Backlash grows in Maine against Bishop Malone and the Catholic Diocese

The marriage campaign in Maine is going to end up costing Bishop Malone much more than $550,000.

This morning, there was a silent protest in front of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Portland, Maine. That’s the church my parents attend, where I was baptized and confirmed and where we had the funerals for my grandparents. The Facebook crowd was organizing the protest, but when I told my 73 year old mother about it (and she’s not the Facebook crowd), she said, “Oh, I wish I knew.” It’s hard to explain the significance of that. My mother also just read this letter to the editor to me from Saturday’s Portland Press Herald:

It is ironic that Maine Bishop Malone is thanking those who helped repeal the law permitting same-sex marriage, saying that “these past few months have served as a teaching opportunity to explain to parishioners and the wider community about how and why the church views and values marriage as the union of one man and one woman.”

Newsflash to Bishop Malone: civil rights are not “values.” And, as the multitude of successful lawsuits against the church on behalf of exploited children will attest, you long ago surrendered your legitimacy to dictate morality regarding sex.

People of faith and others will continue the work against discrimination and toward a real “wider community,” not a shrouded endorsement of prejudice. And we will pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Patricia Brinkman


The Bishop won a battle, but he’s going to lose this “war” that has been declared on LGBT Americans by the Catholic Church. And, the leaders of the Catholic Church may think they’re off-the-hook from the horrific child abuse scandals. They’re not. They’ve got no moral authority and we’ll keep hammering that point.

The Catholic hierarchy is getting bitchy. Today, the Public Editor at the New York Times examines the whining of New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan. He thinks the Times, including Maureen Dowd, are being mean to the Catholic Church. The Editor of Jesuit Magazine, James Martin, doesn’t like the focus on the church’s sex scandal:

Martin said he didn’t think most Catholics appreciated reporters’ efforts to be accurate and fair. “On the other hand, I don’t think editors realize how tired Catholics are of seeing the Church portrayed through the lens of sex abuse,” he said.

That is probably the defining lens through which to view the Catholic Church — that and it’s aggressive gay bashing.

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