Don’t Ask, Don’t Give

Joe and I are launching today a donor boycott of the DNC. The boycott is cosponsored by Daily Kos, Jane Hamsher of FireDogLake, Dan Savage, Michelangelo Signorile, David Mixner, Andy Towle and Michael Goff of Towle Road, Paul Sousa (Founder of Equal Rep in Boston), Pam Spaulding, Robin Tyler (ED of the Equality Campaign, Inc.), Bil Browning for the Bilerico Project, and soon others.

It’s really more of a “pause,” than a boycott. Boycotts sounds so final, and angry. Whereas this campaign is temporary, and is only meant to help some friends – President Obama and the Democratic party – who have lost their way. We are hopeful that via this campaign, our friends will keep their promises.

So please sign the Petition and take a Pledge to no longer donate to the DNC, Organizing for America, or the Obama campaign until the President and the Democratic party keep their promises to the gay community, our families, and our friends.

You can find our Frequently Asked Questions, below, that explain the entire campaign. You can use our “Tell a Friend” page to tell all of your friends, family members, and coworkers about this effort (and we won’t keep any of the email addresses you enter, they’ll all be deleted after the emails are sent).


What is this?
We are asking voters to pledge to withhold contributions to the Democratic National Committee, Organizing for America, and the Obama campaign until the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) is passed, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) is repealed, and the so-called Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is repealed -– all of which President Obama repeatedly promised to do if elected.

Why are you asking people to take this pledge?
Candidate Obama promised during the campaign to be the gay community’s “fierce advocate.” He and the Democratic party have not kept their promise.

Can you give examples of how the President and Democrats have not been fierce advocates for the civil rights of gay and lesbian Americans?

But won’t your pledge hurt Democrats?
It never hurts Democrats to keep their promises to the voters. The American people respect strong leaders who have the courage to stick to their beliefs. And it will only help Democrats in the next election to stand by their commitments to a core constituency. If Democratic voters aren’t motivated, they won’t vote. We are concerned that the President’s failure to fulfill his promises may suppress voter participation not only from gay Democrats, but from our families, friends and allies. In a very real way, this is an effort to ensure that we get-out-the-vote in 2010, 2012 and beyond.

But if you don’t give money to the DNC, won’t that help elect Republicans who are even worse on gay issues, and other issues Democrats care about?
We are not calling for a boycott of donations to the DNC. We are simply calling for a pause until the party follows through on its campaign promise to repeal DADT and DOMA, and pass ENDA. The party will get the same donations it would have gotten, when the promises are kept. The Democrats could choose to make good on their promise today. And by doing so, they will only further motivate the Democratic base to again turn out for the next election, a decidedly good thing.

You have to admit, gay rights is controversial – wouldn’t it be political suicide for Democrats to push gay rights?
Democrats should not have promised to support gay civil rights rights in exchange for our votes if they never intended to keep the promise. If we’re not controversial during the campaign, when politicians are happy to accept our votes and our money, we cannot accept being labeled controversial after our candidates win. We kept our part of the bargain, we voted for Barack Obama and a Democratic Congress. It’s entirely reasonable for us to ask our elected officials to keep their part of the bargain too.

What’s more, gay rights are not controversial. Americans favor allowing openly gay men and lesbian women to serve in the military by a margin of 69% – 26%.  By a margin of 57% – 37%, “A clear majority of Americans (57%) favors allowing gay and lesbian couples to enter into legal agreements with each other that would give them many of the same rights as married couples.” That can’t happen if DOMA is the law.  And in fact, if these civil rights promises were controversial, they would have hurt candidate Obama at the polls. But, he proudly and loudly proclaimed his support for LGBT equality, and he won.

No matter how disappointed you are, aren’t Democrats still better than Republicans?
The Republican party is terrible on gay issues. That doesn’t excuse the Democratic party breaking specific promises to the gay community made in exchange for our votes. We didn’t break our promise at the ballot box, the Democrats shouldn’t break theirs after we helped put them into office.

President Obama has only been in office less than a year, why the rush?
In less than a year, serious damage has already been done to the President’s commitments to the gay community. The problem isn’t only that he hasn’t been quick enough to fulfill his promises, it’s that he has actually backtracked on his promises and hurt the cause of civil rights and our community, as detailed above.

But aren’t there bigger priorities than gay rights for the Democrats to deal with, like health care and the economy?
Would President Obama, the DNC and the Congress tell other minorities that their civil rights aren’t important? The suggestion is that Democrats have more important things on the table. When won’t Democrats have more important priorities than the civil rights of gays and lesbians? Will there ever be a day, a year, an administration, when the President and the Congress won’t have serious crises to deal with? Suggesting that gay Americans and their friends and families wait until the President and Congress have nothing else to do is not only insulting, it’s a recipe for never. And regardless, we trust that this President, unlike the previous, can walk and chew gum at the same time.

Who is behind this effort?
John Aravosis and Joe Sudbay, two longtime political operatives in Washington, DC, and the editors of AMERICAblog has raised over $300,000 for Democratic candidates and progressive causes, including nearly $50,000 for then-candidate Barack Obama, supported by AMERICAblog early in the primaries. The boycott is cosponsored by Daily Kos, Jane Hamsher of FireDogLake, Dan Savage, Michelangelo Signorile, David Mixner, Andy Towle and Michael Goff of Towle Road, Paul Sousa (Founder of Equal Rep in Boston), Pam Spaulding, Robin Tyler (ED of the Equality Campaign, Inc.), Bil Browning for the Bilerico Project, and soon others.

You can contact us at:

How can I help?
Sign the pledge, tell your friends about this campaign, read the blog, and stay tuned for updates and action alerts on how you help make sure that the President, the Congress and the Democratic party keep their promises to the LGBT community, our families, our friends and our allies.

CyberDisobedience on Substack | @aravosis | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn. John Aravosis is the Executive Editor of AMERICAblog, which he founded in 2004. He has a joint law degree (JD) and masters in Foreign Service from Georgetown; and has worked in the US Senate, World Bank, Children's Defense Fund, the United Nations Development Programme, and as a stringer for the Economist. He is a frequent TV pundit, having appeared on the O'Reilly Factor, Hardball, World News Tonight, Nightline, AM Joy & Reliable Sources, among others. John lives in Washington, DC. .

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796 Responses to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Give”

  1. Umre says:

    the question is how much faith do we have in traditional politics?To me the critiques of HRC, Obama, the Prop 8 campaign, the effort in Maine, and the DNC come down to people feeling that the conventional political process is not working for gay people.
    This is a very interesting moment for the community as it decides its approach.
    Should national groups disband while everyone focuses their resources and effort on local issues?
    Do we forego local efforts and aim at a federal Gay Civil Rights Act?
    Do we forget politics in general and engage in civil disobedience? Do we have enough people really willing to put themeselves on the line like that? (I am not sure we do.)

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  2. Burak says:

    America is a great country ! cracks

  3. Stuart Walker says:

    damn right said ^^

  4. hakan says:

    And when asked why he opposes gay marriage, saying that it’s because
    “God has to be in the mix” implying gays aren’t in God’s mix. There
    wasn’t much official outrage about that quote because Signorile ect,
    were in full Obama worship mode at the time and we’re willing to
    cover-up for him. Who needs Fred Phelps when we have Obama saying the
    same thing, just less directly, God hates fags. Fags aren’t in God’s

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  6. banat masr says:

    We do not seek to “destroy” the DNC or Obama. We seek to have our party and its leaders uphold the promises they have made. I am a lifelong Democrat, always will be, but until the Democratic party “gets around to” serious LGBT issues, I’ll be fine just sitting it out and not getting all wrapped up in the rhetoric: give us money, give us money, give us money, and on and on and on.

  7. Edd says:

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  8. Camaro says:

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  9. Mbmorrow4 says:

    Simply cutting off your noses to spite your faces. The Democrats are by any measure better for Gay rights and acceptance than the Republicans are.

    The Republicans are Still For a Constitutional Amendment banning Gay Marriage. Filling Congress with more right wingers will only make the fight that much harder.

