Interesting battle brewing between religious right nuts and mainstream conservatives on gay rights

Not surprisingly, the rather out there activists of the American Family Association (you might recall that our blog bested them during the battle over Ford’s advertising in gay publication) are now flipping out because a lot of conservatives booed an anti-gay bigot at the recent CPAC conference in Washington, DC. CPAC is “the” annual conservative conference.

AFA thinks they represent mainstream conservative thought, what with their position that Catholics aren’t even Christians, their history of anti-Jewish pronouncements, their recent call for gays in America to be jailed, and their ongoing promotion of a known “hate group.” Quite the mainstream group, the AFA is.

AFA is particularly upset with Ed Morrisey who, over at Hot Air (the former Michelle Malkin site that was apparently recently sold to a Christian organization), who defended the gays recently, and to his credit, has before.

Interestingly, another post over at Hot Air, defending the gays attending CPAC against the bigots, quotes me warning the Democratic party that the GOP’s recent flirtations with, and defense of, gays and our civil rights could exacerbate the already growing fissure between the gay community and the party. As I’ve noted before, it’s not like a lot of us are going to vote for Sarah Palin, but if the President and Congress keep ignoring their top promises to our community (DADT, DOMA, ENDA) – and make no mistake, they’re avoiding us like the plague – I think you’re going to see increasing numbers of gay voters who no longer donate to the party, and who just stop voting all together.

I predict that you’re also going to witness an increase in pro-gay civil disobedience targeting Democrats. Hell, I heard someone this week discussing the possibility of infiltrating and disrupting the White House Easter Egg Hunt, in addition to conducting direct actions against the DNC and DSCC, among other institutions in town. I think the party is about to find out that as much as Joe and I drive them crazy, we’re the sane ones :-)

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