DNC’s ‘Organizing for America’ is asking Maine voters to help NJ race, not Maine’s own anti-gay ballot measure

There’s an update to this post here.

Correction: The nation, minus the Democratic Party.

Joe wrote last night about how the DNC’s “Organizing for America” organization (formerly known as “Obama for America”) emailed Maine voters yesterday about today’s election, but failed to mention the anti-gay ballot measure that is the number one issue in the state right now.

Today things got worse. We just received a copy of an email message that OFA sent to Maine voters yesterday asking them to get involved in…. New Jersey!

So now we know the rest of the story. This wasn’t an issue of OFA not getting involved in politics (they are, after all, an arm of the DNC – that’s what they do, politics). They absolutely get involved in state elections, so long as the election isn’t about the g-a-y.

And actually, even that isn’t exactly true. The DNC under Howard Dean donated $25,000 to the battle to defeat Prop 8 in California (albeit a bit late), before Barack Obama became president. Democrats asked Barack Obama’s DNC to donate to the Maine effort as well – the DNC ignored the request.

Tell us again why any gay voter should help the DNC ever again? And where is our President, the “fierce advocate”? This is his list, and OFA’s top staffers were all the top staffers on the Obama campaign. So, who came up with the idea to ask Maine voters to contact New Jersey when Maine has its own hugely important election? Did the White House have a say in OFA not helping gay Americans keep their civil rights in Maine?

You can read OFA’s email to Mainers after the jump.

From: Addisu Demissie, BarackObama.com
Sent: Monday, November 02, 2009 1:50 PM
Subject: Today: Call these 5 voters


Election Day in New Jersey is on Tuesday, and we’ve got an important race to win. New Jersey voters have a choice between Governor Jon Corzine — President Obama’s choice as a proven leader who will be a strong partner to the president — and Chris Christie, a former Bush appointee who has fought the President ever step of the way.

We won a historic victory last year by bringing new people into the process and convincing them that their votes mattered. We have to make sure they still believe in their power to make a difference by voting.

We’ve assigned you five voters in Wanaque, New Jersey. I need you to call them today and let them know when and where to vote.

Click here to get your five voters and their polling location.

Our click-to-call tool makes it incredibly easy, and your calls will make a huge difference. We’ll provide their polling location and everything you’ll need to help them vote on Tuesday.

We’ve made too much progress in New Jersey and throughout America to let it slip back now. President Obama and Jon Corzine have worked to cut taxes, expand affordable health care coverage, and invest in schools — and they’re just getting started.

Get your voters now and make the call.


Addisu Demissie
Political Director
Organizing for America

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