    When there is a landslide of Ultra Righties making new laws and supporting DOMA and DADT you boycotters will have no one to blame but yourselves. If you really want Jim DeMint, Boehner and McCain running things, go ahead and abandon the Democrats.

  10. Reason says:

    The Libertarian Party is really the way to go. If 90% of these people commenting knew how our government operates (as in the actual structure and purpose of each part), they would realize this. The only way gays, along with every other group fighting for rights, are going to get their rights is by having there STATES pass laws. This is the entire purpose of a REPUBLIC. That’s why we have STATE GOVERNMENTS. You will never get that with Democrats, because they are politically Liberal (which most people very stupidly equate with gay, civil, and criminal rights). Elect true Republicans (Libertarians), not the totalitarian neo-conservatives (the bush admin. types) that control the Republican Party now.

  11. palmiye says:

    What a great strategy… . I can’t imagine how this would not work

  12. Summer says:

    HAAAHAHAHAHAHAH DCCC and Pelosi just emailed me asking for money to contribute for their Million Dollar Match. If I contribute I get an extra special invite to their conference call where they will “Discuss how we can defend the courageous Democratic House Members who made this change possible.”

    Courageous? Yeahhhh it was real courageous how they skipped town on a single payer or public option. Seeing as I’ve already signed DADG, I’ve decided to craft a nice email to them in response saying why I’m unsubscribing and NOT giving. I will send it to AMERICAblog in case you’re interested in post it.

  13. astonerii says:

    Don’t gays just get sick and tired of being used and discarded like the condoms they never use? Democrats have no reason to pass laws that help you, once they do they know they are of no use to you. Why do you think every action taken to date to ‘help’ blacks has in fact just simply made them indentured servants to those who give them tiny alms to keep them in their place? The same thing is going to be done to you. Every law passed to ‘help’ you will just tie you closer to them and always be just shy of something that sets you free. Welcome to the indentured servitude of the socialist wing of American politics.

  14. Robert Pattinson says:

    You go, girls.

  15. ultrasupernectar says:

    I’m not gay, but I fully and completely support the rights of all those who are with fully equal marriage and will support any other system-fail that I’m not aware of, I dont understand why people hate so much.

  16. kevinpaiz says:

    I have to say that I am wondering whether we should even support any Democrats at all? I mean, when the Republicans had control of Congress, there was no support for the GLBT community and now that the Democrats are in control; it seems like there is absolutely no support for the GLBT community! I am seriously considering leaving the Democratic party and join either the Libertarian or Green party.

  17. Steve Bond says:

    I am only giving to Allen Grayson and right now. That’s it.

  18. Steve Bond says:

    I am only giving to Allen Grayson and right now. That’s it.

  19. starman1695 says:

    Anybody else get the feeling that MG is just a little bigotted?

  20. MG says:

    Uhhh… I was over him from the start… This country is going to the shitter… and Obama is using it as toilet paper to wipe his ass… Someday we will have our rights… I don’t want them to be granted by him though…

  21. Ron Crutcher says:

    I’m disgusted. Obama was the first candidate I ever donated to and these hard facts show he is way off course. It’s time to remind him what he PROMISED before I continue my support of him. Period.

  22. Steve Bond says:

    Lip Service is very unbecoming to a man that we helped get into office.

  23. r4 dsi says:

    I like this article but..
    Can someone tell me about Barack Obama?
    I know that he is a serious candidate for ’08, but I would like to know where he stands on the issues. I checked his site but nowhere can I find the info. i am looking for.
    so please tell me…

  24. amainer says:

    I sent them two pennies, taped to their latest appeal: my two cents-worth

  25. If President Obama cannot or will not remember the promises that he made to gay Americans as he accepted our votes and our support, then it falls to us to remind him of the full power of that support by withdrawing it until such time as he comes to his senses and realizes both the power and the necessity of that support…

    Granted, President Obama signed the Matthew Shepard / James Byrd Hate Crimes Act into law, marking the end of a struggle that lasted for well over a decade, to include sexual orientation in the protective ambit of this statute – a statute that ex-President Bush vowed to veto were it ever to have crossed his desk. President Obama has also lifted the policy that prohibited any person infected with HIV from entering the US or applying for permanent residency (“green card” status) on the same terms as other people, thus drawing praise from public health advocates who have strongly criticized the ban as being counterproductive and damaging to efforts to prevent the spread of this disease.

    However, President Obama could put an immediate end to the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” military policy by issuing an executive order implementing the “stop loss” provisions of the ban on gay persons serving in the Armed Forces; he would not need Congressional approval to implement the “stop loss” provisions of this ban. Yet we hear a deafening silence from the White House relative to this issue.

    President Obama continues to defend the obscene federal statute known as the “Defense of Marriage Act” (DOMA), despite the fact that he could instruct his Justice Department not to defend this measure from a challenge filed in federal court; ex-President Clinton did precisely this when he refused to defend a measure that would have expelled any member of the armed forces diagnosed as being infected with HIV, and which would have withdrawn from that member healthcare and other forms of assistance routinely granted to members of the armed forces who are “separated” due to other medical conditions.

    President Obama could throw his full weight behind the “Employment Non-Discrimination Act” (ENDA), which would pass Congress provided it were supported by the President; yet again, we hear a deafening silence from the White House relative to this issue.

    Clearly, President Obama considers us to be little more than political ballast, to be jettisoned at the first opportunity should the need so arise. Let us therefore sign the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Give” pledge – and mean it – until such time as we receive positive feedback, in the form of active political support on these (and other) issues from the White House.


  26. JoshRoethchild says:

    Don’t demean the value of this gesture by saying “go donate to a bakesale” There is no party developed enough and debugged to support. The DNC is bar FAR the lesser of 2 evils. We should just start marrying Illegal aliens getting them to “vow” to vote for the most-non-church/corp suaded choice.

  27. JoshRoethchild says:

    That is a LIE. Cheney even believes his own daughter’s safety, and civil rights should be up individual States to vote on. What a dad… To spout such outrageous crap one must ask whose payroll are YOU on Teabag? We know millions are available for writers whose morals are for sale.

  28. JoshRoethchild says:

    We put President Barack Obama into the White House with a pen in his hand to do good. We sacrificed and donated cheered and volunteered. We have 23 Democrats voting to undermine the efforts towards progress for a fair and free country. These elected officials including our president appear to be deaf to anything but the opening and closing of corporate coffers. I too hope this gesture is temporary, but it is the most universally understood vote. Wallets, yours and mine. CLOSE ‘EM. Standing together we will be heard.

  29. the czarina says:

    I have sent the following email to both the White House and the DNC websites:

    I am in my 50’s, a life-long Democrat, and worked vigorously through house parties, phone-banking, and donations, for President Obama’s election.

    I never found a Republican idea I liked and passionately despise everything into which that party has devolved.

    So it is with regret that I inform you that I have taken Americablog’s pledge not to donate to or support my Party until promises made to the GLBT community are kept.

    For your information, I am heterosexual and have no close family members who are GLBT. This is a Civil Rights issue of burning importance and a matter of keeping promises, plain and simple.

    I hope this situation is extremely temporary: that the President and the Democratic Party keep their promises so that I may soon again open my modest wallet but also my excellent volunteering skills to my Party.

    In Solidarity, Joe and John.

  30. wondermann says:

    doing something right? Honey, this is a joke

  31. JMR says:

    I feel certain that many people feel the same way as the author of this post. Unfortunately, it becomes difficult to follow because of so many grammatical errors. Hard to sign on when it seems that the initial appeal is presented in a less than careful way.

  32. An_American_Karol says:

    Were Civil Rights less important than the War in Vietnam? What the hell does one have to do with the other?

  33. Wow, look at all the faux LGBT supporters coming out of the closet and spewing forth anger at the gay community just because they are threatening to boycott or “pause” support to the DNC. I hope this shows everyone that it wasn’t gay rights they were pretending to show support for, it was gay dollars and gay votes.

  34. LOL. Oh I get it, because my issues aren’t as important to you as they are to me I must be mentally ill? You’re a real peach aren’t you.

