Family Research Council: Obama program to help gay elderly is wasted since gays die young anyway. Is FRC again using “science” of known hate group?

Aside from the hateful venom here, what’s really interesting is that the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins appears to be, yet again, quoting the research of a known hate group. The whole “gays die young” thing is the brain child of Paul Cameron, a debunked “doctor” who was kicked out of various medical societies, and whose anti-gay research, the Southern Poverty Law Center says, has “echoes of Nazi Germany.” The SPLC also labels Cameron’s organization a “hate group.” (Links to proof of all of this are in this post.)

You’ll note that the Family Research Council, to this day, still publishes Cameron’s anti-gay “Nazi Germany” research on its Web site.

And keep in mind – who started the campaign against gay Obama administration official Kevin Jennings? FRC, the group that promotes the anti-gay research of Nazi Germany-esque hate groups. Seeing a pattern here?

Interestingly, who else is promoting the “Nazi Germany” science of Paul Cameron, claiming, falsely, that gays all die young? None of than Peter LaBarbera, the man attending an anti-gay press conference, as I write, in Maine alongside the leader of another known hate group, as labeled by the Southern Poverty Law Center: Brian Camenker of Mass Resistance.

The one good thing is that the religious right is so hateful, so anti-gay, so bigoted that it’s extremely difficult for them to hide their hate and their animus. And yet again, we caught them.

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