marketing his very heterosexual
    product elsewhere. Russia perhaps?

  364. Art Vandelay says:

    Like many of the outraged people commenting here, I also only buy products of companies whose chief executive officer agrees with me about every single issue. It takes a lot of time to do the research, but I have plenty of time on my hands. That’s because I haven’t been able to find a single company whose chief executive officer agrees with me about every issue, so I haven’t bought anything in years. I literally don’t have anything. I live under a bridge in a cardboard box, But at least I’m not supporting the companies owned by anyone who happens to disagree with me about anything

  365. Krystal says:

    I think I lost a few brain cells from reading this stupidity. Gay people are not monsters with sex addictions, actually the vast majority of people who fit that description are straight. Gay people can be abstinent and at least they’re not bringing children into broken households and having a ton of children just to get bigger welfare checks like straight people. Gay couples are gay for the same reason straight people are straight. They love each other. If you can’t understand how one person can just love another then I feel sorry for you to have grown up in a world void of love. I’m not gay, I’m conservative when it comes to 90% of political issues and I just can’t make sense of how anyone could treat another human being who has never harmed another as less than human because of who they’re attracted to. It’s none of our business as long as no one is being hurt. Also I imagine all people are loyal to their genitalia regardless of preference, or does yours not work?

  366. Art Vandelay says:

    I won’t buy anything if its ads don’t feature a gay couple. That’s just me, though. I feel strongly about that. Any company that doesn’t put a gay couple in its ads will absolutely not get my business. I know that means I won’t be buying anything whatsoever in the foreseeable future. I’ll probably have to go off the grid, live in a lean-to made of tree limbs, and eat only the nuts and berries I can forage. But at least I’ll be true to my cause. No gay couples in ads = No business from me. I’m solid on that

  367. smellen says:

    wow….I was going to like your comment when I read the first line…funny stuff. But then I had to go and read the rest. You’re a real basket case! Lunatic-tic-tic.

  368. Irol Vyng says:

    A gay guy walks into a gay bar. Another homo is sitting at the bar. the homo at the bar reaches over and grabs the chair next to him, motioning him to sit on it, and says, “Here, let me push in your stool.”

  369. Irol Vyng says:

    You are trying to force sane people to accept you. You are sick, and want us to embrace your sickness. Go to hell.

  370. Irol Vyng says:

    I’m buying a whole case of it. Not like you or your friends every bought it to begin with … you gays already have another noodle in your mouth.

  371. Irol Vyng says:

    All fags are activists and radical, violent felons. Sodomy is a natural felony. It is a crime against nature. I’m proud to be intolerant of freaks who eat crap and smear it on each other. Homosexuality is the rape of a nation. Let all the fags have their own country, and in 40 years, there will be no more of them to parade their obsession with scat in our faces. You queers love children so much, you don’t produce any.

  372. Irol Vyng says:

    God is going to act before he has to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

  373. Irol Vyng says:

    Homosexuality is the rape of entire nations. http://whiterace.org/el/open-letter-to-the-fathers

  374. Ian says:

    John Aravosis

    Your translations are rather biased and incorrect and skewed in one specific way. It is true that Barilla stated that they were for a traditional family setup, but it also said it had the utmost respect for the gay community.

    Additionally it was the CEO that was giving his PERSONAL opinion on adoption by gay parents, at that specific time he was simply speaking his mind, not the opinion of the whole brand.

    Stick to English and Burgers mate!!

  375. Irol Vyng says:

    You won’t be happy until all pasta ads include pictures of queers fisting each other covered in marinara. You pro-fags are really just anti-heterosexual. You want to force everyone else to be queer, so you can rape children with impunity. “Homosexuality is rape. It is the rape of an entire race. Homosexuality
    is the rape of youth. The gay agenda and its poison is designed to turn
    young men into monsters with a sex addiction that is rarely cured.
    Homosexuals protect other homosexuals and will betray family, friends,
    and country for their fellow fags. This is why western culture has
    historically rejected sodomy, because sodomy is the rejection of family,
    culture, nation and race, knowing only loyalty to the nerve endings of
    pleasure centers. Patriots are loyal to their generations. Fags are
    loyal to their genitalia.” http://whiterace.org/el/open-letter-to-the-fathers-of-the-boy-scouts

  376. paul ragots says:

    I think Barilla as a brand has the right to its own agenda. Same as the gays as a so-called “community” even though I don’t see the homos as a homogenous community. One has to respect the other’s agenda. End of the story. Besides, there are other brands of pasta. If you want to take food into the political arena, like you’ve done with sex, fine, do not buy Barilla, just buy something else, or make your own homemade pasta.

  377. Sullivan says:

    Can’t wait to buy some Barilla pasta :-D I can’t wait. Love it. Good job, Barilla. I am supportive. I am not one to judge when people want to be gay but that doesn’t mean I can’t support you when you say that you support the traditional family. Anyone who is a Christian supports the traditional family and I respect that, whether people want to hear it or not. Excellent.

  378. I love women who behave like a Countess.

    Go and get some lessons in “practical Irony” ;)

  379. Nick Harman says:

    What a storm in a teacup. He believes he will get more sales if his advertising presents a traditional family of Mum, Dad and 2.5 children. In that he is not alone, I cannot recall any advertising for any product that overtly features gay people. So don’t have a go at him, have a go at the whole advertising industry.

  380. Americana says:

    I think it’s great that a large company stands up for what it believes in. Most companies are sell outs and only care about the dollar. They will tell you anything you want to hear just to get y our money! I think the world has forgotten what traditional family values are all about. If you didn’t notice, gays are very small percentage of people on this earth! So it’s not gonna hurt this guys business one bit. Yes we know lots of heterosexual people support gays. I have been using Barilla for years and will continue to!

  381. somi says:

    so you are saying, i need to respect a mans opinion, which is, that he does not even consider mine to be respectable (as in: a homosexual family construct is a valid construct) in first place? seriously?

    sure he can have his opinion, but so can i in despising this backward anti-humanitarian bullshit that simply does devalue the worth and existence of masses of people. … read the apologies. barilla goes on to promote the “traditional” family model with women in the kitchen. cute – what’s next? the “traditional good ol times” of slavery?

    the light and dark thing is bullshit. there’s tons of shades inbewteen a complete non-acceptance of equal rights that should be absolutely basic in a modern civilized society and needing to fly some flag.

  382. The_Fixer says:

    You say that like it’s a bad thing. I mean the boycott.

    I reserve the right to not spend my money with people who arrogantly belittle me.

    I might remind you that many a gay activist, the ones you call “radical homos” has come before you, and has made it so that you and I can say “I’m gay” without threat of going to jail or being imprisoned. They’ve boycotted, marched and even rioted for the right of us to be ourselves.

    Yes, in some places it was illegal to be gay, and a gay person could face imprisonment for having sex with another person of the same gender. In many places, (even in the heart of the gay Mecca Greenwich Village in NYC), one can still be assaulted or murdered if it is known that he or she is gay.

    What the “radical homos” have been doing is bringing attention and social as well as commercial pressure to make the point that we are not perverts and that we are not a threat to straight people, and we deserve the right to live as well as straight America does. It’s been working. It’s taken a long time, but it has been working.

    So no, the goal is not to have a rainbow flag in St. Peter’s Square. You come off poorly for suggesting that, sad to say.

  383. SgtMac says:

    Hey dude, you could always just ignore my response and take up NO opinion idiot. You don’t HAVE to respond at all, and people aren’t going to attack you for it, oh but wait…Dace, you just did. You came out and acted like a total ass and responded with stuff that just sounds like hate mongering and attacked me for my response in the comment section of an internet news story. Btw, I am a straight guy too, and my stance on the gays is irrelevant to this this endeavor. Your calling me someone who jumps in the middle of an argument of no reason to get attention in the comments section of an internet news story is fucking stupid dude. Comments section are for…..wait for it….

    Wait for it…


    Good for the goose but not good for the gander? It’s ok for you and only those that you agree with, right? If you disagree with them, then it’s ok for you to come out and start calling people ass and saying they shouldn’t be posting and should have “NO opinion idiot”…because since you don’t agree, they must be wrong.

  384. Joan says:

    I will only buy Barilla from now on!

  385. Lakbima says:

    As your fearless leader has said lets not negotiate must be the new worldview for you. Yes, it was taken from the entertainment to show their own hypocrisy. No conspiracy theory, just making observations. Try getting funding from the established scientist/system with a negative sounding hypothesis about homosexual or hom behavior. Just because you read up on what interests you that added to your biases and your worldview doesn’t make you more enlightened. It just means that you are in the echo chamber. Yes, as hets make homs hopefully more of the genetic/epigenetic nature must be understood to help all. See the low-information type did hit me the wrong way, not really. You are just a mus-guided information type.

  386. Jon J Demko says:

    So whats the ultimate goal here guys? Boycott the shit out of everyone who has a different opinion on family than the gay agenda, until they hang the rainbow flag over at st.Peters sq in Vatican city and surrender to the gay lobby?

    You know for someone who screams at top of his lungs about tolerance, you’re being pretty fucking intolerant right now to that mans opinion about family. So what? He has a different opinion about family. Does the gay agenda has to really push their ass everywhere? And if its not welcome, do we gonna boycott even a chicken house or public toilletes? Are we so desperate and we cross the line between sense to stupid? When did this shit happend?

    You all radical homos (and Im gay) remind me of Lorreta:

    The world is changing from terrorist and citizens to LIGHT and DARK. Where light mean sense,information and DARK absense of sense and information. Where will you stand in the future?

  387. The_Fixer says:

    Ah, so all peer-reviewed science that doesn’t comport to your preconceived notions about human sexuality is invalid? That’s not the way science works. We accept what good science says, regardless of whether we like it or not. Furthermore, the body of scientific knowledge concerning human sexuality is chock full of repeatable research.

    The fact is, we don’t know the exact mechanism behind homosexuality – yet. But those of us who are gay know one thing – we indeed are born into it.

    Ignorance is not “coded newspeak”. It’s an observation I made based on your lack of knowledge on the subject. I don’t claim to be an intellectual – let alone a pseudo-intellectual – just someone who has spent a lot of time reading and educating myself about what I am.

    Regarding homosexual activity being a “non-gene pool diversifying evolutionary dead-end behavior” is concerned, it doesn’t have to be a gene-pool diversifying behavior. I might remind you that straight people are the ones giving birth to gay people. And will continue to do so.

    The rest of your comment seems to be where you go off the rails. Entertainment media Borg (the word “borg” came from entertainment media, you know)? I can’t take anything that you say as being credible when you talk like that.

    You strike me as a combination low-information type with a passion for a good conspiracy theory. I won’t be answering any more of your comments, I’ve made my points and you don’t seem to want to address them on their merits.

  388. Holly Phares says:

    Bravo, Cassidy! Your ability to articulate so succinctly and passionately these truths to those who just don’t “get it” is a gift. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to do this. Again, Bravo!!

  389. Lakbima says:

    What is your first language or god of all things that are correct in ways of writing English. Please feel free to correct my English.

  390. Nibbio says:

    Title says:

    “Famed Italian pasta maker Barilla: Gays can eat someone else’s pasta”

    Did he say that? NO!!!

    He said that he doesn’t want gay families in ads, and if someone doesn’t agree, he can eat someone else’s pasta

    Please , think what you want, but be honest, don’t change words!!!

  391. Lakbima says:

    You meen scientists/academics that are reviewing each others work that has the same biases about human behavior. Yes hom activity is a choice. There are biological/genetic/epigenetic components to it also. And as a behavior it is a non-gene pool diversifying evolutionary dead end behavior.

    Unlike you, I don’t claim to have full delusional, pseudo intellectual notions about scientific and social arts (non repeated) studies about human behavior. If the so called it happens in the womb because of hormonal changes is true, then it can be mitigated. I am open to the idea that biologically so called transgender individuals don’t have a choice about their biological makeup. Yet, as sex changes show, even that can be changed unlike being of a breed of humans (Michael Jackson may question that idea also though).
    “ignorance” Ah, the coded newspeak of the pseudo intellectuals who think that they have higher brain waves because they think they are “open minded” about how people get pleasure. That is the only way the borg can control you (lets get the low hanging fruit with emotional appeal and get their vote and then who cares about the country). You are so open minded that there are no barriers to filter out ideas that pollute your opened up mind. After all the entertainment media borg in their efforts to install their transient morality (as that is good for their business model) is doing a nice job of being the polluted idea generatros and the destroyer of barriers.

  392. Alexander says:

    This is how free spreech and freedom works; you are free to say and express whatever opinion you want and I am free express whatever my opinion is about that opinion. I am free to not put my hard earned cash in your Hands if I don´t like your opinion. If he has enough customers who don´t mind his opinion he will survive, if not he won´t. period.

  393. andy says:

    will never buy barilla again. will urge my friends not to buy it either.

  394. Anonymous says:

    It’s not a glitch, it’s a user hired by Barilla to do damage control. They change names to avoid suspicion.

  395. Bitch ---please says:

    Good bye Barilla

  396. Anonymous says:

    He lives in “PR trolling land.” He was obviously hired by Barilla to look like a bunch of people defending the company. He adds in opposing comments to make it less suspicious.
    I see this on a bunch of sites, especially when a post makes a company look bad.

  397. Anonymous says:

    It’s called PR trolling, and companies hire people to do it when they are in deep trouble. I think they paid for at least 1000 comments on here alone.

  398. juli says:

    Hurray for Barilla!

  399. Daniel says:

    There are websites, lol. How do you think they obtain their supply?

    They could buy ‘better’ munchies, but it certainly would’t be a positive thing. Do you want Barilla to be forced to retract opinions that he still believes?

    And I am NOT supporting bigotry. I am supporting the honest, open, and public forum. If there exist bigots there, better than having them in the closet with their negative emotions stewing.

  400. Mimmo Modarelli says:

    Continuiamo a farci male. Saranno più i gay nel mondo che non mangeranno più prodotti Barilla o i benpensanti che gioiosamente abbracceranno tali prodotti avendo con essi trovato un paladino della “famiglia tradizionale” come le sue, no, non ho sbagliato, le sue, ne ha due, secondo la tradizione consolidata è divorziato e risposato

  401. Crystal says:

    Very curious Dave, but when did u actually “choose” to be “traditional”. When did u think about banging a guy and then say to yourself “ya, I’m gonna stick with vagina”?. When did u make the choice , weighing the pros and cons?

  402. judybrowni says:

    The “marijuana community,” whatever the hell that might be, can do better for munchies than Barilla pasta.

    But yes, if such a “community” existed, and Barilla mouthed off about them, they could also choose to buy better munchies for that reason, too.

    You make less and less sense as you desparately grasp at straws to support bigotry.

  403. Daniel says:

    Actually what I did was refute a foreseeable counter- argument that did split hairs.

  404. The_Fixer says:

    Nobody said that all straight people should be strung up – nice straw-man argument there.

    I merely said that if one educates themselves, they would find that gay, bi and trans people are a normal variant of human sexuality.

    Why are we so bothered by him saying he will not use gays in his marketing? Because he singled us out, saying the he only wants to appeal to those in ‘traditional” marriage. Which we see as a code for regarding us as ‘lesser than”. And he said that he does not agree with adoption by gay couples. Additionally, he was arrogant when he said it.

    When you put these together, you wind up with an expression of animus against gay people. We’ve taken a lot of crap over the years, listened to a lot of lies and have experience harassment, discrimination, beatings and even murder. We’re actively working to improve the lot of our own. Now do you understand?

    These anti-gay expressions of thought made by people who have little knowledge about us and even less about what comprises humanity are damn frustrating. I hope you can understand why we don’t want to give this guy our money, and why we are raising such a fuss. If you think that this comment was an attack, re-read it. It is emphatic, but you’d definitely know if I was attacking you.

  405. judybrowni says:

    A cheer for Daniel:
    Split those hairs! Split them! Split them fine!

  406. Daniel says:

    I do understand that he is being bigoted. However, boycotting does not address that at all. Remember, he has done no injustice in saying this; merely expressed his opinion. Many people have the same stance on abortion as he does on gay marriage: “It should be legal, but I don’t support it”. Can’t you give that to him? I understand the difference that being gay is a state of being and abortion is not, but he views marriage as a choice. Would it be a appropriate for the marijuana community to react the same way if he made similar comments about marijuana?

  407. Thom Allen says:

    levi, there seems to be an occasional glitch with Disqus. Sometimes two or three posts get the same username and these posts have been diametrically opposite. There are a few comments below about that.

  408. judybrowni says:

    I don’t think it’s kind to laugh at the crazy guy.

  409. judybrowni says:

    Ah, but your name came up as “dave” on my browser.
    In any case, we’ve been hearing the same repetitive idiocy all fucking day long.
    You’re no special snowflake.

  410. Thom Allen says:

    Gabriel, very glad that it worked out so well for both of you! You sound like a good man.

  411. The_Fixer says:

    Exactly! Very well put!

  412. Thom Allen says:

    Who cares that he has “no say” in American politics? What does that have to do with the price of pasta in Iowa? And he was giving an interview on the radio. That wasn’t “accidentally” opening his mouth. What he said was bigoted and now he’s getting appropriate responses. And a number of posters, myself included, have mentioned that he’s sexist and was essentially confining women to the kitchen.

  413. levi says:

    *continues to slow clap* Actually, that was my first comment, so unless there is another levi out there who is shooting the same opinions as me, I would recommend that you step away from the internet before you hurt yourself.

