Of 80 easy things the White House could have done to help the gay community this year, they did one

Yet another reason we are boycotting the DNC, OFA and the Obama campaign until the President follows through on his promises to our community. Take the Pledge: Don’t Ask, Don’t Give.

Mike Signorile uncovered a rather shocking, and embarrassing, list from the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force. In an effort to provide then President-elect Obama with lots of easy things he could do to the help the gay community, NGLTF made a list of pro-gay actions the executive branch could take that don’t require congressional approval. The executive branch can do all these things by themselves. NGLTF listed 80 possible things the White House could do. President Obama has done one.

Here’s the entire list. I highlighted the one thing that President Obama did in red, so you can find it easier among the other 79. (click the image to see a larger, readable version). Pam writes about this as well.

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