Honey Maid graham crackers shows gay and interracial families in TV ad (video)

I’m almost embarrassed having to type “interracial,” as though it’s “edgy” to include an inter-racial family in a TV ad in 2014. Sigh. But of course, as we’ve learned repeatedly, it is edgy in America today to do just such a thing.

That’s why it’s a big deal that Honey Maid’s new commercial includes an inter-racial family.


Oh, and the ad showed a gay family – with kids!  That one we know is edgy.


Keep in mind that Cheerio’s, last year, had to ask YouTube to turn the comments off on an ad it released at the time showing an interracial couple and their interracial daughter having breakfast.

Cheerio’s, to its credit, did a follow-on ad with Gracie and her parents during this year’s Super Bowl.  That was the same Super Bowl when everyone freaked out that Coke did an ad showing a bunch of ethnic Americans singing “America the Beautiful” in various foreign languages.

Lest you find this surprising, in a poll in 2011, 46% of Mississippi Republicans thought inter-racial marriage should be illegal.  And it was only a few years ago that a justice of the peace in Louisiana refused to marry an inter-racial couple.  And adding insult to injury, when Louisiana’s Republican Senator David Vitter was asked about this, he refused to comment (wouldn’t want to lose that all-important racist vote).

So, yeah, the Honey Maid ad is a big deal.

Oh, and before you watch the ad, I just had to share this – mmm, smores….

Smores via Shutterstock

Smores via Shutterstock

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43 Responses to “Honey Maid graham crackers shows gay and interracial families in TV ad (video)”

  1. PrincessZelda says:

    Your argument is invalid. Again you’re proving my point, there’s more to being gay than just gay sex. The explanation for isolated straight men having gay sex is simply this: men will have sex with anyone/thing. That does not make them a gay person. Men in situations like that if given the chance would most likely have sex with anything, animals, children, food, inanimate objects, you name it. Most men are horny bastards who lack the strength it takes to be celibate. That does not make them a gay person in an extreme situation like that, they don’t just “turn gay”. Once they are out of prison or on dry land or back amongst women, chances are they won’t stay “gay” or suddenly identify themselves as a gay person. All you’re proving is that men can’t keep it in their pants no matter what and would literally do anything to satisfy their carnal urges. If you can’t see the difference between that and a man who is inherently attracted to another man and identifies as a gay person then you’re just being willfully ignorant. :)

  2. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    I’m not certain of your point, but that is correct. Chances are if I was isolated from male company, I might choose to try heterosexuality.

  3. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Why would I choose to have to fight for my rights, such as not being fired because my boss does not like with whom I sleep or being evicted from my apartment for the same reason? Do you really think I would have chosen to be attacked by three guys?

    Since you seem to have a copy of the gay agenda, could you send me a copy? I was never given one. There’s a reason you are seeing so many gay couples. We know that we must make ourselves visible, if we are ever to get our civil rights.

  4. joe truth says:

    When straight men are isolated away from female company, some resort to homosexuality. That’s been proven time after time in recorded histories of prisons, ships, and situations where men are isolated away from the opposite sex for a very long duration.

  5. joe truth says:

    I’m beginning to suspect it’s a choice. Why? Simple, the gay agenda has been pushed for more than thirty years now, and we’re seeing record number after record number of gay couples. When I remember “tolerance” being pushed back in the early to middle 70s, I expected to see some people come out of the closet, but I didn’t foresee it becoming vogue like it is today. I feel that much of it is manufactured by the media. It smacks of classic divide and conquer tactics. If you want to control a population, mix them up, black, white, yellow, brown, bronze, olive, inundate the lands with different cultures and languages so they begin infighting. Then stir this pepper box with rich v poor, man v woman, young v old, and all things that make us different, so while we’re all fighting with each other, the elite can do exactly what they want.

  6. joe truth says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more morsi. Intolerance of ideologies is the same no matter what camp you’re in. Don’t agree with me, I’ll ban you! It’s just like today’s media in that we’re only spoon fed one “wholesome” view… I love how intolerant people tout the word tolerance.