  414. The_Fixer says:

    I think you have to be on the same plane of existence to get his jokes.

    Which makes him either a very interesting person, or a loon. I can’t decide which.

    He is entertaining, though!

  415. Dave says:

    Just as I wanted not to do, I provoked attack. Too bad a view and a voice is a bad thing these days. Judi, I have a view, you also have a view, it appears that you are angry. I did not attack, only state what looked obvious to me. It is apparent that you are right and I will not try and change your view. I will notify my wife of 17 years to keep an eye on me for some of the things you have predicted will happen to me. Ralph, thanks for the post, it really opened my eyes to something I would have never considered. I usually do not involve myself in this whole LGBT thing but found this Pasta post on FB. Who knew. Thanks Tom. I guess left field is where I live. BTW Fixer, I am no scientist, but if it were not for me and my kind, you would not be here. I am still confused how you can be so insulted by a guy saying he will not use gays in his marketing. 1 guy, one company, with a view. If you like pasta, eat the pasta…be happy the way you are. Who cares what he believes. Life is way too short.

  416. Thom Allen says:

    But Guido IS being implicitly bigoted in his remarks. You;re just too concrete to understand.

  417. judybrowni says:

    All you’ve been doing is whining, and it’s repetitive whining at that.
    Your opinion was stupid to begin with, has continued to be stupid every time you’ve repeated.

  418. levi says:

    So, I mean, I get why I should be offended about his original comment, but when it comes to the comment about women being the center of the family, there’s a clear cultural miscommunication that is going on here. But I’ve also accepted that no one probably cares about that, because all everyone in this post wants to do is whine because someone who has no say in American politics accidentally opened their mouth. *slow clap*

  419. judybrowni says:

    Yeah, I see how ridiculous Daniel is.

  420. Thom Allen says:

    Drop Barilla the company, drop Guido Barilla, or both? Personally, I’d like to see Guido sent to Antarctica, those penguins are vicious and would kneecap him with their beaks.

  421. judybrowni says:


    Please ask the voices in your head to translate.

  422. Daniel says:

    ‘no differentiation of service between customers’ means that each customer is being treated equally, unlike those buses where non-whites were forced to sit in the back as second class citizens.

    A better example would be “Oh, so you don’t like the fact that I collect model trains? Let me call up the National Modern Railroads Association and tell them to stop buying your product”. Do you see how ridiculous that is?

  423. pappyvet says:

    Defending ourselves is also free [for the moment] speech. It’s the defending against outrageous verbal nonsense that the wingnuts do not want.

  424. Thomas_Outt says:

    Her Imperial Highness, The Princess Melita Bonaparte, was named the first Ambassador to Antarctica, a dual arrangement with American & French governments. The South-based penguin community has agreed to drop Barilla entirely & The Princess supports their decision.

  425. Thom Allen says:

    You’re right “Cassidy” became luigi and my comment to “Cassidy” now says it belongs to luigi. Thanks, Fix, I noticed it earlier and thought the trolls were being a little “trollier” tonight.

  426. judybrowni says:

    If you could only translate that into English…

  427. Daniel says:

    There is no differentiation of service between customers, so that example doesn’t apply.

  428. Daniel says:

    His products have nothing to do with his views. The ends don’t justify the means, and while I don’t blame you if you can’t bring himself to eat his food after what he said, organizing a boycott which could potentially be devastating to the company is. Any apology he could possible give is now completely meaningless, since it has been induced by this culture of boycotting people who disagree with us. This culture keeps business owners from letting their potentially controversial view be known. His opinion seems like that of a good person who is ill-informed.

  429. judybrowni says:

    DAVE TRANSLATION: “How dare you be intolerant of intolerance!”

  430. judybrowni says:

    Damn. it’s one of those over-sensitive pencil eraser heads.
    Boy, those people over react.

  431. The_Fixer says:

    I refreshed the page and yet different usernames are appearing. You might want to try that, it might clear things up for you as well.

    It was sure confusing as hell for me!

  432. Thom Allen says:

    We’ve been through that. He’s wrong, he’ll hear about it.

  433. judybrowni says:

    Reading comprehension: you should try it.

  434. Thomas_Outt says:

    Dear Dead Head. Her Imperial Highness , Princess Melita Bonaparte, will no longer request your brand of pasta from her chef & upon entering any restaurant that has pasta on the menu, will inquire of the brand name. So will her Governor-General, Thomas Outt. You have been officially removed from the Christmas card list.

  435. Thom Allen says:

    I think Disqus is having a breakdown. This is the third time I’ve seen the “same” user make comments that are 180 degrees apart.

  436. The_Fixer says:

    Look further down for yet another pair of contradicting messages. Either Disqus is seriously screwed, or these people are playing some interesting games.

  437. Donna V. says:

    Good for him! This is a free country and it goes both ways. I get offended when I see gay pride parades and they are barely dressed acting inappropriately. I am supposed to be ok with that. Well I think he is entitled to his own beliefs and opinions.

  438. The_Fixer says:

    Wait just a minute.

    Same username, two diametrically opposed viewpoints. In the first, you say being gay is a choice. In the second, you say your son did not choose to be gay and you acknowledge that.

    What the hell is going on here?

  439. Thom Allen says:

    Let’s see. A few minutes ago you were a Barilla fanatic and a Chik-fil-A sucker. Now you’re abstaining from Barilla. By the time you read this, you’ll be straight, female and a resident ot Antarctica.

  440. judybrowni says:

    “You know, Mrs. Parks, we’re really tired of you talking about busses. Just don’t take one, if you don’t like the seating arrangements.”

  441. Cassidy says:

    Let’s just put this out there and be done with it:

    -Rants about how we’re disallowing free speech are invalid. The free speech happened. We are now in the “response” portion. Our response is to boycott the business of someone we disagree with. If he changes his views based on this action, that’s on him. This loss if business part of the cost of free speech, and a calculated risk in any situation where the figurehead of a company chooses to make such remarks. Freedom, as many people are fond of saying, is not free.

    -Rants about “causing drama” can stop right there as well. I don’t believe we are the ones who chose to target a single group in a public setting; that was Barilla’s move. We are simply–and quietly, given that all of this so-called “drama” is largely in text form–choosing to respond by withholding our money. That is our right, and it is neither extremist nor attention-whoring. People choosing not to buy furs or blood diamonds for the repression those items embody are seldom called out for drama, I notice. Yet if it has to do with our sexuality, even a measured response is called “overblown.” If it’s not worthy of attention, don’t pay attention to it. Let us boycott and mind your own damned business.

    -Rants about how we should “stop being sensitive:” No. Stop being assholes about our sexuality. Stop treating us like we are not an acceptable part of the world, like we are less than nothing. Stop threatening burnings, lynchings, murders, rapes, and the theft of our children. Then we will stop being sensitive. Until then, however, do your best to remember that just because you have never been a victim of discrimination does not mean that discrimination does not exist in all its forms, extreme or mild. Murder happens, though you have not been murdered. Rape happens, though you have not been raped. Beatings happen, though you’re not the one under the fist.

    And for the love of god, proofread your comments. English teachers all over the country weep for you.

  442. Daniel says:

    the difference is that there is no differentiation between customers here, nor any force being applied.

  443. Thom Allen says:

    Daniel, it’s already having an effect. Guido “clarified” and Barilla US apologized. Smart business owners treat almost everyone as potential customers. Barilla offended gays, women, friends and relatives of gays, non-sexist men, liberals and others. That, in itself is an extremely bad business move. Guido needs to learn from his mistakes. He’s free to express himself, just as I am. And I can refuse to eat his products and tell others why I feel that way and encourage them to do the same.

  444. judybrowni says:

    The peanut gallery heard from.

  445. judybrowni says:

    “What have you got against busses, Mrs. Parks?”

  446. luigi says:

    I don’t eat their pasta because it sucks. I think most Italians don’t eat it either. lol

  447. judybrowni says:

    You’re free be as self-loathing as you like, as well as free to be a troll posing as a self-loathing gay.

    You’re free to pretend to be any kind of idiot you like.

    Just as us moral folks are free to call out bigotry.

  448. Thom Allen says:

    Ralph, one question. How can you be a “born again” christian when you weren’t born for the first time – you were just hatched?

  449. Daniel says:

    You are reacting in a very irrelevant way by boycotting. In making this statement, Barilla hasn’t done anything to harm gays. Buying his pasta won’t set back the gay rights movement. All you are doing is fear mongering business owners into not being expressing their opinions. Yell at him all you want, try to convince him he is wrong, but to boycott is simply spiteful, and indeed petty. When I think of this boycott.

  450. Art Vandelay says:

    You clearly are trying to insult Dave by calling him gay. That is abundantly clear. And you think it’s somehow shameful for gay men to meet in bathrooms, as if there is something wrong with that. You are homophobic Judibrowni, pretending to be a supporter of gays. You are busted. It’s clear to everyone. I also notice that you keep calling anyone who disagrees with you a “troll.” Name-calling and ad hominem attacks are the refuge of people who cannot argue with logic and intellect.

  451. Bareback Barilla says:

    I am gay and I am still going to eat Barilla pasta because it’s good and I don’t give a flying fuck what 1 person in the company believes. Same with Chick fil a. Nothing comes between this gay and food (besides xtina beating me to it)

  452. Thom Allen says:

    Compliments from a shitbag, I’ll bet Ralph Kevorkian will eat THAT right up!

  453. Victor H. Rodas says:

    allylloyd, in other words, I should accept to be condemned to behave politically correct, even though that is against my principles.

  454. Thom Allen says:

    Thank you for being the perfect role model of a stupid shitbag!

  455. The_Fixer says:

    I am happy that I annoy you with my agenda of wanting to be treated equally under the law.

    Straight people who are too dense to get the point really annoy me.

  456. Cassidy says:

    Everyone else has covered why you’re wrong about gays. Can I just point out that I don’t think “adumbration” means what you think it means?

    Don’t try a Preacher rant unless you know what all the words mean.

  457. Gabriel says:

    I am a straight man with a gay son. At first i did not understand. It was a disappointment to me that MY son, MY boy would choose this lifestyle and shame our family. That was until he attempted to commit suicide at 17 and left a note telling us how sorry he was that he couldn’t change for us… I thank God every single day that i found him in time. He is now 19 and could not be happier.

    However, now I am the one who has shamed my family. I was not there for MY son, MY boy when he needed me the most. I somehow convinced myself that being gay was a choice and in doing so almost lost one of the most precious things in my life.

    I don’t ask anyone to agree with anything. Believe what you want and believe it however you want. But saying gays should buy another brand of pasta is the same thing as saying black people should buy another brand of pasta because I can assure you that it is NOT a choice and I will be DAMNED if I let anyone talk to my boy like that. I had to learn my lesson the hard way and will probably never be able to live it down.

    Just dont be me.

  458. Cassidy says:

    Are you sure you don’t want to be gay? You really need to not breed.

  459. judybrowni says:

    Honey, I’m quoting the science: homophobes tend to be self-hating big ole closet cases.

    Not gay, by any means, or happy.

    But wanting us all to be as self-loathing.

  460. Thom Allen says:

    We’re gay because we “don’t agree”? Traditional marriage is a man plus a woman? You’re so far out in left field, you can’t see home plate.

  461. The_Fixer says:

    I’ll have you know that I am not a “screaming Nancy”. This discussion is not about what or who makes anyone horny. It’s about gay people not wanting to give their money to a guy who, like yourself, is insulting and an artifact from days gone by.

    I will not shut up. And if you had the bravery to confront me in person, you’d find that out. And you would be walking away with your pride in your pockets, because I play for keeps, foolish one.

  462. Art Vandelay says:

    Judybrowni, you’re closet bigotry is showing. You purport to be a defender of gay people, yet you imply that someone who you think does not support gay people is himself gay. In other words, you think that calling Dave gay is an insult. If you truly support gay people, you would not think that calling someone gay is an insult. And you certainly would not add that snarky comment about closeted gay men having “dates” in men’s rooms. My god, could anyone be more homophobic that you?

  463. nik says:

    You assume that these statements have no bearings on the man’s political or personal behavior. There’s no telling what someone who believes that gays are second class citizens will vote for or donate money to. An intelligent person, gay or straight, will do what’s best for them and take their business to a company that values them and stands by them and, for gay people, Barilla is not one of them.

  464. The_Fixer says:

    You know nothing of sexual orientation. If you did, you would not say such preposterous things.

    Before you write another comment claiming that homosexuality is a behavior rather than an orientation, acquaint yourself with scientists who study sexuality and read their works.

    It’s one thing to have a well-informed opinion. It’s quite another to spout off out of pure ignorance, which is what you are doing.

  465. itbejenner says:

    Also http://grist.org/politics/science-confirms-politics-wrecks-your-ability-to-do-math/

    Just a little food for thought, not pertinent to the immediate conversation, but to the overarching theme of moral outrage.

  466. ali says:

    Barilla may not use imagery representative of the Italian population by neglecting black people in their adds, and that may not have attracted much criticism yet.

    But if he were to have came out saying “We will not be using black people in our ads because we prefer the traditional family” and that “if black people don’t like it they can get their pasta elsewhere” and that he doesn’t agree with ‘black adoption”…
    …you can be very sure that a similar article would be written and massive numbers of people would be no longer buying Barilla due to his racist attitudes.

    When someone makes their attitudes known, and those attitudes are prejudice or discrimatory, regardless of the kind of prejudice or discrimination, then there will be people who choose not to support the business owned by that person, and who take their business to other companies who have not made such discriminatory comments.

  467. judybrowni says:

    Do we expect you to “embrace” homosexuality, well, yeah, you’re right you probably will. There is a long tradition of homophobes as big ole closet cases. And your terminology is telling.

    Besides researchers provide empirical evidence that homophobia can result from the suppression of same-sex desire.


    Say hi to Ted Haggard and Larry Craig during your men’s room “dates,” honey.

  468. Poey says:

    Oh no, i agree with traditional marriage. The fact that i’m gay doesn’t mean i don’t agree with traditional marriage.
    Be straight. You chose to be straight.

  469. The_Fixer says:

    You have been misinformed.

    Gay people do not choose to be gay. We are born being gay. The same way that you were born straight. Why would anyone choose this way of life when we are constantly exposed to the likes of you and your kind who’ve been so kind to share your hatred toward us? You think we’re in this for the punishment? Not hardly.

    Nobody said you had to “embrace homosexuality”. Just cut out the hate and let us have equal rights. That’s all we ask.

    Additionally, we have the right and responsibility to make noise when some jerk insults us.

  470. ParloItaliano says:

    This is the translation that I’ve come up with for the sentence: It says, “We won’t advertise with homosexuals because the traditional family pleases us. If the gays are not in agreement, they can always eat another brand’s pasta.”

  471. judybrowni says:

    So, then you’re in favor of he Biblical traditional marriage: polygamy.
    And you’re also in favor of the incest between Noah and his daughters.
    Onan’s sin, was refusing to impregnate his widowed sister-in-law: when will you be knocking up your sister in law? I’m sure your wife would want to know.
    And you’ll be stoning to death that neighbor who dares to watch football on Sunday, as well as selling your daughter into slavery.
    All Biblically-approved, if not required.
    Get back to me with a letter from prison, after you’ve led a truly Biblical life.

  472. The_Fixer says:

    How would you kow? You’re not acting like a civilized person when you talk that way.

    Your opinion is, therefore, invalid.

  473. The_Fixer says:

    So we have no right to disagree? We have to take this lying down and continue buying his product?

    Intolerance begets a response, and my response is to point out his stupidity and not buy his product.

  474. Dave says:

    I do not understand why everyone is expected to embrace homosexuality. Such drama, caused by a right to choose who you want in your marketing? I think it is childish…this whole “you’re not gonna tell me what to do, or say, or that you don’t like me and my friends…we will beat you up” attitude. Everyone does NOT have to agree, which is why you are gay in the first place….right? Because you do not agree with traditonal (man&woman together) marriage. LGBT appears to be promoting hatred by expecting that all of the world be ok with your way of life. Fine be Gay, LGBT, Homosexual, Lesbian, whatever you feel the correct way of describing your choice is. I choose traditional, is that a crime? For if it is, then your choice of LGBT is as well. Smile everytime you get chance.

  475. The_Fixer says:

    You and your ilk are the only ones who associate pasta with any kind of sex. I firmly believe that the ones who turn any conversation about gay people into a lurid discussion of sexual practices has a deep problem. You’re apparently obsessed about sex. Go see a doctor about that, I think you really could benefit from professional help.

    About those bible verses you point to. First off, Leviticus is ridiculous. Got any tattoos? Leviticus says they’re an abomination and worthy of death. Same with cotton/poly blends, shellfish and a host of other things that are supposed to upset your god. Oh, and the story of Sodom and Gamorrah is not about punishing the gays – it’s about punishing people who are wicked, meaning those who don’t help the poor, who do not help their neighbor. Sound familiar?

    I’ve read the bible. It is full of not only contradictions, but of tales of violence, retribution, discrimination and arbitrary rules that make no sense. No thank you. I prefer to try and live by the golden rule, which came many, many years before your bible was passed on verbally before a bunch of primitive peoples decided to write it down.

  476. Rao says:

    Urra to you! well said.

  477. judybrowni says:

    You’re a peach, on the other hand.

