Bill Clinton now supports marriage equality

In 1996, Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Between DOMA and DADT, the 90s weren’t a good time for LGBT equality. Too many people in the current White House have a 90s mindset, which is preventing progress in 2009. But, the big dog has changed his tune on marriage. From Pam:

Finally, Bill! The damage you did with DOMA can be undone by getting out there and using your charisma to end this bigoted policy. Offer up some spine for the jellyfish on the Hill and get on the phone and tell your pal Rahm to get his panties out of a bunch over LGBT issues — it’s 2009, not 1993. (The Nation):

Former President Bill Clinton has come out in support of same-sex marriage.

So, can we say the 90s are over, please? Even Bill Clinton is fully on our side now.

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