Aaron Schock has another wardrobe malfunction

Conservative anti-gay Republican Congressman Aaron Schock from Illinois has a hard time keeping his clothes on.

And an even harder time not taking a picture of himself half-naked, then publishing it to the Internet.

Schock, a confirmed bachelor who continues to face questions about his seemingly non-existent sexual orientation, is definitely gay in at least one respect: Aaron Schock is in love with a man. And his name is Aaron Schock.


The most dangerous place in Washington, DC is between a shirtless Aaron Schock and a camera.




In the past several months, Schock has also started posting videos of himself half-naked as well, because nothing says “the little people” like water sports.

The second most dangerous place in Washington, DC is between Aaron Schock and a congressional delegation.

You see, Schock, who represents Peoria, doesn’t seem to spend a heck of a lot of time in Illinois, judging by his Instagram account. He does, however, spend lots of time in Greece, Italy, Turkey, England, India, China, and Brazil; and when he’s actually in America, he’s off skiing in Jackson Hole or surfing in Hawaii.

If Peoria ever wants to see its congressman again, it had better find a way to make a better latte.

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