IOC bans US Constitution from US Olympic hockey helmet

One day after accusing US President Barack Obama of “political terrorism,” the International Olympic Committee (IOC) banned the words “We the people” from the helmet of US women’s hockey goalie Jessie Vetter.

The IOC ruled that the phrase was “propaganda,” which is banned by the IOC.

InGoalMagazine, which first reported the move by the IOC, received an explanation from artist Ron Slater, who is going to repaint the helmet for Vetter.

The portion of Jessie Vetter's helmet that was banned by the IOC (courtesy of In Goal Magazine).

The portion of Jessie Vetter’s helmet that was banned by the IOC (courtesy of In Goal Magazine).

“No writings of any kind to promote the country is allowed,” Slater told InGoal. “A sort of ‘our country is better than your country’ kind of thing that the IOC frowns upon. Her name had to come off because they see it as self promotion. They wanted everything to be team based. … Our original idea was ‘land of the free, home of the brave,’ and that would have had to have been removed as well.”

Yahoo Sports’ Greg Wyshynski asks why, then, was Slovakia permitted to sew its entire national anthem into its uniforms?  And it’s a fair point.  How is the US Constitution, a legal document, “propaganda,” but the Slovakian national anthem, which is actual national propaganda, is not?

Here are the Slovakian, um, uniforms from afar (photos courtesy of Slovak Prospects):

slovakian-olympic-uniform-2And here’s the close-up showing that the horizontal lines are really the national anthem.  It’s a neat idea, in fact.


The news that the International Olympic Committee has a problem with the United States Constitution comes one day after a senior member of the IOC accused President Obama, and international gay rights advocates, of “political terrorism.”

Italian IOC member Mario Pescante, who is referred to in the media as a “senior member” of the IOC, criticized President Obama for sending “four lesbians” as part of the US delegation to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia next month.

Not that anyone’s counting, in fact President Obama is only sending two lesbians as part of the delegation, Billie Jean King and Caitlin Cahow. Brian Boitano, who recently came out, but not as a lesbian, is also a member of the delegation.

After his “lesbian” crack, Pescante went on to accuse President Obama of “political terrorism” for bringing politics, in this case gay rights, into the Olympics.  Pescante is of course ignoring that it was the Russians who repeatedly threatened to arrest gay and pro-gay Olympic athletes, and thus brought politics into the Olympics.

And the IOC wonders why it has a bad name.

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64 Responses to “IOC bans US Constitution from US Olympic hockey helmet”

  1. Nathanael says:

    If the IOC had threatened to pull the games out of Sochi over Putin’s threats of terrorism against gay people and their friends attending the games — which the IOC can and should have done — Putin would have caved.

    But the IOC are apparently supporters of terrorism. Who knew?

  2. Nathanael says:

    Russia’s government has already sent terrorists to disrupt the games. Apparently Brian Williams doesn’t know what “terrorism” means, but then neither did the terrorist George W. Bush.

  3. Nathanael says:

    Is there a reason the US hasn’t withdrawn its membership in the IOC yet? This is obscene behavior on the part of the IOC. The IOC is not a legimate sporting organization any more, it’s a propaganda operation on behalf of terrorists.

  4. lynchie says:

    I am not interested in doing your job. 10 seconds of Googling the subject will give you 193,000,00 sites to visit and that took .031 seconds. You are obviously to lazy to look. To state “I haven’t noticed” is to admit you do not read, watch the news or are visiting relevant sites on the Internet. We live in an information age, something which I am sure is a surprise to you. To be so out of touch you must not have any curiosity.

  5. phylius1988 says:

    It would seem you have nothing to back up your statement, so who lives in the cave now?

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  7. Mark_in_MN says:

    The Olympics have pretty much abandoned all of the amateur rules. It appears that boxing and wrestling are the only two remaining sports that require amateur status, but with pretty week definitions thereof.

  8. Jonas Grumby says:

    I’ve watched the Olympics for decades. Had already decided this is the first one I will miss . . . in it’s entirety.

  9. Naja pallida says:

    The IOC also has no problem with Muslim nations forcing their female athletes to compete in a hijab, despite the charter explicitly banning any kind of religious display. That’s assuming they even allow women to compete. Saudi Arabia had to have extensive pressure put on them for years by human rights groups to even allow women to participate.

