How Russian neo-Nazi anti-gay kidnappers are using Facebook, Instagram and

Meet Lt. Gen. Sergei Pavlovich Umnov (Сергей Павлович Умнов), the police chief of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Lt. Gen.  Umnov (Умнов) is a very important man, whose even won awards for being such a great police chief in St. Petersburg.

So one has to wonder why it’s been so difficult to get Lt. Gen. Umnov to do his job, and break up an anti-gay Hitler-loving neo-Nazi gang that spends its Sunday afternoons kidnapping and torturing young gay men in St. Petersburg.

It’s not a terribly difficult job catching these people – the kidnappers not only film their victims and post the videos online, they also film their own faces during the abduction and torture. It’s not exactly forensic rocket science figuring out who they are.


Lt. Gen. Sergei Pavlovich Umnov (Сергей Павлович Умнов), the police chief of St. Petersburg, Russia, seems incapable of controlling his city’s neo-Nazi kidnapping gang. Or maybe he’s just unwilling to do his job.

So why won’t Lt. Gen. Umnov do his job? Is it that Lt. Gen. Umnov doesn’t think he has to defend the laws of Russia when gays are the victims? Or maybe Lt. Gen. Umnov is simply soft on Hitler?

It’s interesting that Lt. Gen. Umnov seems to have done little to stop the vigilante kidnappings by avowed Hilter-sympathizers.  Russia has a rather proud history of fighting the Nazis during World War II, and winning, after a horrifically devastating Siege of Leningrad in which 1.5 million Russians died. You’d think Lt. Gen. Umnov would have a little respect for what is known in Russia as “The Great Patriotic War.”  But it appears you’d be wrong.


UPDATE: Instagram pulls accounts of kidnap ringleader, ally

Instagram today pulled the account of St. Petersburg kidnapping ringleader Ekaterina Zigunova, and a close ally of her, Daniil Konovalov.  Both were using their accounts to promote the Nazi cause, and Konovalov in particular was using his account to post racist attacks on black women as “monkeys,” and he posted a video of Zigunova’s putative “father,” Russian ultra-nationalist Maxim Martsinkevich, torturing a gay kidnap victim.  More on this below.



Occupy Pedophilia and Ekaterina “Katya” Zigunova

Ekaterina  Zigunova

Ekaterina Zigunova, head of “Occupy Pedophila – St. Petersburg,” is dreaming of a white Christmas.

You see, St. Petersburg is a hot bed of extremism, and it’s “crawling with skinheads,” according to an American Russia expert.

And this was verified through our follow-on investigation of our story yesterday about a Russian woman named Katya (Ekaterina Zigunova), who runs the St. Petersburg branch of a nationwide vigilante group that kidnaps and tortures gay youth, films the entire affair, and then publishes the video on Russia’s most popular social media site,, outing them to the world.  (Interestingly, Zigunova’s Facebook page is under the URL: – suggesting her last name might actually be Logunova.)

The group calls itself “Occupy Pedophilia,” has 30 branches, and claims to have abducted near 1,500 gay Russians in its 18 month existence.  This is one of Zigunova’s recent kidnappings, which I reported on in detail in yesterday’s story:

Planning today’s “safari,” as they call their anti-gay kidnappings

occupy pedophilia russia gay

Mid-“safari,” Katya leads the interrogation and psychological torture – this victim was beaten as well

occupy pedophilia russia gay

Zigunova brags to her victim about how many other gays she’s kidnapped and tortured before

occupy pedophilia russia gay

Zigunova berates her victim

occupy pedophilia russia gay

Zigunova and her Occupy Pedophilia – St. Petersburg henchmen interrogating yet another victim.

Zigunova and the boys have a hearty laugh after the victim says he will likely lose his family and his job once they post the video of his abduction, torture and interrogation online

Zigunova and her henchmen sharing a laugh over a gay victim who has just said he will lose his job if they publish the video of his interrogation.  And they will publish it.

Zigunova and her henchmen sharing a laugh over a gay victim who has just said he will lose his job if they publish the video of his interrogation. And they will publish it.

