Wikileaks outs gay Saudi, two rape victims

Wikileaks faces new charges today of having outed a gay Saudi, two rape victims, and several domestic workers who had been tortured or sexually abused.

The latest accusations of privacy violations, this time leveled by the Associated Press, come on the heels over Wikileaks’ earlier alleged violation of the privacy rights of nearly every woman in Turkey.

Here’s what Wikileaks did in Turkey last month:

However, WikiLeaks also posted links on social media to its millions of followers via multiple channels to a set of leaked massive databases containing sensitive and private information of millions of ordinary people, including a special database of almost all adult women in Turkey.

Yes — this “leak” actually contains spreadsheets of private, sensitive information of what appears to be every female voter in 79 out of 81 provinces in Turkey, including their home addresses and other private information, sometimes including their cellphone numbers.

And now, Wikileaks is outing gay men and rape victims. (The latter is particularly noxious as Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, is on the run from a rape charge.)

More from AP on the new Wikileaks privacy violations:

Three Saudi cables published by the WikiLeaks identified domestic workers who’d been tortured or sexually abused by their employers, giving the women’s full names and passport numbers. One cable named a male teenager who was raped by a man while abroad; a second identified another male teenager who was so violently raped his legs were broken; a third outlined the details of a Saudi man detained for “sexual deviation” — a derogatory term for homosexuality.

What’s particularly troubling in the AP story is the fact that Wikileaks, though originally taking a strong interest in redacting documents before publishing them, in order to protect the privacy of innocent privacy citizens, now believes that “withholding any data at all “legitimizes the false propaganda of ‘information is dangerous.”

Except that it is dangerous. As a gay Saudi man, two rape victims, several victims of torture and sex abuse, and most of the women in Turkey can attest.

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14 Responses to “Wikileaks outs gay Saudi, two rape victims”

  1. MarkVA says:

    Assange has become a dangerous professional tattle tale; the lowest form of humanity. With each leak he positions himself further from truth and honor. I do fear that he and his cronies will release doctored documents close to the eleciton that may harm Clinton. He has no obligation or reason to inject himself into our political process.

  2. SFHarry says:

    Assange claims from one side of his mouth that there should be transparency in information, which I assume means releasing that information immediately and not allowing a government to sit on it until they wish to release it or it benefits them most. While out of the other side of his mouth he claims he has information about Hillary Clinton which he is waiting to release until October when it suits his political agenda. Not very consistent is he?

  3. Deborahrblanford2 says:

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  4. crazymonkeylady says:

    This is not a game, and Assange is NOT doing anyone any good.

  5. walterhpdx says:

    While WikiLeaks may have served a purpose earlier in their existence, now they just seem to be harming people – and in the case of the Clinton campaign, willingly and with malice.

    It’s time for Ecuador to show Assange the door – and make him be responsible for his actions, just like he’s forcing these Saudi and other people to do.

  6. dcinsider says:

    Sometimes you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. However, Wikileaks and Assange are now cartoonish figures in global politics. No credibility at all.

  7. Teresagwallace1 says:

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  8. Houndentenor says:

    Enough of this. We must put whatever pressure it takes on Ecuador to get Assange released. These are criminal acts. Releasing private medical information? There is no “right to know” issue here. He’s just being a thug. He needs to stand trial for his crimes.

  9. Baal says:

    Assange doesn’t care. He has been a Russian asset for awhile now.

  10. Colin says:

    Anything no matter how noble in it’s beginning can become corrupted.

  11. Amwatching2c says:

    The fugitive run Russian political mischief and spy network.

  12. S1AMER says:

    We all knew Assange was a major Trump volunteer. Now we find out he’s also a proud supporter of anti-gay forces around the world.

    Oh, and also a sex offender who’s holed up in plush digs to avolid interrogation and possible arrest.

    What an odious little prig.

  13. Jimmy says:

    I never thought of them as doing a public service. Sometimes data should be private or classified. Throwing it all out there just to see what sticks is dangerous, as any of the people who now have their lives plastered across the Internet can attest. Considering how some Muslim countries treat victims of rape these people could be in danger all over again.

  14. BeccaM says:

    Not that many years ago, I used to think Assange and Wikileaks were doing a public service. Now I see they’re nothing but casually evil anarchists who don’t give two shits who is hurt or killed in the name of their radical “burn it all down” agenda. Which given their obviously pro-Russia agenda is also pro-authoritarian.

    That may sound like an oxymoron, anarchists in favor of authoritarians, but that’s one of those radical revolutionary notions that many of us of a certain age remember. “Destroy it all, then we’ll build a new world order whether people like it or not. With us in charge, of course.”

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