  35. You obviously have posted without even having the decency of reading the blog. You may enjoy spending your life jumping through hoops and groveling for scrapes at the feet of the great straight master, but there are a few of us who believe in LGBT rights who have had enough. But you go back to your corner like a good little gay and make sure you use the puppy pad and maybe you’ll get a little treat at the end of the day.

  36. mikeintx says:

    Gay rights are not more important than Health care Reform. You must need mental health care.

  37. mikeintx says:

    Oh yeah and so was NY23.

  38. Sabio says:

    What a great strategy… for the first time in the history of this country we have a President who at least claims he will help us and instead staying in the room and reminding him of those promises we are going to leave the room and pout. I can’t imagine how this would not work.

  39. Kenny says:

    I support this effort, but I’m wondering why you are not showing the tally of people who have signed the petition.

  40. A Goy says:

    Jeebus, John (and Joe) – LOOK AT YOUR LIST OF EXAMPLES! What makes you think BHO’s administration or the Democrat-dominated Congress is going to meet their commitments to ANYONE?? You’ve already given them what they wanted: control.

    At some point it’s going to become clear to all progressives and conservatives: the clown posse running this country is interested in one thing – their own personal aggrandizement. If you’d stop ignoring what we DO know of his past, you’d see that this goes double or triple for BHO. How anyone can be surprised at his behavior to date is an absolute mystery.

    No part of BHO’s promised gay rights agenda is going to get any attention until it’s politically expedient. And if the far-left Democrats already have what they want, ‘withholding’ funds that they know they’ll eventually get isn’t going to change that. They’re already willing to give away seats in order to ram socialized medicine down Americans’ throats, so clearly they’re not feeling any political pressure to maintain the majority, which is the only thing your withheld funds can be used for. The Democrats know that the so-called “Republican” party’s so-called “leadership” is going to follow their socialist lead in lockstep, just as they did under Bush. And they have no compunction regarding the exploitatioin of various social groups. You’ve been had.

    Neither political party currently has America’s national interests or American citizens’ interests at heart. NO ONE should be more keenly aware of this than people in the gay community. Best to accept this now and start working to flush these criminals out of government.

  41. Wayne says:

    Since Obama was elected he has done more for marijauna smokers than he has done for the gay community that voted for him. Not only will I not contribute to the DNC as long as they ignore their political promises, I will not vote for any democrat. Don’t give me any crap about how they’re so much better than the republicans. At least I KNOW where I stand with them!

  42. major707 says:

    Most gays are like abused wives, they keep going back to their abusive husbands (Democratic Party) thinking things will be different this time. The only way out is tough love and this boycott is just the first step.
    And I might add the old saying the sign of an insane person is one that does the same over and over expecting a different outcome. I don’t know what the right approach is but I think we need to get the attention of the DNC and the Obama administration. They are rightly concerned about the 2012 elections…New Jersey and Virginia was a shot across the bow!

  43. Aaron says:

    The highest-ranking supporter of marriage equality in any administration, ever, was Dick Cheney.

    But, hey, let’s still pretend that the Democrats, who have only ever given us lip service, are so much better for gays than the Republicans. After all, we want to be taken for granted, don’t we?

  44. Mike says:

    Calling all gay people…if you derive your self worth from the state, then by all means, engage in a “temporary” boycott of the DNC, in the hopes that, gosh, maybe this time will be different. But if what you seek is simple equality before the law, and to have your natural rights matter as much as us heteros’, then consider donating that money that would otherwise be wasted on a corrupted Democratic (or for that matter Republican) party, and instead start giving it to pro-freedom, pro-liberty organizations that put principles ahead of party. Organizations like the Cato Institute, or the Reason Foundation at the federal level, or the Independence Institute at the state level. As a “small l” libertarian who happens to be registered as Republican, I can assure you that I, and thousands like me, care more about your civil liberties and most basic rights than the Democratic party ever will. There is a liberty movement afoot in America in which politicians in general, regardless of party, will either respect all of our full liberties, or be quickly replaced. Please consider being a part of it.

  45. David says:

    Can anyone explain to me exactly *what* the Republicans have done against gays? What, *exactly*, did President Bush and the Republican Congress do against gays for the 1st 6 years of the last Administration? California is a very liberal state–do you think Prop 8 passed because all the Republicans voted for it? What about Maine?

    Looks to me like you can either vote for a Republican, who may or may not support you, or you can vote for a Democrat, who *says* he supports you and then throws you under the bus. On gay issues, it’s not a wonderful choice.

  46. nonny says:

    Umm, guys? After that list above, you STILL think Obama will come through?

    Look, the Republicans need voters now. Why not give them a try. Seriously, the Democrats are all saying “Gays are unhappy with us? What will they do, vote Republican? HAHAHAHAHHAAH!”

  47. jimobrien says:

    If you look at the European and Canadian examples what you discover is that once the gay/lesbian community receives the civil right to marry they stop supporting the liberal left. It is gradual but the community abandons the liberal left.
    The left has no interest in freeing you from your bonds…
    Ever wonder why the African American community remains so oppressed?

  48. Frank says:

    I quit giving $ to Dems months ago and have explained exactly why every chance I’ve had. Hope this gets continually more popular. So where’s the petition? (I’ll search on Google).

  49. Mark says:

    Clinton wouldn’t have signed it if he hadn’t gotten pressure from Republicans? Wow, way to rewrite history. Evidently the day it was passed, the Supreme Court ruled that the president no longer had veto power. Furthermore, DOMA passed 342-67 in the House and 85-14 in the Senate. I know the Republicans had a majority in the House and Senate in 1996, but the above tallies make it pretty clear that a whole lot of Democratics voted for it as well.
    Why is it so hard for some to accept that both parties have been resistant to doing the same thing. Too many people have the “well, I am a Democrat, so I shouldn’t speak out, and neither should you” attitude.

    The Democrats have, and are, proving they are no better than the REpublicans on the issue.

  50. Mark says:

    ” If you think movement toward gay rights is going slow now, imagine having a Republican majority in the House and/or Senate.”

    It certainly can’t be any slower than it is now. Again, that is the whole point of the boycott. If something, anything, were being done, it wouldn’t exist. So the whole “just imagine how slow it would be if someone else were in charge” argument is a fairly worthless one. I don’t have to imagine how slow it will be. I can see it now with my own eyes

  51. Mark says:

    It is almost as if those opposed to this boycott have some sort of template instructing them to type the exact same thing.

    How else to explain people repeating the same “nose to spite your face line” seemingly unaware of how ridiculous it is to give money to people who don’t help or support you.

  52. Brad says:

    Would you prefer we wait until Dems lose more seats in Congress? Or before a reelection campaign for Obama? Or after, when he is no longer beholden to our support?

    It’s now or never.

  53. Mark says:

    How in the world is asking that your rights be respected “intolerant of other issues”?

  54. Mark says:

    “Sorry John…you are twisting and misconstruing. Gaysandlesbians are on the team and refusing to play. Gaysandlesbians are rebelling against their own squad because they do not get the plays they want…so it is the gaysandlesbians who are judging, discriminating and offending.”

    The above quote is quite simply the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. If “larapierwit” were alive during the sixties he probably would have told black Americans that they were not being team players when they marched on Selma. Martin Luther King Jr. was not being a team player when he wrote his letters from a Birmingham jail.

    The pretzel logic people will deploy to justify discrimination when it is being practiced by someone they slavishly follow and worship is extraordinary in its incoherence and dishonesty.

  55. Mark says:

    How is speaking the truth about someone’s actions, or lack of, “denigrating” him?

  56. Mark says:

    “…..Stupid, stupid move, it was just a matter of time until we finally had so many of the rights and priveldges that we have waited so long for and you are well on your way to removing the on[sic] Guy who could have got it for you.”

    THe above incoherently written sentence misses the whole point. The fact of the matter is that the “on Guy” isn’t doing it. After so many broken promises, I cannot figure out why anyone would so easily swallow hollow assurances from the very same politicians who have broken their word over and over again. When will some people wise up to the fact that Obama is like any other politician, ie he says whatever it takes to get elected. His actions have certainly not disproven that statement, and until they do, he shouldn’t get another dime. Trust and respect are earned through actions, not easily broken hollow promises.