The head of the St. Petersburg branch, Zigunova, is also apparently a fan of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.  Both of the photos below are from Zigunova’s profile on In the first, she does a Nazi salute while making a Hitler moustache over her lip.  In the second, she helps her friend Daniil Konovalov sell busts of Adolf Hitler, “our ideological mastermind.”

The use of social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and by Occupy Pedophilia to promote its crimes, and in some cases actually organize its crimes, was a disturbing discovery in researching this story.


Russian hate group leader Ekaterina Zigunova doing a Hitler impression.


Russian hate group leader Ekaterina Zigunova helps a friend sell busts of Adolf Hitler, their “ideological mastermind.”


Instagram hosting gay kidnapping and torture video

On Zigunova’s Instagram account, a young (dyed) red-haired woman, presumably Zigunova, poses with a swastika t-shirt:


Instagram’s role in Occupy Pedophilia is interesting as Zigunova’s Hitler-bust-selling cohort, Daniil Konovalov, posts a number of Nazi-related photos on his Instagram account, including a swastika throw pillow:



And there’s even more on Daniil Konovalov’s account, including…

Anti-semitism – note his swastika pendant he’s waiving while being photographed with the Jewish person (or fake Jewish person, more likely):


Rought translation: “Directly Comics # jew # swastika # cross # Antisemitizm # jew # jewish # # anti-Semitic Nazi swastika # # moscow # metro # morning # summer  # evening”

Racism – he calls the woman “monkey” and “n*gger,” and says the train is the “Metro zoo”


Rough translation: “I even liked a little more morning. # monkey # morning # # Metro Zoo # moscow # nigger”

Konovalov is also promoting his “father’s” hate crime kidnapping videos


Rough translation: “Vacation ended) # # okkupaypedofilyay cleaver # moscow # pedophile # safari # restrukt # moscow # # restructuring serebryannyybor”


You’ll see photos of this victim, being harassed much more, further down in this story.


Daniil Konovalov

Daniil Konovalov

But Konovalov goes one step even further.  He also posts in his Instagram account a short vine-type video showing the kidnapping and torture of a young gay Russian, something that under normal circumstances should end Konovalov’s Instagram account.  (This a clip of a larger kidnapping and torture that we reported on earlier.)

One would imagine that Instagram wouldn’t take kindly to its service being used to disseminate videos showing the kidnapping and torturing of anyone, let alone a gay-bashing. But there it is.  And it’s even a bit worse than that.  In the comments alongside the video clip, others seems to be asking Konovalov when the full video will be released.  Konovalov responds: “coming soon.”  That would seem to suggest that Konovalov is posting this video approving of the crime, but also that he has some inside knowledge about the crime.  Which potentially makes Konovalov a co-conspirator.

Hello, Lt. Gen. Sergei Pavlovich Umnov (Сергей Павлович Умнов), are you listening?

I’ve taken a copy of Konovalov’s vine (posted below) to show you what kind of people we’re dealing with, but also what Instagram is permitting on its service. The video shows Occupy Pedophilia’s national leader, Maxim Martsinkevich, interrogating and abusing a young man they’ve kidnapped.  While Martsinkevich claims his victims are pedophiles, most of them are gay, and anti-gay epithets and symbols form a large part of his group’s kidnapping rituals.

Martsinkevich was recently arrested, but only because CNN did an expose on his nearly 1,500 claimed kidnappings over the past 18 months.  The Russians had no choice but to finally take Martsinkevich him in.  Up until now, the Russian authorities couldn’t have cared less that a nationwide ultra-right Hitler-loving vigilante organization had kidnapped nearly 1,500 people, mostly gay.  But because CNN got involved, suddenly things changed.

