Gay marriages are back on in Arkansas!

It’s been a confusing week in Arkansas after a judge last Friday struck down two state bans on gay marriage, but, perhaps inadvertently, left one in place.

Gay couples started getting married — According to AP, 456 gay couples got married in Arkansas this week — then the marriages stopped, and now they’re back on again.

Basically, the judge struck down a state constitutional amendment and a state law banning gay marriage. But he didn’t strike down a separate law that bans county clerks from issuing marriage licenses to gay couples.

Once the state supreme court ruled that the judges decision did not cover that third ban, the one covering county clerks, the marriages stopped.

The cover of the Arkansas Times.

The cover of the Arkansas Times.

But today the same judge who issued the ruling last Friday, expanded his ruling to also now strike down the law banning county clerks from issuing marriage licenses to gay couples.

And the judge refused to issue a stay pending appeals, which means his decision is the law of the land immediately.

So the marriages are back on!

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35 Responses to “Gay marriages are back on in Arkansas!”

  1. Bill_Perdue says:

    I’ve done all the research. Clinton’s public support is what got DOMA passed. He signed and then gloated about it. He encouraged Kerry to support state DOMAs. The Clintons, whether you’re prepared to admit it or not, were bigots. Now they’re rebranded bigots.

    Obama pigheadedly promoted his brand of of bigotry by opposing marriage equality for over a decade. That culminated in his deliberate sabotage of the fight against Prop 8 in 2008. I’m sure you’d like to ignore it but his rabidly bigoted opposition to marriage – ‘gawds in the mix’ – changed the outcome and that’s proven by even a cursory reading the California Field polls for the summer and fall of 2008.

    Shortly before the last election Obama suddenly changed course and rebranded and he has issued a number of statements that are not bigoted as some of his previous statements and actions. So what. He refused to get ENDA passed in 2009 and 2010 and he refuses to sign an ENDA EO. Rebranded bigots are still bigots.

    When you say that Obama and Clinton are better than Bush and Reagan you’re admitting the bigotry of both and comparing rotten apples and moldy oranges. If you want people to support the lesser bowl of decomposing fruit you’ll have to do better than that.

  2. Drew2U says:

    …Do a little research into the history at the time–both those bills were railroaded through the GOP house and Senate. They were a done deal whether he signed them or not. But I just love the mentality that anybody who has changed on this issue over the years is still a bad guy because they weren’t on board from the very beginning. Here’s a news flash for you–most GAYS were not on board at the very beginning either–most were afraid of being singled out and losing their jobs or being forced from their homes because of the distinction of being married to their same sex partner. This was all a lot more complicated than you think–but the resistance, even in failure of the initial bills, still pushed the door a little at a time. People who were outspoken INCLUDING Clinton and Obama helped in immeasurable ways whether you like it or not. It was never a matter of “no” but more a matter of “not now.” I don’t care if they willingly came on board or they did it after a lot of pushing, but they came on board. That’s the bottom line. It was a HELL of a lot more than Reagan or the Bushs did.

  3. vickif says:

    You are right on the money. No one is making them look when gays kiss. I will never forget the first kiss my son and his new husband gave each other when they were pronounced husband and husband. Happy Day.

  4. vickif says:

    My son Steve is married to Phil in NY after living together for 10 years.

  5. Bill_Perdue says:

    Amazing, all this in Arkansas, home of the bigot Clinton who gave us DOMA and DADT. Go Arkansas!

  6. Here I sit in Pennsylvania waiting for the change while other parts of the country, deep into reaction, are moving ahead of us. At this rate, Ohio legalize marriage equality before we do.

  7. Thom Allen says:

    L-R Santorum responds. the Bachmaniac reacts, Palin has a Gotcha moment. Far left, Rove, scorched and disfigured from standing too close to Santorum when HE combusted

  8. Thom Allen says:

    That’s probably true, they’d mostly be surrounded by other fundies and when their brains became molten fundie fondue it wouldn’t be a major loss.

    But we have to think about the passersby who would be endangered, the fundie children who would be there card carrying and protesting, any police in the area, etc, Have you seen the velocity of brain bullets from a hate-filled exoloding brain? I have, the destructive force continues for months to years after detonation, much like shrub’s policies and decisions shredded the office that President Barack Obama heads.

