I’m not sure it’s wise for HRC to take full responsibility for what Obama has, or in this case hasn’t, done

If HRC is talking to the White House on a daily basis, and the White House is regularly blowing us off, or affirmatively kicking us in the face (e.g., the incest DOMA brief), then HRC is either giving the White House the nod to do these things to us, or their influence is terribly ineffective. Just seems a very dangerous message for HRC to be telegraphing, that they’re somehow at the center of the mess the Obama administration has made of gay rights.

From AP:

The Human Rights Campaign, which invited Obama to speak at its dinner Saturday night, said it remains hopeful of seeing more action. “He’s obviously the most supportive president and has done more than any president” on behalf of the gay community, said Joe Solmonese, the group’s president. He said the Obama administration has been working with the group on a range of issues “on an almost weekly and sometimes daily basis.”

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