  478. judybrowni says:

    Some Barilla brands which don’t have “Barilla” in the name:

    Alixir — alcoholic beverages,
    Crisp’N Light — biscuits, cookies,
    Cucina Mediterranea — Frozen main dishes,
    Fantasie Del Sole — many food products,
    First Fast — coffee, other food products
    Italy’s #1 Pasta — pasta,
    Macine — baking powder, salt,
    Mulino Bianco — baked goods,
    Natura Al Dente — many food products,
    NutriPlus — pasta,
    Orizzonti — coffee, other food products
    Pan Di Stelle — biscuits, cookies,
    Pavesi — Coffee,
    Pavesini — baked goods,
    Plus — sauces,
    Restaurant Creations — pasta sauces,
    Ringo — baking powder, biscuits, cookies,
    Ritornelli — biscuits, cookies,
    Share The Table — baking pans,
    The Choice of Italy — pasta,
    Voiello — coffee, other food products
    Volare — semolina-based snack foods

  479. itbejenner says:

    Trust me, after a couple years being a college resident assistant, followed by a stint of teaching in struggling public schools, the realm of offensive has expanded past some stupid remarks by a pasta company executive. Seeing the sort of nastiness that festers in extreme poverty dysfunction sets a pretty high bar.

  480. Rao says:

    Good man, its nice to see that not all are becoming stupid shit bags in the name of (twisted) freedom of choice. queers are disease to a civilized decent society.

  481. The Chuck says:

    It is entirely within their rights to have this opinion. It is also within the rights of the community to choose to boycott. Both are acceptable freedoms of choice and expression. He’s not out trying to kill gays, prevent gays from eating pasta, or refusing to hire models who ARE gay. He’s simply saying “We’re not going to pander to gays by transparent use of same sex imagery to get a cheap boost in sales.”

    Because really, that’s what advertising where using same-sex couples is touted as “progressive” is. It’s not about making a social change in most cases, it’s about getting more money. Whether that money comes from straight people saying “Wow, this company is open-minded, they deserve my money!” or from gay people saying “This company is clearly acknowledging my lifestyle as valid, they deserve my money,” doesn’t matter. The end result is all geared toward the money.

    But what everyone involved on either side of the argument should remember:

    If it’s okay for you to call him names, it’s okay for HIM to call YOU names. It’s not magically only discriminatory for one side to do it, but not the other.

  482. itbejenner says:

    Easy to call, hard to prove. How about adding something positive to to conversation. (not a taunt, really would be interested in hearing about how something constructive could come out of all of this) as far as the LGBTA organization on campus goes, HAVEN at University of Delaware. I was involved as an ally. I became significantly less involved when they picked up an issue similar to this (a stupid article in the poorly written school newspaper) and started to run with it… The whole incident really undermined the idea of pursuing understanding and equality and led to some people saying some very stupid things.

  483. lush rimbaugh says:

    matt mcCaw u do realize that the guy isnt being called a guido but his name actually is guido. he is literally a dumb guido!

  484. I think you mean that you want the right to tell us we suck, but you don’t want us to have the right to respond and tell you, no, you suck. That’s not freedom of speech. That’s actually kind of a Soviet (or now Putinesque, pun intended), concept of freedom of speech. You have the right to be a dick, and when we dick back we’re somehow bad people. I’m not sure what country you think you live in, but it’s not America.

  485. quit-the-pc-bs says:

    Touché my friend…

  486. lush rimbaugh says:

    for everyone saying people are being touchy and people are misquoting him and bla bla. its simple he does definitively say that if gays dont like his opinion, or advertising strategy or marketing ideas then the gays (specifically) not blacks, not chinese, not americans, not teabagger republicans. he specifies if the gays dont like it they can eat something else. that is the reason for me to be upset and for me to not ever buy their products again.

  487. Eduardo_R says:

    Way to miss the point.

  488. Ralph Kevorkian says:

    They’re more than right! I have a new respect for Barilla for this! Who wants to eat pasta with the image in their minds that it was bought from a company that touted a commercial with a couple of flaming men flailing their hands as they walk. Or a couple of dykes with buzz cuts? Yechh, no thanks. Seeing them puts the image in the heads of the viewer of them blowing each other/fucking each other in the ass/smooshing their vaginas together. No way. The govenrment is already bowing down to the gay agenda with statutes restricting gay insults, as well as this angering “Bisexual Visibility Day.” It’s SO annoying. They’re basically super-liberal democrats who bitch and make noise about their “rights.” Ugh.
    Plus, I’m a born-again, Bible-believing Christian. Consider Leviticus 20:13, Mark 7:20-23, Romans 1:25-27, 1 Timothy 1:8-10, and the entire story of Sodom and Gomorrha. You want more tragedies? More anger/adumbration from God? Then stop this trash that you call homosexuality/equal rights/etc. We are living in a very prophetic time period, and the end is closer than you think. NOW IS THE TIME TO REPENT!! Ask for enlightenment from the Lord and pray for him to guide you! Submit to Christ and turn away from your idolatrous and sinful manner of life. Read the Bible!! You don’t have to live this way! REPENT NOW WHILE YOU CAN!!
    Urra, Barilla!

  489. lush rimbaugh says:

    no….. he doesnt say that at all. ur not quoting him. your not quoting him correctly at all. sooo what do we do when we have nothing to add to the conversation?….. thats right! we shut the fuck up!

  490. Eduardo_R says:

    Yes, it’s his company. But it’s our purchasing dollars and we have he right to say that we’re not going to purchase his product — and to follow through on it. We owe him nothing.

  491. FLL says:

    You’re right. What we need is some humor to lighten the mood. Someone mentioned that if you shaved off all of Maggie Gallagher’s hair, she would look like a pencil with an eraser on the end. Compare the two pictures below. Let Maggie Gallagher be a cautionary tale, Becky.

  492. Eduardo_R says:

    Calm down. A boycott is free speech too. No one is burning anyone’s house down.

  493. greaser1977 says:


  494. greaser1977 says:

    nice they didn’t make fat jokes htere Becky- would you be moving on?

  495. greaser1977 says:

    and we can tell him to shove it right?

  496. greaser1977 says:

    bigots always stick together- may your pasta be over-cooked-

  497. lush rimbaugh says:

    no, u misinterpreted the interpretation of the translated interpretations translation.

  498. greaser1977 says:

    banned from my house- in fact you can shove that pastra right up where the sun never shines!

  499. lush rimbaugh says:

    if u think him saying if gays dont like it then i dont need their money is cavalier. i’d hate to see what u consider offensive!

  500. itbejenner says:

    Nope that was not mistranslated. But, in the realm of anti-gay rhetoric, I would assess someone saying “I favor same-sex marriage, but not same sex adoption” to be on the mild end of things. He doesn’t elaborate on things like “the danger of corrupting the children” or any of the other religious/psychosocial bs that you sometimes see.

    It’s an opinion, one I don’t agree with, but not one that causes me to become overwhelmed with moral outrage.

  501. Legirons says:

    a little more traditional family and a lot less of the screaming nancies and their GLB LBS LBST EIEO or whatever they are called groups would make this world a much better place. Who cares what gets you horny. Quit identifying yourself by who you sleep with, be a good person and shut up. And if you’re BI, really shut up. Why should you get extra protections because you can’t make up your mind? Idiots.

  502. Anonymous says:

    Looks like the same account posting everything, then changing the name & deleting the comments. Very creepy, but apparently the case.

  503. Legirons says:

    Not for me, I’m changing brands to this guy’s and then I’m gonna go buy a Chik Fil A sandwich.

  504. lush rimbaugh says:

    quite frankly… im incredibly confused by this whole thread and both the threads in that screengrab…. am i losing my mind here?…

  505. Legirons says:

    Freedom of speech and freedom of opinion only extend to the speech or the opinion agreed to by the screeching liberals. They will yell, sit in, demonstrate and threaten if they agree with the speech but by golly if they disagree with the sentiment they will try to burn the house down. I have just found my favorite new pasta maker.

  506. itbejenner says:

    The whole part about “liking the traditional family” is potentially misleading. The use of “piace” often translates poorly, and can be ambiguous even in Italian. It does not necessarily mean “we like the traditional family, by which we consider it to be fundamentally better than families with same-sex spouses” it could also mean “we think the commercial where we show mom, dad, and the kids sitting down to pasta and sauce is a good way to sell the most pasta.” As far as the rest of the quote goes… meh, he’s trying to be cavalier and comes off as a bit of a jerk.

    I am not trying to be some sort of defender of Guido Barilla. I just have too much first hand experience with how much trouble a misinterpreted/overblown statement can cause. (and how divisive the reactions to it can be) Some of this experience comes from my time as a member of an LGBTA organization on campus.

  507. Rrrrr says:

    It is his company, right? He can say whatever he wants about its marketing policies. Freedom of speech is having your own opinion and having the right to express it. If some ultra-tolerant people think that all the others HAVE to see the things exactly the way they do, they’re nothing better than racists or sexists or whoever they hate. Simply because they’re doing exactly the same thing – they are being ignorant. Just in a different manner and way. Total hatred is bad, but positive discrimination and exaggeration (like putting black people into movies about Ancient Rome where they act as senators, I mean what the hell?). The bottom line is that discrimination is bad but some ‘tolerant’ people are making it all look totally absurd. They guy from the pasta company didn’t use any direct insults, he just expressed the marketing policies of his very own product.

  508. Nick Rowley says:

    You assume, incorrectly I might add, that only those who are gay would stop buying the product.

    You further assume that those who stop buying the product are only individual purchasers, this discounts the fact that food companies rely more on their business from restaurants and the like. Being in the restaurant business attracts a certain, let’s say “creative sort”, any guesses on why upsetting people who are gay might be a bad thing for sales to restaurants?

    Like I said, you know nothing about marketing or PR, you continue to show that in your replies. :)

  509. girly-girl says:

    Poor Kentucky is missing out on some great food, then.

  510. Frannie says:

    I submit to you that it will be lots more than 4% by the time everyone finds out about this. You don’t have to belong to the group in question to wish to take a stand against ignorance and prejudice. There are plenty of straight people (me included) who will gladly buy another brand from now on.

  511. Sage of the Nation says:

    Riiiight. Well, I’m sure we can all agree you all have too much time on your hands to make these charts to derail from the actual topic of the article, which is that we should all not eat inexpensive pasta, because an Italian man uses a traditional market strategy. Riiiiight.

  512. quit-the-pc-bs says:

    you can’t cook pasta in KY

  513. Anonymous says:

    No, that’s not what happened, actually.

  514. Sage of the Nation says:

    I only see proof that one person took a post and its responses and reposted them. For whatever reason, it’s beyond me. Maybe they liked an aspect of it and wished to repost it.

  515. girly-girl says:

    Because saliva just doesn’t get the job done.

  516. jahaja says:

    To make a long reply short: look harder next time.

  517. Anonymous says:


    Proof that the same person is posting many comments (with different opinions) from the same account – then deleting them & changing the name.
    Let’s move on from this pathetic person/people who are just trying to stir up controversy.

  518. Mikequarters says:

    that is ad hominem as crap, miss.
    I.E. your rebuttal is null, you didn’t really say anything in that post.

  519. Becky Sauceda says:

    Stop being so damn sensitive people….jeez. Everywhere you look, someone else is freakin offended by something stupid. Get over yourself and move on!!

  520. Nick Rowley says:

    Well I knew that was going to happen, he’s about to get the bollocking of a lifetime from his board.

  521. quit-the-pc-bs says:

    Just remember: It takes a traditional woman to get you noodle wet.

  522. Nick Rowley says:

    “Apparently, you are not educated enough to know that Rosa Park had no intention of starting a movement. ”

    Nope, might want to read a bit more about the situation rather than the thumbnail sketch you were given at school. Parks was pretty active in the local office of the NAACP, her action was very much intended to start a movement.

  523. jahaja says:

    guh, broken record!

  524. Matt Rogers says:

    This isn’t Johnson Products marketing their haircare to the black population. Now, if the CEO said that Johnson Products wasn’t going to include any black people in its advertising, and furthermore, black people shouldn’t be allowed to adopt children, that would be similar to some of Barilla’s remarks.

  525. Anonymous says:

    I have a screencap proving the same acct posted the above 3 comments. Loser.

  526. Klee says:

    You miss the point, Jessica. This was not a marketing statement. This was an anti-gay statement. African American hair products are not anti-white. Senior commercials are not anti-youth. Don’t defend bigotry. It makes you look, well, like a bigot.

  527. FLL says:

    If you have a decent understanding of Italian, fine. Please let us know if the following quote (and translation) from John’s post is accurate:

    “Non faremo pubblicità con omosessuali, perché a noi piace la famiglia tradizionale. Se i gay non sono d’accordo, possono sempre mangiare la pasta di un’altra marca.”

    “We won’t include gays in our ads, because we like the traditional family. If gays don’t like it, they can always eat another brand of pasta.”

  528. judybrowni says:

    So, was Barillo’s offensive comment on gay adoption somehow mistranslated, too?

    You conveniently forgot to mention that quote.

  529. Jessica Lee says:

    Well 4% of the population not eating his pasta is not going to break the company. It’s not my definition of traditional, it is there definition. Believe me there are many more issues to get excited about than this.

  530. KarenL says:

    Certain mild forms of hate speech may be a protected right, though stronger ones are not. But whatever this right is, we are tired of bigots putting it on par with civil rights and the rights for all human beings to be treated as being as worthy as the majority. NOT A COMPARISON. Unless it’s really, really important to share your bigotry.

  531. Sage of the Nation says:

    I still don’t see how one man’s marketing opinion changes the quality and value of a household commodity. It’s still cheap pasta. It hasn’t magically been changed into some sinister foodstuff that gives cancer.

  532. Nick Rowley says:

    What racial slur?

  533. jahaja says:

    It’s “Rosa Parks’s refusal” btw, not “Park’s”. Pot, kettle, black…

  534. Nick Rowley says:

    Define “Traditional.”

    You don’t understand marketing in the slightest, and certainly not PR, this is a disaster for the company PR wise. :)

  535. Klee says:

    Matt and Judy have it just right. No one is asking for equal rights for a “lifestyle,” it’s to be respected as a human being by other human beings. Obviously you are NOT all for equal rights in *everything* if you don’t understand this simple fact. “respect the same in others”? No thanks – I DON”T need to respect bigotry.

  536. itbejenner says:

    Has anyone who is actually fluent in Italian listened to the audio? I have a decent understanding of the language, and this interview on a fast-paced radio morning show is all over the place. It starts off talking about how Barilla has added couscous to its “family” of pasta. Then the host takes this use of the word family to turn the discussion to having ads that market to families that include same-sex spouses. What Guido Barilla then says is that the marketing demographic is the “traditional family” (which, if you think about how advertising works, is the biggest market niche). The excerpt about really mangles this aspect of the conversation. For instance, the line “a noi piace la famiglia tradizionale”
    translated (with a loss of nuance) as “we like the traditional family” does not seem to be used as a moral or value statement. Rather, it seems to be in reference to a target demographic. Latter on in the same conversation, the host asks if Guido opposes same-sex marriage, and as far as I can tell, his response boils down to “it’s cool with me.”

    While I applaud companies that genuinely embrace equality (whether it be in reference to race, gender, or lgbt issues), I do not expect all companies to use their advertising to take a moral stance. I’ll settle for socially responsible (not depicting women as objects, or embracing degrading or unhealthy behavior or self-image). It seems sort of crazy to me that Barilla is some sort of flash-point issue while a lot of really messed up stuff in advertising goes on under the radar.

    Thank goodness for the sound-bite and the ready-to-go sense of rage and indignity.

  537. Anonymous says:

    So how many “opinions” does this account have? Because you use the same profile, then delete the source and change the names. Having fun trolling?
    Or maybe just writing us from the mental hospital?

  538. Sage of the Nation says:

    I don’t think so. They sell pasta for very affordable prices. I think they have done a nice job to aid many people who are gay and otherwise, to manage through hard times. I think intelligent gay persons will continue to do what is best for them and not what is best for the title adhered to them.

  539. Jessica Lee says:

    This is an Italian company – the CEO is right; if anyone doesn’t like the company they don’t have to purchase the product. They are aiming for traditional families just like other company’s aim for singles, blacks, gays or seniors. It is who they market to – nothing more and nothing less. Stop reading all this crap into a marketing statement. I am certainly not offended when Johnson Products markets their haircare to the black population nor am I offended when I see an ad from Travelocity about gay travel. I am not that demographic and I understand fully the concept of targeting your market. There are plenty of companies that make pasta – he’s right you can choose whatever pasta you want.

  540. jahaja says:

    so i made a typo and can’t be bothered to use the caps key sometimes. so what. you must be new to the internet, we’re not writing fine literature here.
    and if someone needs to revise their history it’s most certainly you. to even attempt to compare that little pasta comment with what rosa parks was up against? SERIOUSLY?!! do you not even see how monumentally out of proportion that is? ffs. it’s like bringing in the holocaust into a discussion about playground bullying. and repeating the same silly remark several times doesn’t make it more relevant btw. get a grip.

  541. Anonymous says:

    1. I notice trolls flock to basic, petty issues like pasta (or Chik-Fila-A or the Salvation Army) because most of them lack the intelligence or caring to deal with important matters.
    2. All their whining isn’t going to change the fact that the idiotic Barilla guy went to a radio show, made these comments, and apparently believed they wouldn’t be translated to English.

  542. Sage of the Nation says:

    Irrelevant! Woo!

  543. Me_Jane says:

    Is this a total contradiction to your previous post, or is it sarcasm?/

  544. judybrowni says:

    Translation: “It’s no skin off my nose if gays are second-class citizens in this country. In fact, I prefer it that way.”

