Senate Dems think next year is bad time for gay rights, what with the election and all

We so called it. Joe and I have been saying for months now that “never” would be a good time for President Obama and the Democratic Congress to keep their promises on gay rights. Now the Dems are saying that next year would be a bad time to lift the ban on gays in the military, what with the 2010 congressional elections and all. Of course, as Joe and I have said before, 2011 is the beginning of the presidential election season, and 2012 is the actual president elections and congressional elections. Clearly neither year will be opportune for Democrats to keep their promises on gay rights, you know, because of the elections.

And absent a big push from the Pentagon and Obama, key Senate Democrats are signaling that there is little appetite to anger some of their more socially conservative voters at a time when election forecasters are signaling a tough 2010 election cycle for the party.

Obama has already said he won’t lift a finger to help achieve any of his gay rights legislative promises. Just like he’s doing with health care reform, President Obama doesn’t think it’s his business to weigh in on legislative matters. He prefers to sit back and let Congress do its own thing. But rest assured, if Congress ever does move ahead on its own to keep President Obama’s own campaign promises, he’s sure to sign the legislation, should it ever happen to arrive.

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