  57. Mark says:

    This country has existed 233 years. Is that long enough for you?

  58. Mark says:

    For the life of me, I can’t figure out how insisting my rights (rights if they were stripped from anyone else, the word destroyed wouldn’t even begin to describe what would happen in the streets) be protected is destroying anyone.

  59. Mark says:

    This is why nothing ever gets done. Because when the politicians tell us “it’s too soon” too many people nod their heads in agreement and castigate those who are actually fed up and trying to do something about the discriminatory status quo.

  60. Mark says:

    This is an all-around awesome idea. Money is the lifeblood of politics and nothing makes politicians shut up, listen and do what we freakin voted them in for like threatening to cut them off. I only hope enough people get onboard to make a difference.

  61. Mark says:

    Fighting against the team? If the team is doing nothing to advance the cause, why are you continuing to support it? At what point does it cease being the right team? Does it require ten years of broken promises, twenty, thirty?

  62. Mark says:

    Barack Obama has done absolutely nothing, at all. Heck, he took two campaign trips to VA and three campaign trips to NJ and he didn’t even bother to go a little ways north to campaign in Maine to urge people to vote No on the recent ballot initiative. He is still quite popular in that state and his voice could have made quite a difference given the closeness of the vote.

    His supposed “steps forward” are just more examples of a cynical politician pandering for votes. Not coming out forcefully and voicing a desire for equality for everyone is disgraceful, and frankly I am fed up with it. If one accepts what you have written Stefan, it makes his actions even more disgusting and cowardly. If in fact equal rights for all is gaining more acceptance as you claim, it should be even easier for him to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (keeping such a restriction in place when we are fighting two wars just boggles the mind) and DOMA.

    I find it absolutely hilarious, and mind-boggling, that anyone would keep writing checks to the DNC because of what they have “promised to do”. Did Obama promise to equate gay marriage with pedophilia when he was campaigning? Because that is what his administration did in a legal brief written in defense of DOMA. Did the DNC promise to have Obama give a token speech about the need for equality every few months in a feeble, transparent attempt to try and appease us while he does nothing? If you are going to give money every month to the DNC, at least have the guts to admit you are doing it because you have liberal politics instead of lying to yourself by claiming Obama is going to do something. When exactly? If not now, it won’t be soon, because with the midterms rolling around, he certainly won’t have the courage to do it in 2010. I don’t think he will ever be able to muster it, quite frankly.

  63. lansing quaker says:

    GEE, John!

    Remember when you asked “Is Laura Bush qualified to be President?” when HILLARY CLINTON was in the primaries? Remember?! Remember banning commenters from the old blog that supported Hillary and criticized Obama, especially on his non-existent gay rights record?

    Why stop now? Keep on cheerleading for YOUR GUY and YOUR “TEAM” and the “Democrat” you propagandized for for so long? This little gay stopped giving to the Democrats on May 31, 2008. Glad to see you’ve joined the party on this side. I wasn’t stupid enough to buy snake oil the DNC provided.

    Grow a pair and commit to your principles — y’know, the same ones you showed in 2008, eh?

  64. starman1695 says:

    When you change back to GLBT, I may consider what you have to say. Until then, don’t bother me.

  65. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Yes, it would, and after years of being unfairly taxed, it would be welcomed. However, very few of us expect to see it become law. BTW – the amendment in question doesn’t allow gay couples health benefits. That is currently decided by the employer. My employer does cover my spouse. What the amendment says is that the employee with the benefits does not have to pay tax on the contribution of his/her employer towards the spouses health insurance premium. I did call Senator Klobachur’s office yesterday, and it sounded as if the wingnuts are already calling in it with complaints about the amendment. We will also need to see if DOMA would prevent it from going into effect.

  66. Is that law yet? No. You know what is? DADT and DOMA. The basic civil rights of an oppressed minority is a far more important issue then healthcare reform. Sounds like if you had lived in South Africa during apartheid you would have told the blacks there to “wait” too.

  67. Oh yay! Val wants to call everyone children because of his/her complete inability to debate the issue in an adult manner. Ok, I’ll play…Yes, I’m 3 years old with a full beard and the ability to use a laptop. Next!

  68. Your anger is greatly displaced and completely incorrect. Sadly you are assuming that there is actually a hand being held out for the LGBT community to bite – there is not.

  69. And maybe you should open your eyes to your displaced anger and be upset at the DNC and Obama rather then the people who are being oppressed and used by them. Seriously, it’s like the DNC loves the LGBT community and their dollars during an election year, but as soon as they get what they want it’s “Get the hell out of my face!” until the next big election when they will once again promise the moon in exchange for valuable gay dollars.

  70. 100% agreed!!!!

  71. Some people have been waiting 40 years since Stonewall, I think ONE month was too long to wait, let alone 10 LONG months or a year or two, as you so nonchalantly put it. Civil Rights for all is much more important then healthcare reform.

  72. EuroRant says:

    “We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed. Frankly I have never yet engaged in a direct action movement that was “well timed,” according to the timetable of those who have not suffered unduly from the disease of segregation.
    For years now I have heard the word “Wait!” It rings in the ear of every Negro with a piercing familiarity. This “wait” has almost always meant “never.” We must come to see with the distinguished jurist of yesterday that “justice too long delayed is justice denied.” — Martin Luther King Jr. (Letter from Birmingham Jail – April 16, 1963)

    I have been waiting since I was 20-years-old and now I am 54 … would you please inform us what your definition of “too soon” is?

    (btw: How old are you?)

  73. phoenix says:

    Is this pledge on Facebook?

  74. Joey says:

    This is much much too soon.

    Maybe in a year or two it would make sense.

    But no serious political person ever expected gay marriage, DADT, ENDA, or any of the other LGBT oriented issues to be addressed in 10 short months, with an economy on the brink, healthcare being THE litmus test of this president, and not to mention, 2 wars.

  75. I’m amazed at how many so-called civil rights supporters are now turning their backs on the LGBT community for taking this bold stance. It just goes to show that they were never as much for LGBT civil rights as they were for LGBT votes and dollars. If they want to keep waving the rainbow flag of solidarity and claim they support gay rights then it is time for them to PROVE IT and call upon Obama to make good on his promises to the LGBT community.

  76. Elizabeth Creely says:

    I support this “pause” for numerous reasons. The reason that is topping my list currently is the utter lack of leadership and principle the Dem’s have shown towards legalized abortion. Pro-choice women like myself- who have benefited from legal abortion- have been assured time and time again that we will be represented by them, that they do really care about the findings of Roe v Wade…and then, poof! they cave to the demands of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops by inserting and carrying the “Stupak” amendment, thereby banning coverage for abortions from both public AND private insurance. It’s atrocious.

  77. stealthfighter says:

    Obama had nothing to do with the hate crimes bill (give me the name of one legislator whose arm he twisted to support it). Moreover it’s the least useful of any of the legislation that we’re fighting for, since as many others have pointed out it doesn’t do anybody any good until they’re already dead. And for what it’s worth, Obama didn’t lift the HIV travel ban: Bush did. Obama just implemented the policy change that Bush enacted.

    What I mean by making a public statement in support of our rights is TAKING A STAND on Maine’s question 1, for example, or on the “everything but the name” initiative in Washington. What did we get from Obama? A couple of lesbians at the Easter egg roll and some bland language about “same sex parents” on occasion, but utter silence on the things that mattered last week.

    You defend my complaints by arguing that Obama has “repeatedly said he will overturn DADT, DOMA, and ENDA”. Yeah, he’s SAID he’ll do it. What’s he actually done? He’s since backpedaled on DADT, now saying that he wants to “revise it in a sensible manner” and conspicuously avoiding the word “repeal”. His Justice Department has aggressively defended DOMA with the most vile language imaginable, comparing our relationships to incest and bestiality. And both he and the DNC call us “naive” for wanting action on these key pieces of legislation sometime during his first term, when the Democrats have the largest majority in Congress they’re likely to have during Obama’s entire presidency.

    If Obama makes DADT and DOMA history I’ll be happy to recant. But as of now, I DO NOT and WILL NOT FORGIVE the vile smear against me and my marriage that was the DOMA brief, and I hold him responsible for it.

