Guardian mistakenly outs Patrick “Picard” Stewart as gay – he’s not

The English newspaper, the Guardian, mistakenly outed Sir Patrick Stewart, he of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame (and Shakespeare too), the other day.

Stewart immediately went online to correct the error in the classy manner for which he is known.

I love the fact that he says this is a lot better than the time he woke up to read that he was dead!


I’ve always been a huge Star Trek fan, going back to the original series.  Though I never liked the term “Trekker” – Trekkie was always fine with me. My only Star Trek claim to fame was running into the English actor with the dark brown hair, he was one of the leads in the last Star Trek series (Enterprise), when I was in NYC a few years back. He accused me of having Spock ears hidden away at home :)

I actually got to see Stewart do his one-man Christmas Carol show, at some point (probably in NYC) a few years back.  Was just great.  He’s such a good actor, and a delight as a human being.  We’d gladly take him.   (I wonder if he’d accept a trade?)

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