But of course, this is Russia after all.  The Russians didn’t charge Martsinkevich with even one of the anti-gay kidnappings.  He was charged, instead, with insulting the memory of World War II.  This, from a country that let’s neo-Nazis run rampant in St. Petersburg.  Here’s Konovalov’s video posting on Instagram:


The connection between Zigunova, Konovalov, and Martsinkevich

Occupy Pedophilia national leader Martsinkevich claims, via his profile, to be the “father” of red-head Ekaterina Zigunova.  And Zigunova claims on her profile to be Martsinkevich’s daughter.  Their ages are too close (she’s around 24, he’s reportedly around 29).  So I suspect they mean they are “ideological” family.  Still, it’s interesting that Martsinkevich only lists two people as his “children” in the profile.  One is Zigunova.  And guess who the second one is?  None other than Daniil Konovalov, our Hitler-bust salesman.

If Lt. Gen Umnov actually cared about doing his job, and investigating Martsinkevich’s larger criminal conspiracy involving the 30 Occupy Pedophilia branches across Russia and the Ukraine, there is no apparent better place to begin than Ekaterina Zigunova and Daniil Konovalov. As an aside, note that Martsinkevich lists his middle name as “Restrukt,” which is also his URL.  Restrukt is an organization that Zigunova claims she works for in St. Petersburg, and we’ll learn later on, has a tie to Hitler, and is homophobic, as well.


How Martsinkevich uses Facebook to promote his gay kidnapping/torture videos

Which brings us back to the role social media, and specifically Facebook, Instagram and have played in helping Martsinkevich, Zigunova, and the rest of Occupy Pedophilia organized and promote their criminal enterprise.

Martsinkevich, for example, posted a video collection of the greatest hits of his various kidnappings on Facebook.

Again, the question must be asked, why does Martsinkevich continue to even have a Facebook account after his Facebook account is being used to promote his own kidnappings and hate crimes?  You’ll note that Martsinkevich himself stars in the video (he goes by the nickname “Slasher”).


But lest you think that’s the only gay-bashing kidnapping and torture video that Martsinkevich has published on his Facebook timeline, you’d be wrong.  Here are five more of his kidnap videos being promoted in his Facebook timeline:






Whose gay kid do you have to kidnap and torture to actually lose your Facebook and Instagram accounts?

“Restrukt,” the project tied to Occupy Peodophilia, also has a Facebook page

Restrukt, the project associated with Occupy Pedophilia, also has a Facebook page. That page is used to promote Nazi Germany, anti-semitism, homophobia and the kidnapping the videos. The kidnapping videos alone are such a clear violation of Facebook’s terms of service that this account should be deleted.  Why hasn’t it been?

Promoting hate crime kidnapping/torture videos – this alone should get the account closed down


Nazis and anti-semitism








UPDATE: Facebook says posting video of gay guy being kidnapped, tortured, doesn’t violate TOS

Facebook responded to a user complaint about the Occupy Pedophilia related organization, Restrukt, violating its terms of service by posting a video of Occupy Pedophilia’s Maxim Martsinkevich kidnapping and torturing a gay man. Facebook says posting videos of gay youth being kidnapped and tortured doesn’t violate Facebook’s terms of service.  Not only should the video be taken down, but when at least one of the lead admits working for Restrukt, and Restrukt then posts a video of one such kidnapping, the entire account should be deleted.



Just to remind you what Facebook says doesn’t violate their TOS – it’s a video of the abduction and torture of someone gay by the organization run by the woman who works for (or is) this group Restrukt.  Slasher is Martsinkevich’s pen name.  Oh, and the post is actually making an appeal for assistsance, so they’re actually using Facebook to further their criminal enterprise.  That’s probably illegal as well as a violation of TOS.


Facebook and Instagram don’t hold a candle to the damage done by

Of course, Facebook and Instagram don’t hold a candle to Russia’s, where Occupy Pedophilia seems to coordinate most of its crimes.

Pavel Durov, founder of, a Russian social media site used by Russian ultra-nationalists to broadcast their gay-bashing videos and to execute their anti-gay attacks.

Pavel Durov, founder of, a Russian social media site used by Russian ultra-nationalists to broadcast their gay-bashing videos and to execute their anti-gay attacks.

