This is what happens when you take the gay out of the Olympics

For only $595, you too can own the ugliest Christmas sweater of your life, and show your support for the US Olympic Team at the same time!

Yes, Virginia, there are real-life consequences to taking the “gay” out of the Olympics.



The Ralph Lauren US Olympic Team Opening Ceremony sweater. Only $595 dollars each. (Credit: Ralph Lauren)

And for only $795, you can own the Ralph Lauren Women’s Olympic pea coat:


(Credit: Ralph Lauren)

The Internet is blaming Ralph Lauren.  Big time.



I blame Vladimir Putin.


(Credit: Ralph Lauren)

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82 Responses to “This is what happens when you take the gay out of the Olympics”

  1. Monado says:

    Hey, it was folksy!

  2. mirror says:

    No, that doesn’t work either. And I’m not going to try any of your ideas again. I don’t feel well today…

  3. southsam7 says:

    1996 Olympics in Atlanta had handsome-ish but functional offerings.

  4. Pasquale says:

    Is freaking Ralph Lauren the ONLY designer we can use? 2nd disaster in a row!

  5. Indigo says:

    Oh, myyy!

  6. karmanot says:

    Would appeal to babushkas maybe—– For ze Vinter vear.

  7. karmanot says:

    Bodhi Dog thinks he is a cat, but is too old now to sleep on a warm window sill.

  8. karmanot says:

    It would be hard to outdo Canada in that respect, but I admit to admiring their folks effort. It was especially impressive when k d Lang rose out of an elevated wedding like a white obelisk and sang Cohen’s magnificent ‘Hallelujah.’

  9. Looking tacky before the world: Priceless.

  10. ronbo says:

    Let’s be honest.

    They represent both the ugliness AND militaristic repression of these olympics… with just a touch of corporatism. Add the bloodied police baton and they will be perfect!

  11. Naja pallida says:

    That’s over a thousand dollars more than last year’s uniforms. Premium price for Made in the USA.

  12. emjayay says:

    In the opening ceremony parade eveyone generally wears jackets. The pea coat is for men too. I don’t know when they are supposed to wear the cardigan.

  13. emjayay says:

    Somehow doing anything to a pea coat is just wrong. Like saying Frisco.

  14. BeccaM says:

    Me too. Only sans cats.

  15. BeccaM says:

    Mmmmmm… the rank miasma of unfettered capitalism…

  16. Bomer says:

    Well, you would have to be blind drunk for that to look good and I can save my liver the abuse and just take out my contacts. =)

  17. BeccaM says:

    Funny, I was thinking “They might not look that bad if one was incredibly drunk or stoned on acid.”

  18. Bomer says:

    Oh, I dunno. They don’t look that bad if I take out my contact lenses.

  19. Indigo says:

    “It’s the Hee-Haw Special!” exclaimed a friend when I showed him this selection of Ralph Laruen’s designs.

  20. Ninong says:

    For only $2,218 you can own the complete outfit.

  21. karmanot says:

    OMG! Stomach is churning—-pushes key board out of harm’s way. :-O

  22. karmanot says:

    And dyes grown in flower pots in her organic herbs garden!

  23. nicho says:

    I also find it odd that Ralph Lauren was allowed to put his corporate logo right on the lapel.

  24. nicho says:

    Maybe we need a “flag wearing” amendment instead of a “flag burning” amendment.

  25. Monophylos Fortikos says:

    Not as bad as Georgie Bush actually signing an American flag back when he was stinking up the White House…

  26. Indigo says:

    I knew it! I have a sure sense of where Martha’s hand is dabbling. ;-)

  27. karmanot says:

    “But ya are Blanche”?

  28. karmanot says:

    But, the wool comes from Martha’s blow-dried sheep.

  29. karmanot says:

    Don’t worry, I am one.

  30. karmanot says:

    Or rag rugs with sleeves.

  31. JamesR says:


  32. JamesR says:

    Ugly, OMFG, but also against US Flag code U.S. Code Title 4, Chapter 1, § 8 (d) Respect for flag Flag abuse.

