Religious right demanding that Mars (aka Snickers), Domino’s and Ikea take a stand against gay couples adopting children

What a weird thing to demand. But that’s what the American Family Association is now doing. They’re demanding that Mars (parent company of Snickers), Domino’s and Ikea stop advertising on ABCs TV show “Modern Family” because – get this – a gay couple adopts a child.

It gets even funnier. AFA also demands the ads be pulled because in the show a woman and her mother have “a dysfunctional relationship with high tension and negativity.” Yeah, that’s not reality.

I write this to highlight just how bigoted the religious right really is. They’re demanding that no one advertise on a TV show because a gay couples adopts a child? Because the show had the audacity to show an adult who has a tense relationship with her mother? Are they nuts?

It will be interesting to see if any of the three companies respond. Especially since the American Family Association was caught peddling the anti-gay “science” of a known hate group. Such hateful “science” that the Southern Poverty Law Center said it has “echoes of Nazi Germany.” You’ll also recall that the AFA has had a Jewish problem for years.

Hard to believe Mars, Domino’s and IKEA want to be seen aligning with a group like that.

Mars, you’ll recall, makes Snickers. And Snickers, you’ll recall, had a big PR disaster in the gay community a few years back with their violent anti-gay Super Bowl ad. As for Domino’s, they’ve been trying to forever to shake off the bad press they get for their founder being a right-wing nut. And Ikea… Ikea? The religious right honestly thinks a Swedish company – a company from a country that allows gay marriage – that has its own gay ads is going to pull its ads from a TV show because the show has a gay couple adopting a child? Really?

Here’s one of the IKEA ads, I love the last line.


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