Kim Davis: “I’m prepared to go to jail” over refusal to do job

Insisting that “This has never been a gay or lesbian issue for me,” Kim Davis told Todd Starnes in an interview published this morning that she is “prepared to go to jail” over her repeated refusal to fulfill her responsibilities as Rowan County, Kentucky Clerk and issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples.

It’s good she’s thought this through, because jail is usually where people go when they repeatedly refuse to follow the law.

Of course, sending Kim Davis to jail is exactly what she wants. That’s how you get the appearance on O’Reilly and the GoFundMe page and the book deal. By openly daring the courts to put her behind bars, Davis is trying to upgrade the “family business” (Davis and her mother have combined to hold the Rowan County Clerk position for nearly 70 consecutive years, despite a close call in last year’s election).

That’s why Davis is sticking around despite knowing, deep down, how ridiculous her arguments are. As she told Starnes, explaining why she chose not to step down in light of the Obergefell ruling: “I would have to either make a decision to stand or I would have to buckle down and leave…And if I left, resigned or chose to retire, I would have no voice for God’s word.”

Kim Davis

Kim Davis

Which is both not true and completely irrelevant. You aren’t supposed to have a voice for God’s word in your capacity as a public official, and you absolutely do have a voice for God’s word as a private citizen. Not for nothing, you also have a voice for God’s word in jail — in a 2012 Pew survey of prison chaplains, 73 percent said that it was either very or somewhat common for inmates to proselytize to or convert one another.

As I write this, Kim Davis is explaining to U.S. District Judge David Bunning why she should not be held in contempt of court for her refusal to obey the law — a law she maintains it is “factually impossible” for her to comply with. But given how ridiculous her defense is, and how clearly she stands on the wrong side of the legal question at hand, it’s clear that this isn’t a legal or even a Heaven or Hell issue for Davis anymore; it’s a money issue.

And as far as that’s concerned, she’s in great shape.

Jon Green graduated from Kenyon College with a B.A. in Political Science and high honors in Political Cognition. He worked as a field organizer for Congressman Tom Perriello in 2010 and a Regional Field Director for President Obama's re-election campaign in 2012. Jon writes on a number of topics, but pays especially close attention to elections, religion and political cognition. Follow him on Twitter at @_Jon_Green, and on Google+. .

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28 Responses to “Kim Davis: “I’m prepared to go to jail” over refusal to do job”

  1. Justice4All says:

    and not as a martyr either :)

  2. Justice4All says:

    I think that is why they have given her a private cell to herself.

  3. Justice4All says:

    To bad she repented and then goes and does the same sin everyday for being with a man that is not her first husband, for you can divorce, but not remarry unless ye return back to your husband and in the eyes of the Lord that would be her first husband and she knows this. How dare her to be in the spotlight in honor of christianity and make a mockery of it for the entire world to see.

  4. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    She’s not being persecuted. She chose this path. She chose to inflict her brand of Christianity on others. As I’ve been saying, she’s full of hubris. I’m a member of the ELCA, and the ELCA can accept that two men or two women can love each other and can wish to spend their lives together. However, that little piece of paper, that Ms. Davis hoards and won’t share with others, can make their lives easier.

    The ELCA is a big denomination. Our pastors attended seminary. However, it seems that you and Ms. Davis know better than all those people and stand in judgement of LGBT people. Remember: “Judge not, lest you be judged.”

  5. Martin Armenta says:

    I’m with Kim Davis. Thank you for showing us your stand with God. May he protect you and be with you every step of the way. I would have accepted the same fate if I was in your shoes. You did not fold or did not conform of this world. Now you’ve shown an example of the persecution of Christians. I’m not troubled in the end you know victory is on our side. I don’t care what kind of comment they place on here. It doesn’t matter to me any sort of argument, it’s not ignorance I just stand by my faith and they stand wherever it is they stand by. The greatest trick ever played to mankind, is that satan doesn’t exist. Good luck with that. May God have mercy on you souls. Repent and get to know Jesus and be saved by him before its to late. Jesus is not at the doorstep. He has one foot in the doorway.

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  7. kimn8r says:

    And still getting paid. Talk about a ‘taker’, she’s the definitive example.

