Att Gen Holder asked about No on 1 in Maine, flubs it

Joe, who is on the road to Maine today (I’ll be joining him on Saturday), sent me the following email summing up this story:

Earlier this month, the White House called the anti-gay referenda in Maine and Washington “divisive and discriminatory.”

Is there a reason the Attorney General couldn’t use the same terminology when he was in Maine this week? Someone at DOJ must have briefed him about the upcoming referendum on marriage equality. It’s the biggest political issue in the state right now. They do have an LGBT adviser over there, right? Here’s the question and the answer:

After the lecture, a reporter asked Holder about his views on Question 1, a people’s veto concerning same-sex marriage in Maine.

“[The president and I] are of the view it is for states to make these decisions. That federal law [DOMA] is not necessarily a good piece of legislation, and we are going to work to repeal it,” Holder said.

Not necessarily?

We know no one in the Obama administration will touch the marriage equality issue, but if the President thinks Maine’s referendum is “divisive and discriminatory,” it would have been nice to hear the same thing from the A.G. when he was in the state.

This seems like a missed opportunity… especially from a Department that continues to defend DOMA in the courts, and an administration that already has issues with the LGBT community.

Also, there’s no need to equivocate on DOMA. It’s not a good piece of legislation. At one time, as a candidate, the President even called it “abhorrent.”

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