  10. Naja pallida says:

    If they believed in their own founding charter, it would only be amateur athletes, no corporate sponsors, and a contest between athletes, not countries. But the entire concept of the Games was corrupted almost from the beginning, and has steadily gotten more and more corporate controlled.

  11. lynchie says:

    Take a second and read the bylaws of the IOC. Russia passed laws long after they were chosen to host or do you not know how long it takes to build stadiums, ski venues and hotels. His laws degrade and dehumanize people but then why argue with an apologist for Russia.

  12. Ourhy4104 says:

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  13. 86BHO12 says:

    There sure is a lot of smarkiness on this site. Yeah, Coke has the right to choose where it want’s to advertise. If you want to boycott Coke and drink Pepsi, that’s up to you. Whether you agree with him or not, Vlad Putin has the right to enforce the laws of his country. He didn’t force the IOC to choose Socci as the 2014 Olympic site. I guess if you want to boycott Russian caviar, that’s up to you too.

  14. The_Fixer says:

    Let’s see….

    Each country has a team supported and sponsored by that country. These teams compete in athletic contests. One team wins, being the “better team”. Does that make that country “the better country”?

    This is all so stupid. This is a series of athletic contests that pit country against country, in effect. Saying it isn’t is continuing the delusion that the Olympics is not some kind of demonstration of nationalism.

  15. lynchie says:

    they have the right not to advertise if they disagree with the policies of the host country or the policies of the IOC. Time for you to surf the web and see what is happening in the world you might be amazed.

  16. 86BHO12 says:

    Do you think Vlad Putin would have caved to the IOC even if every US advertiser had pulled their ad money? He wouldn’t even cave if the US had said they were going to boycott the games.

  17. lynchie says:

    Come out of the cave.

  18. 86BHO12 says:

    Thanks pylius. Since the article was about the IOC banning “we the people” on a hockey helmet, I wasn’t sure what i was that MA was referring to.

  19. BeccaM says:

    Corporate logos and advertisements? Perfectly fine. A national slogan? Illegal propaganda.

    Got it. Money uber alles. Ideals are banned.

    I also find it fascinating how the IOC is now using the word ‘propaganda’ — a term popularized by Nazi Germany and the Communist USSR.

  20. Badgerite says:

    That’s interesting. That someone who speaks out against the abuse of gays and transgenders in Russia is ‘terrifying’ to Russia. Terrorism is based on the idea of fear being instilled in people. So
    to support gay rights instills fear in Vladimir Putin and the Russian heart. Of all the things that Russia has had to face in its history, which includes facing Hitler and the abuses of their own leaders in Stalin and others, this is what is ‘terrifying’ to them? Gays? Gays who want to get married, have families, compete in sports and contribute to their society. This is ‘terrifying’ to them. Since when? I would suggest the terror is all in the other direction. And if you feel the need to terrorize a group of people something is terribly wrong in your own head.

  21. nicho says:

    But the IOC apparently has no problem with corporate logos on the uniforms. Notice, the Nike swoosh on the hockey gear itself. (I know everyone was distracted by the guys flanking the actual uniforms, but the uniforms do have a corporate logo on them.)

  22. nicho says:

    Well, you probably need to read more.

  23. nicho says:

    It’s not just the hockey players. I’d like to see a list of olympic athletes who have real jobs — 9-5, five days a week. They are all supported by someone. This provides their equipment, training facilities, and supports them while they train –and fly all over the world to compete in qualifying events. They may not be actual professional athletes like the hockey and basketball players, but they aren’t working folk who do sports on the side. They are professionals.

  24. jomicur says:

    Yep. There are at least six members of the Pittsburgh Penguins playing for various national teams, for instance, and I’m sure the same is true of the other NHL teams. And a lot of the jocks who haven’t officially gone pro none the less have entourages of agents, managers, publicists and what have you. The Olympics don’t really amount to much more than a competition to see who gets the next multimillion dollar endorsement deal. I don’t see why anyone but the jocks themselves, their families and their agents should give a damn.

  25. Naja pallida says:

    When you were in the Knavy?

  26. karmanot says:

    I’ve known a few knavish tricks in my day.

