You need to know Paul Cameron “the grandfather of all anti-gay junk science”

Last weekend, I saw “Bruno.” Featured in the film is the anti-gay researcher, Paul Cameron. As soon as the movie was over, I sent an email to Alvin McEwen, who has tracked Cameron for years. Today, Alvin has an important post on Cameron. Alvin is right. Every LGBT and all of our straight allies need to know Paul Cameron — and be prepared to debunk his junk science:

Not many people in the lgbt community or the world know who Paul Cameron is.

But we all should.

Paul Cameron is the grandfather of all anti-gay junk science.

When the religious right compares us to pedophiles, when they claim that we have a short life span, when they talk about how “how homosexuality has dangerous physical and medical consequences,” it’s his discredited “data” that they are inferring.

Paul Cameron is probably singlehandedly responsible for every lie, every distortion, every bastardization of science that has plagued the lgbt community since the onset of the AIDS crisis.

The post is worth a read. Cameron keeps rearing his ugly head. Unlike the cameo in Bruno, most of the time, Cameron is given credibility when he should have none.

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