HRC: Obama gets until 2017 to keep his promises, and don’t criticize him until then

Joe and I are both speechless. This come from HRC president Joe Solmonese’s weekly update:

But what has he [Obama] done?

I’ve written that we have actually covered a good deal of ground so far. But I’m not going to trot out those advances right now because I have something more relevant to say: It’s not January 19, 2017.

That matters for two reasons: first, the accomplishments that we’ve seen thus far are not the Obama Administration’s record. They are the Administration’s record so far….

I am sure of this: on January 19, 2017, I will look back on the President’s address to my community as an affirmation of his pledge to be our ally. I will remember it as the day when we all stood together and committed to finish what Senator Kennedy called our unfinished business. And I am sure of this: on January 19, 2017, I will also look back on many other victories that President Barack Obama made possible.

Maybe somebody should ask the 6,000 gay and lesbian service members, discharged between now and 2017, how they feel about that. Maybe we should ask Dan Choi. And Victor Fehrenbach.

I like HRC, I’ve repeatedly defended HRC when others have been far less kind. But this is not the kind of thing a gay civil rights group writes – it’s the kind of thing a White House badly in need of political cover writes for you. It’s the kind of thing that someone who doesn’t have to worry about getting kicked out of the military would write. Someone who doesn’t care about getting married. And, it’s the kind of thing someone who is more concerned about image and connections would write.

It is simply astonishing from an organization that is supposed to be dogging this president to secure our civil rights. You don’t telegraph that it’s okay for him to wait until 2017 to keep his promises. That is, if he gets re-elected, if we still control the Congress, if we’re not having more “distracting” wars, if it’s not a close election…

Good Lord.

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