  27. phylius1988 says:

    I don’t know what the OP meant but I think he’s mad at Coca-Cola and the other sponsors for not withdrawing their sponsorship or doing anything anything else in the way of combating or condemning the homophobic laws and practices of the country holding the Olympics.

  28. phylius1988 says:

    Someone who didn’t bother to read the post past the opening words.

  29. phylius1988 says:

    I’m not American but I haven’t noticed – has it? How so?

  30. nicho says:

    Hell, I’d like such a constitution for this country. Ours has been pretty much shredded to bits over the last 14 years. In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re living in a dictatorship.

  31. Naja pallida says:

    Yes, but the IOC doesn’t care if any of the athletes have no rights. Just as long as they do their job, and the corporate money keeps flowing.

  32. Naja pallida says:

    The US Olympic Committee would never have the courage to even suggest that they aren’t entirely on board. They’re only slightly less corrupt than the IOC.

  33. Naja pallida says:

    I could see how ‘We the People’ would scare the IOC, considering half of them have royal titles that are the exact opposite of such a sentiment.

  34. 86BHO12 says:

    I’m not aware of the situation/policy that the sponsors had an opportunity to demand change with.

  35. Houndentenor says:

    Someone has to pay the bills. The sponsors had an opportunity to demand change. They refused.

  36. Houndentenor says:

    This American wishes such a constitution for every country in the world. Too many people live in countries where they have no rights. That is a wrong that must be righted. If the IOC is against that, then we need to leave and compete under a different structure.

  37. 86BHO12 says:

    I don’t really see the problem with allowing Olympic sponsorship. It pays the bills. If you have a problem with the ridiculous amount of sponsorships, I also understand that. However, why do you have a problem with Coke? If they decide that it’s in poor taste to sponsor the Olympics, Pepsi would then be spending their ad money on the Olympics. Blame the IOC for allowing sponsorships, not the companies that spend their hard earned money on advertising.

  38. cole3244 says:

    usa usa usa, ioc ioc ioc, money money money!!!

  39. nicho says:

    The Olympics are pretty much of a joke. Bunch of professional athletes pretending to be amateurs. Why would anyone waste their time watching that crap.

  40. jomicur says:

    Nah, that would cost them $$$.

  41. jomicur says:

    Brian Williams was on the Letterman show last night, talking Olympics coverage. He said NBC News would be in Sochi for an indeterminate period, depending on what happens there. And what he meant by that, he made quite clear, was disruption of the games by “terrorists.” Not one word about Russia’s rampant human rights violations or possible protests of them. Not one. My conviction is stronger than ever that NBC will do its damnedest to avoid any mention of anything LGBT-related, or anything human rights-related, period. Billie Jean King could set herself on fire during the opening ceremony, and NBC’s cameras would focus on Brian Boitano, sitting behind her and crocheting or whatever, while Johnny Weir (in his darling little Russian army uniform) gushes about triple toe loops and such. I hope quite devoutly that I’m proved wrong about this, but there are more and more signs of what’s coming, and it ain’t good.

  42. 1tehamawhiteneck says:

    Maybe the IOC would rather the U.S. not attend.

  43. Oh please I called him last night :-) why do you think I posted the photo ;-)

  44. Thom Allen says:

    Change the helmet to read “E plebnista . . . ” Star Trek, The Omega Glory The actual words have less meaning than the sentiment expressed by them.

    Cloud William humbles himself before Kirk, and says “I doubted you
    because you did not know the words of the E Plebnista.” Kirk says “I did
    not know them because you said them so badly.” Then kirk picks up the
    “holy” scroll that William had been handling the entire time and begins
    to read it aloud. “Not E Plebnista!!” says Kirk. “Listen.” Then he reads
    the words.
    ” We the people in order to form a more perfect union, establish
    justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense,
    promote the general welfare and, insure the blessings of liberty, to
    each man and his posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution of
    the United States of America.”

  45. 2patricius2 says:

    “‘No writings of any kind to promote the country is allowed,’ Slater told InGoal. ‘A sort of ‘our country is better than your country’ kind of thing that the IOC frowns upon.”

