Aaron Schock has another wardrobe malfunction

Conservative anti-gay Republican Congressman Aaron Schock from Illinois has a hard time keeping his clothes on.

And an even harder time not taking a picture of himself half-naked, then publishing it to the Internet.

Schock, a confirmed bachelor who continues to face questions about his seemingly non-existent sexual orientation, is definitely gay in at least one respect: Aaron Schock is in love with a man. And his name is Aaron Schock.


The most dangerous place in Washington, DC is between a shirtless Aaron Schock and a camera.




In the past several months, Schock has also started posting videos of himself half-naked as well, because nothing says “the little people” like water sports.

The second most dangerous place in Washington, DC is between Aaron Schock and a congressional delegation.

You see, Schock, who represents Peoria, doesn’t seem to spend a heck of a lot of time in Illinois, judging by his Instagram account. He does, however, spend lots of time in Greece, Italy, Turkey, England, India, China, and Brazil; and when he’s actually in America, he’s off skiing in Jackson Hole or surfing in Hawaii.

If Peoria ever wants to see its congressman again, it had better find a way to make a better latte.

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30 Responses to “Aaron Schock has another wardrobe malfunction”

  1. KathFriendafi says:

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  2. Beat me to it ;-)

  3. TheAngryFag says:

    It’s to combat the accurate stereotype that Republicans are old, fat, white men.

  4. woodroad34 says:

    His narssicism will turn him into a flower and she’s gonna get plucked.

  5. hidflect says:

    Well I heard he DOES travel a lot but he just takes his closet with him wherever he goes. Inside you’ll find mostly a fantastic ensemble of perfectly wonderful outfits and, of course, Aaron himself.

  6. Palto says:

    A conceited closet case republican. What a charming combination.

  7. 2patricius2 says:

    Oh, wow! Just the thought of that….UGH!

  8. GreatLakeSailor says:

    Headin’ out on bivouac to practice maneuvers!

  9. Naja pallida says:

    I think they saw Vladimir Putin doing it, and figured that’s what was expected of them as autocratic, corporate-controlled loons.

  10. BeccaM says:

    Just for the love of Cthulhu let it never, ever be John Boehner or Mitch McConnell taking their clothes off… There’s not enough brain bleach in the whole world to un-see that.

  11. BeccaM says:

    Oh that’s a good one. lol

  12. jomicur says:

    Aaron Schock…Scott Brown…Paul Ryan… Wearing very little clothing in public seems to be a growing trend among Republican politicians. The party has obviously figured out it’s the only way to get anyone to vote for them. What’s next, a Chippendale-style strip revue featuring all their 2016 candidates?

  13. Demosthenes says:

    I hear Rep. Schock, in fact, rarely travels. Indeed, it is reported he usually just hides in his closet.

  14. Indigo says:

    On a compassionate note: maybe he hasn’t met the right man yet. It’ll all work out just fine someday . . .

  15. Indigo says:

    LOL !

  16. dommyluc says:

    LOL! I nearly peed my panties when I read that, but considering how ruthless, heartless, and bloodthirsty Schock and the rest of the Republicans are, I think Schock would be saying, “It rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again”.

  17. 1jetpackangel says:

    That pic above, with him on the pool lounger? The more I look at the more I become convinced that that face and pose (but especially the face) happened because a bugler stood nearby playing “Parade to the Post” while all those men in uniform were lining up to “storm his beaches.”

  18. 1jetpackangel says:

    My favorite one’s always been, “He’s so far back in the closet, he’s found Narnia.”

  19. 1jetpackangel says:

    Now in my head I’m seeing him acting out that little bit in front of a mirror: “Would you do me? I’d do me.”

  20. Jim Olson says:

    Miss Lindsey is not the top of anyone anything.

  21. caphillprof says:

    This kind of closet in 2014 is very dangerous. I think Mr. Shock is a very disturbed man. This will end badly.

  22. Indigo says:

    Oh you sly dog! Your Wilton Manors is showing. ;-)

  23. AnitaMann says:

    At least he wasn’t wearing only a speedo in this shot.

  24. MerryMarjie says:

    Ah, yes, and a tip of the hat to the late Peter Graves!

  25. FLL says:

    That would create too much information for the average voter to feel comfortable with: Lindsey Graham as the top of the ticket.

  26. BeccaM says:

    Break out the fire hoses because this one is flaaaaaming.

    My dream is to have one question and one question only asked of Aaron Schock at a press conference: “Do you like movies about gladiators?”

  27. Thom Allen says:

    He says that he traveled to India and saw the poverty there for himself. Now he’s working to try to get more money for the poor there.

    1. It’s a fact that India has a huge number of poor people. He had to travel there to VERIFY that? OOPS, I forgot, that was on the taxpayer’s dime.

    2. As an American elected official, he wants the Indian poor to gat more money, yet he votes against increasing the minimum wage here.

    THANKS, Peoria!

  28. Indigo says:

    He could run for VP with Lindsey, maybe.

  29. Joe Harrell says:

    He also seems to be the only male politician who doesn’t respect the military enough to put a tie on for them. http://instagram.com/p/trWh1fJPmC/?utm_source=partner&utm_medium=embed&utm_campaign=video&modal=true

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