  78. JohnVisser says:

    He did not give gay employees health benefits – he gave them U-haul truck rental reimbursements. With the exception of Hate Crimes, all the other things you mention are nothing more than gestures. The substantive things, like DOMA and DADT are being pushed along the path of continuing delay. Which is why we are pushing back. Its really that simple. We want to see the Democratic party win and stay in power – but if that only results in continued inaction, what do you suggest we do? Oh, wait. . . . and wait. . . . and wait. . . . and wait. . . and wait. . . and wait. . .

  79. PBomb says:

    Your statement is definitely not true. President Obama has acknowledged gay families and couples. You have the first president in a long time, acknowledging the existence of a gay family or gay relationship, extending health benefits to gay government employees, signed a hate crimes law, lifted the ban on HIV travel, honored Harvey Milk with the Presidential medal of honor and has repeatedly said he will overturn DADT, DOMA, and ENDA, all in a matter of 10 months. You will have a problem with forgiving him?

    I hate to be on the wrong side of history.

  80. JohnVisser says:

    We do not seek to “destroy” the DNC or Obama. We seek to have our party and its leaders uphold the promises they have made. I am a lifelong Democrat, always will be, but until the Democratic party “gets around to” serious LGBT issues, I’ll be fine just sitting it out and not getting all wrapped up in the rhetoric: give us money, give us money, give us money, and on and on and on. . .

  81. JohnVisser says:

    My dear – we have been “all own our own” for decades. Thanks for the support.

  82. Gridlock says:

    Well, if we had better friends who weren’t total fairweather douches, we would be doing better.

    Sorry, i know there are more important things to work on for people who already have their rights and have no idea what it is to be a second class citizen.

  83. Gridlock says:

    I love the paternalistic lecturing from people who already enjoy their rights telling those that don’t to sit down and shut up.

    Again, the stupid argument that Obama has too much on his plate.. he can work on a thousand things at once, but not equal rights!

    And to round it off, the “your whining is driving straight allies away!”.

    Well. Anymore cliché’s you wanna throw at us, chief?

  84. Gridlock says:

    So our displeasure with the Democrats not fulfilling their election promises is somehow our fault?Let me break that down even more simply:Democrats: give us money and votes and we’ll do a bunch of great stuff for you.Gays: ok, here.Democrats: thanks, but we’re not going to be doing any of that stuff for you anymore, the time isn’t right, but can we have more of your money and votes anyway?Gays: no, you lied to us!Democrats: Well then it’s your fault if the GOP gets in next time.brilliant argument, shirl. Really outstanding.

  85. threadmonitor says:

    Only briefly. Sorry.

  86. Guest says:

    nope. You all own this one all by yourselves. This battle is yours to lose and you are doing a fantastic job. Let me know how winning with just your base turns out.

  87. threadmonitor says:

    Ok. We’ve been more than tolerant of your insulting nonsense, laRapierWit, but, now, enough with your one-note flute.

  88. Gridlock says:

    awesome! the first “you people” of the day.

  89. Gridlock says:

    oh good, the idiot homophobe is back.

  90. Gridlock says:

    The hand that says it’s going to help us…

    “after we get the house”

    “after we get the senate”

    “after we get the presidency”

    “after health care”

    “after 2010”

    “after the 2012 elections if we have a second term”

    “probably 2014, but don’t hold your breath..”

    That hand? The one that keeps moving the schedule back?

    Funny, I don’t trust that hand. I wonder why.

  91. JohnVisser says:

    No – you are allowing the right-wingers and the GOP to divide the Democratic party. That is plainly obvious as you agree with them. And that’s how we wound up with Bush for 8 years. Not because we advance our fight for equal civil rights, but because people like you are being used by our opponents to divide us.

  92. Guest says:

    How old are you people? 3?

    Here is my wish for you. That you get everything you deserve. Everything. Especially since you all worked so hard and you have earned it.

    One last word. . . Maine

  93. Gridlock says:

    Maybe Obama should uphold the promises he made when we gave him the Oval Office and both houses.

    Then there wouldn’t be a boycott, would there.

  94. JohnVisser says:

    Good – I think that works to our advantage – now take that to your leaders and decide what you want – work on all causes, including LGBT, or shun the LGBT community and their support of your other “more important” causes.

    The religious right uses the LGBT community to divide the Democratic party. When you see that and stop advocating against members of your own team, we can all win. But no, you agree with the GOP and the right-wingers.

  95. Guest says:

    you know what Dusty after the last 8 months of self absorbed “me, me, me” attitude at the expense of issues we collectively face like health care which btw now has a clause allowing the health care bill in Congress that was passed has an amendment to allow gay couples health benefits, recession, job loss, homelessness, environment, wars . . . You are exactly right Dusty.

    I can tell you this, you all are doing a great job of pushing away folks who support you. Because I for one no longer care. Keep up the good work.

  96. laRapierWit says:

    Sorry John…you are twisting and misconstruing. Gaysandlesbians are on the team and refusing to play. Gaysandlesbians are rebelling against their own squad because they do not get the plays they want…so it is the gaysandlesbians who are judging, discriminating and offending.Had they not so, this thread would not exist.Stop trying to turn the tables on where this originated.The QB did not quit, nor turn his back on his teammates, rather he is 1st qtr and I will run the plays that include you. Gaysandlesbians said EFFthat! we want in the game NOW…and if you don’t play us, we are going to quit the team…cause we are TIRED of is OUR turn.It is the gayandlesbian political agenda that is creating the turmoil and mutiny WITHIN their own locker room.Gays&Lesbians promote discrimination on their own. The Gay&Lesbian community is notorious for having separate bars, clubs and restaurants based on skin color. Gays&Lesbians promote and accept jim crow culture within their communities.And their boycotting of the DNC and the President is no different from the discriminatory actions they frequently engage in, tolerate and promote within the gay culture.So, it is the gay&lesbians community that divides us..just like continue to divide themselves along the color line, to this day.

  97. laRapierWit says:

    Yes, I see.
    It is a real issue that the individuals calling for tolerance are so intolerant of other issues, is sheer lunacy.

  98. Guest says:

    “The LGBT community can no longer be ruled by fear. ”

    That’s right. . . bite off the hand that wants to help you.

  99. Guest says:

    How about this — the health care bill in Congress that was passed has an amendment to allow gay couples health benefits. Does that affect you?

  100. steve999999999 says:

    I’m sorry. I don’t think I heard you correctly, Mr. Aravosis. Read through the list of horrific, Neanderthal behavior Obama and his administration have gleefully perpetrated against the LGBT community and then explain why there should be a “pause” in donations. I think every last dime of LGBT money should be going to organizations that aggressively and publicly target bigots and liars (e.g. Obama) who actively seek to demean, discredit and marginalize members of our community. Reread your own column. How the hell could you even consider donating money to the DNC at this point? There is no “across the aisle” anymore. They’re all thugs.

  101. Well, I tried to reach you, but I’m afraid you are a lost cause. Try not to hurt anyone.

  102. cowboyneok says:

    Let me be clear. If this was an ABSOLUTE break with the Democrats, I would not participate. This is a PAUSE and its LONG PAST DUE. Action instead of “nice words” or GIVE GIVE GIVE and GET nothing but things that we should ALREADY have as American citizens in the year 2009.

  103. JohnVisser says:

    “fighting against your team”Seems to me you’ve done a pretty good job of that yourself by insulting and denigrating gay and lesbian people here on this site. Promoting discrimination and offending your teammates is just plain STOOOOOOpid!And who exactly is fighting against the team? Your quarterback, Obama has called on all of us to set aside those things which seek to divide us – but yet you have chosen to work against him by continuing to judge, discriminate and offend.

  104. laRapierWit says:

    Go suck on a egg with your self righteous commentary Michael. Who gives a care whether you are an annoyance or pissing off folks other than you. Who gives a care if you don’t know the issues well enough to address them but have the arrogance to think you can reprimand someone else.

    Get a life with your supercilious ass post.

  105. Dusty says:

    They don’t care.