    EXTRA POINTS FOR THE TROLL TROPE: “I get to deem what’s important — no reason given.”

  545. Bridget McCurry says:

    One of my favorite pics of all time!! To read words from the father on the right about these three adorable kids is amazing. When I worry about the future, this picture helps!

  546. Anonymous says:

    Lol, what about bigots trying to pass laws in other countries that sentence homosexuals to death? Donating to these “programs?” Use a real profile and stop deleting your comments, removing the profile link.

  547. FLL says:

    At this very moment, people who teach English as a foreign language are throwing up their hands in despair.

  548. judybrowni says:

    “Really, Mrs. Parks, we’re all getting tired of your little arguments about busses.”

  549. Anonymous says:

    How idiotic. Why is discrimination a “right?” Do you understand what rights are? Discrimination takes away others’ rights, nimrod.

  550. Lakbima says:

    I will be buying barilla, if hedoesn’t cave to the borg. Must stand up to the borg in effort to be the
    new moral authority. A morality that is a transient onethat is there to support the business model of transient morality. Hom activity is behavior & not newspeak “orientation” or “identity” may be epigenetically, genetically affected & mitigated. 1 of the biggest lies of libs/progs: hom behavior not changeable but they say: all other aspects of human behavioris modifiable. Hom behavior is a choice not a identity. Cannot choose to act black or handicap but can choose to act towards an attraction.

  551. KTL says:

    Wow, what a dumbass! Barilla is going to loose TONS of business, good job in making your sales go down buddy! I have a “traditional” family, married, two kids, fluffy cat and all, but I will not feed my kids eating pasta made by bigots!

  552. Matt Rogers says:

    No one wants equal rights for their “lifestyle.” They want equal rights for themselves and their families. In any case, how are we not respecting other people’s equal rights?

  553. judybrowni says:

    “So, what have you got against busses, Mrs. Parks?”

  554. Heaven Welters says:

    That was exactly the point of judybrowni’s post dearie. The point was that Rosa Parks was not punishing the bus, or the other passengers, or the driver, or even the people who made the bus when she refused to move. She was protesting the laws and bigotry that were oppressing people like her for something that they could not control or change. People who choose to boycott this company’s products, as I will, are protesting the bigotry behind it, not the pasta itself or the non-bigoted employees. There was no insult, to ANYONE, anywhere in judybrowni’s comment.

  555. FLL says:

    Well put. Take note of the ratio between people who switch to another brand and new supporters of Barilla products. I think that ratio will be 10 to 1 in favor of consumers who switch.

  556. Sage of the Nation says:

    That’s not a right. By enforcing the ‘freedom of discrimination’, you’re robbing the right to discriminate. And no matter how ugly it is, is still a right in itself.

  557. Me_Jane says:

    I’m all for equal rights in everything, but why the uproar? You want equal rights for your lifestyle, then respect the same in others. As he says, if you don’t like the statement, don’t buy it.

  558. DDSCJ says:

    They have just as much right to their opinion than you do. Don’t buy their product if that bothers you. You’re just as bad as you deem Barilla. You want your statement to be known and accepted – but you don’t want theirs. It’s called freedom of speech. I get so tired of it….

  559. Matt Rogers says:

    How are we attacking Barilla?

  560. KathyNYC2 says:

    Barilla has the right to speak what he wants..and I as a straight woman who “is important to my family” has the same right to buy another brand of pasta from now on. Sad..I kinda liked Barilla pasta..but there are enough alternatives.

  561. Sage of the Nation says:

    Comparing this silly pasta dillema to Rosa Parks is an insult to the Civil Rights movement. There’s one thing, in Mrs. Parks’ case to be denied a legally binding public service, like transit, and a stark other for a company, bound by the laws and actions of capitalism, to not stress homosexuality in its marketing scheme. The main difference, you have the choice not to eat the pasta and whine to whomever you’d like, whereas Rosa Parks, an actual activist, was restricted in her rights. You are shameful, honestly.

  562. Matt Rogers says:

    It depends on whether you’re facetious and insulting, or just facetious.

  563. Sir Spamalot says:

    Um, not to be pedantic, but in this context, they don’t.

    The First Amendment of the US Constitution protects the people from LAWS PASSED BY CONGRESS (and state/local legislatures, under the 14th) that restrict the freedom of speech, press and religion.. It has ZERO to do with the speech of individuals or corporations. That’s why it starts with “Congress shall pass no law”.

    -If a company decides to fire you because it doesn’t like something you say, the 1st amendment has nothing to do with it.

    -If people shun you for what you say in a blog post, that has nothing to do with the 1st amendment.

    -if customers boycott your product because you say some hateful crap in an interview, the 1st amendment has NOTHING to do with it.

    Also, and I’m saddened to have to remind anyone of this, but the 1st Amendment only applies to people in the United States. Italy has no such thing.

  564. judybrowni says:

    First, learn to spell and punctuate.
    Then, study logic.
    Then study history, so you don’t have to repeat it.
    Then, and only then, you might have an opinion worth notice.

  565. FLL says:

    The troll brigade on this thread misses the point. No one is contesting Guido Barilla’s right to say stupid, bigoted things. The point is that everyone buys food products, and any company that sells a food product would be crazy to go out of their way to throw gratuitous insults like Barilla did if they want to remain a successful company. Watch Barilla sales start to go down. For every bigot who starts buying more Barilla products, there will be 10 consumers who will switch to another brand. Does that clear things up for you, troll brigade?

  566. Samantha Gilmour says:

    You are highly misinformed if you think nobody is speaking out against public officials. All because you don’t listen and hear them, you think you’re correct. You are sorely mistaken and sadly misinformed. Get an education and know what you’re saying before posting your ‘facts’.

  567. Matt Rogers says:

    Oh yes, gay people who want to be treated equally are so annoying — and worst of all, it’s most of them!

  568. judybrowni says:

    Translation: “It’s no skin off my nose if gays are second-class citizens in this country. In fact, I prefer it that way.”
    EXTRA POINTS FOR THE TROLL TROPE: “I get to deem what’s important — no reason given.”

  569. Rachel says:

    Um, hello. When a person has a different opinion than a liberal, or agrees with a side of a social issue typically not in line with liberal beliefs, liberals do their best to destroy that person. Leaving them hateful mail/calls/online comments insulting everything from their beliefs to their weight or appearance, trying (and often succeeding) to ruin their business or get them fired, etc. etc. This has been demonstrated time and again. Liberals do not believe in tolerance or freedom of anything except to think and act exactly like them.

    And I’m sorry, but disagreeing with a particular belief or action is not bigotry. It does not equal hate. People simply are not obligated to agree with whatever you choose to do in your life.

  570. FLL says:

    No, you annoy the hell out of everyone at your place of employment. Luckily for you, being constantly annoying is not grounds for getting fired.

  571. Eileen Small says:

    So silly. I may have to go buy some Barillo pasta just to make a point. Gays with agendas–which are most of them–just annoy the hell out of me!!!

  572. jahaja says:

    …said no one. ever.
    loose the analogy, it’s completely inadequate.

  573. judybrowni says:

    Yup, back in the day, you would have been one of the bigoted idiots asking Rosa Parks, “So what do you have against busses, Mrs. Parks?”

  574. jahaja says:

    Matter of fact, there’s most definitely more black people than gay people in Italy.

  575. jahaja says:

    Em, it’s not really a question that’s up for debate, it’s just fact of Italian demography.
    I’ve never been to Idaho nor Montana but I’ve spent a lot of time in Italy. You probably weren’t paying attention or you were just sticking to the tourist spots where all the German and American tourists hang out… The ones that Italians avoid… Otherwise you’d see plenty of black people everyday.

  576. Jal Freezi says:

    What a storm in a PASTA POT!! What if he had said: “We won’t include children in our ads, because we like the mature family. If children don’t like it, they can always eat another brand of
    pasta.”… so F..ING what!! There was absolutely nothing degrading about what he said. GAYS need to seriously get over themselves. Cannot even use the term now without someone being offended ni some way. Over it! Fight the battles that are worth fighting. Nothing here is homophobic, sexist, or even mildly degrading… it’s just a statement saying that their markeing will focus on “the traditional family”.

  577. jaz says:

    I find it pretty hard to believe you’ve got more important things in life, when you have so much time to waste trolling just about every freaking comment in this section.

  578. Anna Rather says:

    Well, I’ll be buying pasta from a company who are NOT bigots from now on. Can we all say Barilla will go bankrupt from their bigotry?

  579. judybrowni says:

    Please, please use the word “gay” that way, as much as possible yourself, Ally.

    Hilarity, or a hate crime, will ensue.

    Win, win, either way.

  580. jahaja says:

    That analogy was very much of a stretch. You can’t really put a pasta company’s branding strategy on the same level as institutional and nation-wide segregation, discrimination and brutality, which was what Rosa Park was up against. To just decide to buy another brand of pasta or show dislike to them on the internet because you don’t identify with the people on the packaging, isn’t exactly on the same level as risking to get beaten down or thrown to jail for exercising your right to exist as a person. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems to me that the struggle for gay rights has far more important issues to deal with than to challenge how an Italian pasta maker thinks a traditional Italian family looks like.

  581. TampaZeke says:

    Well they must be hiding them well. I spent two months traveling around the country and I can practically count on my fingers the number of non-tourist black people I saw there. But perhaps you also think there are “a lot” of black people in Idaho and Montana too.

  582. Matt Rogers says:

    Just curious, how come you’re calling yourself “ally”? Most of what you’re saying makes you sound like an adversary.

  583. EnglebertFlaptyback says:

    Aww…don’t go! Insensate bigotry is so CUTE! *Pinches ExNYer1995’s cheek*

  584. judybrowni says:

    Oh puhleeze try some other illogical ploy: then the other spaghetti companies will have to hire new help when we buy from them. Problem solved.

    But this “boycott” has already worked wihout a single job in danger (except, perhaps, Barillo’s, it’s a family business and his family is pretty pissed at him, perhaps he’ll have to retire to his yacht.)

    The “boycott” has already worked, done it’s job to get people talking about discrimination.

  585. Matt Rogers says:

    Well, for me, saying that “we won’t include gay people in our advertising” is exclusionary. It’s like he’s saying gay people are so bad that we shouldn’t be seen. He has a right to send that message, but it’s a message I disagree with.

    I also disagree with his statement that gay people shouldn’t be allowed to adopt children — although again, I believe he has a right to say it.

  586. allylloyd says:

    The 49ers/Rams game sucks!

  587. allylloyd says:

    So if I say I really wish GAY just went back to its original meaning HAPPY, I wouldn’t be insulting any homosexuals/lesbians right?

  588. heimaey says:

    That was meant to be sarcastic.

  589. Del says:

    Uh, how about we don’t use racial slurs when talking about social issues. What they said isn’t cool, but that’s no excuse for you to be racist.

  590. ExNYer1995 says:

    Ahhh… yes, this is my first and last time at this blogsite too.

  591. allylloyd says:

    So I can be facetious about homosexuals and lesbians and you some of you won’t think it’s insulting?

  592. jahaja says:

    RAI Uno etc

  593. allylloyd says:

    I’ve never seen any Barilla commercials. what stations are they typically on?

  594. annon says:

    If his first marriage magically never happened then he has two bastard children. That is soooo christian and exhibits excellent ‘traditional family values’.

  595. judybrowni says:


    It’s an analogy, pumpkin.

    A very good sarcastic one, at that, if I do say so myself.

    The same sort of dismissive statements about Rosa Park’s refusal to sit in the back of the bus were spouted by bigots and idiots back in the day.
    I heard them and read them.

    But the thick and bigoted never do seem to understand analogies, probably because of the logic part of analogy.

  596. Boo! says:

    This is truly beautiful!

  597. jahaja says:

    A lot, as in a significant ethnic minority. Some recently immigrated, some there for generations. There’s been black people in the region since Ancient Rome. Italy is just across the sea from Africa.

  598. allylloyd says:

    So if I was to say, I agree with what he said, you’d say I’m not homophobic? When is it facetious and when is it INSULTING?

  599. TampaZeke says:

    For someone who thinks that this is no big deal you certainly have spent a whole lot of time, words and CAPS commenting about it.

  600. allylloyd says:

    I don’t eat boxed pasta so I don’t know if it’s good or bad. However, I’m wondering how you’ll feel if your boycott works and all those people who live in Illinois and work for him are on SNAP and Medicaid.

  601. Matt Rogers says:

    Oh, for heaven’s sake. Judybrowni wasn’t insulting black people, she was being facetious.

  602. TampaZeke says:

    In case you didn’t know there are GAYS in Italy. In fact there are more gays in Italy than black people in Italy. So, what’s your point?

  603. Florida Farmer says:

    Certainly he is allowed to think and say whatever he wants. The fact that the company is private or that he is the CEO is really irrelevant: it does not absolve him of the consequences of his actions or words.

  604. TampaZeke says:

    I’d like to know how you define “a lot” and “traditional”.

  605. judybrowni says:

    He sells his shitty pasta in the United States, and has a corporate offce in Illinois.
    Where we have the right to not buy it.

  606. allylloyd says:

    If you don’t think “what did Rosa Parks have against busses, anyway?” isn’t insulting, you are a fool. Rosa Parks didn’t have a DAMN thing against BUSSES. She was against the law that said she couldn’t sit in the front of the bus because of her skin color. I have to ask, are you a Black woman?

  607. Florida Farmer says:

    I really wonder about people like you and your incessant consideration of sex with children and animals.

  608. jahaja says:

    There are indeed a lot of Black Italians, but none in Barilla commercials and I don’t see anyone making a fuss about it. If they want to focus on an outdated image of the traditional Italian family with everyone eating big family meals outdoors and riding 1930’s bicycles to work, then let them. It’s just a way for them to try to differentiate themselves from other pasta brands on the supermarket shelves. No big deal. His comment was completely taken out of context.

  609. umr says:

    Not even close to being an insult to black women. Try again.

  610. allylloyd says:

    The CEO of the ITALIAN corporation said the ITALIAN company wants to promote traditional families in its advertising. The AMERICAN corporate office never said it. So you are going to punish AMERICANS (who work for Barilla in the USA) because of what an Italian said?

  611. Matt Rogers says:

    Sorry, but it’s a cop-out to support your statement by telling me to look for the support myself. You’ve also moved the goalposts. Before, you were saying that people’s First Amendment rights don’t mean anything. How does someone saying your comment was a “troll trope” constitute calling your First Amendment rights meaningless? And who told you to engage in hate speech?

  612. judybrowni says:

    Odd how you don’t think we have the right to call out your — or Barillo’s — bullshit.
    Climb down off your cross, Jesus,
    Freedom of Speech isn’t the one-way street, you so desperately want it to be.

  613. TampaZeke says:

    Oh my god, you truly are the biggest idiot on the web! You can’t possibly be unaware that Catholic/Orthodox/Anglican/Episcopal churches are all CHRISTIAN, as in “followers of Jesus, the Christ”? Are you really trying to argue that this is CHRISTIAN and therefor has nothing to do with the Jew Jesus and what he thought/said/taught?

  614. disqus_1eDtjyJnMH says:

    The reason we should put the spotlight on it is because people need to aware of what kinds of businesses they are supporting. I am glad this is getting attention, because I now know not to buy Barilla products.

    Rights have nothing to do with it if we’re not talking about legal issues.

  615. allylloyd says:

    So it’s not okay to insult Homosexuals/Lesbians but it’s okay to insult BLACK WOMEN?

  616. TampaZeke says:

    Some more of that magical Christian fairy dust that just makes marriages disappear like they never happened.

  617. allylloyd says:

    Believe it or not, some REPUBLICANS support Abortion, Women’s Rights, Immigration and Gun Control and some DEMOCRATS don’t!

  618. judybrowni says:

    And we have the right to disagree, and shun his shitty pasta.
    But you’re right, what did Rosa Parks have against busses, anyway?

  619. mayqueen says:


  620. TampaZeke says:

    You mean like the MOTHER AND FATHER that produced them, abused them and abandoned them? THAT traditional, sacred, pure and perfect MOTHER AND FATHER? And before you answer, just know that I and my husband have TWO adopted children that we SAVED from, not only the MOTHER AND FATHER that produced and abandoned them but also the foster MOTHER AND FATHER that abused them, neglected them and almost killed them.

  621. allylloyd says:

    And if PASTA is the only trouble in your life, you had better be THANKFUL. Because some of us have more important things on our minds!

  622. allylloyd says:

    Read the responses to my posts. I’m a TROLL because I’m not speaking “hate” speech against this man and saying I’ll boycott Barilla. Sorry, but I’ve got more important things in my life.

  623. Chrisboi2010 says:

    He can say what ever wants to say, it is his rights. Even though I don’t agree with him he has his rights to belief whatever he wants. It is also my right not to purchase the product he makes. Simple. Lets move on and stop putting spotlight on things like this.

  624. TampaZeke says:

    I’m still trying to get my head around this argument that he should be entitled to state his opinion but I shouldn’t be allowed to not buy his product because I disagree with his opinion about my family. PLEASE, explain to me how it is that I should have to financially support someone who expressed that my adopted family is a problem that should be avoided by denying adoption to people like me and my husband.

  625. judybrowni says:

    If you insist on being wrong, over and over, especially when that insistence is that some of us be treated as second-class citizens, you should expect some blowback, honeypie.
    Go over to Red State: they love them some idiot bigots over there, they’ll worship your stupidity and intolerance.

