New anti-gay ad in Maine is exact copy of California Prop. 8 ad.

Wow. Frank Schubert, the consultant who did the Yes on Prop. 8 campaign, isn’t even trying in Maine. He’s just recycling his Prop. 8 ads for the campaign in Maine. I know high paid consultants often do this, but at least they give the impression of trying something new.

Here’s the newest ad from the haters in Maine:


And, here’s the ad from last fall in California:


They didn’t even change the words except to substitute “Question 1” for “Proposition 8.”

And, via Jeremy Hooper, we learn that the teacher in the Maine ad, Charla Bansley isn’t a public school teacher. No, she teaches at a private Christian School called the Calvary Chapel Christian School, but her school is identified in the ad. And, she’s an anti-gay activist and the leader of the Maine Chapter of Concerned Women of America (CWA), which is a hard-core homophobic organization. She’s also a teabagger. (warning: That link is to She’s really obsessed with all things gay.

Schubert thinks he has a winning formula. But, that only works if our side doesn’t respond and the people of Maine fall for his lies. That’s not going to happen. Also, not to be overlooked, a lot of Mainers get their news from the Boston media market and have had five years to get used to marriage in Massachusetts. Same-sex marriage is not an alien and scary concept to people in the state. Also, a lot of Mainers closely followed the horrific Catholic Church abuse scandal in Boston, which is why the Catholic Bishop of Maine doesn’t have that much influence.

So, if this pisses you off, donate to the No on 1/Protect Maine Equality here. We need the resources to defeat Frank Schubert’s lies.

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