    Also a mark that he had no original ideas, fall back, use the flag to say “America.” How fucking lazy!

    …of course the 1% who could afford these don’t care so much about the flag so so what?

  33. Jim Olson says:

    And, though the US flag code does not have the force of law, the code does strongly suggest that the American flag should *not* be used on clothing, except as a patch on uniforms. Funny how the loudest rah-rah American flag wavers are the first ones to ignore the Flag code…

  34. jasper says:

    Hey, don’t be mean to cat-hoarding aunts.

  35. BeccaM says:


    So of COURSE that’s the offering from a multimillion dollar ‘designer label’ fashion company for a money-soaked public spectacle…

  36. Tone says:

    How many actual Americans can afford to splash out six hundred bucks for a sweater? Perhaps it is the very quintessential elitism of the garment that makes it uniquely American?

  37. Naja pallida says:

    They’re supposed to be an interpretation of the ‘patchwork quilt’ type of designs that were popularized during the Great Depression, when no amount of good cloth was allowed to go to waste.

  38. karmanot says:

    nauseous to die!

  39. karmanot says:

    Only when wearing a second hand bridesmaid dress.

  40. karmanot says:

    Yep, dye the shoes and add some rickrack and it’s good as new.

  41. Wesinoregon says:

    The wool for them came from a sheep farm here in Oregon. At least it’s not their fault.

  42. karmanot says:

    “something knitted by a dotty old cat-hoarding aunt..” While drinking Sherry from a quart jar and consulting a Ouija Board.. :-O

  43. Silver_Witch says:

    Based on the picture below which emjayay posted, it seems that with just 8 people wearing the USA is lost in the shuffle of color and splash. And it looks like a 4th of July picnic table cloth. But to each his own…I am not participating, watching or supporting this Olympia so they could wear black ha-jibs for all I care.

  44. Silver_Witch says:

    Very well worded Petition DCM70508….signed and sealed with a kiss.

  45. BeccaM says:

    Um, yes, the Ralph Lauren offerings are especially hideous — but I have yet to see any Olympics outfits that weren’t (1) ugly as sin and (2) obviously a commercial shill for whichever corporation has graciously ‘donated’ it in exchange for the equivalent of millions of dollars in advertising exposure.

    BTW, those sweaters look like something knitted by a dotty old cat-hoarding aunt…

  46. Silver_Witch says:

    No, but the hips you got….ohhhh baby!!!

  47. Silver_Witch says:

    They are a little busy eh? I am thinking someone might have been drinking a little toooo much vodka when they were knitting.

  48. arcadesproject says:

    Maybe Ralph has, like, incipient Alzheimer’s.

  49. nicho says:

    That could probably cause seizures in some viewers/

  50. jomicur says:

    A small price to pay to look like a complete jerk.

  51. Island In The Sky says:

    Those are the UGLIEST fucking things I’ve ever seen! You couldn’t PAY me enough to be seen out in public wearing that!

  52. emjayay says:

    Which you saw where?

  53. emjayay says:

    A sample of the effect:

  54. dcinsider says:

    Anyone wearing that sweater has no fear being beaten for being gay. It was obviously designed to keep our athletes safe from roaming mobs of Russian gay bashers. Brilliant thinking here.

  55. nicho says:

    Replicating an ugly sweater 100 times won’t make it any less ugly. In fact, it could be just the opposite.

  56. Naja pallida says:

    On the plus side, they’re made in sweatshops right here in the USA, just outside of Los Angeles, instead of in China where Ralph Lauren prefers.

  57. The_Fixer says:

    Yes, I have to agree. It looks like it should have sponsor logos all over it, but it really doesn’t need them to achieve that look.


  58. dula says:

    Oh so the terrorism has already started. They hate us for our freedom…sweaters.

  59. 2patricius2 says:

    I thought maybe this was a NASCAR team.

  60. 2patricius2 says:

    Thanks for the link.

