Wildly homophobic email from anti-gay bigots in WA state

I’m hoping this means they are getting desperate. Unfortunately, it’s probably just indicative of how they really feel and think about us.

Joe Mirabella, from the Seattle PI blog, reports:

I rarely use the word homophobic. I like to save it for those times when there is not a better adjective. In Protect Marriage Washington’s case, homophobic is the best adjective to describe their latest e-mail to supporters urging them to reject referendum 71. The letter was written by Senator Val Stevens. She wrote:

‘Could this be the final battle?

Are the homosexuals finally going to take control of our culture and push their depraved lifestyle on our children and families?’

Senator Stevens clearly does not understand the bill. We are simply trying to protect our families and children in times of crisis, like having the ability to take unpaid leave from work to care for a loved one without being fired. I’m not quite sure how that affects her family. Fortunately for us, she elaborated…

You have got to go there and read her “elaborations.” Her allegations are sick and wrong. From hysterical claims of NAMBLA to charges akin to “we are all going to be having sex with puppies,” Senator Stevens tries to throw the kitchen sink to make something stick. It’s hateful, mean and she is the disgusting face of homophobia.

My answer to Senator Stevens was to donate more money to the Approve 71 campaign. I urge you to donate, as well. This kind of hate can not go unanswered.

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