  106. laRapierWit says:

    Homosexuals are not a minority..they have nothing but a BEHAVIOR which is different that does not constitute them being a minority based on an immutable biologic distinction.

    OK…gender and race are completely biologic…sexual behavior is a willful act, sexual preference is a willful choice.

    Having a non-normative behavior does not consitute being a minority…if it did…drug addicts would be a minority group, along with professional athletes, and comedians.

    Individuals who engage in homosexual acts, HAVE all the rights of other human beings. They simply desire rights based on their sexual behavior and society need not comply with that and it would not be a human rights violation.

    We don’t allow alcoholics to claim minority status, nor do we make laws to support their alcholic behavior.

  107. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    “We have just had 8 Years of Bush and most of it with the GOP. What did they do for Gays? Nothing. What would they Ever Do for gays? Again Nothing.”

    Things are no different for me now than they were during the Bush years. Granted I live in a state that has looked out for our rights, so the Hate Crimes Bill had no effect on our way of life. But I don’t want to wait and wait for change. It’s certainly not coming from our “Fierce Advocate.” My husband is ill. He probably does not have two years left, although he is doing better than expected. It would have been wonderful if we could have our union recognized not only by our church, but also by our government. In the eyes of the law, he is not related to our children. I am the only legally recognized parent. We have paid hundreds of dollars for legal documents that would not have been needed if we had a marriage license. I’m tired of waiting. I’ve waited my whole damn life.

  108. laRapierWit says:

    Um…MLK quote was:

    INJUSTICE anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

  109. laRapierWit says:

    What you do not understand Visser, there are a whole lot of soldiers who go to war for the cause.

    Great, you worked your ass off..but fighting against your team is not going to win the war. You will not only lose the battle but the war as well.

    This is not about anyone defending Obama rather it is about the fact that he is the QB on our team…and taking him down in the 1st qtr of the game cause you don’t like the score is just plain STOOOOOOpid!

  110. laRapierWit says:

    You are dead right shirl. Gays boycotting the DNC and denigrating BHO for not having done enough…is so plain stupid. If this was the 60s , which the gay agenda consistently claims they are analogous to the Civil Rights movement…then they would be opposing JFK and saying he was not doing enough and they would criticism him, despite JFK being the only President to have even recognized the plight of the AmericanNegro and sent the troops to B’ham after Connor used those hoses.But hey, you can’t get some things across to folks who are so ‘tired of waiting’….the thing is they are going to wait a helluva lot longer if GOP is elected and wins back Congress due to these type of crazy antics.Good Post Shirl…very well said.

  111. jr says:

    Okay wait a minute. You guys are boycotting Obama and the DNC because he hasn’t done enough for Gay Rights and the anti-gay group is protesting outside his kids school because he hasn’t done enough against you. Maybe you guys should join with that anti-gay group and coordinate how to destroy Obama and the DNC.

  112. ASchmidt says:

    “Ready for another eight years of right wing, republican, evangilists because , pat yourselves on the back, your working hard to get them back”

    Really? Let me ask this then: If a Democrat campaigns on a platform, stands by his platform through debates, and promptly abandons it upon election to office, why are we supporting them? What do they do for us that we should support them? I will support specific candidates but I will not supply funds (as I have in the past) to the DNC or OFA until this administration and the Democrats in general start to follow through with their promises.

    It isn’t a matter of being impatient, it is a matter of their having abandoned us entirely now that they don’t need our votes (until the next election). If it helps any, think of it this way… each election, the Republicans mouth whatever bull they have to in order to get the far right on their side. They know that they don’t intend on following through and actually outlawing abortion or enacting Biblical law as civil law… but it gets them votes from their base and then later they say that “it isn’t the right time” or “I support you but I can’t get enough votes”. And that’s what it seems 90% of the Democrats do to us every election. Many (but not all) of them say all the right things but consistently fail to act.

    So why should I give a donation to a group who is stringing me along? Why shouldn’t I target my donations to individuals who actually follow through on the agenda they campaigned on?

  113. Sandi says:

    Yep! Cut off your face to spite yourself. Do you think that doing this and possibly weakening the Democratic hold will help you? I think not. In fact, you could be opening up a back door for the Republicans. Then do you think you will get anything changed? NO! In fact, it could get worse. First, Obama does not vote in the Congress or Senate. They do the voting. It is your legislatures you need to direct this towards, not the President! This is just so wrong on so many points! Oh, by the way…I am A Lesbian!

  114. Stefan says:

    Let me begin by saying that we are on the same side perhaps with distinct visions, but certainly aligned in goals. I am in agreement with many of the specifics that you cite, just not the way forward.
    This is a BAD IDEA and here’s why:
    We have just had 8 Years of Bush and most of it with the GOP. What did they do for Gays? Nothing. What would they Ever Do for gays? Again Nothing.

    Alienating the entire Democratic Party in a Blanketed Manner, which currently has The Most Supportive and Vocal Leader that (on gay issues) we have Ever Seen, because he has not made complete reversals in the Law during less than the first 25% of his term, and against tough opposition I might add, is in my estimation, very foolish, unrealistic, and essentially equates to taking off the life vest and throwing it away in the storm. Is a boycott supposed to make Democratic Leaders Feel Good about Gays? I think not and I will not do this.

    At a minimum, Obama has placed our faces out there, beginning in his Campaign and in his Inaugural speech, to the rest of the nation for consideration. We are now the focus of widespread conversation. This One Step gives us Credibility that we have never had due to being hidden away in shame and never talked about or even considered as having needs. What other President or Presidential Candidate even has ever had the courage or character to do this for us? None that I can remember. Let’s not forget our history.

    We are not the only issue. To act as if we are would be selfish and not appreciative. The President does not Make Laws Alone. He must work with the Congress and Senate, and not just on Gay issues, but on a variety of issues. Do we expect to have greater speed than Healthcare for example?

    If we condemn the Democratic Party As a Whole then where do you think you will go for support, I mean to what political party? Not the Republicans. They will Never Support Gays, Never. This is Exactly the type of dissent that Republicans/your opponents want.

    Might I suggest that we express dissatisfaction toward PARTICULAR Party Members as they vote or do not in our favor?
    I am not going to abandon ship (and swim), just because the rudder needs adjusting. There are No Other Boats Coming
    Along friends, and I do not like swimming in sharky water.

    A Better Plan………
    Might I also suggest that rather than attacking our Allies, those who, while perhaps not perfect, Are Inclined to defend our Rights, But Rather That we Do Boycott, watch and provide successful argument Against Our Clear Enemies, and here is a great place to start:

    I appreciate sincerely the Efforts of anyone promoting our rights, but I do strongly believe that we need to work effectively toward those goals. Let’s be very careful to Identify both Friend and Foe accurately. Even at a “pause”, one can be certain that our Opponents are not pausing. This is not a wise Political Move.
    As bad ad it may hurt, I would be Very Happy if Obama ended DOMA in his Second term; again History?? Let’s just hope that, despite your misdirected efforts, he can manage to actually Have a second term.

    So Dear Bloggers, and this is a sincere question, Exactly what Positive and Equally as Prominent Proclamations have you made recently in an effort to Gain Support by Rallying Donations FOR Groups that are SUPPORTIVE of Gays?

