Army Secretary: Pentagon could lift ban partially but still ban gays from some units

Probably the units with all the hot guys because, you know, we can’t control ourselves.

This is why the Obama administation changing their rhetoric on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell from “repealing” the policy to “changing” the policy in a “sensible manner” has Joe and me so concerned. I have been predicting for a while that the President will end up splitting the baby in half, as he always does. Trying to give us half a loaf in order to appease the Republicans. Here’s what Army Secretary McHugh just told the Army Times:

Selling the idea to Congress, which has the final say, could depend on exactly what the administration tries to do in terms of the timing of repeal and how it is applied, McHugh said.

It’s possible, for example, that homosexuals could be allowed into some occupations or units but barred from others, McHugh said, stressing that he was not aware of any such plans but only discussing how the issue might play out.

“I don’t want to prejudge the situation,” he said. “I am saying if he did that, it would be my job to explain it when the appropriate time comes.”

Yes, he’s not saying they’re going to do that, just saying “it’s possible.” Let me give you an analogy. Say a judge in Louisiana refuses to marry inter-racial couples. Say Justice Dept. promises to get rid of the judge’s ban on inter-racial marriages. Then say the Justice Dept. starts talking about changing the ban on inter-racial marriage, rather than getting rid of it. Then say the Just Dept. starts talking about how “it’s possible” that they might let some inter-racial couples marry, while still banning others from getting hitched. Now, the Justice Dept. isn’t saying they’re going to continue to ban some inter-racial couples from marrying, only that it’s possible that they’ll continue refusing to marry blacks to whites.

Would you accept that as a reasonable statement, or do you think someone in the Justice Dept. would be fired for suggesting that it’s possible the Obama administration would let racism continue in some form beacause, you know, half a loaf is better than none.

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