Russian gay activist Alexeyev has huge new anti-Semitic meltdown on Facebook, Twitter

Russian gay activist Nikolai Alexeyev, who until now was considered Russia’s top lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) advocate, appears to have ended his political career tonight in a series of anti-Semitic Facebook and Twitter posts that have even his most ardent supporters calling out his ongoing anti-Semitism.

I’d reported earlier on Alexeyev’s anti-Semitic social media posts last week, and on his earlier run-in with charges of anti-Semitism.  Last week, in an apparent fit of ire against a (Jewish) man who penned an op ed in OUT magazine critical of him, Alexeyev retweeted comments calling the (non-Jewish) editor of the magazine a “jewish pig” and “israeli monkey,” and calling OUT magazine a “jewish slut magazine that supports jews and their filthy faggotry propaganda.”  Alexeyev then tweeted and posted on Facebook his own comments about Jewish vodka being made from sperm, and repeatedly use the word “kike” in both English and Russian, in addition to other anti-Jewish comments about the “Jewish mafia” trying to control the world.

Today things got worse.

In apparent anger over cancellation of his participation in a conference call hosted by human rights group Human Rights First tomorrow, Alexeyev responded via Twitter and Facebook with a slew of hateful anti-Jewish comments, since he is now convinced that “the Jewish mafia” did him in, rather than his own rank prejudice.

Alexeyev talked about how “yids” are trying to take over the world, and how they’re now as bad as Nazi collaborators.  (“Yid” is a slur for “Jew,” based on the word “Yiddish,” commonly used by anti-Semites.)  He also uses the word “kikes” at one point, an abominable slur word to use against Jews.  In addition, in his Russian posts, he uses the word “zhid,” which is a Russian slur for “Jew” that several Russians who speak both English and Russian translate as “kike.”

Here is what Alexeyev posted on Facebook this evening.


Nikolai-alexeyev-jewish-lobby-3   Nikolai-alexeyev-jewish-mafia-2 Nikolai-alexeyev-jewish-mafia Nikolai-alexeyev-yids Nikolai-alexeyev-yids-nazis


To their credit, a number of Alexeyev’s most ardent defenders are now criticizing his anti-Semitism.  This woman was a particularly strident defender, until now:


Ironically, American Jews are some of the strongest gay rights allies in the world.  But there’s no point in trying to make sense of bigotry.

While I earlier worried that perhaps Alexeyev had been co-opted by the Russian authorities, after seeing him on Russian TV this past Saturday night he seemed perfectly at ease and perfectly normal.  Short of a miracle, I now believe that this is the real Nikolai Alexeyev.  And it ain’t pretty.

He had an illustrious career.  And it’s now finished.

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