  115. shawntobis says:

    Not all Democratic organizations are badFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASENovember 5, 2009Contact: Seth Bringman614-221-6563 ext. 145Ohio Democratic Party Celebrates Election of 10 LGBT Municipal Candidates Throughout OhioCOLUMBUS – Today, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern issued the following statement on the victories of openly-gay and lesbian candidates in this week’s municipal elections:”The Ohio Democratic Party is proud to have recruited and groomed candidates across Ohio who reflect the great diversity of our Party and our state,” said Redfern. “Democrats helped elect candidates young and old, male and female, gay and straight, from all geographical areas and of diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds. Ohio Democrats fielded an unprecedented number of openly-gay and lesbian candidates this year and achieved historic success by electing ten of these candidates to office. We celebrate that success.”The Ohio Democratic Party’s LGBT Caucus provided constant support to these candidates, hosting fundraising events, providing boots on the ground and helping their campaigns push back on anti-gay attacks.”Profiles of the ten candidates follow:Amanda Armstrong (elected to the Medina Educational Service Center Governing Board) is a 2007 graduate from Cloverleaf Local Schools, seeks to bring new insight to the board. Having formerly led the Medina County Young Democrats at age 16, as well as having served as the High School Coordinator for the Ohio Young Democrats, Amanda is experienced in helping young people voice their concerns. Currently a Junior at The College of Wooster, Amanda is devoted to hearing and communicating the concerns and ideas of students and parents.Kevin Johnson (elected to the Portsmouth City Council Ward 1) brings to the Portsmouth City Council 39 years of experience in government, business and civic involvement. His priorities are to focus in on the nuts and bolts of Council operations, improve them and encourage public participation in the process of strengthening the City’s image and infrastructure.Nickie Antonio (elected to the Lakewood City Council) will continue work responsively and collaboratively in the community to improve the health, safety and viability of our city for all its citizens of Lakewood.Joe Lacey (elected to the Dayton City School Board), a Certified Public Accountant, brings valuable experience to the Board. In the past four years Joe’s colleagues have looked to him on questions of budgeting, forecasting, insurance, bond refinancing and other finance related issues. Joe serves as the chair of the Board’s Finance Committee.Mark Tumeo (elected to the Cleveland Heights City Council), has a long, distinguished record of public service and community involvement. Before he was elected to the Cleveland Heights City Council, Mark held a series of civic and political positions in various parts of the nation. Eric Resnick (elected to the Canton City School Board) is best known around the Ohio LGBT community as a staff reporter for the Gay People’s Chronicle. He is a lifelong resident of Canton and a product of the Canton City Schools, having graduated Timken High School in 1981 before heading to the University of Akron to study Special Education.Carol Fey (elected to the Bexley City School Board) has 16 years of involvement with Bexley Schools, from Elementary to High School. She served as School Board liaison for the Cassingham Elementary School PTO for several years, then became Vice President, and President of that PTO for 2004-05; she served as President of the Bexley Middle School PTO for 2005-06.Sandra Kurt (elected to the Akron City Council Ward 8) a long-time engineer with a major local corporation and community advocate, will fight to ensure Akron prospers during these tough times, so that Akron remains a place where our children want to extend their roots.Judge Jerry Larson (elected to the Akron Municipal Court) is committed to the future of our community. A graduate of Firestone High School and The University of Akron, he has also been involved in several community organizations such as Board of Trustees for the Community AIDS Network, the Phi Delta Theta Scholarship Committee, he was a MADD Red Ribbon Award Winner and is a member of Westminster Presbyterian Church.Jim Sands (elected to the Athens City Council) has a long history of service to the community. He has been an active member of Project Plant, a past Chair of the Board of the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce, a charter member of the Athens A.M. Rotary Club and currently its President, he is president of the Athens Foundation Board of Directors, Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Dairy Barn southeastern Ohio Cultural Arts Center, a past member of the Athens Board of Zoning Appeals, a member of the Advisory Board for the Horticulture Program at Tri-County-30-

  116. elb03 says:

    For what it is worth, as a gay Marine veteran, I appreciate your staunch support.

  117. Gridlock says:

    “It’s YOUR fault the Democrats suck so badly that you had to stop supporting them!

    It’s your fault the Democrats suck so badly that people gave up on them!

    “It’s your fault the GOP might get in next election, it has nothing to do with how badly the Democrats performed!”

    Do you rehearse this stuff?

  118. Gridlock says:

    God, the tired “but the GOP will get in!” argument.

  119. Ray says:

    DNC talking points. Sure if that’s what you want to call them. I’m pretty proud of my vote.

    And monthly checks is right Dan – both from from our own accounts and at work via a corporate PAC. And yes, we donate to HRC, ACLU and LL as well. All part of one system to advance the cause.

    Do we really think this is a bargaining chip?

  120. NotTimothyGeithner says:

    Incompetence at the DNC and the White House will bring the GOP back. I love the “blame the voters” memo from the DNC.

  121. Dan W. says:

    Monthly checks to the DNC?

    This post reads like a list of cut and paste DNC talking points. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were on the payroll.

    However, it’s your money and you can do with what you please.

    ACLU and Lambda Legal have done far more for the LGBT community than the DNC and HRC have ever done. The DNC takes our money and gives it anti-gay Democrats and the HRC cares more about “access” than “progress”

    This should be seen like any other business decision. The HRC and DNC have been bad investments. I simply choose to send my political money to those candidates and organization that are a good investment.

  122. Michael says:

    I love how when I respond to one guy that everyone seems to think that it’s directed at them. Hence Gridlock making the requirement that I provide evidence of my own merits so that I can justify encouraging people to keep on getting out there and fighting.

    Ugh. The only constructive criticism that I suggested (if you had read my prior comments below), was to make the boycott a little more directed at passage of a single piece of legislation… ENDA. Having a funding boycott until ENDA is passed might urge Congress to get off their ass just a little sooner. Requiring that they pass everything, and I mean everything, is unlikely to persuade Congress to do anything that they won’t do on their own terms.

    That’s fine. You do your thing, I’ll do mine. I have personally decided not to participate. And this conversation has done nothing to convince me otherwise.

  123. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Please remember that although we aren’t financially supporting the DNC, etc., most of us will continue to support congressional representatives that are our allies. I am more than happy to give my representative, Keith Ellison, my financial support.

  124. rduke says:

    Seriously, you might consider reigning in your ego. You don’t know what any of us have or have not done.

  125. rduke says:

    That was damn funny.

  126. rduke says:

    Well while you are waiting for the people of the United States to “give” you your rights, I’m waiting for the government of the United States to start enforcing my civil rights that I’ve been paying taxes on for 44 years!

  127. rduke says:

    A favorite saying in sports is, “It isn’t losing to get knocked down. Losing is staying down.”

    Thanks for fighting the good fight John and Joe. The naysayers are pouring out of the woodwork. That means you’re doing something right.

    The LGBT community can no longer be ruled by fear. Fear has got us to where we are today. The Democrats have their hands in our wallets and then pretend they don’t know us.

    People keep coming here and saying the Republicans are worse. So what? If you have to compare yourself to a Republican to seem like a decent human being I feel sorry you. That doesn’t change the fact that the Demcrats have been using and then ignoring the gay community for decades.

    And now we have a “fierce advocate” for a president that does everything in his power to avoid the gay issues he said he would stand up for.

    Enough is enough.

  128. Ray says:

    Surely not surprised. After sixteen years of Bill Clinton’s evangelical friendly centrism and Bush/Cheney’s excellent adventures, one can understand your impatience. We stomped our feet for so long and no one paid attention. Now that change has finally arrived (10.5 months of it), we have a new strategy – stomping our feet again! You guys are geniuses.

    So here’s what separates us. I’m going to keep supporting the DNC and President Obama with my monthly checks. I know what I voted for when I pulled the lever and I’m confident in its promised delivery. So far the track record looks pretty damn good to me. It’s a four year agreement we have. And from what I can see, he (and team Pelosi Reid) are just getting started.

    They’re tackling major international and domestic priorities and appropriately management of political powder. Every issue being addressed right now is very important, to both me and my partner (of 15 years). I grab the newspaper every morning anticipating what this Administration will take up next! From Climate Change to Health Care to High Speed Rail… we want it all.

    That doesn’t make your challenge to re-prioritize any less valid. And your “efforts” are newsworthy. Not sure its entirely helpful. In fact, now that I think about it, a boycott seems a bit tone deaf.

    I’d imagine after mis-calculations in California, Maine and the loss/lack of support even in the most liberal states – NJ and NY, we’d be deeply soul searching for a new way to position, brand, and drive our message. Clearly we aren’t selling it.

    Though over the long term (and despite shamefully poor brand management), the public continues to slowly shift towards us. There’s a force behind that shift. It’s the mainstream supportive and integrative messaging from figures like – well – President Obama!

    Rather than self reflect on what we could do better, you choose a strategy of separation from the major political force most Americans now trust – who actually wants to get it done for us.

    Seriously, your strategy sounds like another looser to me. But hey, we should trust you guys – you’re the voices of our movement right?