  626. Matt Rogers says:

    That also is mind-boggling to me. The last thing I would say about “leftists” is that many of them don’t defend freedom of speech. I would say, however, that many leftists also defend other rights, such as the right to be free from unjust discrimination.

  627. allylloyd says:

    What? Now you are picking on her because she doesn’t want to attack this man? Get serious!

  628. A Smith says:

    This is the internet. We are all angry and pointless.

  629. allylloyd says:

    In case you didn’t know there are BLACKS in Italy! So having a heterosexual Black family in one of the ads wouldn’t be surprising. Sorry, but my family has bigger issues than the words of a CEO!

  630. A Smith says:

    Freedom… to buy pasta? Only governments can censor. Freedom of speech that hurts no one’s feelings misses the entire point.

    In the USA, at least, the Barilla guy is within his rights to speak freely and be a jerk.

  631. go2gym says:

    Thank you for sanity, SMB. Also, to value a woman’s “central role in the family” is not sexist. It’s actually putting her very high up. Does the author know what “central” means?

  632. go2gym says:

    Victor. Many Many Leftists do not hold those same understandings as you, and will NOT defend freedoms of his speech unless they agree with the content.

  633. Matt Rogers says:

    allylloyd, where did any of these commenters say that anyone’s First Amendment rights don’t mean a thing, or that anyone has to say what they want to hear?

  634. allylloyd says:

    deforge–I’m talking about what annulment means regarding certain churches (Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican-Episcopalian). In those churches, if you divorce and want to remarry in the Church, the first marriage must be annulled. If it is annulled any recording of it is destroyed. So basically, you were never married and can get married again.

  635. TampaZeke says:

    Would you say the same if he had made an anti-American statement? Or a racist statement (“no blacks in my traditional Italian ads)? What if he disparaged YOUR family? Would you still want to buy his pasta and say it’s no big deal?

  636. James says:

    Ok but when someone says something about blacks boy do they ever come down on him?? So do they take it too far too??

  637. mayqueen says:

    no one asked you

  638. allylloyd says:

    Victor, according to some of the people here, your First Amendment rights don’t mean a damn thing, unless you say what they want to hear.

  639. Jim Jordan says:

    by homophiliac I mean the opposite of homophobic.

  640. Florida Farmer says:

    Yeah, those kids are just figments of their imaginations because a magical sky fairy (or mouthpieces thereof) said “poof!” – and that marriage was no more. I suppose it *could* be called “tradition” for people to get to wipe what they consider mistakes clean off their board. In the real world, no one gives a toss if the first marriage was annulled: had there been no marriage, there would have been nothing to annul; ergo, there was a first marriage. See how logic works?

  641. TampaZeke says:

    Yeah, that’s why they’re falling all over themselves in Italy and in America trying to put out the fire and apologize profusely (see Barilla USA). It’s because they aren’t worried about pissing of gay people and their friends and families.

  642. judybrowni says:

    “Let’s turn the tables to something impossible, and bring in Nazi’s because…well there’s no connection but, but, but…

    Bigots get laughed at! And have fingers pointed at them!, And that’s totally the same as millions of Jews being murdered and incinerated in death camps,”

    EXTRA POINTS: for dreaming up a new word — homophiliac! — that makes being pro- gay sound like a disease.

  643. Victor H. Rodas says:

    I definitely don’t agree with his remarks but I’d defend to death his right to speak out his beliefs and choose his preferred target market . (someone very important said it before me)

  644. mayqueen says:

    So find a site where you can stun others with your narrow minded comments about those topics for God’s sake, this is a story about pasta.

  645. allylloyd says:

    In case you didn’t know there are a lot of BLACK ITALIANS. As in America, they come from Africa. Only in Italy, they came of their own free will!!!

  646. allylloyd says:

    It’s the same people wearing different clothing!

  647. Matt Rogers says:

    If by “homophiliac” you mean gay, I don’t think that will ever happen. Gay people don’t agree with discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

  648. Jim Jordan says:

    The overall median personal income for all individuals over the age of 18 is $24,062. That’s how.

  649. Sam says:

    Yes they would have.

  650. TampaZeke says:

    Next time maybe he’ll say that he doesn’t want any black people in his commercials because that wouldn’t be traditional Italian. Then Luwanda will be the first to make a big deal out of it.

  651. allylloyd says:

    Deforge, the people on this site like to ATTACK people. Trust me, some is going to tell you are really a homosexual/lesbian because you don’t think the RIGHT way!

  652. Nope says:

    No, the political correctness nazis wouldn’t have, but the conservative christians certainly would have come down on them for refusing to display a “traditional” family. You’re dmned if you do and dmned if you don’t. You’re going to offend someone, and the worst of the bunch are going to make a huge deal out of NOTHING.

  653. TampaZeke says:

    Yes, yes I am a condescending asshat, but only to idiots who deserve it for thinking that this man’s freedom of speech was in any way breached. I’ll admit that there is a small minority of home schoolers who aren’t fundamentalist Bible thumpers who only want to shield their children from real science, real history and, in Navybrat’s case, Civics 101, but they are few and far between! Sorry if these facts piss you off. That wasn’t my intention, though I have to admit it was like icing on the cake.

  654. Florida Farmer says:

    Heavens, are you getting the vapors because not everyone is engaging in talk about public officials in the US on a story about an Italian CEO? Let me get the smelling salts!

  655. judybrowni says:


    FOR DISTRACTION: A: “You should be discussing something else I deem more important.”

    B: “I get to decide what’s important, when, because — no reason given.”

  656. mayqueen says:

    You need to climb down off that cross. The last perfect person was crucified over 2,000 years ago for doing nothing wrong.

  657. SMB52 says:

    Being a gay myself, where in what he said should I be offended? I’m seriously looking hard and I can’t see why everyone is being soo hateful. He hasn’t said anything degrading or anti-gay, so what gives?

  658. Jim Jordan says:

    If the homophiliac president of a major corporation announced that his company’s ads would henceforth feature ONLY gay families because he preferred them to “traditional” families, would the Political Correctness nazis have come down on his head the way they have on Barilla’s? Not a chance.

  659. Boss Mon says:

    yup ya so right

  660. judybrowni says:

    No, thanks, I’d rather fight for equality.
    Something this nation was built on, ya know?

  661. allylloyd says:

    I just want to see all the thumbs downs: as an American, I’d rather Americans be more concerned about American things like ACA (Health care laws), Immigration Laws, Gun Control, Education,, not what the CEO of an Italian company said. I know its funny but I care about the USA and its laws.

  662. mayqueen says:

    Yes, because God knows this discussion is really about trees.

  663. Matt Rogers says:

    How do you figure that?

  664. Anonymous says:

    Now we really believe you’re not a Republican.

  665. mayqueen says:

    I see only one lunatic with the caps lock key permanently on and it is not judybrowni.

  666. Matt Rogers says:

    Well, a person could eat too much pasta, gain weight, have heart trouble, and then be able to treat it thanks to the ACA.

  667. Try again says:

    If the idiot had just kept his mouth shut, nobody would have cared either way. It’s not like people are looking at each individual company and saying, “huh, Barilla hasn’t used a gay couple in their ads yet!” (Ok, I’m sure there’s someone out there who is, but it’s not a large quantity of people. But if he had just not said anything nobody would have been any the wiser OR cared! Now the idiot’s gone and made a bunch of people mad for just being a jerk. Who cares what kind of families you use in your ads? You just don’t have to be an a$$ about it, just keep your stupid fat mouth shut.

  668. allylloyd says:

    What I’ve noticed about this chat site is a lot of people who call themselves “liberals” like to attack other people. And they wonder why the other side does it? If you ask me, they are the SAME side wearing different clothing!

  669. judybrowni says:


    FOR DISTRACTION: A: “You should be discussing something else I deem important.”

    B: “I get to decide what’s important, because — no reason given.”

  670. Jim Jordan says:

    most Americans are second-class citizens (at best). join the crowd.

  671. allylloyd says:

    When I live in Italy, I’ll worry about it. Right now, I’m concentrating on my home–THE USA!

  672. judybrowni says:

    Yeah, and what the fuck did Rosa Parks have against busses?


    FOR DISTRACTION: A: “You should be discussing something else I deem important.”

    B: “I get to decide what’s important, because — no reason given.”

  673. Matt Rogers says:

    Dude, you’ve kinda been all over the board.

  674. deforge says:

    you shot your argument in the foot by adding the last line. kids need a safe and supportive environment. fact remains that statistically certain demographics are considered more risk than its worth for an adoption. like single men for instance. I personally know many gay couple who e wonderful parents to their kids. likewise I know many single men who are great dads. yet it doesn’t stop single men from being prevented to adopt. straight or not. right or not. so it only follows preexisting logic that if 1 man is not allowed to adopt.2 men are not improving the chances.

  675. allylloyd says:

    That’s wonderful. But PASTA has nothing to do with more important topics like ACA (Health care), Immigration laws, Education and Gun Control!!!

  676. judybrowni says:

    Translation: “It’s no skin off my nose if gays are second-class citizens in this country. In fact, I prefer it that way.”

    Extra Troll Points for This Trope: “I get to decide what’s important, because — no reason given.”

  677. allylloyd says:

    That’s what I’ve been saying and I’m being attacked! In my opinion, if you wanted to eat pasta that badly, you’d make it yourself!

  678. allylloyd says:

    Barilla’s corporate offices are located in Parma, Italy. They also have a corporate office in Illinois (so do other European companies: Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz and Fiat).

  679. Boss Mon says:

    No worries allylloyd, people are so quick to jump on you if you feel different from them on this topic. Life goes on

  680. Matt Rogers says:

    See, their pasta is sold in America.

  681. Daniel says:

    no, that’s not what I said at all. You are actually just making an ass of yourself.

  682. Simon says:

    Italy is about to pass a law which punishes homophobic acts and speeches. What about this, now?

  683. Jim Jordan says:

    I’m very disappointed that Guido Barilla backtracked from his original comments. Another victim of the homophiliac cry-babies. He should have stuck by his guns. As for Aravosis’s sensibility: you wonder where the negative stereotypes come from? Exhibit A.

  684. deforge says:

    that’s still his OPINION. until he starts trying to push that into legislation its still a none issue. many people think Single en should not be able to adopt. many people think Americans should not be able to adopt foreign kids because of the frequent reports of abuse. clearly adoption is a fickle manner homosexuality aside.

    notice how you didn’t address the part where I called out the author in a blatant lie,
    accusing the Italian of saying something he did not say at all..
    why not, wasn’t it conveeeenient?
    the fact that the author blatantly spins, exaggerates, and lies lost a lot of credibility with me. intentionally twisting words and reality and blowing it out through a powerful medium IS NOT GOING TO HELP OUR FIGHT FOR EQUALITY. its only going to alienate people who actually pay attention to the details, and harm/discredit the honest and truthful efforts.

  685. judybrowni says:


    “You’re intolerant of someone’s intolerance! You must tolerate their intolerance because I said so, that’s why

  686. Simon says:

    It’s funny how atheists/agnostics know Christianism better than Christians themselves.

  687. allylloyd says:

    So if you are an American, you can only use your First Amendment right if you “say the right thing”. Great, but this man is an Italian, so our First Amendment rights don’t mean a damn thing to him!

  688. mayqueen says:

    Buddy, I am Italian and you are as far away from being a gangster than a person can be, believe me. Doesn’t bother me, it amuses me to read your comment and see that you actually believe you are a gangster. You’re 15 years old tops, right?

  689. Luwanda says:

    The man apologized. Who cares what kind of couples are in his commercials? You all are taking this 2 far.

  690. allylloyd says:

    Boss Mon, that’s my point. Please note I never said what I thought–I clearly stated A lot of people are against Single People adopting!!!

  691. Anonymous says:

    Pretty sure this is an American company; if you mean talking about laws, prove it by doing something other than being on this pasta article.

  692. judybrowni says:

    Not, traditionally so.
    Nope. Although much practiced among the Borgia popes (and their children.)
    Traditionally, it was damned hard or impossible to get a divorce, no less an annullment in THE CHURCH, until very recent times.
    You bigots are sooooooooooooo confusing, as well as confused: so Jesus humping for traditional marriage wasn’t Christian, because he was a Jew, but he was the Christ, which makes him pretty darn Christian by definition.

  693. Boss Mon says:

    Many people are against single people adopting a child

  694. Simon says:

    Someone who think people are allowed to say whatever they want just because in name of freedom of speech. It doesn’t work like that.

  695. allylloyd says:

    Yes, as an American, I’d rather AMERICANS talked about AMERICAN THINGS like ACA, Immigration Laws, Gun Control, Education, you know–those kind of things….

  696. Phoenix says:

    How quickly they cry foul when the shoe is on the other hoof.

    Oh, I’m sorry. Was I not tolerant enough of your intolerance?

    Conservative predictability.

  697. mayqueen says:

    Who are you??? I am flummoxed by your ignorant statements and your apparent addiction to the caps lock key.

  698. Simon says:

    Did a wizard with a magic wand appear and seamlessly rewrite time, making the first marriage disappear? Oh, come on. It happened and nothing can change it. Now, if you really want to stick to the ‘traditional family’ concept, you shouldn’t consider stuff like divorce and remarriage. ;)

  699. allylloyd says:

    YOU PEOPLE–I’m not a teabagger or a Fundamental Christian–so just what TYPE of person am I?

  700. Matthew Kane says:

    I’m sorry, don’t hate on me because I’m a bad ass. There are numerous films out about me. Sorry if that bothers you for some reason.

  701. mayqueen says:

    There is no such thing as a “nuclear family” It is an outdated idea that was a ridiculous notion in the first place. Family means many different things.

  702. mayqueen says:

    The nuclear family is an anachronistic model. Family means many things today.

  703. Simon says:

    (Unrelated: let me confess you my love)

  704. allylloyd says:

    The first marriage was annulled; this means it didn’t happen. So the second marriage is technically the only marriage.

  705. judybrowni says:

    FOR DISTRACTION: A: “You should be discussing something else I deem important.”
    B: “I get to decide what’s important, because — no reason given.”

  706. Annabel Eyrick says:

    I have always been an avid consumer of Barilla pastas. Even though I’m not gay, they just lost me as a customer. Forever. I refuse to eat anything made by ignorant idiots.

  707. Matt Rogers says:

    How exactly are gay people “destroying everything in their path” by getting married, holding down a job, or serving openly in the military?

  708. Simon says:

    The day when you people will understand that a homophobic remark made by someone, even more if that one is the CEO of a big company, therefore a prominent figure, DOES HAVE consequences, well, that will be a great day for the world. It is NOT just an opinion, it is NOT just a statement. It’s something offensive.

  709. Navybrat says:

    You all are over-reacting here. It would be amusing if it weren’t so judgmental and pathetic.

  710. mayqueen says:

    Feels good to be a gangster??? Are you ten years old??? Oooh, I am such a gangster!!!!

  711. Boss Mon says:

    YES!! Gays act like they support everyhing and there isn’t anything or person they don’t like or support

  712. Matthew Kane says:

    When they do they definitely don’t eat Barilla, $1.00 per box pasta. That’s why I say this whole thing is bullshit and reactionary. That man knows his own demographics and knew saying that would have virtually no effect on his sales.

  713. Navybrat says:

    So your interpretation of what Barillo means is more valid than Marion’s? How condescending! Your use of “Guido” is an indication of your immaturity. Marion’s statement is basically true. Your comment was basically crap.

  714. judybrowni says:

    Translation: “It’s no skin off my nose if gays are second-class citizens in this country. In fact, I prefer it that way.”

    Extra Troll Points for This Trope: “I get to decide what’s important, because — no reason given.”

  715. mayqueen says:

    I hope you are aware of how ignorant and idiotic you sound.

  716. allylloyd says:

    How is that you (AMERICANS) are so upset about what the CEO of a privately owned Italian company says but not your own PUBLIC OFFICIALS? My goodness!!

  717. Daniel Mourad says:

    that’s one of the most bigoted things i’ve ever heard. Replace bigot with any other word…

  718. emjayay says:

    Like I said above, this is very unusual for this site and no doubt an email alert to homophobes went out or something. Maybe Rush told them.

  719. Anonymous says:

    Most of these are new accounts popping up constantly with strange usernames, which keep changing. I’ve given up on responding because people are just trolling at this point, few have real profiles. Also I think they are trying to make it seem like more people are on here by changing the names.

  720. Matthew Kane says:

    “I want to see the community improve.”

    “Shut up douche bag.”

    Enough said.

  721. mayqueen says:

    the pope told him

  722. Navybrat says:

    What companies use gay in their advertisements, TV commercials, product boxes? Please, enlighten me because I haven’t seen any. How many supermarket products have gays on their boxes, bottles, etc.? You comment is just all-around stupid. He also has made no anti-gay remarks, he has stated support for their rights. Of course, you can squeal about his statement that they won’t use gays in their advertising as a slur. I see it as his right to advertise to whatever consumer base he chooses. In this case, his choice is the nuclear family. I’m sure there will be some feminists crying about the “woman in the kitchen” being a stereotype. Good luck making everyone happy.

  723. mayqueen says:

    allylloyd, What the hell are you screaming about??? Yes, Jesus was Jewish. What does that have to do with anything?? Jeez, you need Valium or something buddy.

  724. Matthew Kane says:

    I think you are a first class cock sucker.

  725. emjayay says:

    Then stop spewing it.