Martsinkevich has over 137,000 followers on VK, and has posted scores of his kidnapping and torture videos and photos for months, and his account is still up.  Here’s a very small sampling of those videos and photos.

Here are Martsinkevich’s gay kidnapping/torture videos posted on






Martsinkevich’s kidnapping photos on are just as bad











Note the rainbow flag that’s been painted on the victim’s head



Another make-shift rainbow flag, and the Star of David, are both being used to mock and humiliate this kidnapping victim, who is apparently Jewish

Zigunova also uses the Occupy Pedophilia – St. Petersburg account to promote a video of yet another hate crime victim



And here Zigunova uses her own account to show a photo of her pouring urine on the head of one of her kidnap/torture victims:


If this is all about pedophilia, why the fixation on gay-bashing, Jews and Hitler?

Up until a few weeks ago, was run by Pavel Durov, a social media darling and multi-millionaire. He has sold his interest, though says publicly that he still has influence with the company.  99% of these postings happened during Durov’s tenure at

And there’s even more from when you go through Zigunova’s account.  What’s especially interesting to note is that Zigunova, and others, claims that this is all about catching pedophiles.  They don’t have any problem with gays.  If that’s true, then why do they keep posting virulently anti-gay and anti-semitic missives, and in the video I posted yesterday, Zigunova’s kidnapping cohorts kept calling their victim the Russian word for “faggot”?  Not to mention, all the Hitler references?

But what’s more, here’s is Zigunova posting an anti-gay and anti-semitic screed about a Russian lesbian activist.  The post urges people to harass the lesbian (you’ll find the translation in the caption of the photo):

Screenshot on Ekaterian Zigunova's page on shows a post about Russian lesbian acdtivist Natasha Tsymbalova. The writing says: "LGBT Zionist Natalya Tsymbalova. (link) I bet many want to say something to her.  I ask you not to tell her nasty things. Maybe she'll hear a nice manly voice and will be cured of faggotry. Call and tell her everything you think about her."

Screenshot of Ekaterina Zigunova’s page on shows a post about Russian lesbian activist Natasha Tsymbalova. The writing says: “LGBT Zionist Natalya Tsymbalova. (link) I bet many want to say something to her. I ask you not to tell her nasty things. Maybe she’ll hear a nice manly voice and will be cured of faggotry. Call and tell her everything you think about her.”


There’s also their fixation on Hitler

Here’s a t-shirt bearing the name of the place Zigunova works at, the organization named “Restrukt.”  Below the word Restrukt it reads “Petersburg sport” and then “88.” 88 is a common neo-Nazi symbol short-hand for “Heil Hitler.”


And swastika coffee-stirrers:



And here is Pavel Smirnov, who helps Occupy Pedophilia-St. Petersburg plan and execute their kidnappings, posting about gays and AIDS on (of course) The post reads:

“Homosexual activist gets AIDS and is currently in a hospital with a bad prognosis, thus proving that homosexuality=suicide.”


Yep, nothing anti-gay about that.


Occupy Pedophilia – St. Petersburg is using to help execute their kidnappings

But not content with simply promoting their hate crimes on, Occupy Pedophilia and Zigunova are using to help organize their “safaris,” as they call their abductions. Here’s a request they’ve posted for someone to provide them with a room in which they can torture their gay victims.  They also are seeking young staff to help them lure and kidnap their gay victims.

Here’s our “homosexuality=suicide” friend Pavel Smirnov posting a sort of “help wanted” on Occupy Pedophilia – St. Petersburg’s


Here are two more help wanted ads on




And Occupy Pedophilia – St. Petersburg is even using to help finance their criminal venture by selling the Heil Hitler shirts:


Really,  What part of people using your site to commit hate crimes involving kidnapping and torturing gay youths do you not understand?

Where the heck are Facebook, Instagram, and Lt. Gen. Sergei Pavlovich Umnov (Сергей Павлович Умнов)?

