What did Gloria Borger know when she said of DADT: “Not ready, not now, not going to happen”?

This past weekend, on CNN’s State of the Union, Obama’s National Security Adviser Jim Jones addressed the issue of repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. It wasn’t good.

In the follow-up discussion on Jones’ comments among the CNN talking heads, Gloria Borger, was adamant, just adamant, that Obama will not work on the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

HENRY: Absolutely. And it’s interesting how the White House, when you talk about, is he taking on too much on with health care or something? They’ll say, no, no, he doesn’t have too much on his plate. He’s got big issues he has to handle. There are certain issues though that they don’t think really rise to the level.

I think one reason and politically it will be very risky and I’ll make your prediction that they’re not going to do anything on this probably until after the 2010 midterms because, A, General Jones is right, they do have a lot on your plate, and B, you do something like that in early 2010, if you punt it now and do it at 2010, fire up the conservative Republican base before the midterm elections, I don’t think so.

BORGER: Not a good idea. Not ready, not now, not going to happen.

JOHNS: There’s a military culture that tends to resist it. There’s also a lot of people out there in the gay and lesbian community who supported this president because they thought he was going to take on their issues. He has to stand back and a lot of people say simply because he has got too many big things that will get the country distracted. And the distraction, you’re right, can go right through the midterms.

BORGER: To help his moderate conservative Democrats win reelection, he wants to give them talking points that will work with their constituents. I think that’s a concern.

HENRY: What might be counterintuitive is that you see more and more states across the country signing on to same-sex marriage. You wonder whether some of the old ideological — whether that’s not so true anymore. And that’s part of the reason why on the left he’s getting a lot of pressure from the supporters saying it’s not the same culture and climate that you had in 1993 with Bill Clinton.

HENRY: Even President Clinton came out, who signed the defense of marriage act, came out and said he thinks it should be up to the states, it shouldn’t be a federal law.

BORGER: It may happen eventually but not right now.

Here’s my question: How does Gloria Borger know this? It is her intuition? Actually, sounds more like someone told her something, doesn’t it?

Borger lives in the D.C. bubble. In the real world, the public supports the repeal of DADT. And, last week, the Pentagon’s top journal printed an article calling for the repeal of the law. But, to Borger and many of her ilk, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is nothing but a dangerous political issue. She’s completely buying into some Democrat’s political homophobia. And, it sure looks like some top administration official fed her the lines. That really sucks.

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