  726. allylloyd says:

    I’m not a Teabagger or a Fundamentalist Christian and I have no problem with his statement. Why? Because he’s allowed to make a statement. If he wants his company to promote the Traditional family, that’s his choice. What I don’t understand is why people are so upset about. SERIOUSLY ask yourself, what do these words (spoken by the CEO of a Privately owned company) have to do with the amount of PASTA you eat. If you really wanted to have PASTA, you’d make it yourself!

  727. emjayay says:

    I used to buy Barilla Plus because it has a lot more protein and Omega-3s and lentils and stuff. If anyone else used to use that, there is at least one (Stop and Shop, I think) house brand copy. Probably others.
    For other pastas including whole wheat etc., there are lots of alternative brands and there’s not much difference between them. Some are also from Italy. It’s a very simple product. No need to buy Barilla.

  728. judybrowni says:

    Oh no you didnt just pull that bigot trope out of your ass?
    I dare you to read all of the following news stories about mothers and fathers (heterosexual) who abused their children:


    Versus my sister the doctor and her wife whose son in now in college.

  729. Simon says:

    He must be a close friend.

  730. Matt Rogers says:

    True, but how do you know his first marriage was annulled?

  731. izzoiz says:

    what a low rent scumbag.

  732. Beartx says:

    Peace? How disingenuous.

  733. FLFF says:

    Oh please aren’t we ALL tired of the gay ‘offended” crap line! This BS is getting old! You fought the battles and won the war destroying everything in your path. So now go back to what you do and let the rest of us ALONE! We are TIRED of all the BULL CRAP!

  734. Shawn Neaverth says:

    No, I see why you went there but I meant, individually every human is right 50 percent of the tie and wrong 50% of the time. You misunderstood what I said

  735. David Severson says:

    What the hell are you talking about judybrowni…? you’re off point!, read the thread, I never said anything of such nonsense, your defensiveness has you grasping at straws! My initial comment never bashed either side, but that we all have the right to our opinions, and choices.
    And to point out that we all exist by traditional means, unless you’re a robot!
    Can’t you just be happy..?

  736. Daniel Mourad says:

    The thing is, you are reacting in a very irrelevant way by boycotting. In making this statement, Barilla hasn’t done anything to harm gays. Buying his pasta won’t set back the gay rights movement. All you are doing is fearmongering business owners into not being able to express their opinions. Yell at him all you want, try to convince him he is wrong, but to boycott is simply spiteful, and indeed, petty.

  737. allylloyd says:

    Jesus Christ was a JEW and he followed JEWISH LAW. I said CHURCH (as in Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican/Episcopal) which ANNUL marriages. If your marriage is annulled (even if you have children) the marriage NEVER took place and you are free to REMARRY! That’s why he was able to remarry –he had his first marriage annulled!!!

  738. joe says:

    As my gay friend Tom said…. It’s all good, because Gays don’t eat pasta anyway, way too much carbs!!! LOL!
    I say Frig him and his pasta! He is not the only pasta maker in the world! Whatever!

  739. Navybrat says:

    It does make it right. It was like saying “I won’t use beagles in my dog food commercials. If the owners don’t like it, they are free to buy other dog food products.” What’s the difference? There isn’t any. he made no anti-gay slurs or expressed any problem with their rights. “Barilla added that he has “the utmost respect for any person, without distinction of any kind,” and “the greatest respect for gays and for the freedom of expression of anyone.” Does that strike you as anti-gay? I believe the person who wrote the article chose to not believe that Barilla isn’t a bigot. I also believe that, from what he wrote, that he is gay and not willing to give the benefit of the doubt as to Barilla’s stance on gay rights. So who is biased here?

  740. Simon says:

    I think I should start admiring them for their perseverance. Really. I couldn’t even be that straightforward.

  741. emjayay says:

    Wow, about twenty or thirty times the comments a very highly commented on post normally gets here. Also, judging by the serial bigotry, obviously this was linked to by some right site. Probably some fundamentalist Christianist or teabagger site(s) I’m guessing. Anyone know how to figure out which one(s)? I’m guessing it’s not hard if you know how. Maybe an email alert to homophobes went out.
    It’s all the same stuff we’ve heard over and over. Maybe it will die down some when all states have marriage equality. 13 states so far, but representing about a third of the US population. It’s only a matter of time of course.
    On the other hand, the comments on Barilla’s FaceBook page are running maybe 50 to 1 against Barilla, in reply to the apology the Barilla PR writer put on their page.

  742. allylloyd says:

    As I said to my friends, At some groceries stories Barilla pasta is sold 10 for $10, if you’re living on a fixed budget, you aren’t going to care what the CEO said, you’re going to be thinking about feeding your family!

  743. mayqueen says:

    So people here say this dope has the right to free speech and there’s nothing wrong with what he said. Then why is he apologizing if what he said is not wrong???

  744. Matt Rogers says:

    Well, it certainly sounds like that’s what he’s saying — if you leave out a lot of what he said. However, it’s true that we don’t really know if he’s funding an anti-gay agenda.

  745. judybrowni says:

    Hey, a bigot is a bigot is a bigot.

    They’re always going to straight to the bigotry, perceived or imagined

  746. Beartx says:

    I am gay and am voting this down. I have done work with the mentally ill, and I am finding you a bit too much of a martyr and attention seeker to take seriously.

  747. Beartx says:

    Speak for yourself, Dbag. You seem not to have recovered from your past. That makes you the biggest loser?

  748. mayqueen says:

    great buddy, while you are at it, take all of that pasta and shove it up your ass.

  749. Simon says:

    Oh my god, you didn’t seriously say that, did you?

  750. mayqueen says:

    Oh my, a little over wrought, aren’t you “#againstgaymarriage” Methinks you doth protest too much.

  751. Simon says:

    You know, “a lot of people are against” the roundness of Earth. Yes, there exists even a society which claims that our planet is, in fact, flat. What I mean is that “a lot of people thinking something” doesn’t necessarily mean that their belief is correct.

  752. Navybrat says:

    Barilla never made any statements that could be regarded as “ant-gay”. He did state that “We won’t include gays in our ads, because we like the traditional family. If gays don’t like it, they can always eat another brand of pasta. Everyone is free to do what they want, provided it doesn’t bother anyone else.” Anti-gay? No, his right to advertise his product the way he chooses, and are free to buy other brands. BFD. How many products do have gays in the advertisements? I can’t think of one. But this man states his preference for family-based advertising and obviously someone must have asked about using gays in his advertising or the subject would never have come up. He didn’t just blurt out that gays won’t be in his ads. His choice, his right. Go ahead and boycott. If you do manage to hurt his customer base, then you can also be proud that you cost people their jobs in a depressed market. Way to go!

  753. mayqueen says:

    It takes a male and female to procreate? WTF????? So basically “traditional” relationships exist solely for procreation purposes??? Uh-huh. I am stunned.

  754. allylloyd says:

    Really? Why because he was JEWISH?

  755. judybrowni says:

    Because people who think my brother and sister are second class citizens are equally as right as me?
    Please go fuck yourself.

  756. Simon says:

    I don’t think he actually went to the Roman Rota to get the marriage annulled. And even if he had, this is just a bunch of excuses. The traditionality of something is such a weird concept in people’s mind, and it’s funny how they keep changing it according to their needs but not to other people’s needs.

  757. Beartx says:

    Wow Marion, I agree with you on this one.

  758. allylloyd says:

    A lot of people are against Gay Adoption. They are also against SINGLE people adopting for the same reason. They want kids to be raised by a MOTHER and a FATHER.

  759. judybrowni says:

    Jesus wouldn’t agree. Tsk, tsk.

  760. mayqueen says:

    Well aren’t you the condescending asshat. Insulting Simon in that manner only makes you look ignorant. Plus, your comment is insulting to people who home school their children. But carry on, it’s amusing in a weird way

  761. Matt Rogers says:

    He said his company “won’t include gay people in our ads” and that he doesn’t think gay people should be able to adopt children. How is that not anti-gay?

    As for “exactly what he said,” it’s right there in the article, which repeatedly quotes him.

  762. judybrowni says:

    Bullshit. According to several native Italians below.

  763. judybrowni says:

    Notice you didn’t quote the line about his objection to gay adopton.
    Why not, wasn’t it conveeeenient?

  764. allylloyd says:

    If he was married in a Church and the first marriage was ANNULLED, then his second marriage isn’t a bad thing because technically HE WAS NEVER MARRIED THE FIRST TIME!

  765. mayqueen says:

    Thank you :)

  766. Anonymous says:

    Did you read my comment properly? I think not

  767. Kenneth says:

    He has every right to his opinion, and the rest of the world has the right to ban his products if we decide to. Granted we can’t attack him for his beliefs, but we don’t have to support him or his business if he won’t support us. And as far as him saying that he is pro gay marriage and against gay adoption because it is against HIS familial beliefs is hypocritical. From what I could see, his company lawyer saw that he seriously screwed up and told him how to backtrack and try to save face. And as for me, I will never buy Barilla products again!

  768. Simon says:

    Yes, you can read about it on Wikipedia. Unfortunately, it’s only in Italian: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guido_Barilla.

    Let me translate it our English-speaking friends:
    “È sposato e ha cinque figli, due avuti dalla prima moglie Federica Marchini, e tre dal secondo matrimonio con Nicoletta Marassi.”
    “He is married and has five children, two of them from the first wife Federica Marchini, and three of them from the second marriage with Nicoletta Marassi.”

  769. deforge says:

    I was ready to hop on the barilla boycotting bandwagon until I read what he actually said.

    “If gays like our pasta and our advertisings, they will eat our pasta; if they don’t like that, they will eat someone else’s pasta.”

    he is simply stating the fact that some people will *chose* not to eat it if lack of gay advertisement bothers them. instead, this being spun as if he is *telling* people not to eat it if they don’t like his stance.

    he’s entitled to his subjective view point. as long as he is not barring gays from working there and not funding anti-gay agenda, this is a non issue that is being spun otherwise by a sensationalist media.

    that said, I cant think of a single company making ads featuring gay partners. i’m sure there are some, but obviously its not wide spread. for this to have even come up as a question it sounds like someone was trying to bait the issue to generate some corp-shaming which is a lucrative sell for the media lately.

    also, “Barilla absolutely has the right to say that Barilla pasta is for straight people.” except no such thing was even said. this is slander and John Aravosis is an attention ore.

  770. Anonymous says:

    Exactly. And for some reason, thought that Italian couldn’t be translated – why else would he apologize in America a day later?

  771. Matthew Kane says:

    As you can see with the down votes, the only two people here with an open mind that actually want change for the better are getting down flagged. Damn it feels good to be a gangster. The rest of you. Spineless.

  772. judybrowni says:

    Odd how tolerance is so accepted here in the United States of America, not like it’s in our Constution or Bill of Rights, or anythi ng.

    Get down off your cross, Jesus.

    You don’t get a crown of thorns for your bigotry, just laughed at.

  773. Anna Julia Pavone-Palazola says:

    Shame on whoever translated this conversation!! It has been taken totally out of context!

  774. arcadesproject says:

    I think everyone should eat their own pasta. Eating someone else’s would be unsanitary, rude and just plain weird. And Mr. Barilla can insert his where the sun don’t ever shine.

  775. Beartx says:

    You straight guys are always about the loads.

  776. mayqueen says:

    Traditional family and the tool is divorced?? Thanks for this I now can officially stop listening to this supreme hypocrite yammer on about gay and non gay pasta, and “family values.” This guy should not only remove the plank from his own eye, but also remove the stick he apparently has up his ass.

  777. Beartx says:

    We intend to, with our gay dollars going to any other pasta maker.

  778. Anna Julia Pavone-Palazola says:


  779. Beartx says:

    You really don’t read a lot about science or adoption, do you?

  780. mayqueen says:

    I am also Italian, and I agree with Simon. It also seems to me this man is not too swift, basically telling people to buy other pasta (?) if they don’t agree with him? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

  781. Simon says:

    Let me add something important about this happening: Guido Barilla likes to talk about what he consider a ‘traditional family’. Should I mention that he got divorced and married another woman afterwards? Oh, maybe now that he has even TWO traditional families (with children included) he can freely speak about gay people and their marriage.

  782. judybrowni says:

    TRANSLATION: I’m a homophobe because my gay urges give me the willies! My self hate should be your self-hate.

  783. Beartx says:

    Hate hate hate hate. BUT I have gay “friends”. and Black friends, so that’s cool right? Whiny ass bitch. Why the F are you even on here, if not to stir up hatred?

  784. judybrowni says:

    I have a gay brother and sister, and I doubt that any of us, including my father and his wife who has two gay sons will be buying Barilla.

    Why the fuck should we?

    But extra points for BIGOT TROLL TROPE: “You’re intolerant of someone’s intolerance! You must tolerate their intolerance because I said so, that’s why.”

  785. Navybrat says:

    You didn’t see any anti-gay slurs from Barilla either. Unless you let your bias dictate what you interpret a person says.

  786. Anonymous says:

    Imo, most of this bile has to do with Christianity facing extinction. The church is attempting to get political now more than ever to save its existence. It’s backfiring. The statistics back up the idea that their values are going out of style, and they want to bash people until it’s reversed. 1200 comments on here and most are from trolls.
    No place for rational discussion. Eating Chik Fil A and Barilla won’t save the church.

  787. Navybrat says:

    Barilla is a bigot because he wants the nuclear family in his advertising?? He didn’t say one thing about being anti-gay. In fact, he said quite the opposite. But I doubt if you checked the facts and did your own research here. Just go along with all of the rest of the uninformed commenters.

  788. Simon says:

    The point is that NOBODY is forcing him to put gay people in his advertisements. They just asked him about it and he started with his homophobic remarks, which ARE an offence to people. He could have just stated that he wouldn’t, he couldn’t just skipped the question, but no, he had to underline how he hates fags.

  789. karmanot says:

    Wisdom from the drive by 18 comments newbe.

  790. judybrowni says:

    So marriage is only about procreation?

    You should have told that to my 79 year old father when he married his 66 year old wife.

    He’s 90 now, but theyll try their best for you, if that’s the only way you’ll agree that their marriage can be legit.

  791. Shawn Neaverth says:

    It’s official- this place is crazy land. Comments sections are supposed to help people unite and exchange ideas. We COULD actually do something of substance maybe work together but It’s obvious no way is that possible yet.There was a time when people were open to each other and didn’t consider every single opinion of theirs to be an actual fact. Perception is not reality, reality is fucking reality. There’s no way everybody can be right about everything all the time, how bout we all agree we shoot 50/50 and try being humble? It looks sad seeing the same tired old fight among us tie after time and adults should know better by now.

  792. Simon says:

    Freedom of speech ISN’T an option when it harms other people’s freedom and life. Let’s stop with this.

  793. Navybrat says:

    By all means buy from one of those fine Italian pasta makers! Lol!!

  794. Navybrat says:

    And that is their prerogative as well as their right. There is nothing wrong with the nuclear family.

  795. Navybrat says:

    Exactly! He also said that he has no problems with gay lifestyles and rights. No-one wants to hear that, though.

  796. Simon says:

    Dear Davide, I am Italian too, born and raised, and I know English quite well. Let me say that the article was perfectly written and the words of Guido Barilla correctly translated. If you want to state your opinion about this matter, then just do it, without accusing the author of a misleading translation, because there is absolutely NOTHING wrong about it.

    Buh bye to you too.

  797. Navybrat says:

    Wow, you sure misinterpreted that statement.

  798. Anonymous says:

    This already happens – but they chastise powerful people for saying “God loves gays,” “I’m an atheist,” “gay people should marry” – free speech is no longer allowed if it’s “blasphemy,” even the mildest statements; funny how that works.

  799. Betty McG says:

    Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera reported that two other pasta manufacturers are now posting on their company sites that everyone is included in their family and that families are not just the blinkered 1950;s style family; It will be interesting to see what advertising comes from all this. Corriere posted some of the pro-gay or anti-Barrilla ads that have been put on facebook. Thom Allen waayyy up the line from here has posted one of the new boxes and the link.

  800. Matt Rogers says:

    Being gay, straight, or bi isn’t just about sex. It’s also about love.

  801. Navybrat says:

    Except he isn’t “anti-gay”. Did you even read the article, do some research that wasn’t biased to find out exactly what he said? I didn’t think so. Hmmm, can we say uninformed and too lazy to do research?

  802. TampaZeke says:

    Where did you learn that freedom of speech means freedom from harassment or consequenceS? Let me guess, HOME SKOOLED?

  803. #againstgaymarriage says:

    Shes just another person that wants her 15 seconds of fame lol ur 100% right who gives a fuck if the pasta brand supports gays? Its fucking pasta u whiny ass bitches!!!

  804. judybrowni says:

    You should read the Bible sometime, it’s pretty racy what with all the God- approved wives and concubines.
    And incest!

  805. judybrowni says:

    And it’s our right not to buy his shitty pasta.
    For some reason, bigoted trolls never understand that everyone has the right to an opinion, and what they put in their grocery cart.

  806. Anonymous says:

    Maybe those employees should take it up with the CEO, who chooses to diminish their brand by being controversial. You act as if no religious groups boycott certain brands for being pro-gay.

  807. PBunny says:

    boycott. And I will share with my 80,000 co workers!

  808. TampaZeke says:

    He most certainly is free to think and express anything he wants to but he’s not free to expect that there will be no consequences when he says he’s against gay adoption any more than he would be free to expect no consequences if he were to express an opinion that black people shouldn’t adopt or if he were to say Jews shouldn’t be allowed to adopt or Christians shouldn’t be able to adopt. Had he said that he didn’t believe that Christians should be allowed to adopt I guarantee that those screaming “FREE SPEECH!” would be DEMANDING a boycott and his head on a plate.

