74 y.o. African-American lectures college kids for using the n-word (video)

A 74 y.o. African-American man lectures some black college kids for using the n-word.

According to the video, he was buying the kids some beer at a liquor store when they called him “n*gger” (one presumes in a friendly way, but it’s not clear from the video).

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this video, which you’ll find below.


I think, sadly, that every generation isn’t fully aware of what has come before, in terms of overall history, but also personal history. I don’t think we entirely appreciate our forbears who lived through various wars and movements, what it must have been like, what they sacrificed to make life so much easier for us.

I think of young gay kids today.  And they don’t necessarily have it easy.  But signing an online petition pales when compared to people who were willing to publicly stick their necks out for our rights in the 80s, the 70s, and my god, the 50s.  Check this out from PBS, about the gay-rights group The Mattachine Society protesting in the 1960s in NYC. I didn’t even know NYC had done this until right now:


It definitely makes me rethink a bit the use of the words “f*g” and “h*mo” jokingly by gay people, myself included.

Now, some of course do appreciate the history and the sacrifice, I’m sure, but I’ve begun to understand more, as I age, why older people get so frustrated sometimes with the young and their sense of, well, entitlement – and their lack of respect for some of the wisdom and experience that age can bring (it doesn’t always, but it can). And I include myself among them, I was probably just as bad in my 20s.

It’s funny how your perspective changes as you get older.

Get off my historical lawn!

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