  8. BeccaM says:

    In crazy imaginings, I consider a filing with the IRS stating that it is ‘factually impossible’ for me to pay my taxes, because as a person with deeply held religious beliefs against the killing of others, I can’t tolerate the idea of a single penny of my money paying for bullets or rockets for the military. Philosophically and logically, it’s about as valid a position as what Davis is trying to do.

    Which is to say not LEGALLY valid at all, and I’d soon find my ass in jail… lol

  9. BeccaM says:

    Hell, there are still plenty of racist bigots throughout the South who’d love a religious exemption allowing them to refuse to issue marriage licenses to mixed-race couples.

  10. BeccaM says:

    Davis has been given several choices to remain in compliance with Kentucky and U.S. laws. Laws which do not grant religious exemptions for taxpayer-paid public employees or elected officials, especially when the exemption requested is to be allowed to discriminate illegally. Those choices? Obey the law or resign.

    She even had a third passive choice available, which would’ve been to find handy excuses not to personally serve gay and lesbian couples when they came to the Rowan County clerk’s office to apply for and file their marriage licenses. Eventually she might’ve been caught out, but it’s not likely.

    Instead, she refused and furthermore ordered her entire staff not to comply either. Which is further to say she feels her religious beliefs also trump her staff’s.

    I feel certain that ‘factually impossible’ ridiculousness wasn’t received well by Judge Bunning, given it was entirely ‘factually POSSIBLE’ for Davis to obey the law or resign.

  11. BeccaM says:

    County clerks in Kentucky are elected. She can be impeached by the state government. She can also potentially (after much litigation) be removed from office for official misconduct, if the Kentucky AG’s office decides to go forward with the complaint which was filed by Rowan County’s attorneys.

    But alas, Davis can’t simply be fired.

  12. karlInSanDiego says:

    It’s called firing someone. Why has this gone this far? Is the government really unable to bounce someone in such clear dereliction of duties? Elected officials still have to do their jobs, and if not there should always be a remedy where another person in government steps in to appoint a replacement.

  13. judybrowni says:

    So go already.

  14. 2karmanot says:

    Thank gawd for the Emperor Julian.

  15. georgebeach says:

    Good, Cause that is exactly where you are going! Enjoy the bars!

  16. nicho says:

    Cat Feeesh wins

  17. nicho says:

    Of course she wants to go to jail. She wants to be a martyr. Christians just love being martyred. Many of them back in the first century went out of their way to be martyred. They begged for it.

  18. Teddy Flyfisher Davis says:

    Wait until she meets those special ladies in jail…LOL I bet she gets her ass handed to her on a plate…! She doesn’t like gays or lesbians…LOL, we’ll see about that soon enough I think.

  19. countervail says:

    P.S. I hope the same-sex couple that has petitioned her time and time again sue the f*ck out of her.

  20. countervail says:

    No, no. Even better make her stand on a corner with a sign that says that by the constitution same-sex marriage is absolutely legal. She doesn’t have to personally support it, but the law is the law.

    Or do we all get to claim illegal behavior towards others based on our personal religious beliefs?

  21. Halou says:

    Don’t fine her or imprison her, just deduct her pay to $0.00 for the zero work she does (she would still have to sit in her office for a full shift every day). Then see how long it takes until her god changes its mind.

    Also empower her deputies with a special circumstances ruling so that the people of Rowan county can have their human rights back.

  22. Indigo says:

    The legal tip-toeing the Kentucky authorities have demonstrated is the offensive part to me. They should have stepped in at once but dilly-dallied instead.

  23. Bill_Perdue says:

    For these scum, ‘martyrdom’ means money, and lots of it.

    She’s part of the anti-gay industry and they get rich from hatred and incitements to harassment, discrimination and violence. They’re all guilty of crimes against humanity and should be prosecuted by the appropriate international courts for those crimes.

  24. Lestatdelc says:

    Well today, hopefully the judge will oblige you. More likely though you will get something like $1,000/day until you comply or resign for starters. Jail may come later until you cease your Sharia law quest of putting your elegies views ahead of the law and your tax-payer funded job. That you want to steal form the taxpayers by pulling a paycheck while refusing to do your job means you either need to resign, or do your fucking job.

  25. micster50 says:

    Don’t let the door hit ya….

  26. Cat Feeesh says:

    Imagine this

  27. Cat Feeesh says:


  28. DoverBill says:

    Good for her. I hope she gets her wish!

    When is this Goddard shit gonna stop?

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