Oklahoma Republicans want to “opt out” of federal hate crimes law

This is what I’m talking about when the government allows people to think they can vote on other’s civil rights like gay marriage. Republicans here in my state of Oklahoma have the “bright idea” they are going to “opt out” of including the state’s LGBT community in the Federal Hate Crimes laws.

State Senator Steve Russell (Republican District 45) stated his plans to introduce legislation in the upcoming Oklahoma legislative session that would exempt Oklahoma from adhering to the expanded Federal Hate Crimes law. This proposed measure would forbid state and local law enforcement from cooperating with Federal authorities investigating a gay hate crime in Oklahoma. As Senator Russell stated, “Basically if Oklahoma decided a case that the Feds wanted to overturn, they would be on their own. We would not share evidence or manpower.” Russell did state further that his proposed bill would not interfere in cases Oklahoma deemed appropriate in accordance with existing state hate crimes laws which do not include sexual orientation.

It’s time for the courts to step in and stop allowing the majority to attempt to vote away the rights of the minority. It is time for the LGBT community to be treated with the suspect classification we deserve.

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