“Giant red flag”: Anti-gay side creates new PAC to rake in “a large sum of money” in Washington to reject R-71

Troubling, but not completely unexpected development in Washington State in the battle of Referendum 71, the battle to accept or reject the state’s new “everything, but marriage” law. The anti-gay side is starting a new PAC that can accept large donations over the next couple days, before the October 12th deadline for large contributions (over $5,000). Of course, we wonder if this means Mormon money. Via The SLOG:

Dave Mortenson, a conservative campaign consultant who filed the PAC, says, “A bunch of individuals contacted me to see if we could raise some money really quick.” He says, “I am not going to share who I’ve been talking to, but if we do get the money, we will report it.” Are these religious groups, corporations, wealthy donors? “We are working them all,” says Mortenson.

October 12 is the deadline for donations over $5000, according to state campaign rules.

Can the group raise a large sum of money before Tuesday? “I’m pretty optimistic, let me put it that way,” says Mortensen, who has worked on Republican legislative campaigns since the 1980s.

The group running the primary campaign to reject R-71, Protect Marriage Washington, has raised $60,114. The campaign working to approve R-71, Washington Families Standing Together (WAFST), has raised $779,104. And another group in favor of approving the measure, Human Rights Campaign Approve Referendum 71, has raised $72,805.

Filing a new PAC is a “giant red flag” that anti-gay forces are about to dump loads of cash into the anti-gay Reject R-71 campaign, says WAFST campaign manager Josh Friedes. Much of the money for California’s anti-gay Prop 8 came in the final weeks before the election.

The anti-gay forces really want to quash our rights. And, they do have lots of money at their disposal. When the alarm bell sounds, the homophobes step up. They sure did in California. And, a lot of the large donors were Mormons.

Our side wants to Approve R-71, to keep the new law on the books. The campaign’s ActBlue page is here.

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