    I detest gays about the same as I dislike statists, lefties, and the very conservative right including bible thumping born agains.

  7. The great Barrier says:

    Talicia, When did you choose to be straight?

  8. PrincessZelda says:

    But being gay is more that just the act of intercourse. It means who you are sexually attracted to, and that is not controllable. It’s also not something most people figure out one day, most gay people I’ve ever known or talked to feel as though they were born gay. It may not be natural in the sense that it technically is not good for the procreation or continuation of our species, I’d agree with you there that from an evolutionary standpoint it’s not practical. However, this planet is so overpopulated already that that fact alone shouldn’t matter at all. And if two consenting adults decide to join together, there’s nothing wrong with that regardless of who they are.

  9. morsi says:

    Why talicia is banned? Because she has a different ideology? I don’t see any insults, just talicia’s beliefs. Please ban yourself! Can’t stand the hipocrisy of those who cry “tolerance” and are the real haters!

  10. Moderator4 says:

    Good bye, talicia. You are banned.

  11. talicia says:

    People can dance around the issue all they want. But homosexuality is clearly unnatural and morally wrong. The Bible is straight forward and very clear about the issue. God loves everyone, but you don’t get to do whatever you want. If you truly love him, then you would repent your sins and change your ways. I have no hate at all for gays, and I don’t judge where they’ll end up. But I’m not going to condone their behavior, and pretend its not a sin. Having same sex relations is a choice, just like adultery and stealing. It’s morally wrong, so don’t do it. And those who condone it are no better than the sinner.

  12. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    We did not choose to be gay.

  13. Maggie says:

    I’m not gay nor am I involved in an inter-racial relationship, BUT I am glad to see that some major companies are taking a “stand” for tolerance for those who chose a “different” lifestyle than the majority. We are all humans and all have a right to be here and have a right to live our lives as we see fit.

  14. Carrie1912 says:

    As a moral, civilized society, we are over when we start serving up babies and children to homosexual deviants. Stick a fork in civilization, we’re done.

  15. Moderator4 says:

    Jim Smith, you are banned. Goodbye.

  16. Jim Smith says:

    I did check the CDC site. 80% of AIDS is transmitted by queers and fags.
    Aside from that, the smores pictures probably looks attractive to fags and queers. Any human that practices sodomy has mental issues and it is 100% NATURAL to be homophobic!

  17. Jim Smith says:


  18. Jim Smith says:

    Just got back from the mirror. I appears I am male so I guess I don’t have issues since I now know that Male was meant for Female. right?

  19. sJames6621 says:

    which led to re str8 victimizers http://www.bishopaccountability.org and
    http://www.stopbaptist predators.org

    NOt gays but sexually repressed people

  20. sJames6621 says:

    the same a hole who opposed masterbation etc The source of the endless hidden molestation of children in the catholic and some baptist churches was teaching that sex is dirty and masturbation is forbidden. and of course even worse due to celibacy

  21. sJames6621 says:

    interesting from someone in the nation that legalized same sex marriage about 7 years ago.
    Evil corporations that provide prob a million people with good jobs and a good living

  22. sJames6621 says:

    check teh cdc website – there is a group of women with just as bad victims of aids

    which hate group sent you here


  23. sJames6621 says:

    strange that a small majority of people now support same sex marriage
    Did you ever have a sex job and have your GF go blood on you suddenly.?

  24. sJames6621 says:

    got to hate on Jews also million holocausted was not enogh for you. Obviously extremist xtain

    Jesus btw was Jewish by birth he loved everyone while you hate everyone.

    nut jobs freaking out about a black president, gays marrying and the nation headed for non white majority status by 2014

  25. sJames6621 says:

    go look in a mirror

  26. Jim Smith says:

    Great! And while were at it we should be teaching our kids about AIDS and the harmful and dangerous facts of anal sex you stupid GD idiot!

  27. Jim Smith says:

    NO. Same sex is view by most normal 99%er’s as gross and disgusting. What a miserable existence!