    Then,of course after the first batch of exploding heads, there would be a new wave of them. More heads exploding because the originally exploded heads were denied both their First Amendment rights and their Second Amendment rights just as soon as there cerebellums reached critical mass. Other outraged fundies will now respond by BLOWING THEIR BRAIN BOXES, TOO. This could be a great way to decrease the populations of fundies, the Tparty, Libertarians, hard-line conservatives, Republithugs, h8ers, pro-lifers, Cliven Bundy and his moolisha, Gohmert, Santorum, Bachmann, Palin, Gingrich, Mitt, Rove, Cantor, Issa, McCain and so many others. And so it goes.

    Let the party begin!

    The last photo is of a fundie bystander who was too close to the Bachmaniac when she lit off.

  9. benb says:

    Oh my god…what will happen in Arkansas will be exactly the same as what happened in Massassachusetts, California, Iowa, etc… which is to say..nothing. Hysterical voices will still scream that the sky is falling (actually, in Calfornia, I get the distinct impression that people I tell —I don’t know how to express the exact feeling–are more approving, like it’s better than Adam and Steve up the street are Married rather than just living together).

  10. 4th Turning says:

    Didn’t remember or know until I heard it being discussed today that the Brown decision was unanimous…

    Jim Crow was also almost unanimous…
    Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) marked the beginning of a 58-year period where Jim Crow was largely unchallenged and condoned by the federal government. Homer Plessy, a black man who tried to board a white-only train in Louisiana (the car designated for blacks was full), claimed the Louisiana segregation laws violated both his 13th and 14th Amendment rights. Once Plessy boarded the white-only train, he was forcibly removed and jailed. The Supreme Court, by a vote of 8-1, ruled that equal rights did not mean co-mingling of the races, effectively legalizing and facilitating “separate but equal” access for blacks. Again, the lone dissenter was Justice Harlan. Plessy not only perpetuated the white supremacist beliefs of the time, but also made it possible for states to make and enforce Jim Crow laws with impunity.

    Dred Scott v. Sandford, 60 U.S. 393 (1857), was a landmark decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in which the Court held that African Americans, whether slave or free, could not be American citizens and therefore had no standing to sue in federal court-It is now widely regarded by scholars as the worst decision ever made by the Supreme Court.

    (Then along came citizens united…)

  11. Silver_Witch says:

    Agreed my brother…agreed. Turn away – while we dance, sing and celebrate.

    P.S. I am not sure there are enough rocks for all of the anti’s.

  12. kurtsteinbach says:

    You know Silver Witch, if they don’t like seeing guys kissing guys, like Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend, then they can do what Walker and Kasich suggested women do during their forced Ultrasounds, they can just look away. No one is forcing them to watch. When they kiss, we want to hear Mazel Tovs and Congratulations, not, ewww, at weddings. I’d prefer the anti’s go crawl back under their rocks….

  13. kurtsteinbach says:

    I guess Conservatives really don’t understand WHY the Courts can overturn laws. When a law violates the Constitution of the U.S., it is invalid. It does not matter, legally, that it took years for them to realize that it was invalid. It’s why the SCOTUS in 1955 ruling in Brown versus Board of Education had broad legal implications for Jim Crowe laws despite the fact that the Voting and Civil Rights acts were still 9 and 10 years away from being passed….

  14. Silver_Witch says:

    Maybe someday us Witches will have the same freedom <|;o)

  15. BillFromDover says:

    While you’re at it Huk, why not have a vote on separate white vs every other non-whites drinking fountains?

    After all, the majority is always right… right?

  16. pappyvet says:

    I am very happy to have lived long enough to see this progress. But in my joy I will remain cautious.

  17. kurtsteinbach says:

    More likely it qualifies as a blessing to humanity (the Christian heads exploding)….

  18. Silver_Witch says:

    Oh Pappyvet – I think this year we have gone at least 100 steps forward!!! I am so amazed that this is happening while I am still alive to see it. I am joyous about ARKANSAS moving into the 21st Century….joy…joy.

  19. Silver_Witch says:

    Hey where are all the concerned trolls from the other post….guess they are overwhelmed by the thought of 1,000s of gay people kissing each other, smearing cake on each other and celebrating love in Arkansas….poor little trolls.

  20. RNegron says:

    None of us would be near them so, if they injure their own who cares?

  21. RNegron says:

    When a vessel contains a vacuum implosion IS the only option.

  22. pappyvet says:

    One step at a time. As long as we keep moving forward.

