Att Gen Holder doesn’t have enough knowledge about Maine Question 1 to comment

Andy Towle was at the White House DOD authorization/hate crimes bill signing today, and got to ask Attorney General Eric Holder if he’d like to clarify his odd answer he gave about Amendment 1 in Maine when he was there earlier this week.

Holder’s answer? He doesn’t really know anything about what’s going on in Maine, so he can’t comment.

Really? The Attorney General of the United States goes to Maine this week, when the biggest story in in the state is Amendment 1, and he’d like us to believe that no one briefed him on it. And then, after flubbing an answer about the amendment while he was in Maine, the Attorney General then goes to a big gay big gay bill signing in the White House, and opens himself up for questions, but he doesn’t get briefed on the number one issue in the gay community this week, asides from the hate crimes signing, Amendment 1 in Maine.

Bottom line: Holder is very aware of Amendment 1, but the administration is afraid to comment. Why couldn’t Holder just reiterate what the president has already said, that the amendment is “divisive and discriminatory,” and he doesn’t support things like that.

The Obama administration is far too skilled at taking something good – Obama’s statements on the divisive and discriminatory amendments, and the day of the bill signing of the hate crimes bill – and turning those positive things into a moment of divisiveness itself. What are they so afraid of?

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