Leader of anti-marriage campaign admits misleading people of Maine

We’ve known that the anti-gay side has been lying about Maine’s new marriage equality law. We’ve reported on the lies coming from the Catholic church in Maine over and over again, and the local press has even called out the Catholic church for their anti-gay lies. But, the anti-equality campaign, funded by the Bishop of Maine and led by the Bishop’s spokeperson, Marc Mutty, has continued to lie about the impact, or lack thereof, of same-sex marriage on our state.

But, in an interview tonight on Maine Public Broadcasting Network, Mutty not only admitted that, contrary to what his campaign has been alleging, there won’t be a mandate to teach same-sex marriage in schools, he went further. Mutty admitted that his side has misled the people of Maine:

“We’ve never said that schools will be mandated- or, actually, perhaps we did in one ad, or certainly led people to believe that, inadvertently,” says Yes on 1’s Chairman Marc Mutty.

“Inadvertently.” Wink, wink.

Mutty and his boss, Bishop Malone, have done a disservice to the people of Maine. In the interview, Mutty had the audacity to blame the lie on “verbal short cuts” in his side’s 30-second ads. Those ads and the “verbal short cuts” were created by Mutty’s very high-powered consultants, Schubert-Flint, the very same firm that created the disgusting ads for the Yes on Prop. 8 side in California. So, just how inadvertent do you really think the lies were?

That strategy worked in California. It’s not working in Maine. UniteTheFight has the audio. Definitely worth a listen.

Since the ads are lies and Mutty knows it, he should take them down — and apologize. Otherwise, Marc Mutty and his boss are admitting that they are lying for the lord like their friends the Mormons did in California.

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