Hate group holding press conference in Maine tomorrow

I can’t believe the Catholic Church in Maine (and their secret million donor dollar (Mormon?)) is allying itself with the religious right’s Peter LaBarbera, and worse, with Brian Camenker, the head of a known hate group.

The religious right has serious issues, but Peter makes them look downright sane. And good ole Peter is holding a press conference in Maine tomorrow to explain how awful gay people are to the Mainers. Too bad, they’re also now going to find out how freaking bonkers Peter is too.

I remember Peter from the 1990s, when he was publishing what HateWatch at the time called “Holocaust revisionism.” You see, Peter published an article in his anti-gay journal which tried to blame gays for the Holocaust. You see, the top Nazis were mostly gays, Peter’s publication would have you believe. Well, HateWatch was none too pleased.

Of course, it gets better than that. Peter will be joined at the press conference tomorrow by a known “hate group,” Mass Resistance, run by Brian Camenker. And I’m not calling them a hate group – the premiere American civil rights group that monitors hate groups, the Southern Poverty Law Center, has labeled Brian’s Camenker’s group a hate group. More on SPLC here.

Seriously, aligning itself with a known hate group. That’s pretty low, even for the Catholic Church (and their secret million dollar maybe-Mormon donor).

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