Tom Daley, 19, UK Olympic diving medalist, comes out as gay/bi (video)

19 year old British diver, and Olympic 2016 hopeful, Tom Daley came out as gay (or possibly bi) a few hours ago in a really touching video to his fans.


I’d just googled him and saw that he was 19.


A rather pensive guy for a 19 year old.

Daley tweeted his coming out video earlier today:


In the coming out video, Daley noted that some of his family took the news very well, others less so.

Daley’s mom is one of those who took the news well.


British Olympic diving bronze medalist Tom Daley comes out. (Photo via Jim Thurston)

British Olympic diving bronze medalist Tom Daley comes out. (Photo via Jim Thurston)

While Daley might be bi, and not gay, the way he describes his coming out sounds like the coming out of a lot of my gay friends (though not me).  He talks about still “fancying” women, but when he finally met and dated a guy, it was an entirely different, and seemingly more intense (better?) ballgame.  At least in my experience that tends to mean you’re gay, and not bi.

Though, in the end, the terminology doesn’t really matter – it’s all the same thing on a sliding scale, the words are always somewhat imprecise. He is what he is.


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