Homophobe Harold Ford, after voting for the Federal Marriage Amendment, now is suddenly in favor of gay marriage

Homophobe former Congressman Harold Ford, who voted for the Federal Marriage Amendment when he was in the Congress – that would be the legislation that would have added anti-gay bigory to the United States Constitution – is now suddenly in favor of gay marriage. Even better, he claims he’s always been in favor of fairness and equality. That would be a lie.


We’re very pleased that Harold Ford claims to have had some personal epiphany that has enabled him to come out as a proud gay supporter. More believable is that Ford is just a homophobic opportunist who is willing to take any position on any issue, willing to say anything to any constituency, will to flip flop to his heart’s content, in order to win the race of the day.

Folks, this guy is trouble. He’s a political opportunist with a long record of homophobia, and he’s willing to change his vote for the highest bidder. (He’s also comes off to lots of gay people, myself included, as more than a bit self-loathing.) It’s great that Harold Ford has suddenly decided that civil rights matter. And I honestly don’t care what’s in your heart if you vote the right way. But Ford has shown that he’ll change his mind to suit the prevailing political winds of the moment. What happens if we elect Ford as Senator and he suddenly decides that it’s more profitable to be anti-gay again? After all, this guy’s ego is a mile wide. It would not be surprising if he wanted to run for President some day, and you’d better believe that Harold Ford’s inner homophobe will reassert itself the day he decides he wants to be President.

When Harold Ford finally decides whose side he’s on, he should get back to us.

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