  23. 4th Turning says:

    Huckabee rant:
    May 11, 2014
    Same-Sex Marriage In Arkansas

    Judge Chris Piazza, a circuit court judge in my home state of Arkansas, decided that he is singularly more powerful than the 135 elected legislators of the state, the elected Governor, and 75% of the voters of the state. Apparently he mistook his black robe for a cape and declared himself to be “SUPER LAWMAKER!”
    In an order handed down at the close of business, cowardly making it impossible for the attorney general or other attorneys to file for an immediate stay of his overreaching decision, he waved his magic legal wand and erased a 1997 law which defined marriage as between a man and a woman, and a Constitutional amendment passed in 2004 by 75% of the voters which affirmed in the state’s Constitution that natural marriage between a a man and a woman is the law. I signed the law in 1997 as Governor, which was sponsored by a Democrat and passed overwhelmingly by the House and Senate, which was comprised of 89% Democrats. I supported the 2004Constitutional Amendment, Amendment 83. Once it passed, I took an oath to uphold it. So did Judge Piazza. He took the same oath. But he must have come to believe that his oath didn’t really mean anything. He must have come to believe the popularly held, but completely false notion that a judge can go beyond deciding something is unconstitutional, he can prescribe the remedy and even implement it. Sorry, judge, but I learned in 9th grade civics and from a reading of the US and Arkansas state constitution that we have 3 branches of government. And that the 3 of them are equal. The judicial branch is not the superior branch and cannot erase the will of the other 2. Most importantly, the ultimate authority and power rests with the people, and they spoke in a 3-1 vote. The dangerous precedent of elected officials allowing one single member of the judicial branch to become Lord God of law is dangerous and unconstitutional. A judicial ruling can send a matter back to the legislature for remedy, but it cannot dictate nor implement the remedy. That requires legislation and the execution of the laws passed, which is the purview of the legislative and executive branches. By virtually ordering same sex marriage to begin immediately, which in fact happened in at least one Arkansas county on the morning after Judge Piazza’s Friday night massacre of the law and the will of the people, he positioned himself as if he were all 3 branches of government and declared the voters immaterial. The Governor should call a special session of the legislature and impeach the judge and affirm the people’s will. If the people wish to allow same sex marriage, they can put that matter on the ballot and vote for it. Or the legislature can put that matter on the ballot and ask the people to change the Constitution to allow it. But they should not stand by and allow one man to think his robe has more power than it does.

  24. Naja pallida says:

    “No two bloodsuckers go the same way. Some yell and scream, some go quietly, some explode, some implode, but all will try to take you with them.”

  25. Thom Allen says:

    Non-fundie bystanders who would be innocent victims could be harmed by the fundie pyrotechnics.

  26. 4th Turning says:

    Also good reading…

    3. In August 2013, Mujica signed the bill making Uruguay the second nation in Latin America (after Argentina) to legalize gay marriage. He said that legalizing gay marriage is simply recognizing reality. “Not to legalize it would be unnecessary torture for some people,” he said. In recent years, Uruguay has also moved to allow adoption by gay couples and openly gay people to serve in the armed forces.

  27. FLL says:

    The lost federal benefits that you mention even amount to a demonstrable harm that could be claimed in whichever case reaches the U.S. Supreme Court (probably in the session that starts in October of this year). The only harm on the other side is… um… fundamentalist Christian heads exploding. I’m not sure if that even qualifies as a harm.

  28. GreatLakeSailor says:

    “When same sex couples marry the only harm that occurs is to fundie heads that may explode implode.”

  29. Straightnotnarrow says:

    About DAMN time too!

  30. Sandbur says:

    and with a beer belly hanging over it!

  31. Lynne Stevens says:

    “…the only harm that occurs is to fundie heads that may explode.” I have a hard time defining exploding fundie heads as “harm”.

  32. BeccaM says:

    And with the current Administration’s official DoJ policies, clearly with a ban or a delay, there is demonstrable harm in the form of denied federal benefits and rights associated with legal civil marriage for gay and lesbian families.

    I loved how the feds announced almost immediately they’d accept those Utah marriages as valid, even pending additional adjudication.

  33. bkmn says:

    I keep saying it but it is time that the issuance of a stay that prevents same sex marriage needs to be over now. When same sex couples marry the only harm that occurs is to fundie heads that may explode. When same sex couples are not allowed to marry there is demonstrable harm to those couples and any children they may have.

  34. basenjilover says:

    This in deep red bible belt.

  35. BeccaM says:

    I wouldn’t have thought to see it in my lifetime, much less to be happening so fast, but clearly the dam has burst.

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