2nd Mainer now says DNC’s OFA asked him to call New Jersey voters for Corzine rather than help fight anti-gay referendum in Maine

Oops they did it again.

We reported late yesterday that the DNC’s Organizing for America (formerly Obama for America) was emailing Mainers a generic “get out the vote” message that said nothing about the various ballot measures at play in the state, including the attempt to repeal the right of gay couples to marry – the biggest issue in the state at the moment, and the biggest gay rights issue in the country being voted on today (not to diminish the very important election in Washington state). We asked at the time why the DNC and OFA weren’t telling Mainers what they’d be voting on, and even better, urging them to vote “no” on the anti-gay referendum.

Since that time, another Mainer came forward and said that she was sent an email from OFA asking her to make phone calls to New Jersey voters to support Jon Corzine’s re-election bid in that state. Nothing in the email she received asked her to do anything in her own state, such as vote “no” on 1.

In response to our stories, the DNC denied that they were contacting Mainers and asking them to help out in other states.

Well, a second Mainer has now stepped forward and produced evidence that he too was contacted by the DNC’s OFA, and that he too was asked to weigh in on the New Jersey race rather than help defeat the anti-gay referendum in his own state.

Howard Dean’s DNC donated $25,000 to the coalition fighting Prop 8 in California. Tim Kaine’s DNC was specifically asked to donate to “No on 1” in Maine as well. They refused.

I think the DNC owes our community an explanation as to why Organizing for America didn’t lift a finger (and President Obama barely did anything) to help defeat the anti-gay referendum in Maine today.

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