Obama to lay out plan to repeal DADT in next few weeks, senior adviser says

White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett clarified last night that President Obama will start a process “right away” to get DADT repealed this year, and in fact he’ll present a plan to the public in the days and weeks – but not months – ahead:

Maddow asked Jarrett, a close Obama confidante, when DADT would be repealed and what the president would specifically do in order to get it repealed.

“Well, I think he was very clear this evening that he intends to do it,” said Jarrett. “He has said it in the campaign, he said it very clearly throughout the year, and he’s going to begin a process, starting right away, to move forward with that. And in the days and weeks ahead he will outline for that, for you, and for the general public, specifically how he’ll do that,” she said.

That’s one hell of a detailed commitment. I think we all look forward to hearing the White House’s plan, in the next few weeks, for how they’re going to get Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repealed this year. And we’re all willing and eager to work with them.

A great first step, to show the President is serious about his promise, is to include the DADT repeal in the FY 2011 budget that the President will submit to Congress next week. As Rep. Patrick Murphy noted, the gay ban has cost $1.3 billion to date. It has budget implications that need to be addressed next week by the President in his budget submission. The White House needs to show the Joint Chiefs who’s boss.

The DADT mention starts around 10:50 into the video below:

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