White House refuses to release list of gay invitees at Hate Crimes reception

It’s not entirely clearly why, but the White House is refusing to release the list of gay invitees for the hate crimes reception last night. I’ve tried to get it. We know which members of Congress were invited, and which members of the Shepard and Byrd families. But nothing about any gays invited at all. They’re simply refusing to release any of the names.

This is odd. There was press in the room, so it’s not like someone top secret was there. Having said that, no reporter in the room would know who all the attendees were by face, so it’s really not sufficient to just say “we had transparency, the press was there.” This stonewalling, pardon the pun, makes it look as if the White House is hiding something, hiding the gays – which is particularly bad for at a Hate Crimes reception. It’s not clear why, in the interest of transparency, and community relations, the White House wouldn’t be proud of letting the gay community know that actual gay people were invited to this event. We deserve to know if we were represented at that reception, and if so, by whom.

This is why relations are strained between President Obama and the gay community. For some reason, the White House goes out of its way to take a good day, a good event, and turn it into something bad.

Fierce Advocates don’t make you file a FOIA request to find out who was invited to your own reception.

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