  129. Guest says:

    We’ve already heard the DNC talking points. Since the Democratic majorities, including the filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, can’t even manage to pass ENDA, I fail to see how things would be markedly worse with GOP control. That’s why the DNC scare tactics aren’t working anymore.

  130. peterdocherty says:

    so you boycott, who are you helping,anyone will agree with anything if you have a gun at his/her head go for it but be careful it could backfire, and if the new age republicans get in all gays would be knocked back to the fifties. So good luck

  131. “That makes you an individual with non normative sexual behavior…not no friggin minority.”

    Seems to me you are saying gay people are not a minority. Kind of like saying that racial minorities are not minorities, but simply human beings with a different appearance, that have consistently enjoyed all the rights of other human beings. I’d have to disagree.

  132. shirl2121 says:

    Wow, you may be the very people that bring the Repbulicans back in 2010….You have just cut off your nose to spite your face and you will be the ones who suffer the most. Have at it, guys, win the battle and lose the war…..Stupid, stupid move, it was just a matter of time until we finally had so many of the rights and priveldges that we have waited so long for and you are well on your way to removing the on Guy who could have got it for you. Your first mistake, underestimating him and not giving him the time to do it his own methodical, thought out way. I suggest you start sewing tea bags on your hats because that’s the crowd your going to have to kneel to if we lose the Democratic majority in 2010 or the White House in 2012. Ready for another eight years of right wing, republican, evangilists because , pat yourselves on the back, your working hard to get them back.

  133. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    It’s amazing that you know so much about so many people. I know that I’ve done a lot more than donate, and I’m certain that goes for a lot of others who post on this blog.

  134. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    This is Americablog Gay. Were you looking for Americablog?

  135. JohnnyG says:

    It’s a real boycott, it’ll last until Obama starts keeping his campaign promises. That’s what is meant by a “pause”, it is assumed that Obama and the DNC will give us a reason to end the boycott, by acting on our demands. If they don’t however, the pause/boycott will be indefinite. This boycott is definitely real when it has such a major player as Daily Kos signing onto it. Daily Kos has been criticized by the left for going too soft on the president. It’s not an ultra lefty site, it’s mainstream and massively influential.

  136. Guest says:

    Funny you should mention this. To me, it seems the very least straight supporters of equal gay civil rights could do is not get married until the playing field is leveled. But they can’t even do that. So many of so-called radical feminist, erm, “friends” have gotten married. With friends like that . . .

  137. Gridlock says:

    Yes, hyperbole is totally called for.I believe he’s saying your perspective is flawed due to not having anything at stake.

  138. Guest says:

    ” I’m not gay, so I don’t have a dog in this fight.”

    Enough said. Next.

  139. laRapierWit says:

    What’s wrong with the very respectable term the American Negro? It is a far better descriptor than black, given the broad spectrum of color that comprises the ethnic group the American Negro and African-America is confusing for people who are from the continent of Africa and did not grow up American. The American Negro, is clear concise and respectfully acknowledges the ethnic group that are the descendants of the American caucasian who was so barbaric that he raped and then sold his own children into slavery.

  140. Andrew W. says:

    The problem in the South is the importance of religion. In Alabama 80% of the population makes religion “important.” That’s the kiss of death for LGBT issues.

    The truth is 2 out of 3 “religious” people DO NOT make their religion MORE important than equality – including ours. But, we don’t reach out to them – instead we focus on the one-third that will never change their beliefs. It’s a game we can win – but, we don’t play. Instead we play on non-winning game of “faith in politics.”

    Unless we grow up and change our strategy it will be decades before we will have sympathetic politicians. That’s why i don’t understand why we spend hundreds of millions on a losing strategy.

  141. laRapierWit says:

    You, specifically refers to the poster I am replying to.

  142. JohnVisser says:

    Nope that wasn’t my point either – try again. But really, don’t bother – you do not have the capacity.

  143. Gridlock says:

    God, all of this is totally wrong and batshit.

    Tell me: do you choose who you are attracted to? Do you make a conscious decision to be attracted to whatever unfortunate thing you try and screw?

    No, you don’t. Nobody does. It’s not a preference, it’s not a choice, it’s not deliberate.


    What behavior you engage in ACTING on that attraction is another matter.. be you straight, gay, stupid, whatever.

    The attraction is hardwired. Yours is. Mine is. You don’t choose it.

    You’ll no doubt attempt to dissuade people from that, despite the observable reality EVERYBODY ON THE PLANET participates in, and good luck with that because it’s nigh on impossible… even for you, and whatever turns YOUR crank.

  144. JohnVisser says:

    “The AMA is a nothing more than a professional organization, who gave an opinion”

    laRapierWit is nothing more than a bigot, who gave an opinion.

  145. Keori says:

    He took Wall Street’s titty out of his mouth long enough to do an in-person shill for those losers Creigh Deeds and Jon Corzine before the 3rd. He could damn well have taken 30 seconds on the way out the door to tell an intern, “Draft up a press release saying that the White House opposes Question One in Maine, and urges all Mainers to vote no. Run it through the usual channels for release.” But he didn’t.

    Fuck him.

  146. laRapierWit says:

    O you are real late…they have been after pre-marital sex and unamericaness since the 1920’s..and before that it was the Victorian era…

  147. laRapierWit says:

    The AMA is a nothing more than a professional organization, who gave an opinion. Lots of physicians do not belong to the AMA. And the APA was forced by the gay community in the 90s to change their classifications by the belligerence of the gay community. The changes were not based on scientific fact. Just lewd, crude yelling by gays. What you fail to understand is that there are no decades of studies that have not been debunked, refuted and completely shown to have no scientific basis.This is all political. No different than how the gay community put pressure on the FDA to fast track drugs to market because they felt they were in crisis..despite many other individuals suffering from life threatening conditions as well.You are failing to understand the issue. It is not even relevant that there are individuals who happen to be black who happen to be gay…so what!The point is that you have failed to come up with even one fact to support what you have been claiming as your beliefs for homosexuality. Now, the reason for that is because you have been so thororughly propangandized to that view for a political agenda. That political agenda is not based on any facts.The AMA has no studies to support their statement…the statement is based on what the gay and lesbian community SAY. There is no such thing as sexual orientation. There simply isn’t and the scientific community has not once shown there to be. There were scientists who theorized such, but they studies were flawed, and invalidated and the very basis of sexual orientation was about DNA…and there is no dna that constitutes sexual behavior. It is a human preference..willful, deliberate and preferences. That’s it.I could care less about what blacks and gays do. One thing for sure though the gay community does. The culture is still very there are separate bars and restaurants dependent on skin tone. Perhaps, that is why many of the gay community don’t understand the lack of support for the issues they claim they are being denied, the world sees that the gay culture, itself is quite discriminatory.

  148. terrymalin says:

    the American negro? LOL? And a black person should be your friend? You guys are worse than the tea baggers by far.

  149. Gridlock says:

    Why is it always about sex with you. It’s always about the “sexual behavior”

    How about this. What about nonsexual gays who want to get married. They don’t have sex, they just fell in love and want companionship and all the benefits that come from marriage.

    Theoretically, what is your answer to that?

  150. laRapierWit says:

    People back in the day, assigned behaviors based on skin color. See the difference. The American Negro was not claiming they had any behavior based on their skin color that warranted them civil rights.

    They demanded civil rights on the basis of being human beings.

    Try not to get things so twisted.

  151. Gridlock says:

    I guess the fact that it’s the medical view of THE ENTIRE ASSOCIATIONS MENTIONED went right over your low brow, eh. It’s a statement, a conclusion if you will, of DECADES OF STUDY.You’re just a sad buffoon who doesn’t like the blacks and the gays mixing.Too bad.. I hear some blacks ARE gay too. Horror!

  152. laRapierWit says:

    Excuse me…you cited an opinion.
    I asked you for facts. Anyone including the AMA can give an opinion…it does not mean it is factual.

    The AMA statement has no basis in fact.

    Now how about you find some facts.

    This is a political statement as it clearly says based on:

    “help of the gay and lesbian community”

  153. Gridlock says:

    ^ irony alert