Kim Davis held in contempt of court, will go to jail

Kim Davis has been held in contempt of court for refusing to issue marriage licenses, in violation of a previous court order.

Davis had said she was prepared to be sent to jail over the issue, and today the court did exactly that:

As I wrote this morning, for Davis, jail is her briar patch. For her (and her lawyers), this is no longer about God and is instead about the publicity and money that comes with having the Religious Right (which is neither religious nor right) think of her as a martyr:

Of course, sending Kim Davis to jail is exactly what she wants. That’s how you get the appearance on O’Reilly and the GoFundMe page and the book deal. By openly daring the courts to put her behind bars, Davis is trying to upgrade the “family business” (Davis and her mother have combined to hold the Rowan County Clerk position for nearly 70 consecutive years, despite a close call in last year’s election).

However, as Judge David Bunning ruled, simply fining Davis would not be enough, as she could pay the fine (with more than enough help from an wave of conservative cash) and continue to refuse marriage licenses:

This being the case, removing Davis from office is the only way to ensure that same-sex couples (and straight couples, for that matter) can have their marriages in Rowan County, Kentucky move forward. It doesn’t matter whether Ted Cruz gets another talking point on the campaign trail; it matters that all of the couples who have been illegally denied their right to marry under Davis’s clerkship can have that wrong righted.

Kim Davis, along with every other public official who has tried to use their religious opinions to ignore the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling, have lost every legal battle they have waged. Everyone saw this coming.

Now let’s get through that backlog of marriages and move on.

Update: That is, if there are any non-crusaders in Davis’s office:

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