Obama to sign orders protecting gay, trans workers this coming Monday

AP is reporting that President Obama will sign two executive orders this coming Monday.

The first, protecting gay and transgender workers of federal contractors from discrimination; and the second, protecting trans federal workers from discrimination.

Interestingly, the executive order protecting gay and trans federal contracting employees will not include a newer, stricter religious exemption than already exists in previous executive orders covering other employees

enda-featuredAn increasingly number of vocal advocatees in the gay community have been demanding that the proposed religious exemption to ENDA (the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, legislation that would ban anti-gay and anti-trans job discrimination under federal law) either have a weaker religious exemption than previously proposed, or none at all.

It’s interesting, and brave, that the administraiton appears to be moving ahead without adding a stricture religious exemption. Gutsy even.

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