  61. rerutled says:

    An important consideration: the main purpose of these get-ups is that they are worn in the opening ceremonies. They are essentially parade outfits. Consider what the outfits look like with a mass of 100 athletes all wearing them, marching into a 100,000-person stadium, seen live in a group as a whole (and from camera shots which capture the entire group). In such a context, the solid-basic-color blazer/sweater design won’t be quite as interesting as this one, I hold.

  62. rerutled says:

    Are personal insults the standard of discussion here?

  63. Naja pallida says:

    Maybe it’s to honor of the Jamaican bobsled team qualifying again. Red Stripe Beer has been their sponsor in the past.

  64. Ednahilda says:

    Women fit enough to compete in the Olympics are probably the ONLY women who could hope to look good in such a dreadful coat.
    Oh, and underfed supermodels.

  65. nicho says:

    It looks like it was designed by a committee — of people who didn’t like each other.

    Well, from what I’m reading, the olympics are going to be pretty ugly. So maybe the sweater is reflecting that.

  66. Monophylos Fortikos says:

    Ah, sporting-fan braggadocio, for the man who has nothing else to be proud of.

  67. Monophylos Fortikos says:

    One difficulty is that, whatever else you can say about it, the American flag with its broad stripes and bright stars doesn’t lend itself to tasteful incorporation into a design. Which isn’t to say that it can’t be done, only that it can more easily be overdone as is the case here.

  68. Monophylos Fortikos says:

    Maybe this is some sort of elaborate disruptive coloration pattern meant to confuse the eye, like the stripes on a zebra.

  69. HereinDC says:

    In regards to the woman’s pea coat: Just what women want… a big wide band parallell line drawing attention to their hips.

  70. Strepsi says:

    Ha, good analogy!

  71. DCM70508 says:

    Would you sign and share my petition being sent to NBC and the International Olympic Committee called:

    “TOP TEN REASONS WHY WE WON’T BE WATCHING THE 2014 SOCHI OLYMPICS”. Let them know we won’t support corporations and organizations that put money and profits ahead of people and human rights. Here’s the web link:

  72. rerutled says:

    Yes, this looks very practical, like a good bridesmaid’s dress. It can be worn many times in the future.

  73. lucyboots says:

    Yes, I want a big red stripe. “Honey does this make my butt look big?”

  74. barada says:

    The Olympics should be fabulous.

    The Sochi Olympics are not fabulous.

  75. caphillprof says:

    First time as tragedy; second time as farce.

    Obviously, the American Olympics Committee HATES America.

  76. Henry Owen says:

    These outfits make my Christmas sweater look downright Amish.

  77. Strepsi says:

    Ralph got in such trouble last time for making his U.S. uniforms in sweatshops in Asia, one can only imagine the 2014 meeting went “OK, I’ll make them in the U.S. if I can put my logo visibly on the collar”. Too bad he forgot to make clothes people would aspire to…

  78. Indigo says:

    Oh, it’s divine! Exactly what dear old Ralph imagines looks gay. Totally! But shouldn’t Martha Stewart get part of the credit? It’s so . . . ya know . . . tacky.

  79. Strepsi says:

    shallow aside, that skier ^ Alex Bilodeau is a cutie. First Canadian to win a gold medal in Canada.

  80. Strepsi says:

    Sorry rerutled, but when the rest of the world thinks of the U.S. as a corporatocracy, I don;t think a giant POLO ad on the uniforms represents the U.S. well.

    The ugliness of the Olympics themselves aside, Hudson’s Bay Company has done an amazing job with our CANADA uniforms. I even still wear the toque in winter, and the maple leaf mittens in 2010 had to go into additional rounds of production. Our simple flag helps, but HBC does an amazing job…. and you do not see a giant HBC logo. I think they keep the focus on clothing the athletes, and real actual people, will actually want to wear.

  81. rerutled says:

    Fashion is difficult, and like art, it’s not just about “I know what I like.” I think this is a very good coat, which does a lot to represent the United States at the games. Almost every other outfit makes them look like ushers. We look like the stars of the show. Germany also “gets it”.

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