Obama administration to ignore federal law, and recognize state law instead, on gay marriage and DADT – no, strike that, I meant ‘medical marijuana’

The Obama administration is going to ignore federal law, in favor of state law, on the medical marijuana issue. While that’s a good thing, it’s also hypocritical when the administration only recently lectured gay people that this was a government of laws, so different from the lawless Bush administration that President Obama simply couldn’t issue a stop-loss order ceasing the discharge of gay and lesbians service members (two a day), and he couldn’t provide health benefits to the partners of federal employees, because to do so would allegedly ignore anti-gay federal laws.

Naturally, no one bought the “government of laws” argument, even when former homosexual congressman Barney Frank, who reportedly would like Obama to appoint him to the cabinet, dutifully repeated the argument earlier this year when defending the Obama administration’s incest/pedophilia DOMA brief (after he had already criticized it). Still, it’s frustrating to watch. Now we’re even lower on the totem pole than pot.

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