    But it is okay for Russia to pass laws against gay people and for the IOC to condemn sending lesbian and gay athletes to represent the US. And it is okay for countries to send teams of athletes and to march in parades with their flags, and to have their national anthems played when they win medals.

    The real issue is that the IOC doesn’t want to recognize the rights of LGBT people and to take a stand against Russia’s repression against LGBT people. They don’t want any reminder of their complicity with Putin to appear during their games.

  46. keirmeister says:

    I see the difference between the “We the People” and the Slovakian national anthem is a question of subtlety; however a rule is a rule, and they should be applied equally.

    (I really like the Slovakia idea to be honest)

    But what I find quite annoying is that no one seems to have a problem with the overabundance of corporate branding everywhere.

  47. perljammer says:

    If “We the people” had to be removed, why does every team get to have its country’s name emblazoned on their uniforms? And what’s up with playing the gold medal winner’s country’s national anthem at the awards ceremony? Plus, all of the flag-waving that goes on at the opening ceremony?

  48. Outspoken1 says:

    Oh, yeah – keep those $$$$ coming to the IOC [irony]].

  49. Outspoken1 says:

    President Obama is smarter than the IOC on his worst day!

  50. heimaey says:

    The guy in the Nike shirt is really working for me.

  51. Strepsi says:

    Who the hell would downvote that? It was pretty much directly factual. Heredity is not the same as elections by the people.

  52. Strepsi says:

    Oh UncleBucky, would you PLEASE stop offending those plutocrats, autocrats and dictoators? The IOC doesn’t like to hurt their feelings.

  53. Strepsi says:

    Ooooooh, good call. He’s got that “When I’m not training for the Olympics, I’m modelling on Flirt4Free” vibe down!

  54. MyrddinWilt says:

    In the context of international politics, ‘We the people’ is a highly charged political slogan. It embodies the ideas that sparked the French Revolution and many others.

    The idea is that the legitimacy of government comes from the consent of the people rather than from God or natural law. The US was not the first country with a democratic constitution, it was not the first with democratic institutions either, but it was the first that was built on the principle that the people and only the people gave the government legitimacy.

    The governments of Saudi Arabia and Brunei certainly don’t agree with the idea ‘We the People’.

    As for national anthems, has anyone ever wondered why Brits never sing the second verse of the British national anthem at state occasions?

    O Lord our God arise,
    Scatter her enemies,
    And make them fall:
    Confound their politics,
    Frustrate their knavish tricks,
    On Thee our hopes we fix:
    God save us all.

    And verse six was abandoned completely:

    Lord, grant that Marshal Wade,
    May by thy mighty aid,
    Victory bring.
    May he sedition hush,
    and like a torrent rush,
    Rebellious Scots to crush,
    God save the King.

  55. bkmn says:

    I’m with you. Haven’t stepped in or driven through a McD’s in about a year. What little coke was in the house has been replace by the Costco version. Switched as much activity over to my master card debit card rather than Visa.

    I will not be watching any of the olympics on NBC either.

  56. Charlie says:

    IOC, NCAA, FIFA-The three most openly crooked organizations on the planet

  57. As I posted on another board, “Fuck the Olympics. Fuck the IOC, and most importantly, fuck the sponsors. I’m talking to YOU, Coca-Cola and the rest of you. I will not watch one second of this travesty, and will even change the channel should it happen to come on the nightly news. I will also not be watching any future games. While I may be only a single voice, this sentiment is echoed in my household and among my friends…and judging from what I’ve been seeing online, a hell of a lot more people.

  58. UncleBucky says:

    GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH COUNTRY… It is the US Constitution, and our form of government (of the people by the people for the people — with obvious flaws still in need of repair…) that is being promoted.

    That is, EVERY nation should be free of a rule by plutocrats, autocrats, religionists and so on…

    I’m ready to start my own campaign against the Olympic Games. If the IOC is defending Russia in this, then we don’t need Olympic Games (at least from THIS “IOC”) anymore.

  59. TheAngryFag says:

    I call the one in the Nike shirt :)

  60. Strepsi says:

    Ok, the IOC is in its hole, and is still digging.

    The IOC and USOC is pure dickery.

    But I agree that the Slovakian uniform is atually a cool idea.
    And Slovakian athletes…… yum.

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