Senator Levin seems to be pushing for moratorium, not full repeal of DADT, this year

Well, if that happens, we can kiss the repeal of DADT goodbye. Because next year, it’s being predicted that we will no longer control the House. And if that happens, not a single pro-gay piece of legislation will pass this congress for years to come.

And even if we don’t lose the House this fall, it is expected that we will have fewer Democrats in the House and Senate than we have this year. And it’s not like the Congress and the President have been our fierce advocate with the majorities they have today. Imagine how courageous they’re going to be on gay issues once they get clobbered in the mid-term elections.

If Levin pursues a moratorium on discharges instead of repeal, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell won’t be repealed for years to come. Yes, some servicemembers may be able to stay in the military under a moratorium – but will the moratorium protect everyone, that remains to be seen. But no one new can get in, the men and women who were kicked out can’t come back, and the hideously anti-gay policy will remain on the books until we once again win back the Congress and the presidency, and even then, good luck finding a fierce advocate on either side of Pennsylvania Avenue in our lifetime.

Oh, and don’t expect any action on DOMA, ever, or ENDA for, well, ever.

The President’s lack of leadership has yet again left Congress in a muddle, as Barney Frank called the current lack of clarity from the White House. And as always, when the President fails to lead Congress fails to lead. So no DOMA, no ENDA, no DADT. Heck of a presidency and Congress, President Obama, Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi.

And by the way, where the hell is HRC? This is the influence they have with the President, that his own spokesman refuses yesterday to even say they want DADT repealed this year, and our lead advocates in the Senate are now pushing for less than a full repeal. Is this the extent of HRC’s influence in Washington?

We ought to be talking about a moratorium on gay support for a party that doesn’t respect us, doesn’t keep its promises to us, and seems to be outright embarrassed of having us as a constituency.

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