The Hetero Initiative for Gay Rights (cute, and in Italian)

Italian actor and writer Fabio Morìci decided to make a pro-gay rights video with a twist.

It’s called, in Italian, “The Hetero Initiative for Gay Rights.” (You can read the English subtitles by simply hitting the ‘cc’ button on the bottom right of the YouTube video.)

The video is Fabio’s humorous take on why every straight person should be for gay rights.

Fabio Morìci, by Chi67.

Fabio Morìci, by Chi67.

It’s quite fun, and a nice way to start the day. (Fabio is a Roman, and at parts in the video his wonderful Roman-ness truly shines through — if you know Italians, you’ll see what I mean.)


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4 Responses to “The Hetero Initiative for Gay Rights (cute, and in Italian)”

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  2. Steven R. Peonio says:

    LOL now THAT is great!! :)

  3. jm2 says:

    Risata fragorosa! Mi scusi — LOL!!! too bad Fabio isn’t Italian. ahahahah………

  4. Indigo says:

    A funny fellow! Romanità doesn’t translate very well, though.

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