  28. Jim Smith says:

    Wow! This is why I don’t have cable TV. This is not and never will be a family. The best it can be is SICK!

  29. White Dragon says:

    “This is a recognition that the family dynamic in America is evolving and has evolved,” says Gary Osifchin, senior marketing director of biscuits for U.S. Mondelez. “We’ve evolved, too.”

    Gary Osifchin (A JEWISH name) of course is happy that the US is “evolving”. It is “evolving” in a direction that benefits JEWISH interests. But the USA is not evolving. It is DEVOLVING.

    Jews see White unity and Christianity as threats to Jewish interests for historical reasons, so they have made themselves the driving force behind multiculturalism and diversity – a White minority USA means no race is the one majority, thus Jews feel less threatened as a minority.

    Same sex marriage is heavily supported my many Jewish owned mainstream media outlets, another ‘smack in the face‘ for Christians.

    It’s a shame most White American Revolution cannot see that diversity = division, and that Jewish intellectuals promote all kinds of diverse behaviors in order to divide the communities they live in. It is a survival strategy.

    Why aren’t places like China facing a similar moral crisis? It’s more than obvious, their media and many academic positions aren’t controlled by Jewish intellectuals.

  30. emtzalex says:

    With all due respect, the Coke ad was not in “foreign” languages; in it America the Beautiful was sung in languages that are spoken here in America, by Americans. Which is part of what makes America so beautiful. A small point, but an important one.

  31. emtzalex says:

    That would be the difference between science and pseudoscience.

  32. Suemarie says:

    John – I sometimes watch “Lucky Dog” on Saturday mornings with my daughter, in which a very handsome animal trainer gets a shelter dog ready for adoption. In a recent episode, they featured an interracial gay couple who had adopted a son and they were just very casual and matter-of-fact about it. The episode was called “Flash” – here’s a link to a preview – http://cbsdreamteam.com/lucky-dog/episodes/flash/

    I thought it pretty rad for a network kids show. (Also, do check out the show anyway – the trainer and dogs are both super cute!)

  33. Silver_Witch says:

    He was indeed a total whack-a-doodle…many successful people are…

    Thankfully in his whackyness he created a pretty yummy treat.

  34. Silver_Witch says:

    Hmmm smores…and glad corporations are getting on board with showing all Americans in their ads.

  35. Indigo says:

    I don’t recall which of the porn parade players that was but I’ll take your word for it.

  36. Tone says:

    Who wants s’mores?

  37. mark_in_toronto says:

    Honey Maid / Nabisco / Kraft / Phillip Morris / Mondelez International . . .
    It’s good to see those evil corporations supporting equality.
    Maybe because it costs them nothing and they will have more customers?
    Oh, never mind.

  38. 2karmanot says:

    Ah, that John Harvey Kellogg, whose grandson was a well known gay porn star.

  39. BeccaM says:

    Funny, but I would’ve thought the opposite would be the case: Since we humans crave intense pleasures and sensations, extreme blandness in one area would instead result in a heightened desire for intensity in other experiences.

    But as Zerosum says below, it seems we’re dealing with sexually repressed whack-a-doodles…

  40. LanceThruster says:

    Well…they’ve lost the LDS S’mores block.

  41. zerosumgame0005 says:

    if the movie was at all accurate he was a total whack-a-doodle


  42. 2patricius2 says:

    Glad you didn’t resist. It’s good to know those things.

  43. Outspoken1 says:

    Can’t resist… “The graham cracker was originally conceived of as a health food as part of the Graham Diet, a regimen to suppress what he considered unhealthy carnal urges, the source of many maladies according to Graham. Reverend Graham would often lecture on “self-abuse” as masturbation was commonly called at the time. Graham would often say how these experiences were inspired by children eating crackers.[1]
    One of his many theories was that one could curb one’s sexual appetite
    by eating bland foods. Another man who held this belief was John Harvey Kellogg, the inventor of the corn flakes cereal.” (from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graham_cracker)

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