    Do you respect ALL opinions? Do you respect the opinions of racists? Misogynists? Anti-Semites? Anti-Italians? Or do you just respect the opinions that don’t negatively target you specifically?

  809. Sage of the Nation says:

    Tell that to my gay friends, I’m sure they’d not find your ironic assessment to accuracy, love. They just understand and respect the benefits and demons of capitalism and don’t let it ruffle their feathers like you do. The only hate I see is in the intolerance through the accusations of ‘blind’ ‘bigoted’ and ‘stupid’ without proof of claim. This is why your movement will never have complete respect. You can’t beat intolerance with intolerance.

  810. Navybrat says:

    I agree with you.

  811. judybrowni says:

    He has the right to his opinions, and we have the right to voice ours.
    Somehow the Freedom of Speech road is never two ways for the bigots.

  812. jennybeth70 says:

    These are stupid examples.Neither a child nor an animal is capable of consent.

  813. Navybrat says:

    Your comment is a mess and I don’t know what you were reading but it can’t have been the Bible.

  814. countryliving4me says:


  815. David Severson says:

    Nobody said anything about ‘marriage’, it’s about gay or straight. It takes a male and a female to procreate, both traditionally and non-traditionally… that can’t be said of two of the same sex.

  816. judybrowni says:

    A double Troll Trope.
    A: “You’re intolerant of someone’s intolerance! You must tolerate their intolerance because I said so, that’s why.”
    B: “I get to decide what’s important, because — no reason given.”

  817. Matt Rogers says:

    I didn’t see anything that could be accurately translated that way.

    “Non faremo pubblicità con omosessuali, perché a noi piace la famiglia
    tradizionale. Se i gay non sono d’accordo, possono sempre mangiare la
    pasta di un’altra marca. Tutti sono liberi di fare ciò che vogliono
    purché non infastidiscano gli altri”.

    That statement clearly excludes gay people, it doesn’t just support non-gay families. This translation is a bit more literal:

    “We will not be advertising with homosexuals, because we like the traditional family. If gays do not agree, they can always eat pasta of another brand. All are free to do whatever they want provided it does not annoy others.”

    It looks to me like John’s translation is more accurate than yours.

  818. countryliving4me says:

    Ditto!!!! I for one will never buy their products again. Sickening!!

  819. Aelfgifu says:

    So he’s not just homophobic; he’s sexist? Thanks for the clarification of just how big of an @$$ this guy really is.

  820. countryliving4me says:

    Prejudice in any forum is wrong!

  821. TampaZeke says:

    As simple, “Mea culpa, I didn’t realize his name was Guido”, would have been the right answer here.

  822. Navybrat says:

    So he doesn’t want gays in his advertisement. He has that right. You can’t force people to think the way you want them to. He is entitled to advertise his product any way he wants. If he wants families, that’s his right. If he wanted gay families, that would also be his choice. He didn’t “bash” gays, and expressed that he is not against gay rights. What do want him to do, kiss your asses? Find something important to get upset about. Gay rights are improving all of the time. Stop telling people to boycott companies that don’t support gay rights. The only people that get hurt if a company like Barilla or Chik-Fil-A isn’t a big supporter of gay rights are the employees trying to make money in a really crappy economy.

  823. judybrowni says:

    There are none so blind as those who would be willfully blind, bigoted, and stupid.

  824. Aelfgifu says:

    When did you make the choice to only sleep with women?*

    *This comment should not be misconstrued to imply that any women have actually ever taken you up on the offer.

  825. Ted says:

    If a married “straight man” is wanting to fool around with another man then he obviously isn’t “straight” is he?
    It’s a family owned company that is headed by a man that believes in traditional family values so if they don’t want to portray homosexuals in their ads then that is their right.

  826. Aelfgifu says:

    She nailed you for the hateful person you really are. Deal with it.

  827. Antonio Perales says:

    He suggests gays can eat ‘another brand of pasta’? That can be arranged.

  828. mike31c says:

    None of this crap for me now :p

  829. Sage of the Nation says:

    I am so thankful we have an English to Stupid translator here to bless us with her ignorance.

  830. Anonymous says:

    You are lucky to be alive, then again a lot of people waste their lives and don’t see it. The dead didn’t get off easy, that’s a stupid and arrogant thing for a living person to say. I think you’re the one with a victim complex and I’m done here. See ya!

  831. Navybrat says:

    Yes, he is free to express his own opinions without having to put up with this harassment. Last I heard, freedom of speech is still an option. This should never have been an issue. There are much more important issues in this country that need to be addressed.

  832. David Severson says:

    LOL, good one judy brown i

  833. judybrowni says:

    Translation: it’s no skin off my nose if gays are second-class citizens in this country. In fact, I prefer it that way.

  834. Shawn Neaverth says:

    It’s hard to get someone to hear when their ears are already full and their mind is made up, and are just too stubborn to open up further and expand the circle. It’s mostly caused from their fears to not fit in with the crowd and right now anyone on this comment section getting involved probably has a stressful confrontational life at the moment, and no one that high up on the ladder to be free of stress would bother commenting about a pasta CEO. Don’t despair though because all generations watch each other and the younger ones are learning from us now, they definitely will learn from us and there’s good reason to have hope they’ll outshine us.

  835. judybrowni says:

    Same right back at you, bucko.

  836. Matthew Kane says:

    First time I’ve ever been here. Classic professional troll tactic.

  837. judybrowni says:

    You just did.

  838. Jennifer Christiansen Sneed says:

    ” I simply wanted to highlight the central role of the woman in the family” So…lesbians are ok, then?

  839. Davide says:

    this translation is totally wrong.
    who wrote this totally wanted to make up a scandal, and that’s not right because you totally changed the meaning if what he said.
    i’m italian, born and raised, and what he meant is that his company’s image is the traditional italian family where the woman is the heart of the house, which has the pride to cook every day for her kids.
    he said that this is his company’s image, this his what they’ve been referring at for years. also because Barilla is a family conducted company. that’s just how it is.
    he said that he would not do anything else. when he has been prompted and provoked by the journalist, he said that he’s ok with gay marriage, because it has to do with people that want to get together.
    so, i totally don’t understand why do you wanna make a case that DOES NOT EXIST!
    he said that everybody in his life can do whatever. everybody is free, he said.
    he’s is personally pro gay marriage but against gay adoption, but hey, isn’t he free to think and believe in what he wants?
    he’s free to think, and you’re are certainly not entitled to offend him like you did!


  840. Rob says:

    what is a ” traditional ” marriage now days ? Many ” straight ” marriages end in divorce or one of both have an affair. EQUALITY.

  841. Matthew Kane says:

    Go hug a tree.

  842. judybrowni says:

    And by “traditional marriage” I assumes he means the Biblical tradition: polygamy
    When a man, and a woman, and a woman, and a woman he might send out into the wilderness, become ONE.
    Actually, that might make Barilla’s ads more interesting.
    (Oh and don’t forget that other Biblical tradition: slavery, while you’re at it.)

  843. Anonymous says:

    You should cherish your life. Death is not a solution to anything. The struggle continues even as the dead are not a part of it. Living people will always be tortured.

  844. Lushlife says:

    ??? What ??? Why would I prefer that?

    Okey dokey. You’re crazy. Feel better?

  845. Rob says:

    its dick heads like YOU that cause trouble, If ” straight ” people can get married, why can’t gay people ? we are human, we pay taxes. Love is the main thing. if Marriage is between a man and a woman, how come so many ” straight ” men want to fool around with other men ? the woman can’t be good enough. wake up. times are changing.

  846. Sage of the Nation says:

    I don’t look at my food and ask “I wonder if you support gay rights” I just eat it and move on with my life. These articles and the hype generated from them are getting ridiculous. Perhaps if the pasta was being forced down their throat by the government, we’d actually have something to harp about.

  847. Matthew Kane says:

    Who has suffered the most. Someone who was killed or someone who was tortured? The person who was killed got off easy. They weren’t left with a lifetime of psychological damage. Factually, people that live, suffer far more than people who are dead. I have been to Laramie to pay tribute to Matthew. Have you?

  848. David Severson says:

    Sooooo…. which one shot the load…?

  849. Anonymous says:

    You could say we’re both arguing over a pasta CEO’s opinions on this page. Does that mean we do nothing outside of this? No, but here we are on a petty comment board. Just pointing out that you spend time on here bashing others doesn’t mean you do nothing else. It means you waste an awful lot of time on here.

  850. Matt McCaw says:

    Didn’t stop you from engaging in a witch hunt against an Italian businessman who doesn’t seem to speak English.

  851. Matthew Kane says:

    Well, what I do for a living, very specifically, is travel the country advocating for homeless people, feeding them, and outing toxic waste dumps in residential neighborhoods that have left people with cancer, chrohn’s, fibro, and other unexplained illnesses. I have helped thousands of people. There is most certainly no issue with my empathy or sympathy mechanisms. I am embarrassed by my own community. Even sitting her trying to fight for the community to improve itself I am getting bullied. Look at all the down flags on my posts. You fight for one thing, not gay rights, but your own uneducated opinions and your right to hurt people and call it “boycott.”

  852. karmanot says:

    Bigot troll duly noted.

  853. #againstgaymarriage says:

    Good comment… they are just like any other ppl out there… just finding a reason to bitch and conplain… yeah yall can go suck on each others cocks or munch on other carpets but leave this man alone!!!

  854. Anonymous says:

    You would win over a dead guy? Interesting. Your arrogance has reached new heights.

  855. A Smith says:

    Ah, the old “I apologize if YOU were offended,” non-apology, thus making it my fault.

    On the other hand, he is free to tell his customers whatever he wants, just as they are free to go buy another pasta.

  856. judybrowni says:

    Translation: Baaaah waaah, somebody had a different opinion than mine! Somehow that infringes on my life!
    My sister and her wife have a sonnow in college: hint, no “traditional marriage” involved.

  857. #againstgaymarriage says:

    Who gives two flying fucks if he is against gays? I dont oppose to them being in a relationship thats their own disgusting choice… but when it comes down to marriage… i will not vote or support it. Marriage is when a man and a woman become one. Not same sex… barilla can say and express what he wants to and he has enough money to have the say so that gays will not be in his advertising because i wouldnt want them in my advertising!!! What message would that send to children? Keep it traditional barilla!!! U have my support 100%!!!

  858. Anonymous says:

    No kidding? That’s why most people sit at the front of the bus – they’re tired. Except if you were black, you HAD to keep walking even if you were tired. Surely she knew she was breaking the law, however absurd it was.

  859. judybrowni says:

    Well, since I speak and write English…as do most on this blog, if there’s an insult in another language you might want to translate it for us, before you go off on a rant.
    Sorry, but I forgot to study Italian in case, one day, somebody would maybe write what might be an insult in that language on a political blog.
    Silly me.

  860. Thom Allen says:

    “Who you have sex with is a choice.” Who you want to have sex with is not a choice. There’s a difference, just like with pasta.

  861. Matthew Kane says:

    Says the pot to the kettle…

  862. Matthew Kane says:

    Apparently, you are not educated enough to know that Rosa Park had no intention of starting a movement. Her feet were tired. She just didn’t want to walk any further. Other people, not unlike the people in this forum, turned her into a champion of rights.

  863. db says:

    So by your own statement this boycott isn’t bullying at all, (impressive about face from your other comments) the LGBT communicty is just following his instructions to not buy his product.
    Still technically a boycott, but you’ve just pointed out that anyone crying about the gays being mean or bullying are wrong since Guido called for the boycott himself.

    As for the names you’ve been called, I’m going to give you the same answer that Rupert Murdock received when he Tweeted: “Seems impossible to have civilised debate on twitter. Ignorant,vicious abuse lowers whole society, maybe shows real social decay.”

    – I find that in life one reaps what one sows…

  864. Lisa says:

    It’s not intolerant to reject racism, sexism, or homophobia.

  865. Capital_7 says:

    We’re allowed to say whatever we like about him, and we’re allowed to dump his company’s product because we don’t want to support an asshole.

  866. Thom Allen says:

    Of course he was “forced” into it. Just like he was “forced” to make his original bigoted and sexist comments. Poor, poor Guido. A “loss for the community”? What loss? WHAT COMMUNITY? Perhaps you need to take your next dose of medication now so you’ll feel a little more mentally stable.

  867. Anonymous says:

    Maybe you have problems empathizing with others. You are not the only person struggling

  868. CR says:

    Well, yes. And we’re allowed to think he’s wrong and say so. That’s how this works. Two way street, eh?

  869. Capital_7 says:

    I love an asshole troll. Good on ya! You can eat whatever shit lardass pasta you like.

  870. David Severson says:

    Yes you have the right to be mad, hurt, sensitive, a cry baby, gay or straight, and to boycott for that matter! But, Barilla also has the right to tell you to go suck on someone else’s noodle…

    Just remember this – If it wasn’t for ‘The Traditional Family’, most of you wouldn’t even exist to exercise your right to your noodle of choice. So go on and just be happy people, cause words are just words, and quality pasta is everything…. use your noodle and choose wisely!

    PS – Sorry for excessive use of the ‘n’ word, although it is my right….

  871. judybrowni says:

    All caps, no less your spittal rant, make you sound crazy.
    You might want to step back from that.

  872. Matthew Kane says:

    If there was a contest I would win. I’m a member of both communities.

  873. stormkite says:

    Sure he is. Nobody says he can’t. Most of us are very glad he has; we like knowing who/what we’re dealing with. Or declining to deal with, as the case may be.

  874. JayCee says:

    WOW … Guess this Pasta eating TRADITIONAL familia will not be eating Barilla…. Nor will my children…. this is 2013, not 1952. Apology or not…. Barilla lost my custom!

  875. Ken Orcutt says:

    I need to stock up on his pasta.

    Who you have sex with is a choice. (except of course rape)
    What skin color you are born with is not a choice.

    Why is it that people are NOT free to reject what they see as a bad choice?

    Would it be ok for him to tell pedophiles to go buy some other pasta?
    God made them desire to have sex with children. RIGHT?

    Or did the pedophile make a CHOICE?

    What about people who have sex with horses.
    God made them desire to have sex with horses. RIGHT?

    Or did they too make a CHOICE?

    I met a gay man who turned straight. I asked him why?
    He flat out told me the people he was exposed to as a child
    did not let him know it was OK to be straight.

    Who you have sex with is a CHOICE.

    Everyone has the right to accept or reject other peoples CHOICES.

    Or do they?

  876. Anonymous says:

    And of course, people are never forced to suppress leftist opinions…if it’s not in America or the EU, it didn’t happen, right?

  877. judybrowni says:

    Climb down off your cross, Jesus.
    There is no martyr contest, where you get to rank those who deserve civil rights.
    There are civil rights enough for everyone, but only if we fight for those who are being denied.

  878. stormkite says:

    But if I choose not to shop at a store because I see them acting in ways that suggest they don’t WANT my business, is it not courteous to let them know why they’ve lost my patronage and how they can get it back? It’s entirely up to the business to decide which way to go, but they need to know what their customers (former or potential customers as well) are thinking in order to decide.

    The thing is, democracy and free markets are messy. Always have been, always will be. Believe it or not, one of the basic conditions for markets to work is for all parties to be fully informed about who’s doing what. Big business and its supports want DESPERATELY for that not to be the case, because it usually hurts them if the buyers know how they do business… but it’s still a necessity.

  879. Matthew Kane says:

    Another loss for the LGBT community. This is sad.

  880. Anonymous says:

    Gay people are definitely more prone to mistreatment than the average person. This goes for the mentally ill too; no one says gays are alone in being mistreated. I suggest campaigning for something productive you believe in, like mental health, rather than bashing another cause.

  881. Matthew Kane says:

    See, the guy was forced to say something he didn’t mean to make a bunch of people happy. Great job. An apology from Barilla was a loss for the community. You are just too ignorant to see it.

  882. CHARLIE says:


  883. Chunkytuna says:

    I’ll be buying more Barilla in the light of these comments. Couldn’t agree more with him.

  884. allylloyd says:

    When did stating your opinions (thoughts) become a bad thing. This is the CEO of a PRIVATELY OWNED company. He’s allowed to think and say whatever he wants.

  885. CHARLIE says:


  886. judybrowni says:

    So you want to hold a martyr contest?

    And only those you deem have suffered enough get to speak up?

    You, sir, haven’t suffered as much as Matthew Shepard, so by your logic, you should shut the fuck up..

  887. Anonymous says:

    Really getting bored of your multiple accounts, changing your name and style of writing just to troll. 5 sec ago you were “Marion.” You were already called out by the moderator. Please go away

  888. Matthew Kane says:

    Look, gay people are even getting mad and down voting my posts because I would have the nerve to suggest that WE are not the biggest victims of society and should not be acting like it. It makes us look like douche bags to people who have experienced real suffering at the hands of society.

  889. Matt McCaw says:

    ‘Vafanapoli’. Used at the end of the paragraph beginning with the words ‘yeah, freedom of expression.’ His use of a language other than English must have thrown you.

  890. Robyn Berry says:

    Well this is one traditional woman that will be permanently boycotting Barilla.

  891. Matt Rogers says:

    OK, so we need to learn about Italy, but not being an anti-gay bigot is an “absurdly high moral standard.” Got it. Looks like you have a standard of your own: a double standard.

