The time Archie Bunker gave mouth-to-mouth to a trans woman (video)

I posted a video the other night of Archie Bunker, from the hit 1970s TV show, coming to terms with gay marriage. Tonight, Archie meets his first transgender woman, Beverly LaSalle (played by Lori Shannon, an openly-gay female impersonator).

Archie met Beverly earlier in the day when she passed out in front of him, and he saved her life by performing CPR.

Beverly drops by the house to thank Archie in person.

Beverly LaSalle, whose life Archie Bunker saved by performing CPR on her.

Beverly LaSalle, whose life Archie Bunker saved by performing CPR on her.

BEVERLY LASALLE: I’m a female impersonator.

EDITH: Ain’t that interesting. You know, that’s smart too. I mean, who can imitate a female better than a lady!

BEVERLY LASALLE: I’m afraid you don’t understand, Mrs. Bunker, I’m a transvestite.

EDITH: Well you sure fooled me. I mean, you ain’t got no accent at all.

Then Archie shows up, and Beverly offers him $50 for saving her life.

ARCHIE: You know that this is a fifty?


ARCHIE: Well, okay, I never say no to a lady (Archie touches Beverly’s hand affectionately).

BEVERLY LASALLE: I was telling your wife, Mr. Bunker, I’m not a lady.

ARCHIE: Well… hey listen, how you earn this fifty is no business of mine.

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