Young kids reacting to viral videos of gay wedding proposals

As the Illinois House prepares to vote on gay marriage any moment (or hour) now, I came upon a really interesting video showing kids between the age of five and 13 being shown viral videos of gay people proposing to each other.  And the kids are asked to give their honest reaction to the videos, live.

The videos they used were two that we’ve published here before.  The first was the two guys proposing in the Home Depot.


And the second was of the woman proposing to her girlfriend while standing on a bus outside her second-floor office:


The kids are beyond adorable. This one little boy, who seemed a bit surprised about the notion of men marrying men, is asked: “what did both of those videos have happen in them?”  Here’s what he says:

Boy: “Justin Bieber married a guy….”

Interviewer: “That wasn’t Justin Bieber.”

Boy: “Oh.”

One of the little girls who was quite surprised by the notion of a boy marrying a boy and a girl marrying a girl, was told “a lot of people were upset at these marriage proposals because it was a man proposing to a man and a woman proposing to a woman.”

“I don’t get why anybody would be mad.”

Another little boy says: “That’s just wrong, anyone should be able to marry anyone.”

Oh but my favorite is this little boy – the one who got confused about Justin Bieber – who is quite possibly the most adorable child in the world:


Interviewer: Do you know what being gay means?
Boy: No.
Interviewer: It means that they like someone of the same gender.

Boy: Does that mean they’re a gate?

Interviewer: Not a gate.

Boy: Or a Golden GAY Bridge? I just don’t know where the name comes from.

Interviewer: The word actually comes from the word that means happy.

Boy: (who is now contorting himself nearly upside down on the table while thinking about all of this): If I would have gotten a box of microscopes would I be gay?

Interviewer: Well, because you’re happy?

Boy: Yeah.

Later on the same boy adds:

It’s the same – my best friend’s a boy, not a girl.

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