    Btw I read the article, and I didn’t see any racial slurs that “equate being Neapolitan with engaging in anal sex.”

  892. Bitter says:

    Anyway,Real Gays DO NOT EAT Pasta! remember boys let’s keep those 6pack abs!!

  893. Matthew Kane says:

    Yes, they do. Every psychiatric ward, community mental health organization, and psychiatrist used their current patient base to test new drugs. That is a fact. I don’t want sympathy. I want you to get some perspective and stop acting like you have experienced societal repression like other groups have. Also, the way you are acting, I consider you to be inhuman. You couldn’t pay me to take sympathy from someone like you.

  894. Shawn Neaverth says:

    judybrowni- No one saying “this is an overreaction” is trying to marginalize the LGBT community in its purpose and right to exist. I think the passions here are becoming more intense(and rude) because all the sides of the debate feel they’re talking to a wall, and people are not putting in the effort to try and understand. But different environment foster different opinions and worldviews and all of them, except for the trolls, are here for a reason and it’s important to know worldviews change over time and experience. Fact is this is yet another dumb comment to be asterisked on the long timeline of American evolution and the LGBT’s slow progression up the full acceptance ladder. If you know history you know socially every generation has its main struggle and the people who are struggling, and history proves that perseverance and dignity are the activating ingredient that gets them there. No opinion is really wrong they’re just held from completely different perspectives. It’s o.k to be upset by this but name calling is just old by now

  895. judybrowni says:

    Ohhhhkay, but you claimed someone here — the blogger? — made an obscenity about Naples.

    And can’t back that up, so crazy person, was that just the voices in your head, or what?

  896. Anonymous says:

    And heterosexuals don’t do the same to prostitutes and underage runaways? News to me.

  897. stormkite says:

    It’s a point of view. I choose not to shop at stores that sell products I don’t like; as a courtesy to them I let them know why they’ve lost my patronage and how they can possibly get it back.

    This entire thing is simply the system working the way it should. Democracy is messy and feelings get trampled. And as has been pointed out before, generally the people shouting the loudest about their feelings being hurt are the people who started the stomping.

  898. Matt McCaw says:

    There are MANY slurs against southerners and Neapolitans in particular in Italy. Discrimination against poor southerners trying to make a new life in the richer north is still very common. Racial slurs against Neapolitans are interchangeable with those for Africans, and the one our talented author chose to use equates being Neapolitan with engaging in anal sex. Maybe you guys need to learn something about Italy.

  899. Dan Millard says:

    mmm let us see,,, ok he is anti gay,, but um he is also anti straight single male and against women’s rights,,, he says his company is for the “traditional family” where the woman is in the kitchen cooking,, hmm can we say 1960’s thoughts,, today I know many fathers that cook dinner so I guess they should not buy barilla pasta

  900. Stev84 says:

    Not really. That’s when the church cemented its power over all aspects of life and politics.

  901. Matthew Kane says:

    Yet, even though I am bi I have been called a bigot and told to suck a “cock” twice. Mmm Hmmm. K “victim.” And listen, if the owner says don’t buy my product, and you don’t buy it, that’s not a boycott. You just gave him exactly what he wanted.

  902. Stev84 says:

    There was also a merger of lesbian rights with separatist feminism in the 70s. So things got a bit radical then. It was only with the AIDS crisis in the 80s that something like a combined community emerged again.

  903. Anonymous says:

    The vast majority of people with mental illness don’t go through this. Also, homosexuality warrants the death penalty in several countries, and was a jailable offense not long ago in developed countries. Are conditions in prison much better than those in mental hospitals? Sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder; if you want sympathy, this is not the way to get it.

  904. Chiron Stearman says:

    Exactly Judy.

  905. Stefan1967 says:

    Women can be gay too, moron.

  906. dalydose says:

    If you’re accurate, without commentary in your headline, you won’t cause controversy and get a bunch of hits. I don’t think this guy would put a single person in the ads or probably even a childless couple or an older couple. They clearly see the nuclear family as their brand target market.

  907. db says:

    “anyone who says anything negative about the LGBT community gets attacked and harassed” Here is a newsflash, if you say something negative about any community or group you can expect them to respond in kind, or to take action. Political parties trade smear attacks daily, if you say something negative about obesity expect a return attack, say something negative about Apple products or Justin Beiber and you can barely take a breath before the fanatics to go nuts.
    Responding to negative statements, and boycotting a company that doesn’t respect you or the group of people you identify with isn’t unique to the LGBT community; The NGC is credited with one of the first by boycotting slave produced goods, the UFW boycott of grape and lettuce products, the Jewish boycott against Ford in the 1920s, at least 3 different Olympic boycotts (Moscow, LA, South Africa, and Israel) One Million [ish] Moms and their (failed boycott of JC Penny) or the failed Southern Baptist boycott of Disney for supporting Gay Days, any national embargo on oil or the US embargo of Cuba, these are all boycotts.

    Trying to characterize a boycott as bullying is ridiculous and basically means that you don’t’ have access to a dictionary or can’t be bothered to Google the term. Boycotts are considered to be tied to the phenomenon of ‘moral purchasing’ which isn’t tyranny, and by using that term you are devaluing the lives of people who live under actual tyranny.

    Any CEO with a half way decent knowledge of business knows that you don’t insult a consumer segment with buying power (and the LGBT segment has A LOT of buying power) and expect no consequences. Everyone is free to say whatever they want, like you can make ridiculous unrelated statements about bondage/popper sex at the super 8, but in the same vein anyone is allowed to say whatever they want about the value of your statements (excrement) – that’s the joy of free speech.

  908. Matt Rogers says:

    Expecting people not to be bigots is an “absurdly high moral standard”? And who the heck used an obscenity directed at the people of Naples?

  909. Matthew Kane says:

    I know that before I become a film maker I was diagnosed with mental illness, then put in programs and used as a guinea pig for medical testing of several drugs that were later recalled for killing people. You are not a victim. Gay people, in the grand scale of human repression have experienced the least amount of suffering of the groups of people who have been isolated and tortured.

  910. lush rimbaugh says:

    telling me i would never be shown in one of their commercials because i
    dont fit their image is an asshole thing to say. but then telling me if i
    dont like it then eat something else means im not even good enough to
    be his customer so he can fuck off and die.

  911. Matt Rogers says:

    He also said “We won’t include gays in our ads” and that he doesn’t think gay people should be allowed to adopt children. That’s different from just saying he has traditional families in his ads.

  912. Dace Hawke says:

    It is also Gay’s right to refuse to buy his product because they feel he has demeaned or insulted them. So your statement goes both ways.

  913. lush rimbaugh says:

    stfu. McCaw is scandanavian for dumbass right?

  914. Kathy Roddy says:

    Right. He didn’t say gays should eat someone’s else’s pasta (as the headline says), he says if people don’t like the fact that he has “tradition” (heterosexual) families in his ads they can eat someone elses’s pasta. Pretty much he’s saying that those who don’t like his advertising policy don’t have to buy his product, which is a lot different than saying he doesn’t want gay customers. It doesn’t make such an exciting headline, but it is more accurate.

  915. Matt Rogers says:

    Actually no one is free to be gay or not to be. People don’t choose their sexual orientation.

  916. Dace Hawke says:

    Hey dude, you could always just ignore the article and take up NO opinion idiot. You don’t HAVE to respond at all, and gays aren’t going to attack you for it, just don’t be a total ass and respond to it with stuff that just sounds like hate mongering. Btw, I am a straight guy, but I CHOSE to support the gays in this endeavor because I think they have a right. If you don’t support either side just stay out of it. Your like the guy who jumps in the middle of an argument for no reason cept just to get attention.

  917. Kathy NeverSurrender Egan says:

    There are other fine Italian pasta makers whose spokespeople don’t put their feet in their mouths.

  918. Matt McCaw says:

    As long as we’re holding obscure people in faraway countries to absurdly high moral standards, it’s no more appropriate, and perhaps less so, for you to use an obscenity directed at the people of Naples. Anti-southern bigotry does have a long and tense history in Italy.

  919. Dace Hawke says:

    Your argument works in Reverse, read this article they say he has a right to say what he said, but further people have a right to respond. You can’t have one without the other and him being against gays is not irrelevant. Maybe to us straight people it is but, say your black and a company says “Black can buy our product, but we won’t show them any hospitality or consideration.” Isn’t that a little racist even if it is half committal?

  920. HF says:

    It’s “you’re.”

  921. HF says:

    You don’t get it at all. You don’t seem to understand that “traditional families” is code for “your sex life disgusts me.”

  922. Marion says:

    No. It’s just that society has evolved a lot over the years so the concept of what ‘traditional’ means changes with it. Eg – fifty years ago, ‘traditional’ meant a wife staying at home to look after the children. Today, women also work. Divorce rates too have gone up. Same sex marriage in time will impact on the concept of tradition. The concept of ‘traditional’ moves with the times so describing a ‘traditional’ family is basically redundant. No need to insult. K?

  923. MJS666 says:

    Of course he has the right, but that doesn’t MAKE IT right.

    Again, depictions in the media have a huge impact on minorities growing up. It’s been proven over and over in psychological and sociological studies.

    My formative years were spent never seeing a gay family on television, in magazines, etc. I barely even knew that gay men could have families until I was a teenager, and only then through the internet.

    He has the right to do it, and I have the right to say it has sociological and psychological implications that need to be taken into account.

  924. LadyAryun . says:

    Tolerance (definition: a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from
    one’s own; freedom from bigotry) is a two way street. I am a very tolerant person. I don’t care what you believe. You can scream your view to the heavens. In fact, I will fight for you to scream those views. However what I DO have objection to is them trying to pass LAWS to hurt the LGBT community and degrade them into something sub-human. This is rather unconstitutional in the basic sense of the law and against universal human rights. I wouldn’t make it so that YOU couldn’t stand at your dying loved one’s side in the ER… I won’t make them sit outside in the waiting room either! It’s wrong on a basic human level. Everyone, regardless of race, creed, melatonin concentration, sexuality or gender orientation, is a human being. Treat them as such!

  925. Thom Allen says:

    And you can talk about enslavement, how? Personal experience? As fa as I know, Rosa Parks wasn’t whipped. And you were?

  926. JakeT says:

    Well,of course he’d say that gay people were still welcome to buy his products! Although gays aren’t good enough to be represented in his advertising, being so non-traditional and all, he is happy to take all that traditional gay money every day of the week!

  927. Riccardo says:

    you eat his food even if you dont know it. so thats quite impossible

  928. Matthew Kane says:

    As I said, here is someone acting like the LGBT community has been enslaved. Like you would really know what it feels like to be whipped and forced into labor. Wow.

  929. Thom Allen says:

    So you admit you don’t know what the phrase “traditional families” means, and then you’re going to interpret what Guido means even though you don’t understand the terms. That’s so astute, it’s breathtaking.

  930. judybrowni says:

    Yeah, and what the fuck did a seat on the bus have to do with Civil rights?
    Rosa Parks was overreacting.

  931. MJS666 says:

    But I do agree that the statements weren’t hateful as much as they were ignorant.

    Offensive, but ignorant.

  932. Anonymous says:

    I hope he also applies that thinking to gay and pro-gay people not buying his products. He should be tolerant when that happens.

  933. Thom Allen says:

    The “homo” bandwagon? And the “colored caucus”? “Immigrant army”? “Welfare Queen” militia? Bigot? you? Never!

  934. Tiffany Sikes says:

    I thought it was funny

  935. judybrowni says:

    Yeah, it was damn silly of Rosa Parks to refuse to go to the back of the bus, and rotten to call bigots those who thought that was her place.
    Bitch was overreacting.

  936. Marion says:

    yyyyyeah, I really tbh think it’s blown waaaay outta proportion too. The CEO didn’t say Barilla was for straight people – he said that he wanted to include ‘traditional families’ (whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean, as I think the ‘traditional’ concept is bull anyways) only in his adverts. I’m assuming he means one-man-one-woman marriages, and if that’s what he wants to do, he has the right as it’s his decision – even if some people don’t like it. He did say gay people were still welcome to buy his products – or not, as they chose, so therefore, he can’t be interpreted as saying that Barilla is for straight people. As for him being against gay adoption – it’s irrelevant. Gay adoption has nothing to do with the matter at hand.

  937. Tiffany Sikes says:

    the whole “axe ” thing was a futurama joke. everybody needs the settle down. he was making a joke

  938. Shawn Neaverth says:

    Be prepared for the mob, 3…2….

  939. Thom Allen says:

    And when people disagree with him, he faces consequences. Additionally, it’s NOT “his” company. It’s a family enterprise and some of his family strongly disagree with his statements.

  940. SgtMac says:

    Another article where basically if you don’t jump on board the homo bandwagon you just get branded a phobe and boycotted. He didn’t come out and say burn in hell or call them abominations or anything. Sheesh. Overreaction.

  941. Shawn Neaverth says:

    judybrowni use your logic here- equating dumb comments to Rosa Parks is outright insulting to the African American community. This isn’t Russia, where gays ARE like Rosa Parks, risking jail time and physical harm defiantly standing up for themselves and being proud of who they are. Yes be upset yes don’t buy Barillo products, but save the civil rights comparisons for other more severe lgbt issues.

  942. judybrowni says:

    Yeah, because Rosa Parks refusing to go to the back of the bus didn’t accomplish anything.

    Just ask President Barack Obama.

  943. chickadee3 says:

    Oh yeah, now THAT’S tolerant and loving… LOL.. Go Barilla! ;)

  944. Moderator3 says:

    Please decide which of your three names you want to use and stick to it.

  945. thisguy says:

    Blah blah blah. Anyone is free to be gay as much as he’s free to not be. He doesn’t want gays in his commercials, then fine. I hate it when people want freedom to do something and then have a problem with other people not liking it. He flat out says that, and I quote “everyone is free to do what they want, provided it doesn’t bother anyone else.” I interpret “bother” to mean “infringe upon rights of”. That, people, is liberty. Let this man disagree with a homosexual lifestyle. He has in no way said people shouldn’t do it. In fact, he’s said the opposite.

  946. MJS666 says:

    Maybe that’s because straight people aren’t a culturally and historically marginalized group.

    Many gay teenagers, including myself at that age, grow up only seeing images of a family that they will never have. I barely even understood that I could, too, find a husband and have children.

    This is the exact same “logic” that’s used to justify leaving racial minorities out of advertising. It’s been proven through sociological and psychological studies to leave lasting impacts on the psyche.

  947. chickadee3 says:

    I don’t hate anyone. But I do hate sin. I know you are offended my my calling it what it is… but I call a horse, a horse. God created all of us, but He gives us the freedom to make the choices we do in life. We’re all just trying to do the best we can with the life we’ve been given. So YOU stop the hate, just because I don’t agree with your lifestyle. Peace.

  948. PeteWa says:

    you’re dumb, that’s his name.

  949. Ugh. People. says:

    His name actually IS Guido. The only outrage here is the stupid thing the guy said.

  950. Matthew Kane says:

    OK, I will do that. Let’s see, I’m a professional film maker, that just made a feature length film about homelessness, that got kidnapped and then sexually exploited by a tranny – on camera – and then repeatedly, over, and over again, hundreds of times over five months of shooting got solicited for sex whenever I tried to find a ride, rent an apartment, or any other type of assistance I sought out on CL while trying to show what it’s like for homeless people try to survive. What do you really know about the underbelly of the LGBT community and why a national product might not want to be associated with this kind of behavior. I respectfully suggest that WE as members of the LGBT community need to shut the fuck up and worry about something more important that gay people in pasta commercials. What a waste of media space.

  951. Nick Rowley says:

    ” Look it up and do some research.” eh?

    Well I suppose you could say I did that for the three years it took to get a degree in American History.

    I didn’t say anything about bad or good, just conservative and liberal, and the affilitions of the current two majour parties in the US have indeed swapped.

    But of course you know that (or you really are clueless) toddle off beneath your bridge now, there’s a love. :)

  952. Riccardo says:

    Please excuse Judy she has been on the computer for several months now. Apparently the kitchen has better wi-fi

  953. Mary Porter Anderson says:

    It’s his company and his choice just like it’s my choice to no longer buy Barilla pasta.

  954. judybrowni says:

    Because there are currently no laws that discriminate against GBLT people in the U.S.

    According to your logic, pointdexter.

    And Rosa Parks was concerned with a hell of a lot more than her seat on a bus.

    African Americans in the South were told they could just use another form of transportation.

    Which they did, and that bus boycott was the beginning of the end for other Jim Crow laws.

    Which is the reason Rosa Parks risked arrest, not just for her seat on the bus, nimrod.

  955. Florida Farmer says:

    What is it with these posters who can’t comprehend that the guy’s NAME IS GUIDO. Nobody is tossing around slurs by calling him by his given name.

  956. Mark says:

    Besides the irony of you calling me a bigot troll, when you’re the one actually displaying that behaviour yourself, please feel free to actually explain what you mean, I’m a gay person who eats pasta & I’m curious to understand what you meant by the parallels you’re trying to draw (I’m not american maybe it’s lost on me), it really isn’t very clear, thanks in advance.

  957. Richard says:

    “Then the white cis gay moral knights blogged his thoughts with gleeful pride, for today was a good day that no asexual talks down to his ego. He snapped back feeling how proud he was of basing his assumption for the lesser heterosexuals and bisexuals, since they truly are the breeding pool of hate and STD’s (especially those dirty bisexuals).”

  958. retarded says:

    it’s his name, dude

  959. Anonymous