I found all of this in one day.  It wasn’t terribly hard to find out who some of the main players were, and to find evidence of their crimes and extremism.  It also wasn’t terribly hard to find them using Facebook, Instagram and to promote their crimes, and in some cases to actually help them conduct their crimes.

occupy pedophilia russia gay

Katya and and her cabal plan that day’s anti-gay kidnapping.

So you really have to ask yourself why Facebook, Instagram and have not yet scrubbed their services of any and all accounts tied to Occupy Pedophilia, its branches, it staff and its supporters?  Does some gay teenager have to die during interrogation, or kill themselves as a result of their lives being destroyed, before Facebook, Instagram and help put a stop to this ongoing hate crime in their midst?

The 24 million Russians who died fighting the Nazis are watching you, Lt. Gen. Umnov, and they're not impressed.

The 24 million Russians who died fighting the Nazis are watching , Lt. Gen. Umnov.

But there’s a special place in hell for Lt. Gen. Sergei Umnov. Russians like Lt. Gen. Umnov can’t be bothered to arrest neo-Nazi Hitler-lovers who serially kidnap Russian youths in order to torture them. Forget the fact that the Nazis ended up causing the deaths of 1.5 million people in St. Petersburg alone, and the deaths of between 18 million and 24 million Russians nationwide.  Umnov apparently can’t be bothered to continue honoring a little thing like 24 million patriotic countrymen who died at the hands of the Nazis.

What does Umnov find time for instead? Arresting gay and trans Russians who are holding peaceful demonstrations in support of greater human rights in Russia.

Just last week, ten gay activists were arrested in Moscow, and four in St. Petersburg.  The Moscow gays were simply holding rainbow flags and singing the Russian National Anthem. But do you know how many neo-Nazis have been arrested for kidnapping and torturing nearly 1,500 Russians in a massive anti-gay criminal conspiracy?



How you can help

Find me the names of Zigunova’s henchmen

For starters, Zigunova’s henchman don’t seem terribly public with their names – and at times tried to hide their faces in the UK documentary I post earlier.  That means it’s time we knew their real identities.  If anyone can help crowd-source the names of Zigunova’s co-conspirators – you can start with the 13 men who helped her abduct the gay youth in the UK documentary.  Her Facebook friends might prove useful as well.

Help publicize the abysmal failure of St. Petersburg police chief Lt. Gen. Sergei Pavlovich Umnov (Сергей Павлович Умнов) to do his job

Second, do whatever you can to help make Lt. Gen. Sergei Umnov publicly responsible for the catastrophe that his happening in St. Petersburg.

Russia is in many ways a lawless country. Yet in other ways, it’s a country that is all too happy to abuse the law to oppress those whom the government doesn’t like.  The Putin-Umnov regime clearly likes its neo-Nazi gay-bashers – that is, until the gay-bashers become too much of a public liability.  Thus, the reason that Maxim Martsinkevich was finally arrested after CNN reported on his 18 month crime spree.  The price of letting Martsinkevich continue his rampage became more expensive than the benefit of letting him remain free.

And the same goes for Ekaterina Zigunova and her 13 criminal co-conspirators.

If Lt. Gen Sergei Umnov feels enough heat, sees his name getting dragged through enough mud, and if Moscow starts finding that Umnov’s appalling lack of interest in putting an end to these neo-Nazi hate crimes in his own jurisdiction is now reflecting badly on Russian President Vladimir Putin, you can bet Zigunova will be locked away with her “daddy” for years to come.

Tell Facebook, Instagram and that hate crimes are bad for business

I’m not a big believer in emailing companies and hoping they receive enough emails to care about your opinion.  What these companies do care about is their public image.  And the best way to affect their public image is to make sure that people know about this story, that they know that anti-gay neo-Nazi kidnapping gangs and their staff and their allies are using Facebook, and Instagram and, and urge those companies to do the right thing and finally purge themselves of this filth.

Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing.  But I’ve never heard of a hate crime involving the kidnapping and torture of teenagers being called “freedom.”  And it shouldn’t start now.

(I’m told that in order to better see my Facebook posts in your feed, you need to “follow” me.)

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