Dallas morning-show host storms off set over Michael Sam gay kiss

Amy Kushnir, a host of the Dallas-Fort Worth morning show, “The Broadcast,” stormed off the set during a discussion of St. Louis Rams draftee Michael Sam having given his boyfriend a celebratory kiss after finding out he was chosen for the NFL team.

“When parents do not have a choice about whether or not they want their children to see this, it is wrong… I don’t call it a moment of celebration… It’s being pushed in faces. I don’t want to see that. I don’t want to see cake in your face, kissing each other,” said Kushnir.

Kushnir walked off the set, saying, “I’m done!”

Yes, what will we tell the children when confronted with two people so obviously and adorably in love?

Remember when straight people hated us because they thought we were diseased sexbots ought to destroy the traditional family?  Well, now they hate us because we do silly affectionate wedding-like-stuff with the one person we want to spend the rest of our life with.  And I’m sure they see no inconsistency.

Here’s a photo of the terribly-offensive kiss, tweeted that day by Sam’s boyfriend, Vito Cammisano:

Michael Sam kisses his boyfriend.

Michael Sam kisses his boyfriend.

HOST 1: Had he been kissing his wife…

KUSHNIR: I’d have said ‘get a room’.

Sure you would.

HOST 3: We would not be talking about this if somebody kissed their wife….

KUSHNIR: Here’s the thing, ESPN would not have aired any of it had he been kissing his wife.

Soon after, she storms off the set.


Yeah, we never see straight people kissing in celebration on television.

For example, you didn’t see this celebratory heterosexual kiss on ESPN – oh wait, look at the banner… “ESPN W TODAY”:


And these straight people weren’t kissing on ESPN. Nor these straight people. And these straight people weren’t kissing on Fox Sports. Nor were these straight people on Inside SoCal. And this straight skier didn’t kiss his wife Nina in celebration of his victory at the Olympics. And this quarterback did not kiss wife.

And these 10 couples were never shown kissing on ESPN.

And big networks like ABC never covered heterosexual love as a football story:

Glad we have that settled.

Oh, and here are some images that Amy Kushnir does NOT mind children seeing.  They’re on her Facebook page for anyone to see:

by-default-2014-05-14-at-6.18.55-PM by-default-2014-05-14-at-6.19.02-PM by-default-2014-05-14-at-6.19.10-PM

Here’s the video of Kushnir bravely defending the right not to air celebratory kisses on TV:

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